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Belmullet District Marriage Records, Co. Mayo

This page features civil Marriage Records for the district of Belmullet in Co. Mayo and includes full names (where possible), the year of marriage, and the quarter in which the marriage occurred. A searchable index of all available marriage records is available here.

Name Year Quarter
Anne Cawly 1876
Anthony Kinnidy 1873
Bridget Gaughan 1864
Bridget McGarry 1893 1st
Ellen McGarry 1893 2nd
Francis Lyne 1884 1st
Henry Gaughan 1864
James King 1879 1st
John Daugherty 1864
John Kinnidy 1873
Julia Gallagher 1873
Kate McGarry 1894 1st
Lettice Parker 1868
Margaret Gaughan 1864
Martin Rafter 1865
Mary Clarke 1864
Mary Gavan 1873
Mary Kilker 1879 1st
Mary Murray 1884 1st
Mary Noone 1894 1st
Mary Reilly 1922 1st
Michael Lynch 1898 3rd
Michael McDonnell 1912 2nd
Michael O’Toole 1865
Owen Kilker 1865
Pat Cawley 1876
Pat Murray 1881 3rd
Patrick Gaughan 1873
Patrick McGarry 1893 2nd
Richard Gannard 1871
ROse Gallagher 1873
Sabina Kinnedy 1872
Thomas Gaughan 1873
Thomas McGarry 1899 1st
Thomas McGarry 1893 3rd

Civil Registration Records

Ballinrobe District Marriage Records, Co. Mayo

This page features civil Marriage Records for the district of Ballinrobe in Co. Mayo and includes full names (where possible), the year of marriage, and the quarter in which the marriage occurred. A searchable index of all available marriage records is available here.

Name Year Quarter
Alicia Connelly 1866
Alicia Curtis 1866
Bridget Cunningham 1864
Bridget Daugherty 1864
Bridget Hession 1882 1st
Bridget Hyland 1864
Catherine Cunningham 1864
Catherine Cunningham 1864
Eleaner Kine 1865
Elizabeth Christiana Anderson 1845
Ellen Mea 1878 4th
Ellen Varley 1872
Emily Carolina Garside 1906 2nd
Honor Kane 1879 2nd
Hugh Hennelly 1881 4th
John Dever 1917 3rd
John Haire 1895 4th
John Henahan 1882 1st
John Kenny 1866
John Kenny 1879 1st
John Lynch 1848
Julia King 1878 1st
Margaret Lynskey 1876
Maria Kenny 1866
Martin Kenny 1873
Mary Conneally 1866
Mary Dorkin 1884 2nd
Mary Fahey 1875
Mary Henahan 1882 1st
Mary Henahan 1882 1st
Mary Henehan 1888 1st
Mary Higgins 1867
Mary Hyland 1864
Mary Hyland 1865
Mary Hyland 1865
Mary Kelly 1849
Mary Kennelly 1866
Mary Lally 1879 3rd
Michael Sheridan 1864
Nathaniel Acton 1855
Pat Higgins 1870
Pat Hyland 1864
Patrick Killeen 1879 1st
Patrick Rohan 1889 4th
Peter Curtis 1867
Thomas Curtis 1863
Thomas Eagleton 1878 3rd
Thomas Henahan 1882 1st
Thomas Jamison Cooke 1906 2nd
Thomas Reed 1864
Thomas Varley 1871

Civil Registration Records

Westport District Marriage Records, Co. Mayo

This page features civil Marriage Records for the district of Westport in Co. Mayo and includes full names (where possible), the year of marriage, and the quarter in which the marriage occurred. A searchable index of all available marriage records is available here.

Name Year Quarter
Ann McNamee 1856
Anne Conch ors Acton 1860
Anne Cusack 1867
Anne Gollagher 1860
Anne Hobon 1864
Anne King 1865
Anne O’Donnell 1847
Anthony Callaghan 1857
Anthony Toole 1861
Bridget Hester 1867
Bridget Hester 1888 1st
Bridget McNamara 1846
Bridget Needham 1877
Bridget Toole 1863
Catherine Cameron ors Johnston 1856
Catherine Hester 1866
Catherine King 1872
Catherine McNamara 1851
Charles Daly 1846
Darby Hestian 1867
Dominick Murray 1890 1st
Edward Hester 1866
Ellen Gaughan 1864
Ellen Hester 1867
Ellen King 1864
Frances O’Dell 1847
Francis O’Donnell 1847
George Blacklock 1856
George Hester 1867
Honor Hester 1864
Honor McNamara 1854
Honor McNamara 1861
Honor McNamara ors Armstrong 1852
Honoria McNamara 1852
Jane Clarke 1864
John Byrns 1849
John Carr 1869
John Fergus 1849
John Keane 1924 1st
John Kilcoyne 1878 1st
John Kilcoyne 1879 1st
John Murray 1880 2nd
John Nolan 1891 1st
Margaret Ryan 1886 3rd
Maria Fahy 1873
Mary Anne Doris 1896 1st
Mary Cleary 1857
Mary Cleary 1876
Mary Fahey 1876
Mary Glynn 1860
Mary Heraghty 1888 1st
Mary Hester 1882 1st
Mary Hestin 1864
Mary Hestin 1864
Mary Hyland 1864
Mary Kilcoyne 1879 1st
Mary Lyons 1884 1st
Mary McNamara 1852
Mary McNamara 1853
Michael Kerrigan 1879 1st
Michael Kirby 1873
Michael O’Toole 1865
Michael Toole 1857
Michael Toole 1864
Needham 1865
Pat Devir 1894 1st
Patrick Cawley 1876
Patrick Hester 1866
Patrick McNamara 1863
Patrick Needham 1877
Patrick Quighley 1865
Patt Lyons 1894 1st
Philip Kerrigan 1879 1st
Richard Abernethy 1846
Robert Aitchison 1861
Thomas Clarke 1848
Thomas Fahy 1866
Thomas Hyland 1865
Thomas McNamara 1856
William Alcock 1861
William Carr 1866
William Costello 1861
William Hester 1867
William Hester 1886 4th

Civil Registration Records

Dundalk District Marriage Records, Co. Louth

This page features civil Marriage Records for the district of Dundalk in Co. Louth and includes full names (where possible), the year of marriage, and the quarter in which the marriage occurred. A searchable index of all available marriage records is available here.

Name Year Quarter
Alice Curtis 1867
Alice Hanratty 1897 4th
Alice Keenan 1879 2nd
Alice King 1865
Ann Curtis 1867
Ann Hoey 1864
Anne Callaghan 1873
Anne Callahan 1869
Anne Curtis 1863
Anne Dunn 1850
Anne Hanratty 1899 1st
Anne Hoey 1876
Anne King 1872
Annie Higgins 1882 2nd
Annie Hoey 1918 3rd
Annie Hoey 1919 3rd
Bernard Connolley 1864
Bernard Hoey 1864
Bridget Callaghan 1865
Bridget Callahan 1872
Bridget Cassidy 1873
Bridget Fowler 1852
Bridget Hanratty 1898 4th
Bridget Hoey 1865
Bridget Hoey 1918 3rd
Bridget Hoey 1915 4th
Bridget Hoey 1916 4th
Bridget Keenan 1879 2nd
Bridget Short 1898 1st
Bridget Wakely 1902 3rd
Brigid Crosby 1879 4th
Catherine Callaghan 1860
Catherine Curtis 1867
Catherine Hoey 1918 1st
Catherine Hoey 1919 2nd
Catherine Hoey 1919 2nd
Catherine Jago 1875
Catherine Kendlen 1873
Catherine King 1872
Catherine Nulty 1896 3rd
Catherine Reynolds 1909 1st
Catherine Wakely 1894 3rd
Catherine? Rice 1873
Charles McQuaid 1895 1st
Daniel Callaghan 1865
Dennis Kenny 1865
Edmund Joseph Ayres 1891 4th
Edward Deerey 1898 4th
Edward Ferrett 1854
Eliza Anne Dickie 1850
Eliza Kelly 1849
Elizabeth Anne Hoey 1921 3rd
Ellen Higgins 1866
Ellen Whatley 1900 2nd
Esther Drew 1850
Frances Anne Hillier 1870
Francis Keenan 1879 2nd
George Edward Ferguson 1852
George Vincent Hoey 1918 3rd
Henry Hillier 1870
James Crosbey 1885 4th
James Hearty 1887 4th
James Hoey 1917 3rd
James Johnston 1866
James Kendelis 1879 2nd
James Killedy 1865
Jane Dobbs 1853
Jane Elphinston ors Craig 1851
Jane Hillard 1870
John Daly 1866
John Duff 1850
John Grant 1890 2nd
John Hanratty 1897 4th
John Hoey 1919 1st
John Johnston 1866
John Johnston 1866
John Lynch 1898 3rd
John Lyons 1855
John McShane 1873
John Steen 1855
John Wakely 1864
John Wakely 1864
John Wakely 1864
John Wood 1851
Joseph Brannigan 1915 2nd
Joseph Donaldson 1850
Joseph Dougherty 1850
Joseph Dunlop 1850
Judith Curtis 1865
Judith Kelledy 1879 2nd
Julia Hoey 1918 2nd
Kate Grant 1890 2nd
Kate Hanratty 1904 3rd
Kate Hanratty 1903 4th
Kate Rice 1909 3rd
Kate Short 1899 3rd
Kathleen Rogan 1909 3rd
Lawrence Lamb 1879 3rd
Margaret Eddens 1851
Margaret Ford 1852
Margaret Ford 1854
Margaret Hanratty 1904 2nd
Margaret Hanratty 1904 2nd
Margaret Hanratty 1904 4th
Margaret Hoey 1865
Margaret Hoey 1918 1st
Margaret Jackson 1864
Margaret Kennish 1864
Margaret Rooney 1909 1st
Margaret Tennant Crowe 1854
Mary A. Wakely 1895 3rd
Mary Ann Kieley 1879 3rd
Mary Ann Kirby 1879 3rd
Mary Ann Kirley 1879 3rd
Mary Anne Cassidy 1873
Mary Anne Hoey 1918 1st
Mary Anne Kelly 1879 2nd
Mary Anne Kieran 1879 1st
Mary Blake 1849
Mary Bridget Hoey 1921 4th
Mary Dickie 1850
Mary Farrell 1852
Mary Hagan 1864
Mary Hanratty 1904 4th
Mary Hoey 1864
Mary Hoey 1918 4th
Mary Keiran 1879 2nd
Mary Kennon 1871
Mary Killan 1864
Mary Killeen 1864
Mary Kindalan 1864
Mary Kindalen 1864
Mary Kirby 1873
Mary Lynch 1846
Mary Margaret Reilly 1909 3rd
Mary Townley 1847
Mary Weakley 1899 1st
Mary Weakley 1899 1st
Michael Crosbie 1867
Michael Crosby 1867
Michael Curtis 1866
Michael Henry 1888 1st
Michael Hillen 1876
Michael Hoey 1916 1st
Michael Reilly 1909 3rd
Nicholas Hoey 1868
Nicholas Kinigham 1873
Owen Curtis 1867
Owen Gargan 1865
Owen Hanratty 1899 1st
Owen Hanratty 1899 1st
Owen Kearny 1870
Owen Kindalon 1872
Patrick Dorian 1896 1st
Patrick Hanratty 1900 1st
Patrick HAnratty 1903 1st
Patrick HAnratty 1903 2nd
Patrick Hoey 1918 1st
Patrick Hoey 1918 2nd
Patrick Hoey 1918 4th
Patrick Hoey 1921 4th
Patrick James Hoey 1921 2nd
Patrick Rooney 1909 3rd
Peter Hoey 1917 3rd
Richard Hoey 1865
Robert Lowe 1852
Rose Anne Hanratty 1904 1st
Rose Hoey 1915 4th
Samuel Corbett Hearne 1887 4th
Sarah Agnew ors Hatch 1851
Sarah Jane Dunlop 1879 2nd
Thomas Anderson 1865
Thomas Crosby 1878 4th
Thomas Edgar 1851
Thomas Hodgen 1865
Thomas Hoey 1921 2nd
Thomas Hoey 1916 4th
Thomas Kelly 1879 3rd
Thomas Kindelan 1865
Thomas Kirk 1879 3rd
Thomas Short 1898 4th
Timothy Keating 1870
William Frissell 1852
William Hanratty 1903 1st
William Hobart 1864
William Marshall 1860
William Whately 1894 3rd
Winefred Hurnell 1854

Civil Registration Records

Drogheda District Marriage Records, Co. Louth

This page features civil Marriage Records for the district of Drogheda in Co. Louth and includes full names (where possible), the year of marriage, and the quarter in which the marriage occurred. A searchable index of all available marriage records is available here.

Name Year Quarter
Andrew Flockhart 1854
Anna Teresa Rogers 1909 3rd
Anne Catherine Curtis 1866
Anne Curtis 1866
Anne Dowell ors Wilson 1850
Anne Fox 1870
Anne King 1864
Anne Murray ors Stanley 1855
Anne Newman 1880 4th
Annie Lynch ors Reilly 1848
Aynes Henderson Dryden 1850
Bernard Kindlan 1878 1st
Blanche L. Dunlop 1881 3rd
Brien Barlow 1867
Catherine Curtis 1865
Catherine Kennan 1864
Catherine Wogan 1851
Daniel Eginton 1851
Daniel Eginton 1851
Dominic Hodgers 1876
Dorothea Roberta Dunlop 1880 3rd
Edward Edwards 1852
Edward Reay 1909 3rd
Elizabeth O’Brien 1855
Frances Hoey 1864
James Hoey 1865
James Killeen 1865
James Logue 1876
Jane Erskine 1853
Jane Johnston 1864
John Alder 1847
John Colgan 1864
John Douglas 1850
John Eades 1864
John Fosberry 1852
John Keegan 1874
John Maconnell 1856
John Porter 1860
John Rourke 1909 1st
Lawrence Kenny 1866
Lizzie McGarry 1893 1st
Margaret Johnston 1864
Margaret Kinahan 1864
Margaret King 1878 1st
Margaret McGarry 1895 2nd
Margaret Powderly 1876
Margaret Rourke 1909 1st
Margarett Keegan 1874
Mary Baan 1896 2nd
Mary Clarke 1864
Mary Colgan 1865
Mary Colgan 1865
Mary Hart 1887 4th
Mary Hodgen 1865
Mary Jane Rice 1909 3rd
Mary Rogers 1909 2nd
Michael Hoey 1865
Nicholas Evans 1851
Patrick Lynch 1898 3rd
Patrick Ryan 1909 2nd
Richard Kenney 1865
Robert Dunn 1850
Robert McGahey 1868
Robert McGahy 1868
Rose Branigan 1915 1st
Rose Devine 1890 1st
Rose Halpin 1866
Rose Lyons 1890 2nd
Thomas Callahan 1869
Thomas Falford 1852
Thomas Fulford 1852
Thomas Hodgens 1865
Thomas Lynch 1881 1st
Thomas Morgan 1853
Thomas Murray 1890 1st
Thomas Porter 1876
William Anderson 1845
William Foster 1852

Civil Registration Records

Ardee District Marriage Records, Co. Louth

This page features civil Marriage Records for the district of Ardee in Co. Louth and includes full names (where possible), the year of marriage, and the quarter in which the marriage occurred. A searchable index of all available marriage records is available here.

Name Year Quarter
Albert Lucas 1906 2nd
Alice Durnan 1875
Andrew Hanratty 1904 2nd
Anne Hoey 1865
Anne Johnston 1866
Anne Townley 1848
Bernard Devlin 1875
Bridget Duffy 1875
Bridget Hoey 1919 1st
Bridget Lynch 1875
Bridget Lynch 1880 3rd
Bridget Lynch 1881 3rd
Bridget Speers 1898 1st
Bridget Spiers 1898 1st
Catherine Daugherty 1864
Catherine Higgins 1866
Catherine Hoey 1864
Catherine Hoey 1921 2nd
Cornelius Driscoll 1875
Elizabeth Hawes 1847
Frederick John Dalgety 1897 2nd
Gustavus De Veer 1855
Henrietta Cecelia Forbes 1852
Henry Clarke 1864
hugh Hoey 1915 1st
James Farrell 1875
James Halpin 1864
James Hoey 1920 3rd
Jane Duff 1875
John Alexander 1848
John Elliott 1875
John Higgins 1866
John Hilliard 1876
John Keane 1923 2nd
John Sadlier 1892 1st
Joseph Hoey 1915 2nd
Katie Hoey 1920 3rd
Lawrence Curtis 1867
Mahew Hoey 1921 4th
Margaret Blunt 1876
Margaret Doyle 1875
Margaret Hoey 1916 4th
Margaret Hoey 1919 4th
Margaret Powderly 1876
Margaret Powderly 1876
Margaret Townly 1847
Mary Coshin 1877
Mary Ellen Hoey 1916 3rd
Mary Farrell 1875
Mary Halpenny 1864
Mary Hanratty 1903 3rd
Mary Hoey 1865
Mary J. Hoey 1919 3rd
Mary Kindelin 1879 3rd
Mary Kindlan 1879 3rd
Michael Devin 1875
Michael Lynch 1884 1st
Patrick Devine 1864
Patrick Hoey 1864
Patrick Hoey 1868
Patrick Hoey 1868
Patrick O’Callaghan 1848
Peter Brennan 1876
Peter Kenny 1867
Philip Dooley 1875
Richard Hoey 1864
Rose Hoey 1919 1st
Sarah Brown 1860
Thomas Hanratty 1899 1st
Thomas Hanratty 1904 4th
Thomas Hilliard 1867
Thomas Hilliard 1868
Thomas Hinds 1870
Thomas Hoey 1865
Thomas Lynne 1876
Thomas Sampson 1877

Civil Registration Records

Bunclody Graveyard Records, Co. Wexford

This page features free records for Bunclody Graveyard, Co. Wexford.

Surname Name
Bolger Brian
Bolger Mary
Byrne Edwd
Byrne Michael
Comerford John
Comerford Mary
Conners Jullia
Conners Michael
Conners Thomas
Corry Anne
Corry James
Coughlan Anne
Coughlan Patrick
Coughlan William
Dillon Andrew
Dillon Bridget
Dillon Michael
Doyle Catherine
Doyle James
Doyle Johanna
Doyle Margaret
Doyle Michael
Doyle Patrick
Doyle (nee) Fitzpatrick Johanna
Doyle (nee) Somers Margaret
Dunne Edward
Dunne Elizabeth
Dunne Margaret
Farrell Bessie
Farrell James
Farrell Mary
Farrell Owen
Fitzpatrick Anne
Fitzpatrick John
Fitzpatrick Margaret
Fitzpatrick Mary
Fitzpatrick Michael
Fitzpatrick Patrick
Fortune Elizabeth
Fortune John
Fortune Mary
Fortune Thomas
Gahan John
Gahan Julia
Gahan Thomas
Harris Anne
Harris John
Harris Katie
Hickey Anne
Hickey Denis Francis
Hickey Elizabeth
Hickey Philip
Jordan Anastasia
Kennedy Mary Ellen
Kenny Bridget
Kernan Ruth
Kingston Honoria Elizabeth
Kingston Mary Teresa
McCrea Jane
M’Crea Anastasia
M’Crea Denis
M’Crea James Joseph
M’Crea John
Michals Margaret
Moore James Joseph
Moore John
Moore Lewis
Moore Sarah
Morrisey Elizabeth
Morrisey Jeremiah
Neill Anne
Neill John
Neill Mary
Nolan Annie
Nolan Eliza
Nolan James
Nolan Lizzie
Nolan Mary
Nolan Roger
Nolan Thomas
Nolan Julia
O’Connor H.
O’Malley Mary
O’Reilly Eliza
O’Reilly Ellen
O’Reilly Frances
O’Reilly Margaret
O’Reilly Myles
O’Reilly Patrick
O’Reilly Thomas
Prandy Catherne
Prandy Elizabeth
Prandy Michael
Somers Ambrose
Somers Anne
Somers Bridget
Somers Margaret
Somers Maryanne
Somers William
Stacey Jane
Wall James
Wall Mary
Whitty Mary

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Announcement: Gravestone Records Update

21/01/2014 has added 3,061 records to our Free Gravestone Records database today. The graveyards covered are: Deansgrange and Taney of Co. Dublin; Dungar, Grangemocker, Moyne, and Templemore COI of Co. Tipperary; and Derrylossary Old and Killenagh Old of Co. Wicklow. Links to each graveyard (alphabetical index of records, searchable index, and photographs where available) are presented below.

Deansgrange Graveyard, Co. Dublin

Derrylossary Old Graveyard, Co. Wicklow

Dungar Graveyard, Co. Tipperary

Grangemockler Graveyard, Co. Tipperary

Killenagh Old Graveyard, Co. Wicklow

Moyne Graveyard, Co. Tipperary

Taney Graveyard, Co. Dublin

Templemore COI Graveyard, Co. Tipperary

Note: All dates that feature as part of the Free Gravestone Records are now fixed.

Dr. Jane Lyons

King James’ Supporters, Co. Monaghan

Monaghan gentry and farmers who died with King James, who were outlawed and who had property confiscated.

Terence O’Connolly, Parish of Clones – Gent
Conn M’Rory McMahon, Kinshanlis – Gent
Turlough M’Sorley M’Collin, Kinshanlis – Husbandman
Bryan O’Grend, Kinshanlis – Husbandman
Rosse McRurey oge McMahon, Kinshanlis – Gent
Turlogh McArdle, Parish of Tedavnet – Husbandman
Philip oge McGranan, Parish of Clones – Husbandman
Arthur Murphy, Parish of Tedavnet – Husbandman
Patrick Glass O’Howen, Parish of Tedavnet – Husbandman
Patrick M’Toole McKenna, Parish of Tedavnet – Husbandman
Edward McKenna, Parish of Errigle – Husbandman
Hugh McGonnell, Parish of Donagh – Yeoman
Art McKenna, Parish of Donagh – Yeoman
Cochonnaght McDunslevy McKenna, parish of Errigle – Gent
Patk. McManus McArdle, Parish of Mucknoe – Husbandman
Tirlugh O’Downey, Parish of Aughnamullen – Yeoman
Hugh McKilarney, Parish of Tullycorbut – Yeoman
Bryan Roe O’Duffy, Parish of CLontibret – Yeoman
Neil O’Duffy, Muckney, Parish of Clontibret – Yeoman
Donagh Boy O’Mulligan, Muckney, Parish of Clontibret – Yeoman
Patk. Modders McMahon, Parish of Kilanny – Yeoman
James Leese, Parish of Magheracloone – Yeoman
Patk. McArdle McMahon, parish of Donaghmoyne – Yeoman
Toole Boy McKenna, Parish of Magheracloone – Yeoman
Neill O’Hugh of Carrickmacross
Patrick Murphy, parish of Magheross

1901 Census, Mercy Convent, Kinsale Town, Co. Cork (Nuns)

The following ladies were all Roman Catholic Nuns, could read and write and were not married. Their ages and the place of birth are listed here. No guarantee is given that the following are accurate, as names listed in the street indices as filled out by the area enumerator often differ from those found on the census detail sheets (Form A) as filled out by the Head of Household.

Name Age Job Birth Place
Baker Mary 21 Teacher of Needle Work America
Barrett Mary V. 39 Nun Dublin City
Barry Veronica 28 Nun Co. Cork
Blake Mary C. 58 Nun Cork City
Byron Mary C. 26 Nun Co. Tipperary
Carney Mary F. 47 Nun Co. Clare
Cassin Mary P. 65 Nun Co. Kilkenny
Coakeley Columba 56 Nun Co. Cork
Coffey Albeus 49 Nun Co. Tipperary
Colgan Mary J. 46 Nun Co. Galway
Corbett Bridget 24 Lace Maker Co. Cork
Coughlan Genevieve 28 Nun Co. Cork
Deasy Mary D. 26 Nun Co. Cork
Driscoll Julia 18 Teacher of Needle Work Co. Cork
Egan Mary P. 64 Nun Cork City
Ellard Mary B. 20 Nun Co. Cork
Fallon Mary E. 63 Nun Co. Galway
Farrell Kate 22 Portress Dublin City
Fitzgerald Mary ?J. 31 Nun Co. Cork
Galvin Mary P. 46 Nun Co. Clare
Hayes Kate 20 Monitress Co. Wexford
Hayes Mary A. 40 Nun Co. Tipperary
Heffernan Scholastica 62 Nun Co. Carlow
Hennessy? Nora 21 Dressmaker Co. Cork
Herbert Mary C. 39 Nun Limerick City
Hogan Mary L. 46 Nun Galway City
Humpheries Mary M. 47 Nun Co. Tipperary
Hurley Margaret 24 Kitchen Maid Co. Cork
Hurley Mary B. 72 Nun Co. Clare
Hurley Mary J. 61 Nun Co. Clare
Jordan? Mary M. 65 Nun Co. Cork
Kelleher Julia 18 Machinist Co. Cork
Kelly Mary C. 61 Nun Kilkenny City
Kelly Mary P. 54 Nun Co. Westmeath
Kennery Mary T. 24 Nun Co. Tipperary
Keohane Xavier 40 Nun Co. Cork
Keys Cecelia 29 Art Mistress Co. Cork
Kilroe? Mary P. 61 Nun Co. Roscommon
Liston Mary A. 40 Nun Co. Limerick
Loughman Gertrude 63 Nun Co. Tipperary
Lynch Mary ?N. 36 Nun Co. Cork
Madigan Mary B. 28 Nun Co. Kilkenny
Martin Mary E. 68 Nun Co. Meath
Mason Mary S. 56 Nun Galway City
Moloney Mary ?D. 40 Nun Co. Tipperary
Moloney Mary C. 26 Nun Co. Tipperary
Moloughney Gabriel 35 Nun Co. Tipperary
Murray Mary F. 34 Nun Co. Cork
Noonan Bridget 36 Teacher of Lace Work Co. Cork
O’Brien Agnes 28 Monitress Cork City
O’Brien Ellen 60 Matron of School Co. Cork
O’Brien Mary ?R. 23 Nun Co. Tipperary
O’Brien Mary B. 43 Nun Co. Offaly
O’Brien Mary I. 50 Nun Dublin City
O’Dea Mary B. 50 Nun Co. Clare
O’Doherty Mary K. 39 Nun Co. Tipperary
O’Dwyer Mary 51 Nun Co. Tipperary
O’Gorman Mary A. 30 Nun Co. Limerick
O’Shea Mary M. 41 Nun Co. Cork
Quirke Mary T. 21 Nun Co. Tipperary
Reid Kathleen 24 Nun Co. Cork
Scully Mary B. 54 Nun Co. Cork
Shelley Mary ?M. S. 19 Nun Co. Tipperary
Stack Mary 23 Monitress England
Twohig Monica 25 Nun Co. Cork
Walsh Bridget 22 Nun Co. Cork
White Mary B. 55 Nun Co. Laois
White Minnie 23 Teacher of Needle Work Co. Cork