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Mill, Urlingford Graveyard Records, Co. Kilkenny

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This page features free records for Mill, Urlingford Graveyard, Co. Kilkenny, compiled and transcribed by Dr. Jane Lyons and exclusive to From-Ireland.netFollow this link to browse through photographs of Mill, Urlingford Graveyard.

Surname First Name Address Death Age
Bowden Elizabeth   17/10/1991 81
Bowden Frederick   18/07/1924 44
Bowden Janet   31/10/1990 39
Bowden John   10/06/1993 71
Bowden John   14/11/1960 88
Bowden Mary   29/04/1925 82
Bowden Michael   20/02/1995 83
Bowden Michael   16/04/1919 88
Bowden (nee) Moore Anne   30/03/1972 93
Bowden (nee) Power Ellen   20/05/1996 78
Brennan Alice Died in U.S.A.    
Brennan Annastatia Died in U.S.A.    
Brennan Biddy   02/06/1937  
Brennan Bridget Died in U.S.A.    
Brennan Edmond   02/05/1902 58
Brennan Edmond   02/07/1831 66
Brennan Ellen   1900 48
Brennan Ellen Died in U.S.A.    
Brennan John Clansaul 18/11/1943  
Brennan John      
Brennan Kate Died in U.S.A.    
Brennan Margaret   30/09/1948  
Brennan Mary Killenaule 07/10/1938 55
Brennan Mary Died in U.S.A.    
Brennan Michael   06/07/1831 62
Brennan Michael   29/10/1947 72
Brennan Patrick   13/11/1957  
Brennan William      
Brennan       Infant
Brennan       Infant
Brennan       Infant
Broderick Dan   27/10/1968  
Broderick Katey   02/06/1901 76
Broderick Mai   05/02/1983  
Broderick Patrick   08/12/1890 87
Broderick William   09/02/1996 34
Broderick William   17/03/1996 86
Broderick (nee) Carthy Mary Ann   01/07/1954  
Burke Martin 10 St. Joseph’s Tce., Urlingford 24/05/1997 30
Burke Mary   18/07/1993 83
Burke Michael New Road, Urlingford 30/06/1988 86
Carthy Patrick      
Carthy William      
Cormack Timothy   1932  
Cormack (nee) Hanrahan Margaret   1932  
Cullen Jack   1952  
Cullen Katie      
Cullen Mr.      
Cullen Mrs.      
Cullen Redmond Main St., Urlingford 1952  
Curran     1947 23
Darcy Anastatia   01/01/1929 73
Darcy James   12/08/1936 79
Darcy John   17/10/1967  
Darcy Mary     32
Darcy Mary Urlingford 23/04/1930  
Darcy Michael     56
Darcy Michael   18/09/1964 78
Darcy Sean     82
Dowling Ellen   08/01/1981 76
Dowling William Borrismore 20/09/1956 69
Drennan     1938 48
Duggan Matthew   24/10/1988 81
Duggan Patrick   05/03/1962 76
Duggan (nee) Hoyne Catherine   16/08/1944 64
Duggan (nee) Joyce Anastasia   15/10/1919 38
Dwyer Elizabeth   1929  
Dwyer Michael   25/05/1964 76
Dwyer     1919  
Egan Nano   25/04/1950  
Fogarty Kitty The Islands 28/07/1999 56
Graham (nee) Hayden Johanna   01/02/1977 84
Guilfoyle Catherine Main St., Urlingford 06/09/1933  
Guilfoyle Edward   17/10/1940  
Guilfoyle Elizabeth 36 St. Mary’s Ave 30/03/1966 75
Guilfoyle James   26/10/1987 80
Guilfoyle John Abbey Rd., Thurles 12/06/1981  
Guilfoyle Mary (Mollie) 9 St. Mary’s Ave 02/01/1986 69
Guilfoyle Michael St. Mary’s Ave 26/06/1995 71
Hanrahan Annie   18/05/1950  
Hanrahan Michael The Islands 30/03/1935  
Hanrahan Michael   04/01/1985  
Hayden Catherine   15/11/1958 97
Hayden Catherine   30/03/2002  
Hayden George   22/04/1916 21
Hayden John     77
Hayden Michael   17/02/1935 30
Hayden Patrick   28/04/1941 75
Hayes Daniel   25/03/1996 81
Hayes Jack   28/11/1954 46
Hayes (nee) Maher Bridget   07/07/1954 73
Henebery Johanna   1980 90
Henebery John   20/03/1992  
Henebery Margaret   07/07/1851 56
Henebery Patrick   28/12/1953 34
Henebery Patrick   11/08/1946 76
Henebery William Ardreigh 08/04/1845 60
Henebery (nee Corcoran) Catherine   25/06/1872 95
Henneberry Mary   03/02/2003 84
Hickey Anastasia   18/10/1983 84
Hickey Ellen   22/08/1990 83
Hickey Jack   06/03/1999 76
Hickey John The Cottage, The Islands 04/05/1970 69
Hickey Mary   31/07/1944  
Hickey Patrick 22 St. Mary’s Ave. 14/01/1967 69
Hickey Thomas   23/03/1933  
Hickey William Knockature, The Islands 13/05/1971  
Hickey (nee) Webster Mary   15/05/1958  
Hologan (nee) Egan Ellen      
Holohan Andrew   25/12/1958 84
Holohan Catherine      
Holohan Dennis      
Holohan Elizabeth   09/01/1940  
Holohan James Tincashel, urlingford 02/05/1964  
Holohan Johanna   30/03/1968  
Holohan John The Islands 13/01/1976  
Holohan Margaret      
Holohan Mary   08/01/1926  
Holohan Mary   02/09/1954  
Holohan Mary      
Holohan Patrick Crosspatrick 28/11/1935 62
Holohan Philip      
Holohan Tim      
Holohan Timothy   08/09/1937 33
Holohan Tom   31/10/1983 77
Hoyne Hannah   27/11/1970 85
Joyce Annie Mary   1946  
Joyce Daniel     Infant
Joyce Daniel The Islands 21/09/1912  
Joyce Edmond   1892 67
Joyce Elizabeth   09/03/1913  
Joyce Ellen   02/07/1925 73
Joyce Ellen   23/11/1909 80
Joyce Ellen   19/03/1969  
Joyce Fergus   26/09/1955 Infant
Joyce James   1817 78
Joyce Kieran   19/05/1974  
Joyce Mai   27/09/1984  
Joyce Margaret   24/06/1934 78
Joyce Martin   30/06/1897 34
Joyce Martin   06/11/1980 82
Joyce Mary   29/01/1929 24
Joyce Mary   1931 61
Joyce Matthew   1835 58
Joyce Michael   25/05/1938 72
Joyce Michael   16/03/1993 89
Joyce Michael   1900 Infant
Joyce Michael      
Joyce Nellie   16/06/1986 83
Joyce Patrick   26/12/1923 67
Joyce Patrick   02/01/1948  
Joyce Patrick   28/02/1984  
Joyce Patrick Francis   24/08/1950  
Joyce Rev. John Walthamston, London 17/02/1947 52
Joyce Thomas Mount Finn 26/08/1994 83
Joyce (nee) Egan Ellen   14/01/1938 68
Joyce (nee) O’Grady Margaret   31/08/1980  
Kealy Mary (Mai) Old Road, Urlingford 19/05/2000 65
Kilbride Bryan   01/01/1877 60
Lanigan (nee) Joyce Anne   19/05/1926 35
Luby Michael Urlingford 20/04/1934 33
Luby (nee) Walsh Mary   14/07/1987 86
Maher (nee) Kilbride Mary   03/08/2001 81
Mara Andrew   03/06/1880 69
Mara (nee) Rothe Bridget   31/07/1908 71
Meagher (nee) Hayden Margaret   31/03/1992  
Mooney Peter   18/10/1998 49
Moriarty Edward   26/11/1998 78
Moriarty (nee) Webster Elizabeth   03/08/1998 83
Morris Christopher     Infant
Morris Mary     Infant
Morris William   16/09/1982 69
Morris William     Infant
Murphy Anastatia   11/01/1929 38
Murphy Christy   08/02/1994 66
Murphy Edward   02/11/1949 26
Murphy Edward   22/05/1974 88
Murphy Lena   07/08/1947 27
Murphy Martin   06/06/1952 68
Murphy Martin      
Murphy michael   02/02/1943 16
Murphy Patrick Danganbeg, Knoctopher 22/08/2005 86
Murphy Patrick      
Murphy Timmy      
Murphy (nee) Delaney Ellen      
Norton Patrick Bridge House, Urlingford 08/12/1928 27
O’Brien Anne      
O’Brien Danny      
O’Brien Danny      
O’Brien Ellen St. Mary’s Ave 20/07/1980 76
O’Brien Mary   16/11/1998 78
O’Brien Paddy      
O’Brien William   17/05/1997 76
Paddle James   15/01/1977  
Paddle Margaret The Islands 29/05/1938  
Paddle Mary   25/08/1981  
Paddle Michael   24/01/1988  
Paddle Patrick   29/12/1970  
Paddle Richard (Dick)   11/04/1988  
Paddle William   04/10/1943  
Quinlan Bridget The Islands 04/12/1941 77
Quinlan Francis Foulkscourt, Johnstown 02/02/1945 1
Quinlan Mary   08/06/2004 71
Quinlan Michael   02/03/1947 81
Quinlan Peter Mark   21/11/2002 41
Rothe (nee) Carroll Anne   03/11/1876 73
Shea Catherine   1817 79
Shea Mary   1814 19
Shea Thomas   09/05/1851 66
Tennyson Michael Main St., Urlingford 15/03/1998 80
Tobin Annastatia   21/07/1939 14
Tobin Catherine   1871 45
Tobin James   08/05/1976 64
Tobin Margaret   1913  
Tobin Mary      
Tobin Michael   19/11/1807 38
Tobin Patrick   30/12/1936 67
Tobin Patrick   1909  
Tobin William   29/03/1940 81
Tobin (nee) Holohan Anastatia Ballycudihy, Johnstown 23/02/1948 63
Walsh John   1955  
Walsh Katty      
Walsh William   1974 77
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Mullinarrigle Graveyard Records, Co. Kilkenny

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This page features free records for Mullinarrigle Graveyard, Co. Kilkenny, compiled and transcribed by Dr. Jane Lyons and exclusive to From-Ireland.netFollow this link to browse through photographs of Mullinarrigle Graveyard.

Surname First Name Address Death Age
Caule James Ballycub 23/02/1995 79
Caule (nee) Malone Lillie   23/10/1197 77
Cody Alice Ballycurran 07/11/1999 88
Cody Bridget Ballycurran 12/04/1943 74
Cody Ellen   1928 26
Cody Ellen Ballyreddy 03/09/2004 88
Cody Johanna   22/04/1932 42
Cody John Ballycurran 12/04/1963 82
Cody John Coolnahw 06/06/1967 87
Cody Luke Ballyreddy 11/07/1953 81
Cody Margaret Coolnahw 03/01/1938 84
Cody Mary Coolnahw 16/11/1971 76
Cody Michael Ballyreddy 18/12/1941 31
Cody Michael Ballyreddy 11/11/1958 10 months
Cody Patrick Ballyreddy 16/12/1978 65
Cody Patrick Coolnahw 02/02/1957 84
Cody Philip Ballycurran 29/08/1933 24
Cody Richard Ballycurran 11/02/1979 75
Cody Richard Coolnahw 16/02/1928 82
Cody Richard   18/05/1948 91
Cody (nee) Conway Margaret   1902 40
Cody (nee) Hogan Kate Ballyreddy 16/07/1934 56
Dempsey (nee) Mackey Alice Ounkitt, Kilmacow 27/05/1996 79
Dollard Brigid   09/11/1952 91
Dollard Kate   08/06/1940 84
Dollard Magaret   19/04/1945 91
Dollard Nicholas   01/11/1929 72
Dollard Patrick Coolnahaw 15/09/1941 83
Dollard Richard Smithstown 03/10/1976 72
Fitzgerald John   19/10/1980 56
Fitzgerald Patrick   28/02/1984 85
Fitzgerald Stasia   14/05/1995 94
Fitzgerald Thomas   18/03/1977 50
Gaule Bridget   24/12/1933 78
Gough (nee) Maddock Catherine Carraighcloney, Glenmore 03/12/2000 76
Hartley John Ballyalog 09/01/1968 76
Hartley (nee) Hanrahan Bridget Windmill Lane, New Ross 29/04/1999 79
Hogan Deirdre   1963 2
Hogan Denis   1951 72
Hogan Marion   1963 5 weeks
Hogan Sean   01/12/1992 73
Hogan Stasia   1965 76
Hogan (nee) Hanrahan Anne Rochester, New York 27/01/1982 53
Kennedy Ellen   18/12/1977 72
Kennedy Ellen Ballymagill 03/01/1982 79
Kennedy Ellen   03/03/1951 82
Kennedy James Cillculleheen 05/02/1976 72
Kennedy Katie   20/11/1994  
Kennedy Mary Catherine   06/12/1967 6 months
Kennedy Michael   29/05/1975 62
Kennedy Patrick Glenpipe, Tullogher 23/11/1939 81
Kennedy Simon   22/07/1970 34
Kennedy Thomas   20/01/1989  
Kennedy (nee) Murphy Mary   10/08/1953  
Kennedy-Walsh Rita   26/05/2005 66
Long Alice   26/02/1986 78
Long David   04/12/1962 57
Long Mary Ballalog 07/12/1951 83
Long Patrick   11/08/1992 85
Mackey Bridget Mullinakill 03/08/1948 76
Mackey John   16/03/1959 79
Mackey John   11/06/1993 83
Maddock David   08/01/1946 63
Maddock Hannah   22/11/1967 75
Maddock John   16/03/1984 87
Maddock Margaret   28/02/1949 68
Maddock Michael   03/07/1910 57
Maddock Pauline   17/06/1986 5
Maddock Richard New York 20/01/1948  
Maddock Sylvester   26/04/1917 24
Maddock William New York 20/06/1934 38
Maddock William Rahora 01/07/1959 78
Maddock William   12/10/1993 79
Maddock (nee) Alyward Anne   05/01/1959 50
Malone Johanna   14/10/1925 34
Malone Johanna   24/11/1925 2 months
Malone Patrick   14/11/1961  
Manning (nee) Hartley Mary Ann   15/03/1984 91
Murphy Alice   1930 6
Murphy Bridget Ballyneale 12/08/1975 74
Murphy John Ballyreddy 1944 66
Murphy Michael Ballybeg 15/03/1980 61
Murphy Thomas   1946 65
Murphy William   12/06/1977 83
Murphy (nee) Hartley Alice   27/05/1970 72
Murphy (nee) Treacy Eileen Smithstown & London 09/02/2006 82
O’Keeffe Catherine   11/01/976 82
O’Keeffe John Curraghmore 26/11/1977  
O’Keeffe Margaret Curraghmore 28/01/1959  
O’Keeffe Martin Curraghmore 31/01/1951  
O’Keeffe Patrick Mullinakill 11/04/1946 64
O’Keeffe William (Bill)   13/10/1997 74
Raftis Anastasia Smithstown 02/05/1955  
Raftis James   24/05/1992 78
Raftis Johanna   01/08/1986  
Raftis William   09/06/1996 86
Rellis (nee) Murphy Josephine   19/01/1968 73
Treacy John   20/02/1935 52
Treacy John   1940 6 months
Treacy Kate   20/11/1942  
Treacy Mary Ballymagill 24/12/1954 86
Treacy Michael Smithstown & London 22/03/1994 80
Treacy Patrick   1989 74
Treacy Simon Ballymagill 31/12/1902 47
Treacy Thomas   14/11/1980 78
Treacy Walter   07/08/1981 69
Treacy William Glenpipe, Tullogher 17/02/1894 56
Treacy William   07/12/1990  
Treacy (nee) Cassin Fannie   11/07/1997 74
Treacy (nee) Day Mary   05/03/1919 78
Treacy (nee) Drennan Mary   30/12/2002 96
Treacy (nee) Grennan Mary   26/08/1940 74
Treacy (nee) Sommers Mary   25/03/1970 81
Wallace John Ballyreddy, Tullogher 18/08/1944 80
Wallace John      
Wallace Michael   04/04/1987 58
Wallace Michael   14/08/1969 77
Wallace (nee) Lawlor Johanna   18/06/1993 91
Walsh John Ballykenna & Ballymagill 01/02/1979 82
Walsh (nee) Cody Catherine Coolnahw 09/09/1930 38
Walsh (nee) Treacy Mary   21/04/1936 36
Waters Mary Ballymnooney 03/03/1931 75
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Knavinstown Graveyard Records, Co. Kildare

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This page features free records for Knavinstown Graveyard, Co. Kildare, compiled and transcribed by Dr. Jane Lyons and exclusive to From-Ireland.netFollow this link to browse through photographs of Knavinstown Graveyard.

Surname First Name Address Death Age
Behan Anne   01/02/2004  
Behan Patrick   18/07/1956 75
Behan Rose Knavenstown 14/10/1940 48
Corcoran Thomas   13/05/1781 56
Cusack Martin      
Donnelly Brennan   11/03/2000 49
Donnelly Michael Butt Ellistown 28/01/1978 65
Donnelly (nee) Martin Margaret (Maggie)   12/08/20022 87
Egan Eugene (Owen) Cobh, Co. Cork 04/06/1978 58
Egan Henry Martin   1986 38
Fitzpatrick Edward Sillot 19/09/1943 64
Fitzpatrick Elizabeth   26/03/1962 82
Fitzpatrick Thomas Sillot 09/09/2000 87
Fox Dennis   28/10/1918 43
Fox Mary   01/09/1919 83
Fox Robert Moynach 27/01/1908 77
Gorry Alice   11/03/1920 2
Gorry Bridie      
Gorry Brigid   13/07/2005 81
Gorry Catherine Concealments 28/09/1922 38
Gorry Christopher (Christy) Ellistown Hill 03/03/2002 25
Gorry Christy     Infant
Gorry Dora   30/05/1989 84
Gorry James Rathangan 13/08/1988 40
Gorry James (Jimmy) Ellistown Hill 29/11/1994 67
Gorry Jane   03/01/1986 92
Gorry Katie   22/03/1943 4
Gorry Michael Carmarthen, Wales 29/04/1981 61
Gorry Patrick Ellistown 09/06/1962 77
Gorry Patrick   03/04/1985 64
Gorry Peter Tullylost 30/04/1958 67
Gorry Thomas   11/03/1948 64
Gray Bridget   18/04/1948 65
Gray James Crossmorris 12/09/1982  
Gray James   06/09/1947 77
Gray Mary Knocknagalla 06/12/1940 67
Gray Mary   06/09/1996 62
Gray William   20/05/1941 73
Gray William   12/03/1955 80
Gurry Ann   21/04/1953 81
Gurry Jack   16/08/1982 68
Gurry James Ellistown 23/07/1941 73
Gurry Thomas Ard Mhuire, Rathangan 12/09/1982 74
Kelly Eoin David   08/05/1999 Infant
Kenny Edward Knavenstown 13/12/1970 49
Kenny Edward   04/10/1983 85
Kenny Mary   09/02/1973 72
Kenny Patrick   21/07/2003 72
Lynch James Knocknagalla 1911 51
Martin James   28/12/1970 87
Martin Johanna   1917 35
Martin Katie   02/08/1974 78
Martin Mary   1939 82
Martin Patrick Ellistown 21/12/1966 66
Martin Peggy   17/04/2004 81
Martin Stephen   1915 1
Martin Stephen   1921 65
Martin Stephen   1993 83
Martin Stephen   12/08/1977 53
Martin Thomas   1948 69
Martin Thomas   06/04/1987  
Martin (nee) Gray Mary Ellistown 1993 78
Melia Bridget   1919 22
Melia James   1921 59
Melia Mary   30/09/1983 82
Melia Thomas   23/01/1968 75
Melia (nee) Fox Bridget   1928 67
Ryan John   1756 70
Ryan Laurence   1770 46
Ryan Thomas   1759 34
Wilson Catherine   25/04/1856 60
Wilson Dr. James J.   28/06/2002 80
Wilson Dr. Maura   18/10/2003 78
Wilson Elizabeth   22/03/1876 72
Wilson James Lackagh 10/03/1895 52
Wilson James   14/10/1963 74
Wilson James   23/01/1880 89
Wilson James     Infant
Wilson John   17/01/1939 52
Wilson Mary   12/11/1903 42
Wilson Mathew     Infant
Wilson Sarah   19/02/1967 84
Wilson William   12/11/1963 81
Wilson William   04/02/1880 39
Wilson William   25/02/1858 79
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Baptism Records, Ballinakill, Co. Laois, 1830

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This parish register is the second register on the microfilm which holds the records for ‘Ballinakill’ Roman Catholic parish, County Laois. The parish title on the register as written by the Parish Priest is as above, including Ballyroan, Abbeyleix and Knockardegur. No mention of these other parishes is made in any official index to the parish records for County Laois

NLI film No. #4210

The names of the children baptised in the Roman Catholic parish of ‘Ballenakill, Ballyroan, Abyleix & Knocgordegur’ for the year 1830 are listed below as well as the names of their parents. Townlands and baptismal sponsor names are also given in the parish records but not included here. Townland names are quite often abbreviated. No attempt has been made to identify the civil parishes for the townlands below. All spellings for names, surnames and townlands are as read – depending on script, someone else might read them differently. No guarantee is given as to accuracy of this index it has not been checked and some entries may have been missed. It is intended as a guide to surnames and townland names occurring in the register for the year 1830. The index is sorted alphabetically by child & fathers surname. See the list of mothers surnames which do not occur as child’s surnames.

Townland names as given (including questionables & variations) : A. Cross – Aughnacross – B. Bawn – B. Beg – B. Lane – B. Picas – Bally Picas – Bally?price – Ballyehane – Ballynakill – Barna – Bawn – Blandsfort – Boleba?con – Boleybeg – Branra – Brewery lane – Bride st – C. King – C. Lane – Castlecool – Chapel lane – Church st – Clonking – Clunting? – Derryfore – Drimatyrl – Drymatyne – Factory – Factory – G. Gard – G. Hound – G. King – G. Muttin – G. Smutten – G. Yard – Garenteggart – Gargin…. – Glenabrick? – Graig ? – Graignehowan – Graigue – Graveyard – Iron Mills – K.bawn – Kileronan – Lisbigny – Moat – Moate – Money clear – Myad
– Myard – N. Bawn – N. Gurthe – Nock – Nock Bawn – Nockbawn – Nockordagum – Ragarra – Raghgarra – Ralish – Sampson’s Court – Spink – Spout lane – Sprout lane – Square – Stand?rop st – Upper Ironmills – Ur. Ironmills – Watercastle

Mother Surnames not occurring as child’s (incl variations) :Barry – Bergan – Bishop – Brady – Breen – Brenan – Bruton – Buckly – Butler – Cahill – Campion – Cashin – Clooney – Colleton – Condran – D?udy – Darcy – Dooling – Dooly – Doomy – Duff – Eagan – Farrell? – Flanagan – Fox – Foyle – Galvin – Glinnen – Haly – Hanlon – Hanoright – Hogan – Hogg – Hologhan – Jein – Keating – Kehoe – Kelly – Kenna – Kennelly – Kerby – Keys – Laharty – Larkin – – Malone – McCree – Mooney – More? – Muldowny – Murray Neill — O’Brien – Querny – Rady – Reynolds – Ruth – Sally – Sparrow – Spencer – Staunton – Sutly – Trench – Tynan – Tyrle – Wallace – Waters

Mary B….
Margt Barron
William Bowe
Tim Bowes
Michael Boylan
Mary Boylan
Jeremiah Brennan
Richd Buggy
?Hill Burke
Honor Byrne
Ned Byrne
Ann Byrne
Elen Byrne
John Byrne
Thomas Byrne
Martin Byrne
Andy Carbery
Ellen Carroll
Tom Comerford
Ann Corrigan
Nicholas Coss
William Coss
Cath Costigan
Ann Cullen
Catherine Cullen
Margret Deaton
Honoria Deaton
Ann Deigan
Judith Delany
Judith Delany
Pat Delany
Ellen Doo(/n)y
Michael Dooley
Michael Dunn
Ellen Dunne
Edward Dunne
Jas Fallon
John Fitzpatrick
Judy Fitzpatrick
Judith Fitzpatrick
Thos Fleming
Eliza Fogarty
Mary Gorman
Mary Goss
Bernard Goss
Mary Goss
Margt Goss
Will Hickey
Catherine Holihan
Cathr Hughes
Martin Hyney
Michl Kavanagh
Edwd Kavanagh
Pat Kavanagh
Martin Kennedy
Will Kennedy
Martin Kennedy
John Lain
Catherine Lalor
Anne Lalor
Martin Lalor
Margret Lalor
Mary Lamb
Judith Langton
Pat Lannon
Eliza Lawless
Cathr Loughman
Margret Lowry
Mary Mack
Eliza Maher
Cath Maher
Jas Maher
Cathr Maher
Pat Mansfield
Catherine Mcabe
James McDonald
Mary McDonald
John McDonald
Wm. McEvoy
Bridget McEvoy
Michl McGrath
Bess McGrath
Bridget Mcormick
Mary (?M)ealy??
Kitty Medler
Michl Meighan
Eliza Mihan
Mary Moore
Patrick Moore
Honoria Moore
Will Mulhall
Elizabeth Mulhall
James Mulhall
John Neil
Pat Nocton
Laurence O’Hara
Alice Phelan
Mary Phelan
Chas Phelan
Ann Poor or Paor?
William Purcell
Catherine Purcil
Anty Ryan
John Ryan
James Ryan
Jas Ryan
Laurence Scantlon
Anty Shea
James Sheeran
Mary Shelly
Margt Sheran
Wm. Short
Denis Slevan
Jas Swain
James Swaine
John Tierney
Mary Tierney
Bridget Tobin
Mary Towley?
Tom unknown
John Vicars
Judith Wall
Bridget Wallace
Ellen Walsh
Pat Walsh
Michael Walsh
Mary Walsh
Margret Whelan
Ann Worthington
Mary Worthington
Sally Neill
Betty Walsh
Mary Bishop
Judith Walsh
Ann Buckly
Margt Dunne
Mary Brennan
Betty Maher
Anty Eagan
Margaret Butler
Mary Delany
Ann Dunn
Margt Fox
Cath Kehoe
Ellen McDonald
Elen Ruth
Betty Neil
Betty Brady
Margt Tynan
Mary Walsh
Anty Lamb
Ann Murray
Judith Mack
Ellen Hanlon
Mary Larkin
Margret Brennan
Honor Colleton
Mary Kerby
Kitty Byrne
Mary Malone
Anne O’Brien
Mary Brenan
Cath Whelan
Catherine Keys
Ellen Brennan
Anty McDonald
Mary Reynolds
Betty Darcy
Margret Gorman
Cath Sutly
Judith McDonald
Anne Cullen
Judith Mooney
Catherine Carroll
Catherine Doomy
Biddy Haly
? Hologhan
Ann Wallace
Catherine Hanoright
Cath Farrell??
Betty Barry
Ellen Bergan
Ann Cahill
Kitty Dooly
Margt Breen
Anty Hologhan
Cath Keating
Judith Waters
Judy Brennan
Mary Gorman
Agnes Kelly
Margret Neill
Anty Lalor
Judy Cashin
Mary Phelan
Mary Sparrow
Margt Byrne
Betty Whelan
Mary Sally
Mary Dooling
Mary Laharty
Ellen Goss
Bridgt Jein
Judith McCree
Mary Fitzpatrick
Anne Fogarty
Margt Foyle
Ellen Clooney
Mary Glinnen
Margt Spencer
Mary Walsh
Bridget Kelly
Mary Burke
Anne Condran
Mary Boylan
Mary Brennan
Mary Fitzpatrick
Mary Brennan
Mary Duff
Margt Kenna
Mary Delany
Mary Lowry
Winifred Flanagan
Anne Kennelly
Brid Bruton
Margt Muldowny
MAry Keating
Honor Lannon
Judith Comerford
Ann Comerford
Ann Comerford
Mary Walsh
Ellen Dunne
Mary Dunn
Margt Hogg
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Irish Proverbs: Women and Men

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Beauty is only skin deep but nobody wants to be drowned

Elegance and beauty are the same thing when there’s a man after them

Always make sure she looks beautiful before breakfast as well as after dinner


Love is blind but the neighbours see through it

Love is like stirabout, it must be made fresh every day

Love at first sight often happens at twilight

If you live in my heart you live rent free

Old coals are easiest kindled

Sheeps eyes don’t see beyond the settle

If she has a mind of her own, there won’t be many with a mind for her

Wait till you’re 18 to marry and don’t be spoiling your growth

If a man is in love he’s no judge of beauty but when love wears off he’ll tell a woman about her warts


Men are like bagpipes: no sound comes from them until they’re full

A man is a man when his woman is a woman

A sea wind changes less often than the mind of a weak man

A man works hard for success and then squanders his time talking about it

No man can prosper without his womans leave


She mightn’t be much good to boil a pot of spuds, but she’d look lovely carrying them to the table

Women would drive you mad but the asylum would be a cold place without them

A jealous woamn would make trouble between two breast bones

There’s nothing that makes the windows (eyes) open like a fine doorful of a woman

Never be in a court or acastle without a woman to make your excuse

A Tyrone woman will never buy a rabbit without a head for fear it’s a cat

A woman and child are like a goat, if they’re not in trouble they’re coming out of it

It takes a woman to outwit the devil

An inch makes a world of differnce when it’s in a womans nose

Where comes a cow, there follows a woman

Where comes a woman, there follows trouble

Let her rant and rave as long as the sun is high and as long as she’s loving, close and tender when the sun sets

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The Lost Path by Thomas Osborne Davis

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“Miss Hutton was deeply affected by Davis’ death coming only a month after they had become engaged Writing to a friend she stated: “In the midst of all my sorrow, the thought flashes through me, what pride, what glory, to have been the chosen one of such a heart! Oh, if I were to live through an eternity of grief I would not give up the short month of happiness that little time of communion with all that was most pure, most holy on earth……. I try to think of all that he has been spared; no woman’s love would have saved him from bitter disappointment; no care of mine could have prevented his glorious spirit being bruised, crushed by the unworthiness of those he had to deal with ……. No ideal I could form could be brighter, purer than he was….. One little short month it was and yet a whole existance of my love, which, I pray will purify and raise my whole soul till it be wothy to join that bright one gone before”

Annie Hutton died on 7th June 1853 in her 28th year and is buried in St. George’s cemetery in Drumcondra.

Thomas Davis wrote of Annie:
“Her eyes are darker than Dunloe,
Her soul is whiter than the snow,
Her tresses like arbutus flow,
Her step like frightened deer:
The still thy waves, capricious lake!
And ceaseless, soft winds round her wake
Yet never bring a cloud to break
The smile of Fannie dear!

Old Mangerton! thy angel’s plume –
Dear Innisfallen! brighter bloom
And Muckross! whisper through the gloom
Quaint legends to her ear!
Till strong as ash tree in its pride,
And gay as sunbeam on the tide,
We welcome back to Liffey’s side
Our brightest Fannie dear.”

Judging by what Annie said of Thomas and his poem of her – he found that love.

Also, when he died his funeral was a public one. Everyone who was anyone in the country attended and everyone who anyone may have considered no one also attended.

The Nation in the report on his funeral wrote: “Irish soil holds no more precious dust than his. The brave life he led, and the noble work he did, are not lost – shall never be lost to the Island that he loved so dearly. Souls like his never die, but make a part of the history and the heart of their country for ever”

Poems mourning his death were written by Samuel Ferguson, John Fisher Murray, Dalton Williams, J.D. Frazer, Denis Florence McCarthy, Francis Davis, Martin MacDermot, Maurice O’Connell, Bartholomew Dowling, W. P. Mulchinock, ‘Eva’ and others – all the major poets of that time in other words.

Gavan Duffy described Samuel Fergusons’ poem as “the most celtic in structure and spirit of all the elegies laid on the tomb of Davis”

Final verse of Samuel Fergusons’ poem to Davis:

Oh, brave young men, my love, my pride, my promise,
‘Tis on you my hopes are set.
In manliness, in kindliness, in virtue,
To make Erin a Nation yet;
Self-respecting, self-relying, self-advancing,
In union or in severance, free and strong;
And if God grant this, then under God to Thomas Davis
Let the greater praise belong!

So – it seems that Davis also achieved ‘soldier’s fame’ and more than that.

His path was not lost – ‘The Lost Path’ – it’s “the love of my heart ” – “Ar grá mo chroí”

Thomas was on the right path and got his hearts desires – only he didn’t live long enough to enjoy them.

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Penal Times: Charter Schools

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From: ‘The Penal Laws, 1691-1760, by Maureen Wall. Irish History Series, No. 1 published by the Dublin Historical Association, c/o Department of History, University College, Dublin.

The Charter Schools –
But since all of them paid lip service to the policy of promoting the Protestant interest, they did agree to provide financial assistance for one such scheme. Primate Boulter, an Englishman, and virtual governor of Ireland for a considerable period, showed more enthusiasm than the members of the Irish parliament for the spread of Protestantism. In 1731, finding as he said, that “instead of converting those that are adults, we are daily losing many of our meaner people, who go off to popery,” he founded a society for establishing a system of primary schools for “instructing and converting the younger generation,” throughout Ireland, and applied for a royal charter, which was granted in 1733. The objects of the scheme, according to the charter, were “that the children of the popish and other poor natives … may be instructed in the English tongue and in the principles of true religion and loyalty in all succeeding generations.” The scheme was at first financed by a royal bounty of £1000 a year and by benefactions of land and money from interested persons in Ireland and England, but in 1745 the Irish parliament agreed to vote it, as an additional income, the proceeds of a tax on hawkers and pedlars. From 1757 on the parliamentary grants were considerably increased. Finding that the conversion through day schools of Catholic children living with their parents was impossible, it was decided that they should be removed to schools remote from their homes and afterwards apprenticed to Protestants. On marriage to a Protestant they were to receive a gift of £5. Apart from promoting Protestantism, the schools had a second aim which was the training of the children “in labour and industry in order to cure that habitual laziness and idleness which is too common among the poor of this country.” Special attention was to be paid to training them in the linen manufacture and in agriculture with a view to promoting the prosperity of the country in general. The children admitted were to be between the ages of six and ten years, but since there was no law for removing children forcibly from their homes, and since few Catholic parents could be induced to send their children to the schools, nurseries were set up which took in infants between the ages of two and six -many of them orphans and foundlings- and these nurseries served as feeders for the charter schools. There were nurseries in York Street in Dublin and in Monasterevan in Kildare to supply children to the Leinster schools; one in Shannon Grove in Limerick for Munster, and one in Monivea in Galway for Connacht. Because of lack of supervision and the neglect and peculation of those placed in charge of the schools, the children were ill-treated, dirty, overworked, badly fed and clothed, and the mortality rate was exceedingly high. Although up to fifty of these schools were established throughout the country their success in carrying out their aim can be gauged from the report of the royal commission on Irish education in 1825, which states that in the ninety years during which the scheme had been in operation, 12,745 was the total number of charter school children apprenticed, and 1,555 had received the marriage portion of £5 given to those who married Protestants. By no means all of these had been the children of Catholic parents, for the supply of Catholic children not being enough, children of Protestants had been freely admitted to the schools. However, the charter schools salved the consciences of those who regarded the conversion of Irish Catholics to Protestantism as a desirable objective, and session after session the Lord Lieutenant’s speech from the throne called on parliament to pay due attention to these schools. Nevertheless, Prirnate Boulter’ scheme can hardly be deemed to have been an unqualified success.

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Parochial Papers by Very Rev. Canon Moore, P.P., Johnstown

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Published in the Ossory Archaeological Society, Thomastown. In the Roman Catholic Parish of Thomastown there are very many ruins of ancient churches, &c., which well deserve the attention of the antiquarian.

1.- The most remarkable remnant of antiquity in the parish is, of course, the Abbey of Jerpoint. As its history is well known, we shall say very little about it. It was founded for Cistercians in 1180, by Donald, Prince of Ossory. The founder and Felix O’Dullany, bishop of Ossory, were interred in this Abbey. It did not escape the illiberal enactments of the English during the fourteenth century. In 1380 it was ordained that no mere Irishman should be permitted to make his profession there. The Abbot of Jerpoint was a lord of Parliament. The building is still in a good state of preservation.

2.-The old Gothic church of Thomastown is likewise too well known to need much description. There is a fine old Irish cross at the right side of the entrance. There are also some very old tombs in the grave yard. Among them there is one which bears the following inscription : –“Here lies the body of Patrick Lincoln, who died the 16th of December, 1666, and of Mary Dobbyn, his wife, who ordered this monument. She died the 11th day of May, 1709.” The tomb is elaborately worked, having emblems of the Passion, &e. It has also a shield empaling the arms of Lincoln and Dobbyn. Prior to the date first mentioned a fine silver chalice was presented to the chapel of Thomastown by a Mary Dobbyn – the same person, we presume, whose name is on the monument. It has the following inscription :-“Orate pro anima Mariae Dobbyn quae me fieri fecit, 1687.” Translation – “Pray for the soul of Mary Dobbyn, who caused me to be made, 1687”. In reference to this lady, we may also mention that there is in the chapel of Thomastown a. beautifully carved oaken statue of the Virgin and Child to which she presented crowns of silver in 1705.

3. – Near Thomastown, to the North-West of the town, is a church, or rather the ruins of a church, called “Modaleen.” (We write it as it is pronounced). It is evidently a very old Irish church, probably of far earlier date than the fine Anglo-Norman ruin of which we have just spoken. There are no traditions regarding it. Some suppose it to have been called after St. Mary Magdelan, its patron. We do not believe such to be the case.

4.- Church Jerpoint, as it is called, is apparently an Anglo-Norman erection. It is divided into nave and choir. It has a strongly-built tower at the west-end. Near the church is a tomb having the figure of a priest clad in vestments. There are no traditions or legends regarding it.

5.-Tho Priory of Dysert, about a mile-and-a-half S. E. of Thomastown, is beautifully situated on the Nore. The Anglo-Norman tower at the west end of the church is still perfect; but the church itself is almost wholly in ruins. It was turned to private uses by the family of Berkley – ancestors of the famous bishop Berkley of Cloyne. His father is said to have kept a school or academy there, and is said to have been buried on the top of the tower under a large slab, commonly called “the minister’s flag.” The Berkleys threw all the tombstones in and around the church into the Nore. Dysert is said to have been held as a house of novices, dependant on the Augustinian Priory of Kells.

6.-Columbkill Church was about 60 feet long by 20 wide. The walls wore nearly three feet thick, but badly built. There are no remains of windows, of font, or of anything else of the kind, save a little gable cross now marking a grave. The opening of the southern or south-eastern door also remains. Near this place is a holy well elegantly surrounded by Masonry. Up to a late period crowds used to assemble here on the Patron day, which was the Sunday after the 9th of .June.

7.- Kilcullen old church is about two-and-a-half miles east of Thomastown. It is about 25 feet long and 10 feet wide, and is very rudely built. It is in a mountainous locality, but commands a prospect of great extent and beauty. No traditions, no Patron day.

8. – Killeen, in Mountjuliet demesne, lies about two-and-a-half miles west of Thomastown. It has now totally disappeared, and its site is occupied by the monuments of the family of the Earls of Carrick. The name may signify the little church, or the place may have been called after Killian the martyr. No traditions, no memory of a Patron day. Near the site of this old church is a beautiful holy well.

9.- Killarney, “The church of the sloes,” (Joyce). It has not a stone upon a stone, nor any other vestige left. Captain Myhill, an officer of Cromwell, who lived in the townland of Killarney, was buried here. His sword, with a portion of the scabbard, was found in 1835. “Rogers, London, makers,” was marked on it.

10.–Teaumple Tehawn (we write it as it is pronounced) is a small church to the east of Thomastown, and on an elevation near Castle Grenan. It is a very ancient church, and appears to have been re-modelled by the Dens, Castellans of Grenan. There is a St. Tian; Feast 23rd Feb., Mart. Donegal. There is a tradition that on the occasion of the first Protesant being buried here, a commotion was created among the dead, who cried out to have his body removed from the holy place.

11.- Blessington, in Irish Lisnamanagh. The Lis i.e. “the house or fort of the monks”, is still extant. It is a circular rath of considerable extent, and is situated in a romantic locality. There are indistinct traditions of monks having been here. It is looked upon as a wonder that there are some hawthorns in the lis on which no thorns over grow. Some relics were found here about the year 1830. . I

12.- Kilmurry, i.e., Mary’s Church, was situated about one mile north of Thomastown. Not a vestige of it now remains. Even its site is not well known, although some very old people undertake to point it out. In the demesne of Kilmurry is a. field which is still called “the church field.” The mansion was at one time the residence of Chief Justice Bushe. •

13.- Tullaherin, with its fine round tower and fine old church, is too well known to need description. In the graveyard is a stone bearing an “Ogham description.” Patron, Saint Kieran ; Feast, 5th March. On the 5th March, 1800, there were seventy-five tents erected at Tullaherin, as we have heard from a, man who was there on that day.

14.- Kilfane, called from St. Phaan; Feast, 1st January, Mart. Donegal To the south of Kilfane House is a well with a very ancient cross. To the north is the Anglo-Norman Chureh of Kilfane, probably built by the Cantwells, owners of the land, the walls of this church are very strong, and an Anglo-Norman tower is built at the south side of the nave. Inside the church is an effigy in chain armour, elegantly sculptured, and in excellent preservation. The legs are crosswise, which shows that. the warrior was a Crusader. On the left arm is a shield bearing the arms of Cantvell. All the walls of the church are standing. It was used as a Protestant place of worship till 1835.

15 – Kilbline. Near the castle of that name is a ruined little church. It may have been dedicated St. Blaan, bishop, 10th August, Mart. Donegal. No legends or traditions.
16 – Skebul Brunnagh, now Brown’s Barn, is a very ancient, but greatly injured ruin. It is beautifully situated on the Nore, about two and a-half miles east of Thomastown. There is a St. Bran, 8th June, near Donegal, near Tallaght. No traditions.

17 – Kilmonage, near Kilminock, is very ancient. It was of a very small extent, and is now almost totally destroyed. Its patron may be presumed to have been St. Mohenog, the ‘h’ being mute, as is very common in Irish. We remember to have seen the above written Kilmohenog in some old parish register. This little ruin is situated about four miles south-east of Thomastown.

18-Poerswood is so called from a family of De La Poers, who lived in the townland. It is called in Irish Kilcornan. There is a St. Cornan, Jan. 6, near Donegal. This little church may have been a, private place of worship for the Castellans of Poerswood, as it is only a short distance from the place where their castle stood.

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Bettystown, Co. Meath Photographs

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This page features 6 photographs of Bettystown, Co. Meath, taken by Dr. Jane Lyons and presented by

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Ballyquaid, Co. Laois Photographs

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This page features 7 photographs of Ballyquaid, Co. Laois, taken by Dr. Jane Lyons and presented by

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