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County Fermanagh by F. J. Cole

Published in ‘Ulster’ the official publication of the Ulster Development Association Ltd., 1939

“And I shall have some peace there, for peace comes
dropping slow,
Dropping from the veils of the morning to where the
cricket sings.
There midnight’s all a glimmer, and noon a purple glow,
And evening’s full of the linnet’s wings.”
W. B. Yeats

County Fermanagh derives its name from Firmonach, the men of Monach, a Leinster tribe of which some members settled around the shores of Lough Erne early in the Christian era. Fermanagh is bounded on the east by Tyrone and Monaghan, on the north by Tyrone, on the north-west and west by Donegal, and on the south-west and south by Leitrim and Cavan, and the County is completely divided by its two great lakes.

Loughs Erne.
The river which forms the main source of these rises in Co. Longford, and after passing through Co. Cavan to the southern border of Ulster and of Co. Fermanagh, unites with two other rivers to form Upper Lough Erne, a lake about 15 miles in length and 4 miles in breadth.

At its northern extremity Upper Lough Erne narrows into two channels around the island on which Enniskillen is built, and about a mile to the north-west of that town the confluence broadens into the magnificent sheet of water known as Lower Lough Erne, which is about 20 miles in length, and at its widest point about 7 miles in breadth. Near the western border of the county this lake again narrows into a river before its waters enter on their final journey past Belleek and Ballyshannon into the Atlantic Ocean. With a navigable course of over fifty miles amongst scores of islands, many of which are covered with trees and luxuriant foliage to the water’s edge, Upper and Lower Lough Erne, as well as the adjoining lakes of Macnean and Melvin, present to the yachtsman and the oarsman, as well as to the motorist and the pedestrian, scenes of unrivalled beauty. “The beauty of Ireland is the beauty of its waters,” says Mr. Stephen Gwynn, and these words are singularly appropriate when applied to the Lake district of Ulster. The tranquil beauty of the wooded islands as they stud the placid bosom of Lough Erne, the exquisite settings of the sylvan scenes which surround the sun-kissed waters, the purple heaths which crown the wild declivities, the grey rocks, and storm-pitted cliffs combine each with the other
to create a veritable dream of loveliness. In few counties do the territorial families maintain their mansion houses and demesne lands in keeping with family traditions to the same extent as in Fermanagh, contributing thereby to the well being of the district, and adding to the charm of lake and countryside by the profuseness of the woods and plantations. Amid such surroundings it would be difficult to find more effective settings for the many ruined and picturesque castles whose weather-worn and war-scarred battlements reflect the turbulent history of the Ulster Plantation.

Previous to the reign of James I. Enniskillen, the capital of Fermanagh, was a stronghold of the Maguires, the chieftains of Fermanagh, one of whose castles stood on an island in the river connecting Upper with Lower Lough Erne. The old name of this island was Innis Cethlen or Cethlen’s Island, thought to have been so called from Cethlen, wife of Balor of the Mighty Blows, one of the mythical Fomorian Kings of Ireland. In 1607 we find William Cole in possession of a castle as its captain and warden, and between 1611 and 1613 the advantage of the situation induced James I. to make him considerable grants of land, including one-third of the Island of Inniskilling on condition that he thereon built a town and settled twenty British families who were to be incorporated as burgesses. This castle was situated to the west of the town in what is now called the Castle Barracks, and of it very little remains except a turreted gateway which may be seen on the river side.

Captain William Cole was ancestor of the Earls of Enniskillen, and since 1756 the family have resided in the palatial mansion of Florencecourt, which, with a frontage of 260 feet is probably the finest mid-Georgian mansion in Northern Ireland.

The Royal School.
In 1618, under Royal Charter, there was founded the celebrated Royal School of Enniskillen. At first carried on at Lisnaskea, the school was subsequently transferred to Enniskillen. In 1777 the main portion of the present building, which has since been largely added to, was erected in the beautiful Enniskillen suburb of Portora. Many Portora boys have become famous, amongst such being the first Lord Plunkett, Rev. H. F. Lyte (author of “Abide with Me” ), Archbishop Magee of Dublin, and the brilliant but unfortunate Oscar Wilde.

The Enniskillen Regiments.
During the Revolution of I 689 the residents of Enniskillen who were mainly the Protestant descendants of English and Scottish settlers, learning that two companies of infantry belonging to the army of James II. were to be quartered on the inhabitants, decided on resistance, and, in an engagement fought outside the town, were successful in dispersing the invading forces. Throughout the remainder of this campaign Enniskillen was held for William III., under the governorship of Gustavus Hamilton, a Fermanagh gentleman of Monea Castle. From the men who fought for Enniskillen at this time there subsequently developed those well-known regiments of the British Army, the 6th Inniskilling Dragoons and Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers, regiments which have brought fame to Enniskillen throughout the British Empire.

The Cathedral.
The Episcopalian Cathedral, formerly the Parish Church of Enniskillen, with nave, chancel and side aisles, built in 1842 on the site of an older church, contains a statue to the memory of General the Hon. Sir Galbraith Lowry Cole, G.C.B., Commander of the 4th Division during the Peninsular War . The three guidons of the Inniskilling Dragoons and the colours of the lnniskilling Fusiliers are deposited here.

War Memorials
In Belmore Street will be seen two handsome War Memorials; one in memory of the Fermanagh men who made the supreme sacrifice in the Great War , and the other commemorative of the officers and men of the Inniskilling Dragoons and Inniskilling Fusiliers who fell in the last South African War . Enniskillen is fortunate in having a well laid out public park, known as Forthill. This contains a magnificent pillar and statue erected to General the Hon. Sir Galbraith Lowry Cole, G.C.B., which can be seen at considerable distances from the town.

Fermanagh Celebrities.
Amongst the Fermanagh men who became famous abroad were Dr. Wm. Irvine, born in Enniskillen in 1741, who raised and equipped the 6th Pennsylvania Regiment, and was in command of the North Western Frontier during the American War of Independence, also Colonel Francis Nichols, born at Crieve Hill, Co. Fermanagh, 1737, who achieved distinction at the same time.

Castle Coole.
One of the stateliest residences in Ireland is Castle Coole, seat of the Earl of Belmore. Surrounded by a well wooded demesne of 1,500 acres, which is much admired by visitors entering Enniskillen via the road from Belfast and Dublin, the mansion was erected at the beginning of the nineteenth century, and is built of Portland stone, which in the wholesome air of Co. Fermanagh has retained its wonderful whiteness. It is stated the cost was £54,000, a princely sum at that period.

It would be difficult to imagine a more charming or romantic district for the holiday-maker than can be found in the neighbourhood of Enniskillen, and visitors will, therefore, regard that town as a convenient centre from which to arrange their itineraries. The respective train and bus services concentrate on the town where there are excellent hotels such as the Imperial, Royal, and Railway, as well as the prettily situated Lough Erne Hotel at Killadeas, about seven miles distant.

Lake Drive.
No one who desires to see Fermanagh can omit the magnificent drive around the shores of Lower Lough Erne, and as the distance via Belleek is only fifty-seven miles over excellent roads, the journey can be done in a few hours.

Leaving Enniskillen at the eastern end the motorist bears left at the South African War Memorial, and after a few miles passes Trory Church, “Rossfad,” the residence of Colonel Richardson, “St. Angelo,” the residence of the Bishop of Clogher, the Lough Erne Hotel at Killadeas, and later the village of Lisnarick and Castle Archdale, with its pretty church adjoining the road.

Castle Archdale.
In the early years of the 17th century Irish roads were few and travelling was dangerous; in consequence, the under-takers of the Ulster Plantation quickly recognised the advantage afforded by residence on a great watery high-way like Lough Erne, which provided a method of communication which was speedy and secure. Many of the sites then chosen for the Plantation castles are remarkable for their beauty, and, in this respect, it would be difficult to find a more picturesquely situated ruin than that of the original Castle Archdale, which is a fine example of the architectural design of the period. The modern castle, a noble structure, is the home of Mr. H. B. Archdale.

After passing Castle Archdale, the motorist is recommended to leave the main road for a little, and keep to the left by the Clareview road. As this is an old highway and somewhat narrow, drivers are advised to exercise care, but the entrancing view, which is quickly obtained, of White Island and its surroundings on Lough Erne, will well repay any inconvenience caused by the quality of the road.

Crevenish Castle.
Continuing by this route Crevenish Castle, another Plantation residence, is passed on the left before reaching the village of Kesh. Crevenish was built by Thomas Blennerhasset, early in the seventeenth century. During the out-break of 1641 Captain Rory Maguire, brother of Lord Maguire, who was executed at Tyburn Hill for complicity in the insurrection, resided here through having married Lady Deborah Blennerhasset. On reaching the village of Kesh, the main road to Belleek is again resumed, and two miles later the splendid new bridge is crossed into Boa Island, which is four miles in length.

Castle Caldwell.
Leaving Boa Island and proceeding five miles further, near Castle Caldwell Railway Station, will be seen the well-known fiddle stone, with its quaint reminder of the fate that befell the fiddler in 1770.
“On firm land only, exercise your skill,
There you may play and safely drink your fill.”

Should it be desired at this point to shorten the return journey to Enniskillen, the new Rosscor Bridge can be crossed to the southern shore of the lake, but if possible it is advisable to continue the journey to Belleek (the ford mouth of the flax stone) , where visitors can arrange to inspect the beautiful productions of the celebrated porcelain factory which was originally founded by Mr. J. C. Bloomfield, D.L., of Castle Caldwell, through the enterprise of the late Mr. McBirney, of Dublin. An opportunity
may also be taken of seeing the great sluice gates, which control the level of Lough Erne. As a fishing resort, Belleek is one of the most popular and convenient centres in Fermanagh. Proceeding from Belleek on the return journey to Enniskillen by the southern shore of the lake, motorists should note that the first few hundred yards of road between Belleek Bridge and the British Customs Hut are in Eire, and that while permission is granted by the Eire authorities to use this road, motorists must not stop until they have crossed into Northern Ireland territory.

The fascinating and fairy-like beauty which presents itself on the 22 miles run from Belleek to Enniskillen can be but faintly sketched by pen or pencil. Motorist, cyclist, and pedestrian will readily agree with the celebrated traveller, Harry De Wint, who once said:- “Nothing in Great Britain, perhaps nothing in Europe, can surpass the beauty of the whole road that leads to Enniskillen.”

Tully Castle.
About 12 miles from Belleek will be seen the picturesque ruins of Tully Castle, built by Sir John Hume, and said to have been burnt in 1641 by Captain Rory Maguire.

Nearer Enniskillen the well-wooded lands of Ely Lodge, residence of Lord Loftus, and Castle Hume, add a pleasing feature to this part of the journey.
Of the ancient ecclesiastical remains in Fermanagh those on the island of Devenish in Lower Lough Erne are the most important. Founded in the sixth century by St. Molaise, the oldest remaining building is the little ruined church built in that early style described as cyclopean and which is known as Molaise’s House. Originally a stone-roofed edifice, the roofing stones were somewhat ruthlessly removed early in the nineteenth century. The beautiful carving of the pilaster quoins was probably done some centuries after the date of erection. Although not the oldest, the most attractive feature is the Round Tower. Primarily used as belfries, and secondly as storehouses for the preservation of the monastic treasures during the Danish invasions, none of the Irish Round Towers retains its original beauty and perfection to a greater degree than the Devenish example. With a total vertical height of 81 feet 4 3/4 inches, the tower was originally divided into five stories, each floor being lighted by a small window, except the upper which has four windows facing the cardinal points. A feature of this tower is its richly sculptured cornice, under the cap, which displays four carved human heads over the four windows which may represent Saints Patrick, Columba, Molaise, and Brigid. The Old Abbey or Teampul Mor, the great church, was probably erected in the twelfth century and extended at later dates. A feature is the deeply embayed arched window in the south wall, near which is the mausoleum of a branch of the Maguire family.

St. Mary’s Abbey retains many traces of its architectural splendour. The quadrangular belfry tower, and the groining of its vault, together with the decorated pointed door in the northern wall are worth inspection. The cloister and the Abbey buildings lay to the north of this church. South of the Abbey is a somewhat remarkable type of ornamental cross with the Crucifixion in relief carved on its eastern side.

If time permits antiquarians might also visit White Island, with its Romanesque door and curious sculptured figures.

Six miles north of Enniskillen, this little village stands on the banks of a good trout stream. It will no doubt be of interest to many readers to learn that two daughters of the Rev. George McDonald who were born here were respectively the mothers of Earl Baldwin and Rudyard Kipling. Two other daughters married Sir Edward Burne-Jones, the painter, and Sir Edward Poynter .

Lough Eyes.
Five miles from Enniskillen is the village of Lisbellaw, near which on Lough Eyes may be seen a number of crannoges or lake dwellings.

Six miles to the south-west of Lisbellaw is Lisnaskea, which was one of the inauguration places of the Maguire chieftains, and where Sir James Balfour built his castle in 1615.

Crom Castle.
Six miles further south is the Earl of Erne’s demesne and castle of Crom, where will be seen the remains of the charmingly situated old castle which twice withstood the sieges of the army of King James II. Close by is a yew tree of gigantic dimensions. Visitors are usually admitted here on Fridays.

The Marble Arch.
No more delightful excursion can be arranged than one to the Marble Arch, two miles from Florencecourt, for which permits should be obtained from the Estate Office, Middleton Street, Enniskillen. Approached through a glen of great beauty, the Arch is the mouth of an underground river, which after flowing through unknown caverns here returns to the light of day. With the aid of a canvas boat some of these caves were explored by Martel, the French speleologist, accompanied by the late Dr. H. Lyster Jameson.

A short distance from here, at Gortatole, is a splendid mountain road, with magnificent panoramic views of Upper and Lower Lough Macnean, as well as of Cuilcagh Mountain, where the River Shannon rises. Close to this road are three cashels.

Doohat Monument.
On the eastern slopes of Benaughlin Mountain, at a distance of about half a mile from the Enniskillen-Swanlinbar road, is the celebrated star shaped monument of Doohat to the south of which at a distance of a few yards is a horned cairn, the whole suggesting a star and crescent.

Among the most accessible of the Fermanagh caves are those at Boho, about six miles from Enniskillen. Colonies of Daubenton’s bat may here be found.

Several other caves may be explored in this district, while at Knockmore, near the village of Derrygonnelly, are caves on whose walls will be seen scribings or carvings believed to be the work of primitive man.

No finer view of Upper Lough Erne can be obtained than from Knockninny Hill, ten miles south of Enniskillen. Here also will be found a cave used as a sepulchre by early man, while on the summit are three prehistoric cairns, and at short distance two “Giants’ Graves” of the dolmen type.

Looking in a north-westerly direction the beautiful island of Bellisle will be seen. In the monastery which once stood on this island Cathal Maguire, who died in 1498, compiled “The Annals of Ulster.”

No Fermanagh holiday should conclude without a visit to Garrison, the haunt of Izaac Walton’s disciples on the beautiful Lough Melvin, and if this is approached through Belcoo very fine views will be obtained of Upper and Lower Lough Macnean.

The ancient churches of Templenaffrin (the church of the Mass), and Holywell are passed near Belcoo, and in both of these the antiquary will find points of interest.

About 14 miles from Enniskillen on the road running through the Clogher Valley is the fine old plantation mansion and demesne of Sir Basil S. S. Brooke, Bart., Minister of Agriculture in Northern Ireland. Here in December, 1935, Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester spent some days of their honeymoon enjoying the excellent shooting to be obtained over the estate.

Newtownards District Marriage Records, Co. Down

This page features civil Marriage Records for the district of Newtownards in Co. Down and includes full names (where possible), the year of marriage, and the quarter in which the marriage occurred. A searchable index of all available marriage records is available here.

Name Year Quarter
Abrien John 1846
Adair David John 1896 1st
Adam Catherine 1846
Adam Margaret 1846
Adam Margaret 1846
Adams Thomas 1896 1st
Aicken Agnes 1896 1st
Aiken Mary 1851
Aird James 1847
Allen Joseph 1896 1st
Anderson Mary 1896 1st
Bailey James 1845
Bailie James 1845
Beckett Martha Caroline 1896 1st
Bell John 1896 1st
Bennett William 1896 1st
Bleckley James 1849
Bothwell Mary Jane 1896 1st
Boyle James 1896 1st
Brown John 1849
Callaghan Hugh 1847
Callaghan Thomas 1851
Clancy Margaret 1857
Clancy Margaret 1857
Clancy Margaret 1857
Claney James 1858
Clanry James 1858
Cosh Janet 1861
Culbert William 1864
Cunningham John 1864
Curragh Robert 1864
Curran Eliza Jane 1864
Dalzell Margaret 1846
Davison Jane 1846
Dowling Catherine 1849
Dunlop Agnew 1880 4th
Dunlop James 1884 4th
Dunlop Margaret 1883 1st
Eaddy Hugh 1854
Eady Anne Jane 1849
Eddy Margaret 1857
Haddock Isabella 1853
Hagan James 1864
Hagan James 1864
Hare James 1895 3rd
Heron John 1882 2nd
Hewitt James 1882 1st
Higginson James Henry 1870
Hill Robert 1865
Hillerton Anne 1864
Hobson Mary Hamilton 1876
Johnston Anne 1866
Keating Eliza Jane 1874
Kelly Anne 1845
Kelly Elizabeth R. 1849
Kelly James 1849
Kelly James 1849
Kelly James 1849
Kelly Jane 1845
Kelly Jane 1849
Kelly John 1845
Kelly John 1849
Kelly Robert 1849
Kelly Sarah 1849
Kennedy Jane 1864
Kennedy John 1864
Kennedy Margaret 1864
Kennedy Margaret 1873
Kennedy Mary 1865
Killen Thomas 1864
Kimm Catherine 1872
Kirby Michael 1873
Macnamara Nicholas 1850
M’Alpin David John 1864
M’Alpin Mary 1864
Martin Eliza Jane 1860
Martin Elizabeth 1860
Martin John 1860
Martin Margaret 1860
Martin Margret 1860
Martin Martha Jane 1860
McWilliams Eliza Anne 1845
McWilliams Robert 1847
M’Quoid Jane 1865
M’Quoid John 1864
M’Quoid Samuel 1876
Murray Alexander 1865
Murray Annabella 1866
Newell Isaac 1860
Pollock Jane 1855
Pollock William 1855
Porter Mary 1860
Reed Charlotte Louisa 1864
Spears Isabella 1906 2nd
Strickland George 1847
Strickland Jane 1845
Strickland John 1848
Strickland ors Johnson Elizabeth 1848
Tosh Agnes 1853
Tosh ors Harper Nancy 1852
Vance William 1850
Wall Sarah 1845
Winsley Jane 1864
Wright James 1846
Wright James 1864
Wright Jane 1846
Wright William 1846

Civil Registration Records

Kilkeel District Marriage Records, Co. Down

This page features civil Marriage Records for the district of Kilkeel in Co. Down and includes full names (where possible), the year of marriage, and the quarter in which the marriage occurred. A searchable index of all available marriage records is available here.

Name Year Quarter
Ann Newell 1860
Anne George 1865
Anne Gracy 1864
Arthur Crory 1866
Bernard Fearn 1884 4th
Bernard King 1864
Betty Cunningham 1864
Catherine Fean 1888 3rd
Charles Higton 1869
Charles King 1870
David Kenny 1871
Eliza Gordon 1865
Eliza Jane Newell 1881 3rd
Eliza Speers 1897 1st
Elizabeth Martin 1860
Elizabeth Murrow 1846
Elizabeth Newell 1860
Elizabeth Sarah Morgan ors Burden 1853
Ellen Aickens 1851
Ellen Lynch 1884 3rd
Ellen Speers 1910 3rd
Emelie Frances Henry 1882 1st
Emily Maria McQuade 1898 4th
Francis Newell 1860
George Ambrose 1864
George Lynas 1899 4th
Georgina Evalina Charlotte Goslin 1864
Henry Glenny 1865
Henry Glenry 1865
Hugh Speer 1898 2nd
James Cannon 1854
James Grant 1864
James Johnston 1864
James Perry 1864
Jane Alicia Grills 1865
Jane Glenny 1865
John Defoe 1846
John Grant 1864
John Higgins 1882 1st
Joseph Hillis 1865
Lizzie Emerson 1857
Margaret Henry 1888 1st
Marianne Gracy 1864
Mary Ann Kenmure 1864
Mary Anne Gribbin 1865
Mary Higgins 1867
Mary Higgins 1883 2nd
Mary Kenney 1873
Mary Kinolty 1870
Mary Kinolty 1873
Mary McQuoid 1864
Mary Teresa Halpin 1867
Owen Hoey 1888 4th
Patrick Galbraith 1865
Patrick Galbraith 1865
Peter Grant 1864
Peter Gribbon 1865
Robert Grey 1865
Robert Perry 1864
Robert Speers 1908 3rd
Sarah Higgins 1870
Sarah McQuade 1896 3rd
Thomas Hillis 1868
Thomas Kearns 1874
Thomas Wright 1846
William Goodfellow 1865
William Gribbin 1867
William Hill 1869
William Newell 1860

Civil Registration Records

Downpatrick District Marriage Records, Co. Down

This page features civil Marriage Records for the district of Downpatrick in Co. Down and includes full names (where possible), the year of marriage, and the quarter in which the marriage occurred. A searchable index of all available marriage records is available here.

Name Year Quarter
Agnes Adams 1846
Agnes Bleakely 1849
Agnes Dick 1850
Agnes Dorman 1853
Agnes Jane Herron 1888 1st
Agnes Kee 1870
Alexander Wright 1846
Andrew Donan 1850
Ann Curtis 1864
Ann Dickson 1850
Ann Finlay 1852
Ann Finley 1852
Ann Jane Johnston 1866
Anna Murray 1865
Anne Anderson 1845
Anne Cleeland 1845
Anne Doran 1850
Anne Dugan 1858
Anne Ellison 1851
Anne Ellison 1851
Anne English 1853
Anne Friors 1854
Anne Jane Douglas 1850
Anne Telford 1847
Anne Wright 1846
Annie Forsyth 1854
Annie Killen 1865
Arthur Davison 1853
Catherine Denvir 1853
Catherine Doran 1896 1st
Catherine Dorian 1881 4th
Catherine Emberson 1857
Catherine Emmerson 1852
Catherine Murray 1866
Catherine Rogan 1909 1st
Charles Murray 1865
Charles Porter 1845
Charlotte Forsyth 1854
Charlotte Ievers 1875
Clara Kilpatrick 1879 1st
Daniel Call 1856
Daniel Hillan 1870
Daniel Hillen 1870
Daniel Rooney 1867
Daniel Rooney 1909 2nd
David Curvin 1865
David Lyons 1849
Edward Drake 1877
Eliza Hilland 1871
Eliza Jane Dunlop 1883 1st
Eliza Killen 1865
Eliza King 1872
Eliza Martin 1860
Eliza McNamara 1854
Elizabeth Downey ors Patterson 1850
Elizabeth Eddis 1847
Elizabeth Hilland 1865
Elizabeth Torney 1847
Ellen Downey 1853
Ellen Dunlop 1883 2nd
Ellen Feris 1854
Ellen McNamara 1854
Ellenor Kennedy 1864
Francis Heron 1882 2nd
George Kennedy 1864
George Killen 1864
George Tomelty 1846
Henry Frew 1854
Henry Hinds 1876
Henry Kennedy 1864
Henry Spiers 1898 2nd
Hugh Dorran 1853
Hugh Ekin 1852
Hugh Ferguson 1852
Hugh Ferguson 1854
Hugh Kelly 1845
Hugh Kenedy 1879 2nd
Hugh Kennedy 1864
Hugh Kingon 1873
Hugh Porter 1876
Hugh Roney 1909 3rd
Isabel Forman Robinson 1909 3rd
James Adam 1846
James Adams 1846
James Briggs 1849
James Dales 1850
James Douglas 1853
James Dugan 1858
James Eager 1852
James Emerson 1856
James Fagan 1854
James Fairfield 1854
James Ferguson 1852
James Fitzsimons 1852
James Kiney 1864
James Martin 1860
James McNamara 1847
James McWilliams 1847
James McWilliams 1847
James Richardson 1909 3rd
James Ross 1909 1st
Jane Bailie 1845
Jane Davidson 1853
Jane Davison 1846
Jane Donnan 1850
Jane Douglas 1853
Jane Kennedy 1864
Jane Kennedy 1864
Jane Lyons 1849
Jane Martin 1860
Jane McNamara 1846
Jane Reilly 1909 3rd
Jane Telford 1846
John Doak 1853
John Dodds 1850
John Donaldson 1850
John Doogan 1850
John Doran 1896 1st
John Dorran 1850
John Duffield 1853
John Dunlop 1851
John Ellison 1852
John Emerson 1856
John Ennis 1851
John Fisher 1852
John Fitzsimons 1854
John Hagan 1864
John Hagan 1864
John Kelly 1849
John Kennedy 1865
John Kennedy 1865
John Kinshular 1864
John McGarry 1894 2nd
John Morgan 1853
John Telford 1848
John Waterson 1887 1st
Joseph Dornan 1896 1st
Joseph Murray 1865
Joseph Speer 1910 1st
Juley A. Edmond 1851
Juley A. Edmond 1851
Margaret Adams 1846
Margaret Allott 1864
Margaret Donnelly 1894 2nd
Margaret Ennis 1851
Margaret Hill 1865
Margaret Hill 1865
Margaret Kelly 1849
Margaret Murray 1846
Margret Forsythe 1854
Maria English 1852
Maria Harris 1864
Marianne McNamara 1852
Marianne McNamara 1852
Martha Speirs 1907 2nd
Mary Adam 1846
Mary Agnes Friars 1894 2nd
Mary Ann Donnelly 1894 2nd
Mary Anne Fitzsimons ors Moore 1854
Mary Anne Hagan 1864
Mary Anne Kennedy 1873
Mary Anne Morgan 1867
Mary Anne Noonan 1896 1st
Mary Curve 1866
Mary Dreak 1853
Mary Duncan 1853
Mary Dunlop 1879 1st
Mary Emerson 1851
Mary Fairfield 1852
Mary Jane Davis 1850
Mary Jane Finlay ors Carten 1854
Mary Jane May 1846
Mary Keown 1873
Mary Killen 1865
Mary Lyons 1855
Nathaniel Watson Rodgers 1909 3rd
Owen Morgan 1853
Patrick Doran 1896 1st
Patrick Dorran 1853
Patrick Fitzsimons 1854
Patrick King 1878 1st
Patrick Rogan 1909 2nd
Patrick Rooney 1909 2nd
Priscilla Foster 1854
Richard Killen 1865
Robert Donnan 1850
Robert Dunwoody 1853
Robert English 1852
Robert English 1853
Robert Hill 1869
Robert Keenan 1879 2nd
Robert Kennedy 1866
Robert Kiltie 1865
Robert Moody 1854
Robert Newel 1861
Rose Flinn 1852
Rose Hillen 1866
Ruth Ennis 1851
Samuel Ferguson 1852
Samuel Kinghan 1878 1st
Samuel Vance 1847
Sarah Ann Kidd 1878 1st
Sarah Davis 1850
Sarah Dorman 1853
Sarah Ennis 1852
Sarah McGarry 1894 4th
Selina Fitzsimons 1854
Susan Barlow 1866
Terence Bailie 1845
Teresa Dorrian 1896 1st
Thomas Clarke 1846
Thomas Duffy 1850
Thomas Dunlop 1880 3rd
Thomas Ennis 1851
Thomas Ferguson 1852
Thomas Field 1854
Thomas Fisher 1852
Thomas Hill 1865
Thomas Hill 1865
Thomas Hill 1867
Timothy Dugan 1858
William Davison 1846
William Denvir 1850
William Doran 1850
William Dougherty 1853
William Douglas 1850
William Downey 1850
William Downey 1850
William Ennis 1849
William Ennis 1851
William Ennis 1851
William Forman 1854
William Fox 1852
William Hare 1895 2nd
William Hill 1870
William J. Ferris 1854
William John Ferris 1860
William John Kingon 1872
William John Kinkead 1872
William John Murphy 1899 1st
William Kennedy 1871
William Lyons 1855
William Murphy 1896 2nd
William Newell 1860
William Nolan 1898 3rd
William Purdy 1846
Wilson Kennedy 1866

Civil Registration Records

Banbridge District Marriage Records, Co. Down

This page features civil Marriage Records for the district of Banbridge in Co. Down and includes full names (where possible), the year of marriage, and the quarter in which the marriage occurred. A searchable index of all available marriage records is available here.

Name Year Quarter
Abraham England 1873
Agnes Ferris 1860
Agnes Hillen 1864
Agnes Hillen 1869
Alexander Cromey 1877
Annabella Adams 1846
Anne Callaghan 1857
Catherine Canovan 1852
David Andrew 1845
David Canovan 1853
David Grant 1890 2nd
David Henry Haire 1896 4th
Douglas Hiller 1867
Eccey Callaghan 1854
Edward Hillan 1868
Eliza Adams 1846
Eliza Dalzell 1846
Eliza Emerson 1855
Eliza Hillan 1865
Eliza Hobson 1876
Elizabeth Aicken 1851
Elizabeth Callan 1847
Ellen Dalzell 1846
Ellen Hogan 1864
Essy Colgan 1857
George Callan 1855
George Hinds 1864
Henry Connor 1860
Henry England 1866
Isabella Canaway 1853
Isabella Hill 1882 1st
James Arnold 1864
James Blackburn 1849
James Connolly 1860
James Harper 1884 4th
James Hillan 1864
James Hillen 1866
James Hillis 1870
Jane Cranstour 1849
Jane Dalzell 1846
John Back 1845
John Colgin 1857
John Colgin 1861
John Ferris 1860
John Griffith 1849
John Hagan 1864
John Harrison 1887 4th
John Hillan 1866
John Hillen 1867
John Hodgen 1865
John Hodgens 1868
Joseph Ard 1851
Joseph Davison 1846
Joseph Hillis 1867
Lizzie Grant 1890 2nd
Maggie Henry 1888 1st
Margaret Aikin 1847
Margaret Bailay 1845
Margaret Canavan 1853
Margaret Curtis 1864
Margaret Emerson 1857
Margaret Ferris 1860
Margaret Hillen 1867
Margaret Hodgen 1876
Margaret Jane Hillis 1868
Maria Adams 1846
Maria Haire 1897 3rd
Martha Haire 1897 1st
Mary Ann Anderson 1863
Mary Ann Bruce 1853
Mary Anne Branigan 1915 1st
Mary Anne Brannigan 1915 1st
Mary Anne Davison 1846
Mary Barlow 1864
Mary Crothers 1881 1st
Mary Delany 1873
Mary Hillan 1864
Mary Hillan 1876
Mary Hoy 1861
Mary Jane Anderson 1845
Mary Jane Haddock 1853
Mary Jane Harvey 1887 4th
Mary Jane Hill 1865
Mary Jane Hilliry 1876
Mary Sophia Hill 1867
Matilda Dunlop 1879 2nd
Michael Calaghan 1849
Michael Hillon 1876
Michael Hoare 1847
Nancy Callaghan ors Corry 1862
Nancy Ferris 1860
Rebecca Colgin 1859
Rebecca Colgin 1862
Robert Badenell 1845
Robert Harrison 1887 4th
Rosanna Hillon 1868
Samuel Barlow 1863
Samuel Davison 1846
Sarah Hodgins 1868
Stephen Ferris 1860
Susan Brannigan 1915 2nd
Susanna Hillen 1867
Thomas Adamson 1863
Thomas Adamson 1865
Thomas Anderson 1863
Thomas Clark 1848
Thomas Clarke 1846
Thomas Colgan 1860
Thomas Dunlap 1879 1st
Thomas Higgins 1867
William Barlow 1867
William Callan 1845
William Hare 1895 3rd
William Hilland 1876
William Hobson 1864
William Hoye 1858
William John Hill 1865
William John Hillis 1870

Civil Registration Records

Ballyboodin Graveyard Records, Co. Laois

This page features free records for Ballyboodin Graveyard, Co. Laois, compiled and transcribed by Dr. Jane Lyons and exclusive to From-Ireland.netFollow this link to browse through photographs of Ballyboodin Graveyard.

Surname First Name Address Death Age
Butler Bridget 1938 72
Butler Jack
Butler James
Butler Mary
Byrne Margaret 1928 34
Deegan John Ballybooden 1962 85
Deegan Mary 1962 73
Dunne Bridget 1954
Dunne Thomas 1953 78
Geoghegan Mary
Lidwill Anne Ballybooden House
Powell George William
Powell Thomas Eyre
Powell (nee) Lidwell Katherine 1849

Aughmacart Graveyard Records, Co. Laois

This page features free records for Aughmacart Graveyard, Co. Laois, compiled and transcribed by Dr. Jane Lyons and exclusive to From-Ireland.netFollow this link to browse through photographs of Aughmacart Graveyard.

Surname First Name Address Death Age
Barton Henry Fitzgerald Ballinphrase 1971 69
Barton Hoysted Ballinphrase 1950 89
Barton Hoysted
Barton Hoysted 1950
Barton Hoysted B. L. Ballinphrase 1950 89
Barton Isaac Norton Ballinphrase 1988 85
Barton Isaac Norton
Barton Isaac Norton 1988
Barton Isacc Ballinphrase 1988 85
Barton Margaret E Ballinphrase 1935 62
Barton Margaret E. Ballinphrase 1935 62
Barton Margaret E.
Barton Margaret E. 1935
Beale Bridget Coolkerry, Rathdowney 15/06/1926 56
Beale Bridget Coolkerry, Rathdowney 1936 56
Booden John 1776
Booden Judith 65
Bracken Anastasia 1947 84
Bracken Joseph Rapla 1927 76
Bracken Kathleen Rapla 1972 68
Bracken Mary 1986 86
Bracken Patrick 1972 73
Bracken Philip (Bill) Gurteen 1976 84
Brophy Catherine 1973 99
Brophy Catherine 06/09/1973 99
Brophy Edward 1941 74
Brophy Edward 23/08/1941 74
Campion Frank 1973 50
Clancy  Josie Ballydavin 14/02/2001 91
Clancy Bridget Ballydavin
Clancy Bridget Joise
Clancy Jack Ballydavin
Clancy Jack
Clancy Joe Ballydavin 30/11/1965 65
Clancy John Ballydavin 1965 65
Clancy John 1816 90
Clancy John 18/03/1816 90
Clancy John Ballydavin
Clancy John
Clancy John
Clancy John 1846
Clancy John 1965
Clancy John
Clancy Josie Ballydavin 2001 91
Clancy Josie Ballydavin
Clancy Kyran Rapla
Clancy Martin Ballydavin
Clancy Martin
Clancy Mary Ballydavin
Clancy Mary
Clancy Sarah 1816 19
Clancy Willm
Clancy Willm 1815
Clancy Ballydavin
Clancy (nee) Bergin Sarah 06/06/1816 19
Clancy (nee) Bergin Sarah
Clancy (nee) Bergin Sarah 1816
Clancy (nee) Keenan Elizabeth
Clancy (nee) Keenan Elizabeth 1895
Delaney John Oldtown
Delaney Margaret
Dunphy Bernard 20/05/1889 79
Dunphy Bernard Oldtown
Dunphy Catherine 11/11/1852 36
Dunphy Catherine Oldtown 1832
Dunphy Edward 04/01/1816 80
Dunphy Edward Oldtown 18?? 86
Dunphy Edward
Dunphy Margaret Oldtown Upper 1975 80
Dunphy Margaret Oldtown Upper 27/01/1975 80
Dunphy Mary 31/03/1871 58
Dunphy Mary Oldtown 18?? 86
Dunphy Mary 28/11/1862 86
Dunphy Mary Oldtown
Dunphy Mary Oldtown
Dunphy Michael 08/01/1891 73
Dunphy Michael 1979 88
Dunphy Michael 02/02/1979 88
Dunphy Michael Oldtown
Fannin James
Fannin James 18??
Fitzgerald Henry 1971 69
Horahan catherine
Horahan Catherine
Horahan Denis
Horahan Denis 17??
Horahan Malick
Horahan Malick 17??
Horahan Silvster
Horahan Silvster 1765
Horahan (nee) Drennan Bridget
Horahan (nee) Drennan Bridget 1780
Kells Elizabeth 1948
Kells Elizabeth 19/03/1948
Kells James 1954
Kells James 25/03/1954
Kells Mary 1917
Kells Mary 04/08/1917
Kells Michael 1933
Kells Michael 30/03/1993
Kenny Anne 1995 82
Kenny Edward Ballydavin 1975 66
Kenny Edward Ballydavin 28/06/1975 66
Kenny Edward
Kenny Edward
Kenny Edward 1858
Kenny Edward 1975
Kenny Elizabeth 1995 84
Kenny Elizabeth 05/05/1995 84
Kenny Elizabeth
Kenny Elizabeth 1995
Kenny John
Kenny John 1816
Kenny Judy Infant
Kenny Judy
Kenny (nee) Keenan Ann 02/12/1995 82
Kenny (nee) Keenan Anne
Kenny (nee) Keenan Anne 1995
Kenny (nee) Whelan Judy
Kenny (nee) Whelan Judy 1838
Lodge Bridget
Maher Bridget 1986
Maher Denis 1941 78
Maher Denis Rapla 1863
Maher Denis
Maher Denis 1941
Maher Elizabeth 1990 71
Maher Elizabeth 1990
Maher Elizabeth 19/11/1919
Maher Elizabeth (Betty)
Maher John 1914
Maher John 09/09/1914
Maher Kate 1927
Maher Margaret 1977 88
Maher Margaret
Maher Margaret 1889
Maher Margaret 1977
Maher Margaret 24/05/1928
Maher Margaret Mary
Maher Margaret Mary 1928
Maher Margaret Mary 1928
Maher Mary 1928 15
Maher Mary
Maher Mary 1928
Maher Mary 28/10/1913
Maher Patrick Cullahill Mountain 20/07/1950
Maher Patrick 1950
Maher Thomas 1959 37
Maher Thomas
Maher Thomas 1959
Maher Thomas 14/05/1922
Maher Rapla
Maher (nee) Doillard Kate 05/12/1927
Maher (nee) Ryan Bridget 17/10/1986
Mahoney Joseph 04/11/1983 84
Mahoney Laurence Mainbog 24/05/1942 75
Mahoney Mary Boston Cullahill 01/01/1975 70
Mahoney William 15/11/1899 83
Mahoney (nee) Menton Sarah 29/10/1888 60
Mahony Joseph 1982 84
Mahony Laurence Mainbog 1942 75
Mahony Mary Boston, Cullohill 1975 70
Mahony Sarah 1888 60
Mahony William Cullohill 1899 83
McCormack Mary 1829 60
McCormack Pat 04/04/1894 36
McCormack Patrick 1824 36
McCormack Richard 1808 63
McCormack Richard 06/11/1808 63
McCormack Thomas
McCormack (nee) Tynan Mary 05/05/1899 60
McCormick Patk
McCormick Richd
McCormick Richd 1808
McCormick Patk 1824
McCormick (nee) Tynan Mary
McCormick (nee) Tynan Mary 1829
McEvoy Elizabeth 1965 72
McEvoy Fintan 1946 60
McEvoy Fintan 06/07/1946 60
McEvoy James Rapla 1972 79
McEvoy James Rapla 12/08/1972 79
McEvoy John Aughmacart 1969 74
McEvoy Mary 1923 72
McEvoy Mary 2000 88
McEvoy Patrick 1964 72
McEvoy Patrick 09/03/1964 72
McEvoy Patrick Knockfin
McEvoy Patrick Knockfin
McEvoy Sean 1961 6 months
McEvoy (nee) Hanley Mary 15/06/2000 88
McEvoy (nee) O’Hara Mary 14/11/1923 72
Meehan James Ross 07/02/1973 61
Meehan James Ross 1977
Neill  Annie 12/01/1952 40
Neill Annie 1952 40
Neill John 1970 71
Neill John 18/07/1970 71
Neill Margaret 1970 68
Neill Margaret 01/01/1970 68
Neill Mary 1971 82
Neill Mary Ann 19/07/1922 66
Neill Mary Ann 15/03/1971 82
Neill Mary Anne 1922 66
Neill Michael 1921 65
Neill Michael 07/02/1921 65
Neill Michael 1975 82
Neill Michael 25/12/1975 82
Purcell Edward
Purcell Edward 1907
Purcell Patrick
Purcell Patrick 1891
Purcell (nee) Maher catherine
Purcell (nee) Maher Catherine 1907
Roberts Dick
Roberts John 1893
Roberts John 1893
Roberts Mary 30/03/1903 48
Roberts Mary 1903 48
Roberts Mary 1955 60
Roberts Mary 22/02/1955 60
Roberts Michael 01/12/1940 45
Roberts Michael 1940
Roberts Richard Rathdowney 188? 52
Roberts Richard 1900 79
Roberts Richard 1979 81
Roberts Richard Rathdowney 04/11/1883 52
Roberts Richard 13/06/1979 85
Roberts Richard (Dick) 1855 76
Roberts Richard (Dick) 26/10/1855 76
Roberts Richard (Dick)
Roberts Richard S. 24/08/1940 79
Ryan Patrick 23/06/1966
Ryan Patrick
Spencer Julia 1967 77
Spencer Julia 13/12/1967 77
Spencer William Aughmacart 1942 54
Spencer William 17/06/1942 54
Walsh Martin
Walsh Martin 1806
Walsh Richd
Walsh Richd 1807
Walsh (nee) Dunfy Bridget
Walsh (nee) Dunfy Bridget 1768
Whelan Anastasia 1959 61
Young Joseph
Young William 1846 80

St. Catherine’s, Corofin Graveyard Records, Co. Clare

This page features free records for St. Catherine’s, Corofin Graveyard, Co. Clare.


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Attanagh COI Graveyard Records, Co. Laois

This page features free records for Attanagh COI Graveyard, Co. Laois, transcribed by Dr. Jane Lyons and exclusive to

Surname Name Stone #
Curry Robert 3
Grant Margaret 2
Lowry George 5
Lowry Hariette Margaret 5
Maxwell Beatrice 10
Maxwell Charles E. Elizabeth 10
Maxwell David D. 10
Maxwell George S. M. 10
Maxwell Samuel D. 10
Maxwell William S. 10
Murison John 1
Nixon Dorcas Henrieta 7
Nixon James Arundel 6
Ruddoch 4
Ruddock Martha 8
Thorpe Anna 8
Thorpe Charles 8
Thorpe Charles 8
Thorpe Charles William 8
Thorpe Samuel 8
Thorpe (nee) Rollins Amanda 8
Thorpe (nee) Ruddock Anna 8
Willis Percival Banks 9

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Aghnacross Graveyard Records, Co. Laois

This page features free records for Aghnacross Graveyard, Co. Laois, transcribed by Dr. Jane Lyons and exclusive to

Surname Name Address Death Age
Ankitil Francis 07/09/????
Berry Annie 27/07/1938 85
Berry Elizabeth 20/01/1986 89
Berry James 06/03/1953 65
Berry John Knockbawn, Spink 11/08/1911 67
Berry John 27/08/1927 29
Berry Martin Joe 22/01/1986 63
Berry Mary 18/11/1965 75
Berry Matthew Moyadd, Wolfhill 02/03/1958 67
Burke Annie 20/02/1977 92
Burke Edward 28/08/1958 81
Burke Fenton Aughnacross 08/11/1867 23
Burke Fintant 25/04/1922 67
Burke Margaret 25/07/1916 70
Burke William 17/08/1808 58
Campion James 25/10/1904 22
Campion John Valleyfield, Ballinakill 05/06/1894 75
Campion Kate 15/02/1924
Coss Anthony Upper Iron Mills 1846
Coss (nee) McDonald Mary 1893
Doran Kate
Doran Malackey
Doran Patrick Dysart 18/01/1976 85
Duff James Aughnacross 13/03/1947 65
Duff Margaret 06/06/1956 74
Fleming Malachy (Lag) 01/05/1964 66
Foyle John 30/01/1996 69
Foyle Martin Infant
Foyle Mary 15/05/1961 71
Foyle Patrick Infant
Foyle Patrick Knock, Abbeyleix 19/06/1958 76

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