Athy Graveyard Records, Co. Kildare

This page features free records for Athy Graveyard, Co. Kildare, compiled and transcribed by Dr. Jane Lyons and exclusive to From-Ireland.netFollow this link to browse through photographs of Athy Graveyard.

Surname First Name Address Death Age
Campell Charles
Campell David
Campell James 01/05/1878
Crattan William 22/01/1858 66
Delahunt Mary 25/09/1841 71
Delahunt Patrick 05/04/1902
Dempsey Elizzia 13/06/1885
Dempsey Patrick 08/06/1910
Dempsey Patrick 26/11/1916
Duthie David 16/10/1888
Duthie (nee) Mercer Elizabeth Jane 25/07/1985 87
Duthie (nee) Mercer Margaret 08/02/1911 75
Duthie (nee) Mercer William Thomas 09/04/1949
Fleming Eleanor 1847 63
Fleming Thomas 07/06/1882 68
Fleming W. 1846 65
Fleming William 1858 34
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