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Baptism Records, Gambonsfield, Kilcash, Co. Tipperary, 1840

This page features free baptism records for Gambonsfield, Kilcash, Co. Tipperary in the year 1840. The records are in alphabetical order of the child’s surname.

Dr. Jane Lyons’ Notes

Here I have a slight problem in that I have labelled the excel file ‘Gammonsfield’ with no mention of Kilcash and normally I give the film the name that I see written on the parish records in the film. It could easily be that I made a mistake and thought I had two m’s instead of an m and a b in the name but I would not have missed out on the Kilcash. That being said, the baptismal records for this parish begin on Jan 1st, 1840-Feb 1st, 1856 and then Feb 16th, 1856-Dec 27th, 1880 and I give you those records for that first year, 1840. Placenames are not given in the parish records for this year, the records are in Latin, meaning that the first name is given in Latin and the surname in English. I did not take the names of the witnesses or sponsors. There are two films on which there are records for this parish and their references in the National Library of Ireland are 2452 and 2453. It seems that the LDS does not have copies of these films. All question marks indicate where I had a problem reading a letter or deciding on a name. The names are sorted alphabetically by that of the child, the names of children for which I had a problem with the surname come before the alphabetical sorting.


Name Surname Father S Mother Mother Date
Catharinam ?Commons Patricii Hickey Brigida Mar-05
Patricium ?Duhy or Deely Thoma Shea Maria Mar-05
Margaritam ?Gorman Joannis Neagle Ellena Jan-13
?Michaelum ?Gorman Jacobi ?Lendon Ellena Jun-13
Catharinam ?Haagay or Flagay Gulielimi Duggin Anastacia Mar-12
Patricium ?Henesy Davidum Harty or Lanty? Anastace Mar-17
Honoram ?Herly Patricii Hacket Margarita ?Jan 13
Patricium ?Kickham Edmundii Clancy Maria Jun-15
Elliner ?Nagle Gulielim Quin Honoria ?Jan 19
Joannem ?Quinn Joannis Wall Margarita May-17
Gulielmum ?Smiths Gulielmi Lonergan Maria Mar-07
Joanem ?Sulivan Michaelia White Maria Jun-07
Mariann Allen Jacobi Lynch Honoria Jun-01
Ellinor Brien Jacobi Neill Brigida Feb-02
Gulielmum Burke Joannis Butler Catharina May-29
Patricium Burne Michaelis Quin Maria Mar-03
?Marian Ca?net Jacobi ?Bermingham ?Sun? Feb-02
Richardum Callinan Joamis Allin Maria Apr-16
Joannem Callinan Richardii ?Hanigan Maria Jun-19
Julianan Carrol Edmondi ?Bretten Maria April 2?8
Catharinam Casey Mauritii Lonergan Maria Mar-17
Johanam Caughlan Michaelis Murphy Elin Mar-29
Joannam Clifford Jacobi Feeny Catharina Feb-21
Brigidam Commons Philipii ?Cardal Brigida Apr-01
Catharinam Connelly Joannis Daly Catharina Mar-21
Michaelum Coony Edmondi Neill Maria Apr-26
Laurentium Corbett Jacobi Connell Catharina Mar-03
Joannam Crotty Nicolai ?Keily Margarita Apr-17
Joannem Crotty Michaelis Kil?foy Maria May-01
Brigidam Cuddihy Jeremii Walsh Maria Mar-01
Jacobum Curtin Jacobi Kenedy Margarita May-19
Mariann D…? Joannis Smith Brigida Feb ?12
Catharinam Daniel Joannis Houlahan Margarita Mar-22
Mariann Donn…? Thoma Corbet Brigida Apr-17
Joannem Donnell Michaelis Murphy Brigida Apr-29
Patricium Driscol Danielis Carty Catharina Mar-14
Mariann Flaherty Richardii Connelly Ellena Apr-26
Iulian Fogarty Edmondi ?Casey Margarita Jan-09
?Bann? Foley Edmundii Kain Maria Jun-18
Johannam Gleeson Michaelis Gawl Brigida Jun-14
Redmundum Gorman Thoma Shea Maria Apr-23
?? Greene Michaelis ?Coony Alicia Feb-12
Brigidam Hacket Patricii ?Ahary Ellena May-03
Philipum Hacket Gulielimii Walsh Elisabeth May-14
Andrewwm Halloran Andrii Osborne Catharina Apr-17
Jacobum Hearacy Gulielimii Butler Catharina May-28
Margaritam Henesey Gulielimii Walsh Ellena Apr-22
Edmundum Hickey Michaelis King Margarita Jan ?26
Mariann Houlahan Jacobi Lonergan Elena Apr-08
Andream Keary Nicholas Carny or Carry Catharina Jun-23
Brigidam Keating Gulielum Cahell Honora Jun-12
Joannem Kenedy Dionsii O’Neil ?Eliza Jan-09
Patricium Keys Edmundii Mullally Brigida Apr-17
Danielem Lee Joannis Hickey Honoria Apr-27
Margaritam Lonergan Joannes Crotty Ellinor Mar-05
Patricium Lonergan Joannis Connelly Catharina May-17
Dionicum? Mara Thoma Henesey Ellena Jun-01
Joannem Meagher Joannis Walsh Maria Jun-17
Johannam Meany Thimothii Doyle Honora May-20
Mariann Moore Robertii Walsh Winnifred Apr-14
Catharinam Mullowny Thoma O’Dee Elin Feb-18
Joannem Murphy ?Joannis Shine Alicia Jan-12
Joannem Murphy Michaelis Ryan Honoria Mar-31
Dyonium Neil Edwardii Walsh Maria Apr-07
Honoram Neil Thoma Daulton Honora May-29
Patricium Phelan Joannis Lonergan Ellenor Mar-17
Joannem Phelan Dionsii Minihan Ellena Apr-13
Joannim Phelan Jacobi McGrath ELlena May-27
Thomasam Poe Jacobi Carew Maria Jun-16
Aliciam Power Gal?fredi ?nugent Brigida Mar-06
Gulielmum Power Antonii Neagle Maria Apr-09
Mauricium Power Patricii Walsh Johana Apr-24
Joannem Power Andrii Crotty Margarita May-14
Brigidam Purcell Joannis Hogan Anstacia May-13
Margaritam Quinlan Joannis Connors Maria May-24
?Maurice (Manim?) Quinn Jacobi Sullivan Brigida Jan-23
Margaritam Reddy Gulielimii Holden Brigida Apr-13
Thomasam Regan Michaeli White Margarita Jan-02
Patricium Ryan Thoma ?..aunton Johanna Mar-11
Catharinam Ryan Thoma Hogan Margarita Apr-30
Gulielmum Slattery Gulielmi Casey Catharina Jan-20
Jacobum Wall Joannis Lonergan Ellin Jan-31
Mariann Walsh Edwardii Conners ?Elain Jan-01
Mariann Walsh Richardii Commons Anastace Mar-15
Edwardum Walsh Patricii Kenedy Johana Apr-03
Aliciam Walsh Thoma Morrisey Ellena Apr-18
Michaelum Walsh Michaelis Cantwell Maria May-22

Naas District Marriage Records, Co. Kildare

This page features civil Marriage Records for the district of Naas in Co. Kildare and includes full names (where possible), the year of marriage, and the quarter in which the marriage occurred. A searchable index of all available marriage records is available here.

Name Year Quarter
Adams Lancellot 1861
Allen William 1846
Anderson John 1864
Archbold Robert 1897 4th
Barlow Catherine 1866
Barlow Fanny 1868
Barlow Mary Agnes 1864
Benham Emily Rose 1896 1st
Berney Thomas 1896 1st
Birmingham Ellen 1896 1st
Birney Thomas 1896 1st
Blackmore Frederick 1896 1st
Blake Margaret 1846
Blake Mary 1896 1st
Bolger Bernard 1896 1st
Brennan Margaret 1896 1st
Brien Bridget 1896 1st
Broe Michael 1871
Broe Thomas 1896 1st
Browne Anne 1860
Bryan Bridget 1896 1st
Burden Eliza 1896 1st
Cassidy Brien 1873
Cassidy Mary 1873
Clarke William 1856
Cleary Catherine 1846
Colgan Bridget 1865
Colgan PAtrick 1865
Conly Margaret 1866
Conolly Anne 1866
Cruise Patrick 1864
Cuddy William 1877
Cullen James 1864
Cullen William 1864
Culley Elizabeth 1864
Cully Darby 1864
Culverwell George 1864
Cuningham Charlotte F. 1864
Curley Catherine 1864
Curran Mathew 1864
Daly John 1865
Daly Joseph 1869
Delany Mary 1873
Galvin Andrew 1872
Galvin Bridget 1864
Galvin Margaret 1873
Galvin Patt 1872
Garry Eliza 1871
Good James 1878 3rd
Grattan Bridget 1877
Greenwood Thomas 1877
Halpin Celia Jane 1868
Harrington Ellen 1883 4th
Harvey Henry 1882 3rd
Harwin Jesse 1860
Hawkins Arthur 1855
Headon Denis 1882 4th
Healy Marianne 1883 4th
Healy Nannie 1882 4th
Hearn George Herbert 1882 4th
Hefferan Bride 1882 3rd
Heffernan James 1883 4th
Heffernan Jane 1883 1st
Heffernan Katie 1883 3rd
Heffron Bridget 1882 3rd
Hennessy Patrick 1882 1st
Henrick Thomas 1882 2nd
Herbert James 1882 3rd
Herbert Nicholas 1882 3rd
Higgins Catherine 1884 1st
Higgins Margaret 1882 4th
Higgins Mike 1884 4th
Higgins Richard 1882 1st
Higginson Mary Anne 1870
Hilibert Laurence 1870
Hill Harriett 1883 2nd
Hill Martha 1869
Hill Richard 1867
Hillier John 1871
Hindle Anne 1864
Hindle Edwin 1864
Hobuck John 1865
Hoey Anne 1864
Hogan Bridget 1882 2nd
Hoyle JAmes 1859
Hyland John 1865
Hyland Mary A. 1864
Hyland Thomas 1894 1st
Keegan Anne 1874
Keegan Eliza 1874
Keegan Jane 1874
Keegan John 1874
Keegan Thomas 1874
Kelly Bridget 1863
Kelly Bridget 1863
Kemmy James 1865
Kenedy Peter 1865
Kenna John 1873
Kenna Kate 1873
Kenna Mary 1867
Kenna Thomas 1864
Kennelly Catherine 1867
Kennelly David Joseph 1865
Kenney Thomas 1867
Kennie Elisabeth (sic) 1873
Kenny Ann 1871
Kenny Clare 1871
Kenny John 1873
Keogh Ellen 1873
Keogh Jane 1878 1st
Keogh Patrick 1878 1st
Keogh Rosanna 1878 1st
Keys Anne 1878 1st
Kinehan Mary 1872
King Bryan 1864
Kinsella Margaret 1897 3rd
Kinsella Mary 1898 1st
Leigh Anne 1900 3rd
Leigh Josephine 1900 1st
Leigh Margaret 1899 4th
Leigh William 1897 2nd
Lowe Richard 1846
Lynch Maria 1881 2nd
Lynch William 1884 1st
Lynch William 1880 3rd
Lyons William 1851
M’Garry Andrew 1895 1st
Murphy William 1898 2nd
Murray John Edward 1846
Nolan Eliza 1898 3rd
Nutherfield Thomas 1864
Phillips Williams 1868
Rawson Mary 1864
Reilly Maria 1864
Slattery James 1867
Speers John Arthur 1907 1st
Speers Susanna 1897 1st
Toole Joseph 1863
Toole Michael 1866
Townsend Philip 1846
Wall James 1847
Whately Margret 1867
Wilson Charles 1851
Wilson Jane 1846
Wilson Maria 1847
Wilson Maria 1847
Wiseman John 1851
Wright John 1846

Civil Registration Records

Edenderry District Marriage Records, Co. Kildare

This page features civil Marriage Records for the district of Edenderry in Co. Kildare and includes full names (where possible), the year of marriage, and the quarter in which the marriage occurred. A searchable index of all available marriage records is available here.

Name Year Quarter
Alexander Bisleton 1847
Ann Kelly 1849
Anne Cro?uly 1866
Anne Hurst 1852
Anne Jane Kelly 1849
Anne Kennedy 1864
Anne Murray 1881 3rd
Anne Mylod 1882 2nd
Anne Noonan 1890 1st
Anne Whately 1864
Barbara Hyndman 1880 1st
Benjamin Cleary 1851
Bernard Judge 1879 2nd
Bridget Digan 1848
Bryan McKone 1865
Catherine Divine 1864
catherine Hoey 1915 2nd
Catherine Kilion 1879 1st
Catherine Killian 1879 1st
Catherine Murray 1865
Catherine Noonan 1898 3rd
Denis Lyons 1882 1st
Edward Dunne 1853
Eliza Fox 1852
Eliza Whittaker 1845
Eliza Wilson 1854
Esther Ross 1909 2nd
Flannagan 1865
Francis Elizabeth Wakely 1893 2nd
Henry Warrington 1848
Isaac Bagley 1855
Jane Kelly 1845
John Cassidy 1873
John Dolan 1884 1st
John Murray 1890 1st
John Wilson 1846
Joseph Kenny 1866
Joseph Rhynehart 1909 1st
Kate Darcy 1864
Kate Murray 1880 3rd
Kate Murray 1880 4th
Marcella Killian 1865
Margaret Farrel 1884 1st
Margaret Galvin 1877
Margaret Kennedy 1865
Margaret Kenny 1866
Margaret Ryan 1888 4th
Margaret Whittaker 1846
Maria Cassidy 1873
Martin Rourke 1909 3rd
Mary Anne Murray 1880 1st
Mary Daley 1884 1st
Mary Doley 1884 1st
Mary Fox 1870
Mary Hyland 1865
Mary Kennedy 1873
Mary Kerns 1879 3rd
Mary Margaret Nolan 1898 3rd
Mary Murray 1882 1st
Michael Chandler 1876
Michael Colgan 1865
Michael Killian 1865
Patrick Hill 1869
Patrick Kenny 1867
Patrick Killen 1865
Peter Colgan 1865
Peter Farrel 1884 1st
Richard Kiernan 1878 1st
Sarah Grattan 1877
Teresa Daly 1884 2nd
Thomas Kennedy 1866
William Lynch 1880 3rd
William Lynch 1880 4th
William McNamara 1845

Civil Registration Records

Celbridge District Marriage Records, Co. Kildare

This page features civil Marriage Records for the district of Celbridge in Co. Kildare and includes full names (where possible), the year of marriage, and the quarter in which the marriage occurred. A searchable index of all available marriage records is available here.

Name Year Quarter
Anne Cleary 1864
Anne Cleary 1864
Anne Deegan 1897 1st
Anne Doyle 1897 1st
Anne Kenny 1865
Bernard Killien 1865
Catherine Bowen 1869
Catherine Christian 1866
Catherine Conolly 1866
Catherine Murray 1866
Catherine Reid 1864
Daniel Gillis 1889 4th
Duncan McArthur 1871
Eliza Kinsella 1873
Eliza Whately 1867
Elizabeth Healy 1882 4th
Elizabeth Kenny 1865
Elizabeth R. Johnston 1866
Fanny Whitelaw 1865
Hariett Needham 1846
Honoria Kenny 1873
Isabella Lynch 1880 4th
James Keogh 1873
James King 1879 3rd
James Rafter 1915 3rd
James Toole 1864
James Walders 1868
Jane Isabella Hobart 1845
Jane Toole 1864
John Colgan 1865
John Cooke 1845
John Daly 1869
John Kenny 1866
John Kingston 1873
John McCarthy 1884 4th
John Neil 1898 3rd
Kate Fox 1870
Kate Hyland 1864
Margaret Broe 1871
Margaret Gannon 1872
Margaret Higgins 1870
Margaret Lynch 1898 3rd
Margret Hemingway 1883 1st
Maria Hegarty 1883 1st
Mary Gannon 1873
Mary Keefe 1870
Mary Maher 1876
Mary McGarry 1900 2nd
Mary Roche 1911 2nd
Mary Ryan 1886 3rd
Mathew Connolly 1866
Mathew Hester 1867
Patrick Fox 1870
Patrick Hickey 1882 1st
Patrick Higgins 1867
Patrick Kinsella 1879 1st
Richard Keegan 1874
Sarah Healy 1883 4th
Teresa Howe 1915 2nd
Thomas Daly 1897 2nd
Thomas Lynch 1884 1st
William Appleby 1894 4th
William Kilduff 1871
Willm. Gallagher 1873

Civil Registration Records

Athy District Marriage Records, Co. Kildare

This page features civil Marriage Records for the district of Athy in Co. Kildare and includes full names (where possible), the year of marriage, and the quarter in which the marriage occurred. A searchable index of all available marriage records is available here.

Name Year Quarter
Adam Roach 1912 3rd
Agnes Kidd 1845
Andrew Kennedy 1879 4th
Anne (Countess of) Kingston 1873
Anne Higgins 1866
Anne Murray 1866
Anne Nolan 1898 3rd
Annie Augusta Emery 1881 4th
Anthony Darcy 1875
Arthur Roberts 1845
Bernard Murray 1866
Bridget Buggy 1878 3rd
Bridget Dowling 1875
Bridget Doyle 1875
Bridget Dunne 1875
Bridget Galvin 1872
Bridget Halpin 1865
Caroline Baldwin 1845
Catherine Hardy 1845
Catherine Hendy 1845
Catherine Hogan 1868
Catherine Hurdy 1845
Catherine O’Curdy 1845
Catherine Wilson 1872
Cathrine Hogan 1868
Christopher Graham 1845
Edward Betagh 1876
Edward Doyle 1875
Edward Kennedy 1865
Eliza Hoey 1868
Eliza Hyland 1877
Elizabeth Butler 1845
Elizabeth Butler 1849
Elizabeth Daly 1875
Elizabeth Keef 1874
Elizabeth Mary Noonan 1900 2nd
Elizabeth McDaniel 1845
Elizabeth Stronge 1896 1st
Ellen Allen 1851
Ellen Bowe 1869
Ellen Galvin 1872
Ellen Hoare 1876
Ellen Hore 1876
Ellen Keefe 1870
Ellen Kenna 1865
Ellen Lyons 1880 4th
Hanna Wilson ors Roe 1855
Helena Lynch 1881 2nd
Hettie Barlow 1868
Hugh Kinehan 1865
James Dowling 1875
James Doyle 1875
James Haws 1873
James Hendly 1882 1st
James Kennedy 1864
James King 1878 1st
James Kinsella 1873
James O’Neil 1845
Jane Dick 1855
Jane Hendy 1882 3rd
Jane Wilson 1857
Jeremia Warren 1877
Johanna Doyle 1875
John Bowe 1873
John Cassidy 1873
John Clancy 1864
John Colmey 1892 2nd
John Cope 1845
John Dagg 1853
John Doody 1875
John Doran 1875
John Farrell 1875
John Heigan 1882 1st
John Kearns 1874
John Kenna 1867
John Kenny 1879 1st
John Leigh 1898 2nd
John Lyons 1855
John M’Kernan 1890 1st
John Roache 1899 1st
Joseph Daly 1865
Josephine Hoey 1921 4th
Julia Kilfoyle 1879 1st
Kate Bowe 1869
Kate Harris 1864
Lavinda Boddy 1876
Lewis Large 1855
Louis Higgins 1882 1st
Lucy Watts 1876
Margaret Bowe 1869
Margaret Cunningham 1864
Margaret Delaney 1873
Margaret Delany 1875
Margaret Doyle 1875
Margaret Kinsella 1896 2nd
Margaret Neill 1898 3rd
Margaret Ryan 1886 3rd
Margt Bowe 1871
Maria Cooke 1845
Maria Doyle 1875
Martha Bailey 1845
Martin Doyle 1875
Mary Agnes Lucas 1907 1st
Mary Anne Kenny 1845
Mary Anne Kerney 1845
Mary Delaney 1873
Mary Delany 1875
Mary Dempsey 1875
Mary Dempsey 1875
Mary Doolan 1875
Mary Dooley 1875
Mary Doolon 1875
Mary Doyle 1875
Mary Dunne 1875
Mary Dunne 1875
Mary Fox 1870
Mary Hayden 1883 3rd
Mary Heydon 1882 1st
Mary Hodert 1865
Mary Hyland 1865
Mary Kenna 1864
Mary Kilfoyle 1879 1st
Mary Lyons 1864
Mary Robinson 1845
Mary Ryan 1877
Mary Willis 1849
Michael Delaney 1873
Michael Doran 1896 1st
Michael Dowling 1875
Michael Hoey 1865
Michael Keavney 1870
Michael Keegan 1874
Michael Kelly 1879 2nd
Michel (sic) Moore 1845
Norah Kelly 1879 2nd
Pat Waters 1876
Patrick Doran 1896 1st
Patrick Dunne 1875
PAtrick Kinsela 1871
Patrick Leigh 1897 3rd
Patrick Sale 1877
Peter Dunne 1875
Peter Gannon 1873
Richard Boardman 1876
Richard Glynn 1860
Richard Hendy 1882 3rd
Robert Adamson 1861
Robert Francis Wilson 1847
Samuel Jolly 1845
Sarah Callan 1860
Sarah Dobbin 1845
Sarah Jane Craig 1876
Sarah Keeffe 1874
Sarah Roberts 1845
Sarah Ryan 1877
Susanna Wilson 1858
Terence Bowe 1870
Teresia Doyle 1875
Thomas Anderson 1866
Thomas Dempsey 1855
Thomas Drennan 1875
Thomas Dunne 1875
Thomas Gannon 1873
Thomas Kelly 1879 3rd
Thomas Wills 1845
William Cooke 1845
William Dempsy 1875
William Donagher 1875
William Donoher 1875
William Galvin 1873
William Hickey 1882 4th
William jnr. Fishbourne 1845
William Keys 1878 1st
William M’Arthur 1876
William M’Carthy 1884 3rd
William Moody 1845

Civil Registration Records

Transcribed Gravestones References, Co. Derry (Londonderry)

The following is an index to the gravestones which have been transcribed and published for County Londonderry, Ireland with the references for publications. It is perhaps possible to obtain copies of these publications by inter-library loan. See ‘for Newbies & not so Newbies”for an explanation as to searching Irish library on line catalogues and obtaining references for inter library loan. It is neccessary to consult with your public library as to whether or not it partakes in such a scheme.

Ballykelly Town: Irish Family Links

Creggan: Creggan Historical Society, 1988

Derramore: Irish Family Links, 1985, Vol. 2

Drumbane: Irish Family Links, 1985, Vol. 2

Ballyeglish Old: South Derry Historical Society Journal, 1981-82

Ballinderry Methodist: South Derry Historical Society Journal, 1982-83

Drummond: Irish Family Links, 1985, Vol. 2

Largy Presbyterian: Irish Family Links, 1985, Vol. 2, No. 5

Limavady, First Presbyterian: Irish Family Links, 1985, Vol. 2, No. 5

Limavady, Roman Catholic: Irish Family Links, 1985, Vol. 2, No. 5

Lislane Presbyterian: irish Family Links, 1985, Vol. 2, No. 4

Magherafelt, Castledawson Street, Church of Ireland. South Derry Historical Society Journal, 1980-81

Magilligan, Presbyterian: Irish Family Links, 1985, Vol. 2, No. 5

Myroe Presbyterian, Limavady: Irish Family Links, 1985, Vol. 2, No. 5

Rathbrady More, Presbyterian: Irish Family Links, 1985, Vol. 2, No. 5

Tamlaght, Roman Catholic: Irish Family Links, 1985, Vol. 2, No. 5

Templeport Graveyard Records, Co. Cavan

This page features free records for Templeport Graveyard, Co. Cavan, transcribed by T. C. Maguire and exclusive to

Surname Name Address Death Age
Alexander Francis
Alexander Frederick 21/06/1872 22
Alexander William 03/07/1871
Bannan Francis 9
Bannon Mary 28/06/1911
Bannon Mary 28/06/1911
Bannon Michael Tiernawanagh 14/04/1949
Bannon Michael Tiernawanagh 14/04/1949
Betty Emma Anne Lakefield, Co. Cavan 08/04/1874 74
Betty Frederick Bawnboy House, Co. Cavan 20/06/1863
Blachford Corney Chidley 29/08/1722
Blachford William 28/03/1727 69
Blashford Ambrose
Blashford Frances
Blashford John Dublin
Blashford John
Blashford Mary
Blashford Thomas
Blashford (nee) Maghee Mary
Blashford (nee) Renald Mary
Bourke John 20/06/1824 45
Brady Felix 1786
Brady (nee) Keavin Ann 24/03/1768 22
Breadon Henry Boley 10/02/1897 56
Bryan Henry 17/09/1766 28
Bryan (nee) Irwin Margiot 07/05/1798 60
Cassidy Mary Teresa Brackley 29/05/1943 8
Coffey George James Brackley 15/11/1960 85
Coffey (nee) Matilda Eva 15/01/1964 76
Cooper Henrietta Templeport Clergymany 18/05/1875 46
Crawford Andrew 15/09/1819 75
Crawford Mary 03/1818 80
Cross Jane 20/10/1861 25
Cross John Erreran 17/02/1892 80
Deane Edmund 29/08/1717 70
Deane Marcus 10/1787
Deane Willia 05/10/1737 35
Deane William
Deane Fieri Fergalus 1719
Dolan Anne Moher 12/07/1848 19
Dolan Bridget 05/04/1919 78
Dolan Bridget 14
Dolan Francis 20/0/1897
Dolan Hugh 06/08/1898
Dolan Kate 20/11/1890
Dolan Mary 12/03/1926 48
Dolan William 10/12/1763 76
Elliott Herbert William 07/05/1915 19
Ellis Gore Ballybeady 17/01/1822 85
Ellis Gore 11/06/1799 27
Ellis Margaret 26/06/1899
Ellis Mary 07/12/1821 93
Fawcett John 27/06/1824 81
Fee Anne Jane Meenaghan, Bawnboy 17/03/1953
Fee Anne Jane
Fee William Meenaghan, Bawnboy 05/04/1939
Fee Derrycassion
Finlay Amelia 18/09/1888
Finlay Anna Woodville 30/05/1851 31
Finlay David Brackley House, Bawnboy 11/09/1890
Finlay George Corville House 23/01/1855 81
Finlay George Alexander Corville 25/04/1916 58
Finlay Isabella 12/06/1928 50
Finlay John Brackley 12/06/1921 78
Flinn Peter 14/02/1770 75
Flinn (nee) Devin Naby 12/06/1802 56
Flynn Alias 27/11/1824 72
Flynn Bryan 22/05/1843 97
Gibson Fanny
Gibson James
Gorby Annie
Gorby Robert
Guddin Francis 03/10/1784 23
Guddin (nee) Maguire Rose 25/10/1787 58
Halpin Caroline Isabella Emma 05/08/1966 91
Halpin William Henry Ford Lodge, Cavan 17/04/1937 74
Hearn Adela Grace Georgina 16/08/1887 20
Hearn Elizabeth Mary Adelaide 21/01/1891 60
Hearn Elizabeth Mary Emily 19/02/1898
Hearn George Marcus 26/08/1890 55
Hearn John Henry 20/04/1890 62
Hume Elizabeth 17/07/1780 78
Hume Richard 20/08/1786 48
Hume Robert Lisnover 05/11/1777 85
Hunt Charlotte Augusta 09/02/1911
Hunt Edward Langford Owendoon, Cavan 11/08/1907 57
Hunt Elizabeth Frances 01/04/1900 36
Hunt V. E. 17/08/1922
Hunt W. M. Owendoon 19/07/1925
Hutton Albert Rockwood, Swanlinbar 27/09/1887 56
Hutton Ethel Maud 22/04/1960
Hutton Georgina 18/01/1923 76
Hutton Kathleen Mary 19/07/1896 19
Hutton Robert 09/07/1920 47
Hutton Stamford H. Ladysmith, South Africa 15/04/1900 20
Johnstone Arthur Henry Bawnboy House, Bawnboy 24/07/1954 82
Johnstone Robert Henry Bawnboy House, Bawnboy 11/05/1934
Kells Christopher 02/11/1807 31
Kells Margaret
Kells Martha 11/04/1952 85
Kells Martha Ballymagovern
Kells Mary 02/09/1901 82
Kells Ralph
Kells Richard Balymagovern House 18/02/1936 79
Kells Richard 20/03/1911 71
Kells Richard Ballymagovern
Kells Robert
Kells William Toneyraven 10/03/1889 78
Kells Williams 17/01/1827 79
Kiernan Deaniel 07/07/1782 59
Kiernan Felix 01/1756 87
Kiernan John 03/1769 98
Kiernan Magy 05/1736 36
King Bridget 21/10/1959
King Ellen 11/12/1940
King Francis 17/03/1773 53
King George 10/03/1966
King Hugh 26/12/1772 70
King Hugh 25/12/1772 69
King Hugh 11/04/1773 26
King James 02/06/1945
King John 22/10/1782 41
King John 04/10/1947
King Judy 22/11/1756 26
King Michael 01/12/1963
King Philip Cornaleigh 11/12/1890
King (nee) Brady Mary 09/05/1762 19
King (nee) McGauran Cally 11/10/1776 46
La Nauze Ellen 23/08/1985
La Nauze Thomas Tessier 1852
Lauder James 05/10/1825 75
Lauder Thomas 60
L’Estrance Augusta Caroline 15/06/1874
L’Estrance George Henry Owendoon 24/04/1870
L’Estrance Henry George 13/11/1887
Magan Fanny 08/08/1887 63
Magauran Peter 12/05/1764 17
Magee Hannah 13/02/1866 19
Magee John Gartaclogher 10/03/1884 75
Magee Letta Florence
Magee Mary Anne 23/04/1882 74
Magee Thomas Gartaclogher 28/08/1901 30
Magovern Bridget
Magovern Ellen 1873 46
Magovern John
Margaret Lilian 06/08/1940 65
McCabe John 02/12/1790 72
McDermot (nee) Shenan Ellenor 01/12/1782 49
McDermot (nee) Smyth Margret 1760 29
McGauran Edward 08/1797 60
McGauran (nee) McKiernan Bridget 11/1837 90
McGoldrick Anne 09/01/1925
McGoldrick Francis Cornagunleog 22/02/1934
McGoldrick Francis 13/08/1944
McGoldrick John Cornagunlia 27/11/1959
McGoldrick Mary Cornagunlia 12/04/1947
McGoldrick Patrick 04/10/1958
McKelligot Elizabeth
McKelligot John
McKelligot Susan
McKiernan Mary 27/06/1937 68
McKiernan Owen 04/11/1772 88
McKiernan Philip Crinera 01/04/1918 63
McKiernan Rose 12/09/1789 16
McManus Bridget 11/07/1916 31
McManus Michael Kildough 08/04/1906 68
McManus Patrick 13/02/1889 27
McTague Jas. 01/1785 8
McTeigue Ellen 19/03/1876 28
Myles Bridget 21/05/1788 17
Myles Edward 26/11/1787 59
Noble Elizabeth 21/02/1810 32
O’Burns Philip 08/07/1775 66
O’Burns (nee) Dolan Ann 02/1771 52
Plunkett Mary 13/05/1898 70
Rawlins Fanny 20/03/1892
Rawlins Joseph 06/10/1907 29
Rawlins Joseph 06/10/1907
Rawlins Margaret Alice 21/03/1932
Reilly Andrew
Reilly James 22
Reilly Mary Bawnboy 09/04/1917 25
Reilly Patrick 06/07/1790 70
Roe William Alexander 31/08/1916
Roycroft Ann 08/01/1881 69
Roycroft Elizabeth Charlotte 10/01/1894 71
Roycroft John Charles 08/06/1863 9
Roycroft Rebecca 22/09/1912
Roycroft Robert Templeport House 30/05/1881 64
Rutledge Anna Elizabeth 17/04/1891 34
Rutledge Catherine 01/04/1950
Rutledge Maria 11/10/1900 19
Rutledge Richard Ballymagirl 05/02/1929
Rutledge William 09/09/1914 67
Sanders (nee) Alexander Margaret
Scarlett Elizabeth
Scarlett James New York, America 08/1893
Scarlett James
Shanan Philip 20/06/1770 72
Shanan Wenis 08/05/1772 73
Shanan (nee) Lee Catherine
Smith Robert
Smith (nee) Gorby Sarah E.
Stewart Anna Mary 07/03/1938
Stewart Atwell 11/05/1964
Stewart Herbert Edwin 19/04/1924
Stewart John David Deranfield 29/06/1925
Stewart Margaret 15
Stewart William 59
Stewart William 15
Stewart William Henry 08/10/1966
Storey George 19/06/1898
Storey Katherine 24/05/1919
Storey Nixon
Storey Robert 22/05/1900 75
Swanne Elizabeth
Swanne Richard 12/10/1794
Swanne Richard
Taylor William Kilkenny 08/02/1889 47
Tegart Eliza 24/07/1882 60
Tegart Mary Anne Ballyness 22/05/1884 13
Tegart William 20/05/1900 76
Tegart William 30/08/1856 75
Tessier Thomas 1852
Wardell (nee) Hunt Augusta L. Owendoon, Cavan 30//06/1951
Wilcox Henry 03/10/1952

Additional Reading
Gravestone Photographs | Gravestone Records | Gravestone Transcriptions

Baptism Records, Kildimo, Pallaskenry, Co. Limerick, 1846

This parish is simply listed as Kildimo (Pallaskenry) in the book I have, but, on the name of the parish records on the microfilm in the National Library of Dublin, the word Chaple is also used.

The Roman Catholic baptismal parish records for this parish begin on Jan 1st, 1831, these continue until Nov 21st, 1845.  They begin again on 7th Jan, 1846 and continue until Dec 31st, 1880.  The National Library of Ireland film ref for this set of parish records is 2419 for baptisms up to 1880.  There is another microfilm with records for this parish on it that is 2420.  According to the source I have the LDS do not have copies of the microfilm for these records

I am giving you the copies of 6 months of records going from 7th January, 1846 to 5th July 1846.  I have taken the names of some sponsors but they were only for families I was interested in and I am not including them here.  Townland names were NOT given in this set of parish records.  All first names and surnames are as in the original parish records.  I have NOT changed any spellings.  Any question marks indicate places where I was unsure of a letter or the actual name, I THOUGHT it should be spelled or written as I give it.  No guarantee is made that these records are all correct, everyone makes mistakes at some stage or other.

If you have any problems with deciphering names then please see my article on Names at

This section of these parish records are in Latin.  That means that the first name is given in Latin and the surname is in English.  Please note as I have said before in many places, Irish parish records were NOT written in Irish even in areas where Irish was the spoken language.  The Irish spoke Latin and parish records were kept in Latin in many areas, BUT by Latin we mean the first names, surnames and placenames stayed in English.

The first few surnames that I was not sure of are at the top of the list below.  All other surnames are listed alphabetically.

If you want to know more about the information on these records then you can view the film in Dublin or hire a professional genealogist such as myself

Name Surname Father Mother M Surname Date
Catharina ?Conway or Cormudy? Patritii Honoria Rourke 06-Feb
Patritium ?Made Thoma ?Hellena Danah.. 01-Jun
Patritium ?Mulahget Johannis Catharina Hanly 21-Mar
Joannem Barrett Jacobi Brigida Moloney 14-Jun
Danielem Bond Jacobi Maria M(?ee)han 25-Jun
Jacobum Bradish Joannis Honoria Kir?by 25-Jan
Joannem Buckly Patritii Catharina Lynch 29-Jun
Johannem Burk Jacobi Anna Fallon 14-Apr
?lodimum Burk Joannis Catharina Brick 24-Jun
Mariam Burns Jacobi Catharina Power 07-Jan
Mariam Burns Thoma Maria Downey 10-Apr
Johanna Casey Thoma Johanna Rice 16-Mar
Brigidam Casy Danielis Margarita Dundon 12-Jan
Patritium Clune Joannis Brigida O’Brien 14-Feb
Brigidam Coleman Patritii Maria Tracy 14-Jun
Thomam Collins Patritii Maria Tucker 22-Mar
?Joamiam Connell ?Joamys Honoria Dillon 04-Jun
Mariam Conway Patritii Brigida Ba(?rr)ett 21-Apr
Catharina Costeloe Patritii Brigida Carroll 08-Mar
Danielem Cronan Patritii Ellena Purcell 02-Apr
Helenam Cussen Thoma Margarita Walsh 09-May
Thomam Dea Thoma Margarita Shaughnessy 20-Apr
Mariam Dillon David Ellena Nash 25-Jan
Brigidam Dillon Jacobi Ellena Shaughnessy 31-Jan
Catharina Dillon Michaelis Maria Nash 24-May
?T/F or Janithana Donough Patritii Maria McMahon 13-Feb
Mariam Donough Gulielimi Brigida Madigan 10-May
Thomam Doran Michaelis Helen Dal? 05-Apr
Mariam Dowling Michaelis Catharina Howard 10-May
Mariam Downey Cornelii Maria Cronin 03-Jul
Joannem Enright Patritii Honoria Hayes 05-Feb
Patritium Farrell Michaelis Brigida Hayes 31-Jan
Thomam Farrell Michaelis Margarita Griffin 31-Jan
Brigidam Farrell Michaelis Brigida Kenny 04-Jun
Margaritam Farrell Thoma Maria Ha(nnan) 26-Jun
Mariam Fitzgerald Thoma Margarita Coglan 23-Jan
Jacobum Fitzgerald Joannis Ellena McMahon 23-Jan
Guilielmum Fitzgerald Michaelis Honoria Moylan 27-Mar
?T or J anitham Fitzgerald Patritii Ellena Culhane 03-Apr
Gulielimum Fitzgerald (?Jodimys) Maria O’Brien 03-May
Marianam Fitzgerald Thoma Catharina Cahill 10-May
Jacobum Frawly Jacobi Honoria Ka…? 04-Apr
Guilielmum Glin Thoma Brigida Quin 07-Jan
Edmundmum Goggin Joannis Margarita Madigan 03-May
Patritium Griffin Danielis Margarita Keeffe 03-Apr
Margaritam Griffin Henrici Margarita Walsh 16-Apr
Margaritam Guerin Thoma Maria Enright 25-Feb
Joannem Guerin Michaelis ?alla?eo Sheahan 28-May
Michaelem Guiltinane Michaelis Brigida McMahon 05-Jul
Geraldam Guinane Jacobi Janetha Da?ly 11-May
Jacobum Guinane Patritii Catharina Walsh 12-May
Joannem Ha(?nnan) Jacobi Maria Cussen 25-Feb
Patritium Halloran Rogerii Margarita Ronan 27-Jan
Joannem Hanly Jacobi Johanna Hourigan 13-Jan
Patritium Hannan Patritii Brigida Nolan 09-Apr
Helenam Hartney Danielis Maria Hanrahan 08-Apr
Thomam Hayes Patritii Honoria Walsh 01-Feb
Michaelem Hays Jacobi Catharina Casey 21-Jan
Catharina Heffernan Patritii Margarita Coghlan 26-Feb
Annam Hen(?essy) Joannis Maria Dundon 15-Jun
Margaritam Hogan Dionitii Debora Riely 12-May
Joannem Hogan Jacobi Maria Cosgrave 14-Jun
Thomam Horan Henrico Margarita Molony 10-Mar
Joannem Hurley Thoma Ellena Hanly 23-Jan
Jacobum Hynes Jacobi Maria Kennedy 27-Apr
Tadeum Kin?g Tadei Judith McCarthy 02-May
Patritium Kir(by or ly) Jacobi Catharina Sheahan 17-Feb
Patritium Latchford Jacobi Ellena 10-Mar
Brigidam Looney Jacobi Catharina Sheehy 24-Jan
Michaelem Lynch Joannis Catharina Sheahan 13-May
Patritium Lyons Thoma Anna Holahan 17-Mar
Margaritam Lyons Patritii Anna Horan 30-Jun
Mariam Mack Jacobi Brigida Hickey 19-Apr
Jacobum Madigan Danielis Catharina Shaughnessy 26-Feb
Catharina Madigan Joannis Johanna Madigan 05-Jun
Winferd McDonnell Thoma Anna Burns 17-Jan
Joannem McEnery Jacobi Maria Guinan 02-Jun
Mariam McMahon Edmundi Maria Dalton 25-Jan
Michaelem Meany Patritii Ellena Hayes 25-Mar
Jacobum Molony Michaelis Honoria Macnamara 03-Jun
Guilielmum Molony Patritii Catharina O’Donnell 24-Jun
Johanam Morgan Danielis Brigida Shaughnessy 08-Apr
Margaritam Morrissy Thoma Maria Frawley 08-Mar
Mariam Mulqueen Johannis Catharina Lynch 23-Mar
Mariam Mulqueen Georgeii Brigida Shaughnessy 28-May
Thomam Nash Thoma Catharina O’Donnell 31-May
Catharina Naughton Patritii Joanna McCarthy 31-Jan
Mariam Naughton Gulielimi Maria Keating 22-Feb
Michaelem Neal Patritii Margarita Guiltinane 10-Feb
Jacobum Nealon ?? Maria Sheahan 13-Mar
Margaritam Nealon Danielis Catharina Toomey 03-Apr
Patritium Nevil Patritii Maria Conway 26-Feb
Annam Nolan Patritii Catharina Fleming 26-Apr
Stephanum O’Brien Joannis Catharina Burk 20-Feb
Ellanam O’Brien Dionitii Maria Kenny 16-Apr
Brigidam O’Brien Danielis Maria Sheahan 03-Jun
Danielem O’Brien Dionitii Margarita O’Brien 28-Jun
Patritium O’Connors Johannis Brigida Ronan 22-Mar
Patritium Purcell Patritii Brigida Sullivan 19-Jan
Ricardum Purcell Patritii Honoria ?Setright 17-Apr
Margaritam Purcell Gulielimi Catharina Fitzgerald 08-May
Mariam Purcell Patritii Margarita O’Brien 31-May
Ricardum Purcell Jacobi Maria ?? 06-Jun
Thomam Rose Thoma Catharina Horan 26-Mar
Patritium Rourk Dionitii ??Fanitha Purcell 12-Feb
Patritium Rourk Thoma Catharina Hanly 21-Mar
Margaritam Rourk Jacobi Catharina Guerin 12-Apr
Mariam Rourk Murdachi Brigida Rourk 09-Jan
Annam Rourk Thoma Helena Lyons 16-Jun
Thomam Sheahan Joannis Maria ?Ahern 24-May
Patritium Smyth Jacobi Brigida Lynch 22-Feb
Patritium Sullivan Jeremia Maria Purcell ?1/3
Patritium Walsh Thoma Maria Culhane 05-Apr
Robertiem Walsh Thoma Maria Riordan 26-Apr
Joannem Walsh Jacobi Brigida Conway 21-May
Dionitium Ward Joannis Maria McMahon 05-May

Tralee District Marriage Records, Co. Kerry

This page features civil Marriage Records for the district of Tralee in Co. Kerry and includes full names (where possible), the year of marriage, and the quarter in which the marriage occurred. A searchable index of all available marriage records is available here.

Name Year Quarter
Bailey William 1855
Blackburne ors Sullivan Honoria 1853
Broder James 1876
Cahill Catherine 1895 1st
Cahill Timothy 1895 3rd
Cleary ors Archer Jane 1861
Coffey Jeremiah 1895 1st
Connor Daniel 1860
Connor Johanna 1860
Costilloe Denis 1864
Daly John 1864
Delany MArtin 1873
Devine Anne 1891 1st
Dooling Ellen 1896 1st
Dooling Hanoria 1896 1st
Dowling Catherine 1849
Eagan Ellen 1845
Eagar William 1856
Eddie William 1852
Feore Mary 1866
Fitzgerald James 1864
Fitzgerald Mary 1864
Gallevan Catherine 1869
Gallivan Catherine 1871
Gallivan Catherine 1890 1st
Gallivan Daniel 1894 1st
Gallivan Ellen 1873
Gallivan Garrett 1872
Gallivan Hanoria 1869
Gallivan James 1873
Gallivan Jeremiah 1871
Gallivan Margaret 1877
Gallivan Michael 1869
Gallivan Michael 1877
Gallivan Patrick 1871
Galvin Daniel 1894 1st
Galvin Francis 1877
Galvin Jeremiah 1870
Galvin Johanna 1873
Galvin John 1877
Galvin Nora I. 1955 2nd
Geany Jeremiah 1876
Harvey James 1855
Hennessey Arthur 1888 1st
Hennessey Edward 1882 2nd
Higgins Catherine 1866
Higgins Debora 1866
Higgins James 1867
Higgins Mary 1866
Higgins Maurice 1882 2nd
Higgins Michael 1870
Hill Amelia 1869
Hill John 1882 1st
Hill Margaret 1882 1st
Hoar ors Stephans Jane 1847
Hoare Hanora 1876
Hoare Patrick 1878 4th
Hogan John 1865
Hore David 1876
Hurly Alice 1850
Keane John 1923 4th
Keane John 1924 4th
Kearny Maurice 1874
Kedihan Denis 1870
Keeffe Mary 1874
Kennedy Catherine Matilda 1864
Kennedy Ellen 1864
Kennedy John 1865
Kennedy Thomas 1853
Kennington Edward 1867
Kennington Johanna 1867
Kennington Thomas 1864
Kenny Mary 1873
Kenny Michael 1873
King Daniel 1878 1st
King Mathew 1878 1st
Kirby Jeremiah 1873
Lynch Mary 1848
Lynch Thomas 1846
Lyne Honora 1884 1st
Lyons John 1890 1st
M’Carthy William 1880 1st
McNamara Anne Elizabeth 1851
Murphy William 1896 1st
Murray Lavenia 1845
Nolan Edmond 1891 1st
Nolan Ellen 1891 1st
Nolan Margaret 1891 1st
Nunan Catherine 1898 2nd
O’Callaghan Robert 1857
Shea James 1915 1st
Shea Johanna 1915 1st
Shea Julia 1916 1st
Shea Lizzie 1915 3rd
Shea Mary 1915 3rd
Shea Patrick 1915 3rd
Slattery Bridget 1867
Slattery Diana 1867
Slattery John 1867
Slattery Mary 1867
Slattery Patrick 1867
Slattery Thomas 1867
Toke William 1847

Civil Registration Records

Killarney District Marriage Records, Co. Kerry

This page features civil Marriage Records for the district of Killarney in Co. Kerry and includes full names (where possible), the year of marriage, and the quarter in which the marriage occurred. A searchable index of all available marriage records is available here.

Name Year Quarter
Bridget Hoare 1876
Bridget Kennedy 1865
Bridget Shea 1915 1st
Catherine Cahill 1895 1st
Catherine Divine 1864
Catherine Doody 1868
Catherine Gallaran 1865
Catherine Gallivan 1870
Catherine Gallivan 1872
Catherine Galvin 1890 1st
Catherine Gearin 1865
Catherine Keeffe 1870
Catherine Lynch 1898 3rd
Cornelius Galvin 1872
Cornelius Keefe 1870
Cornelius Keeffe 1874
Daniel Galvin 1894 1st
Daniel Geran 1865
Daniel McNamara 1846
Daniel Shea 1915 1st
Daniel Sugrue 1913 1st
David Goggin 1865
Debora King 1864
Denis Hickey 1882 1st
Denis Keeffe 1874
Edmond Kenny 1873
Ellen Daly 1931 1st
Ellen Doody 1868
Ellen Gallavan 1869
Ellen Gallivan 1871
Ellen Galway 1865
Ellen Keefe 1870
Ellen Kenedy 1870
Ellen Reidy 1864
Frances Marie Whately 1893 1st
Frances Marie Wheatley 1893 1st
Hanna Gleeson 1865
Hannah Shea 1916 3rd
Hannah Sugrue 1910 3rd
Hanora Kenny 1865
Hanora McCarthy 1912 1st
Honora Gallavan 1877
Honora Gallivan 1877
Isabella Allen 1851
James Coffey 1895 1st
James Daly 1881 3rd
James Gallavan 1877
James Gallivan 1873
James Giran 1865
James Gnaw 1865
Jeremiah Gallivan 1869
Jeremiah Galvan 1872
Jerry Noonan 1898 2nd
Johanna Danehy 1864
John Cahill 1895 1st
John Daly 1869
John Daly 1869
John Gallivan 1871
John Keppel 1873
John Kiely 1890 1st
John Shea 1915 1st
John Shea 1915 1st
John Shea 1916 1st
Julia Galivan 1864
Julia Keefe 1874
Lucy Molloy 1845
Margaret Cahill 1895 1st
Margaret Gallivan 1870
MArgaret Keefe 1870
Margaret Kielly 1879 1st
Margaret Lyons 1894 1st
Margaret Shea 1916 1st
Maria Reidy 1864
Mary Gallivan 1870
Mary Gallivan 1870
Mary Gallivan 1871
Mary Gallivan 1873
Mary Keeffe 1874
Mary Keeffe 1874
Mary Shea 1915 2nd
Maurice Gleeson 1865
Michael Gallivan 1864
Michael Gallivan 1871
Michael Gallivan 1871
Michael Galvin 1871
Michael Gnaw 1865
Nora Shea 1915 2nd
Norah McCarthy 1911 1st
Patrick Cahill 1895 1st
Patrick Gallivan 1869
Patrick Kenealy 1872
Patrick Shea 1915 1st
Patrick Shea 1916 1st
Peter Golver 1865
Sarah Godfrey 1865
Sarah Lyons 1890 1st
Sarah M. Lyons 1890 1st
Timothy Keen 1879 2nd
Timothy Kennidy 1865
Timothy Kerin 1879 1st
Timothy Lyne 1884 1st
Timothy Warren 1906 4th
William Murphy 1896 1st
William Murphy 1900 1st
William Murphy 1900 1st

Civil Registration Records