Bannow Graveyard Records, Co. Wexford

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This page features free records for Bannow Graveyard, Co. Wexford.

Surname Name
Barden Anne
Barry Anastasia
Barry Bridget
Barry David
Barry Eliza
Barry Ellen
Barry Gregory
Barry James
Barry John
Barry Marry
Barry Mary
Barry Mary Anne
Barry Matthew
Barry Patrick
Barry Peter
Barry Sarah
Barry (nee) Sinnott Frances
Benville Stephen
Boyce Richard
Boyse Dorothy
Boyse Ellen
Boyse James
Boyse Jane
Boyse Johanna
Boyse Michael
Boyse Richard
Boyse Samuel
Boyse Sharpland
Breen Ann
Breen James
Breen John
Breen Nicholas
Breen (nee) Sinnott Mary
Browne Anne
Browne John
Browne Margaret
Browne Mary
Browne Mary Anne
Browne Patrick
Browne Rosanna
Browne Walter
Browne William
Butler James
Butler (nee) Murphy Mary
Cahill Michael
Cahill (nee) Murphy Martha
Carr Anna Maria
Carr George
Cean Doretha
Cean Thomas
Codd John
Colfer Andrew
Colfer Anne
Colfer Bartholomew
Colfer Eleanor
Colfer Gregory
Colfer James
Colfer Johanna
Colfer John
Colfer MArgaret
Colfer Mary
Colfer Matthew
Colfer Patrick
Colfer Peter
Colfer (nee) Byrne Mary
Colfer (nee) Roach Mary
Colfer (nee) Rossiter Margaret
Colfer (nee) Wade Margaret
Colford William
Colford (nee) White Mary
Collin John
Collin Laurence
Corish Andrew
Corish Eleanor
Corish Ellen
Corish Joanna
Corish John
Corish Mary
Corish Mary Ellen
Corish Michael
Corish Nicholas
Corish Richard
Corish Sara
Corish (nee) Hayes Alice
Corish (nee) Kelly Mary Ellen
Corish (nee) Stafford Margaret
Cowman Mary
Cowman Michael
Crosbie Andrew
Crosbie Denis
Crosbie James
Crosbie John Joseph
Crosbie Mary
Crosbie Nicholas
Crosbie Thomas
Cullen Martin
Cullen William
Cullen Mary
Cullen (nee) Keane Mary
Cullen (nee) O’Connor Ellen
Cullin John
Cullin Margaret
Cullin Mary
Cullin Mat.
Cullin Walter
Davey Catherine
Davey Johanna
Davey John
Davey Mark
Davey William
Davy Alice
Davy Bartholomew
Davy Bridget
Davy Ellen
Davy James
Davy John
Davy (nee) Walsh Ellen
Devereux Aiden
Devereux Anastasia
Devereux Andrew
Devereux Annie
Devereux Catherine
Devereux Elizabeth
Devereux Ellenor
Devereux James
Devereux John
Devereux Lawrence
Devereux Mary
Devereux Moses
Devereux Nicholas
Devereux Patrick
Devereux Peter
Devereux Philip
Devereux Richard
Devereux Thomas
Devereux William
Devereux (nee) Colfer
Devereux (nee) Collier Margaret
Devereux (nee) Kehoe Catherine
Doyle Mary
Ennis Moses
Ennis (nee) Devereux Margaret
Esmond Allice
Esmond Laurence
Esmond Robert
Eustace Mary
Eustace Patrick
Ffrench Bridget
Ffrench Gregory
Ffrench John
Ffrench Laurence
Ffrench Mary
Ffrench Peter
Ffrench Thomas
Ffrench (nee) Colfer Mary
Ffrench (nee) Cullinane Elizabeth
Ffrench (nee) Power Elizabeth
Flinn (nee) Morris Catherine
Foley Bridget
Foley Henry
Foley Mary
Foley Patrick
Fortune Nicholas
French John
French Joseph
French Laurence
French Margaret
French Peter
French Walter
Furlong Anne B.
Furlong William
Gorman Anne
Gorman Catherine
Gorman Patrick
Gorman (nee) Devereux Catherine
Grace John
Grant (nee) Browne Margaret
Groagh Family
Hall Anna Maria
Harpur Edward
Harpur Margaret
Harpur Mary
Harpur Mary Ann
Harpur Sarah
Harpur Thomas
Harpur James
Hood James
Hood William
Hood (nee) Pariel Margaret
Hore Henry
Hore Margret
Howlin John
Howlin Mary
Howlin Michael
Kean James
Kean John
Keane John
Keane Martin
Keane Mary
Keane Mathew
Keane Patrick
Keane Richard
Kelly Annie
Kelly James
Kelly John
Kelly Mary
Kelly Patrick
Kelly Peter
Kelly Walter
Kelly Catherine
Leane Francis
Leane Mary
Leary Ann
Leary Mary
Leary Patrick
Mahony Anastasia
Mahony Catherine
Mahony John
Mahony Michael
Mahony (nee) Wade Margaret
Morris Catherine
Morris Ellen
Morris James
Morris Joseph
Morris Kate
Morris Mary
Morris Michael
Morris Nellie
Morris Patrick
Morris Robert
Morris Thomas
Morris (nee) Culliton Mary
Morris (nee) Miller Bridget
Morris (nee) Revill Bridget
Murphy Ann
Murphy David
Murphy Edward
Murphy James
Murphy John
Murphy Josephine
Murphy Josie
Murphy Margaret
Murphy Margt.
Murphy Patrick
Murphy Tho.
Murphy William
Murphy (nee) Blackford Margt.
Murphy (nee) Delany Ann
Murphy (nee) Myler Bridget
Murphy (nee) Purcell Bridget
Nolan (nee) Stafford Catherine
O’Connor David
O’Connor Edward
O’Connor Margaret
O’Connor (nee) Barden Anne
Power Mary
Power (nee) Roche Ann
Purcell Elizabeth
Purcell Mary
Purcell Michael
Purcell Patrick
Purcell Robert
Purcell William
Quirke Margaret
Quirke Thomas
Radford Anne
Radford Benjamin
Radford Ellen
Radford John
Radford Nataniel
Radford Nathaniel
Radford Samuel Boyse
Redmond Anastasia
Redmond John
Redmond Mark
Redmond Mary
Redmond Patrick
Redmond Philip
Revelle Anne
Revelle John
Revelle Richard
Reville John
Reville Mary
Reville Mary
Reville Patrick
Reville Richard
Reville (nee) Paile Maria
Roache Mathew
Roache Michael
Roache William
Roache Thomas
Roache (nee) Rossiter Eleanor
Roche Annie
Roche Bridget
Roche Ellen
Roche John
Roche Margaret
Roche Mary
Roche Patrick
Roche Philip
Roche William
Roche (nee) Reville Margaret
Rochford Catherine
Rochford William
Rosceder James
Rosceder Margaret
Ryan William
Scallan Anastasia
Scallan Margaret
Scallan William
Scallan (nee) Reville Mary
Shea Ann
Shea Catherine
Shea Elizabeth
Shea John
Shea Patrick
Siggin Memorial
Stafford Bridget
Stafford Catherine
Stafford David
Stafford James
Stafford Jasper
Stafford Laurence
Stafford Mary
Stafford Patrick
Stafford Thomas
Stafford Walter
Stafford William
Stafford John
Stafford (nee) Cleze Mary
Stafford (nee) Devereux Mary
Stafford (nee) Maddock Elizabeth
Stafford (nee) Murphy Anastasia
Stafford (nee) Neville Catherine
Stafford (nee) Roche Mary
Wade Anne
Wade Benjamin
Wade Charles
Wade Edward
Wade Ellen
Wade James
Wade John
Wade Margaret
Wade Mary
Wade Patrick
Wade Thomas
Wade William
Wade (nee) Murphy Mary
Wade (nee) Sinnott Johanna
Wadn Margaret
Wadn Patrick
Walsh (nee) Barry Bridget
Walsh (nee) O’Connor Mary
Welman …cy
Welman Pk
White Alexander
White Ann
White Anstis
White Bartholomew
White Catherine
White Elizabeth
White Ellen
White Johanna
White John
White Kate
White Mary
White Matthew
White Nicholas
White Tho.
White Walter
White James
White Patrick
White (nee) Neil Aliece
White (nee) Stafford Mary Ann
White (nee) Wallis Mary

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