Aharney Townland Graveyard Records, Co. Laois

This page features free records for Aharney Townland Graveyard, Co. Laois, transcribed by Dr. Jane Lyons and exclusive to From-Ireland.net.

Surname Name Address Death
Broderick Thomas 1816
Broderik James
Butler Catherine 1810
Butler Michael
Cahill John 1832
Cahill Keyran Archerstown
Cahill Willm Archerstown 1873
Cahill Willm 1832
Carroll Mary 1963
Carroll Patrick 1923
Carroll Patrick 1982
Carroll William 1983
Delaney Andrew 1816
Delaney James 1969
Delaney John 1910
Delaney Joseph
Delaney Mary 1939
Delaney Michael 1913
Delaney Sean 1968
Delaney (nee) O’Shea Mary 1982
Dooley Maria Freshford, Co. Kilkenny 1913
Dooley Maria 1909
Dunne Kate 1894
Dunne Maria
Dunne Michael
Foley Annie 1847
Foley Danl 1879
Foley Danl
Hamilton John
Hamilton Martin 1825
Hamilton Philip 1822
Hayes Catherine 1989
Hayes John 1987
Kirwan Bridget 1941
Kirwan Bridget 1979
Kirwan Catherine
Kirwan H. P.
Kirwan Martin Lisdowney
Kirwan Martin 1975
Kirwan Mary 1908
Kirwan Patrick Knockmannon 1943
Kirwan Patrick 1922
Kirwan William 1924
Kirwan (nee) Ryan Margaret 1928
Kirwan (nee) Tobin Mary Lisdowney
Lonegan Francis 1952
Lonegan Thomas Tennislatty 1979
Mahony John
Mahony Mary 1799
Mahony (nee) Bowes Mary 1804
Moore Alice Aharney 1935
Moore Martin 1966
Moylan Anastasia
Moylan Bridget 1960
Moylan Catherine
Moylan John
Moylan John
Moylan Joseph 1938
Moylan (nee) Henessey Margaret 1838
Mulhall Dens 1830
Mulhall Jas
Puddle Jeremiah
Puddle 1791
Walsh Fintan 1839
Walsh William 1800
Walsh William
Walsh (nee) McEvoy Catherine 1826

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