Baptism Records, Clonegal, Co. Wicklow, 1833

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Clonegal Roman Catholic Parish, Counties Carlow, Wexford & Wicklow – Ireland

National Library of Ireland ref: Pos # 4197

Baptismal Index 1833 (complete) & Donohoe, Mahan and selected surnames to 1843

This set of parish records during the years 1833-43 includes townlands from the following Civil Parishes:

Barragh & Moyacomb, Co. Carlow and Moyacomb Co’s Wexford & Wicklow

see Townland Index . The location (civil parish) of some townlands remains unidentified.

Index to Names found in the Roman Catholic Baptismal Register 1833, plus selected surnames to 1843

Sorted by Surname of Child

There are a total of 282 baptisms recorded on this page, 112 of these are for 1833.

All references to the surnames Donohoe and Mahan which could be read 1833 to 1843 are included here.

Overall, the register was easy to read and organised. The mothers name is given as the same as her husband for most of 1833, it is assumed that in the majority of entries this is not her maiden name. The maiden name is given in the later years. Two ‘Sponsors’ are named in most cases, sponsor names are not included in the table below.

Questionmarks indicate record hard to read and best guess.

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Headon JohnLarryDonohoe MaryKilcarry1843
Hennessy CatherineJohnSwaine CatherineNot given1833
Henry BridgetHughKenny MaryMonaughrim1833
Hickey PatrickJamesDonohoe MaryClonegal1833
Hickey ?ElmaEdwardNot namedMonaughrim1833
Hickey CatherineTomHickey BiddyHuntington1834
Hickey MichaelJamesHickey MaryClonogan1835
Hickey MaryPattHickey HarrietClonogan1835
Hickey MichaelJasBurke AllyClonegal1837
Hickey WilliamJamesDonohoe MaryClongsan1837
Hickey ElizabethJohnKehoe catherineKilbride1837
Hickey MichaelMattHickey AntyBallyredmond1838
Hickey HenryThosKelly AnneClonogan1838
Hickey ElizabethJohnKehoe CathKilbride1838
Hickey JamesMattKelly CathKilbride1838
Hickey JamesJohnBrennan*Clonegal1839
Hickey PhilipThosBrien bridgetHuntington1839
Hickey WilliamJohnMcDonald BettyClongain1840
Hickey ?MartinThosBrien BridgetHuntington1840
Hickey MaryMattKenny KittyKilbranish1840
Hickey EdwardMickHanlon BidyKilbride1840
Hickey JosephJAsDonohoe MaryClongaim1841
Hickey MaryMickHanlon BidyCraan1841
Hickey ThomasJohnBrennan AnneClonegal1842
Hickey JamesPattKane HarietClonegal1842
Hickey ?ThomasJasDonohoe MaryClonogan1842
Hickey WilliamDenisMcDonnell ElizaClonogan1842
Hickey CatherineJohnKeogh KittyKilbride1842
Hickey AnneThosKelly AnneClonogan1843
Hickey JohannaMartinKearns? MaryCraan1843
Hoar JohnThosDoyle MaryBarnahask1833
Hoar JohnThosHoar MaryBarnahask1833
Hogan JamesNot namedNot NamedBornamunagh1836
Husk PatrickMilesDrew MaryNot given1833
Kavanagh LukeHughKavanagh*Clonegall1833
Kavanagh MaryPattKavanagh JudyMonaughrim1833
Kavanagh JohnCristyDonohoe MargtCorragh1836
Kavanagh EdwardEdDonohoe BridgetDeerpark1839
Kavanagh ????JervisKehoe BiddyBallinvally1840
Kavanagh ???PatDonohoe AnneBallyredmond1843
Kearney PatrickDanKearney BettyM?elitia1833
Keegan DenisLawrenceRoche BettyOrchard1833
Keegan MichaelJohnDoyle MaryMonaughrim1839
Kehoe AnneTerenceKehoe PeggyBallisland1833
Kehoe BiddyMilesKehoe MaryCorragh1833
Kehoe PeterJamesKehoe BiddyCorragh1833
Kehoe LukeAndrewKelly CathDrumderry1833
Kehoe PatrickNedKehoe MargretClonegal1834
Kehoe EllenThosKehoe KittyKilbride1834
Kehoe JamesPeterKehoe PeggyProspect1834
Kehoe AnneEdwardKehoe MaryClonegal1835
Kehoe EdwardPeterBaron MargtNot given1836
Kehoe ThomasTerenceKehoe BridgetProspect1836
Kehoe MaryTerenceFox MargtBallisland1838
Kehoe BridgetPattCarton CathBallyredmond1838
Kehoe CatherinePeterBardon MargtProspect1838
Kehoe MichaelTerenceGrennan BridgetProspect1838
Kehoe PeterPattSullivan BridgetWatchouse1838
Kehoe ThomasTomWhitty SallyBarragh1840
Kehoe MargaretJasMurphy BiddyCorragh1840
Kehoe EdwardEdwdMurphy JuliaKilcarry1840
Kehoe ????TerenceBrennan BridgtProspect1840
Kehoe TerenceTerryFox PeggyBallisland1841
Kelly ThomasJamesKelly AnneCorragh1833
Kelly PeterPatKelly MaryKilbranish1833
Kelly BessJohnKelly EllenRaheengraney1835
Kelly PeterNot givenDonohoe MaryPark1841
Kelly PeggyJohnDonohoe MaryPark1843
Kennedy MichaelMichlKennedy RoseGarryhastin1835
Kenny PeterJamesKenny ElizaLeang1833
Kenny BridgetWilliamKenny MaryLeany1833
Keogh CharlesCharlesConnors AnneBallypierce1837
Keogh EugeneJohnFitzpatrick*Clonegal1839
Keogh ?John?ChasConnors AnneCrowsgrove1839
Keogh ThomasAndrewHughes MaryKilbranish1839
Keogh ElizabethJas (Kehoe)Brien MarySherwood1840
Keogh JohnPattSullivan BidyWatchouse1841
Keogh BridgetPattFitzpatrick KittyDeerpark1842
Keogh MaryAndyKelly KateDrumderry1842
Keogh LallyTerryBrennan BidyProspect1842
Keogh AndrewAndrewHughes MaryKilbranish1843
Keogh??? ??Anne??JohnFitzpatrick CathClonegal1841
Kinsella BridgetLukeKinsella KittyCranemore1833
Kinsella??? ???????Donohoe Mar.Corragh1840
Lawler NellyTomLawler EllenDrummond1833
Leary EllenDarbyLeary EllenClongarron1833
Lyons PatrickPattLyons PeggyBallyshonogue1835
Lyons PatrickJohnByrne MaryKilcarry1837
Lyons CharlesPattByrne MargtBallyshonogue1838
Lyons MaryMartinTimmons AnneCrowsgrove1838
Lyons ???JAsByrne MaryKilcarry1838
Mahon JamesWmMahon KittyFarnwodia1835
Mahon BridgetMathewKehoe WinnieDeerpark1838
Mahon ThomasTomConnors JudyDeerpark1839
Malone catherineJohnBrophy MaryNot given1833
McDonald JohnAustinKelly MaryOrchard1833
McDonnell PeterDenisLyons cathBallinas?ho?/1837
McDonnell ?AustinJohn (McDonel)Donohoe MaryClonegal1842
McEvoy AnneJamesMcEvoy AllyKilcarry1833
McEvoy JohnMickKehoe SallyKnockafauch?1840
Melon WilliamWilliamMelon MargaretClonogan1833
Molloy JamesDanMolloy JudithProspect1833
Murphy ThomasCharlesMurphy BettyCraan1833
Murphy LizzieJAmesMurphy MaryJohnstown1833
Murphy RichardCharlesDonohoe BettyCraan1835
Murphy MargaretThosLyons MargtClonogan1838
Murphy MartinCharlesDonohoe BettyCraan1838
Murphy MaryChasDonohoe BettyCraan1840
Neill PatrickDanlKehoe WinnieMonaughrim1834
Neill CatherineDenisKeogh AnneCorragh1837
Neill JamesJAsMcEvoy ??Johnstown1838
Neill JamesPattFox BridgetMonaughrim1838
Neill AnneDanielKeogh WinnieMonaughrim1838
Neill ElizaDenisRoorke MaryClonegal1839
Neill MargaretJohnHickey MaryClongain1839
Neill DanielDenisKehoe AnneBallinastraw1840
Neill MargaretPattByrne MaryM??litia1840
Neill JohnPattFox BidyMonaughrim1840
Neill JohnJasMcEvoy PeggyWatchouse1841
Neill CatherineJohnHickey MaryClonogan1842
Neill MichaelMickFarrell PegKilbranish1842
No surname RichardNot namedMurphy JaneNot given1837
Nolan PatrickGregoryNolan AnneBallinastraw1833
Nolan JohnEdwardReddy MargtKilbride1836
Nolan johnPattMahon EllenLacabeg1841
Nowlan JohnPatkNowlan BettyBallyternan1833
Nowlan MaryJohnNowlan LizzyKildavin1833
Nowlan AnneUn-namedNowlan BettyMelitia1833
Nugent MathewJohnNugent JohannaKildavin1833
Nugent WilliamRichdMurphy MargretNot given1833
O'Neill PatrickPatt (Neill)Swaine EllenMonaughrim1842
Porter MaryJohnConnors MaryNot given1833
Reddy PaulThosReddy MaryCranemore1835
Reddy NicholasThosRyan MaryCranemore1838
Reddy AndrewAndyTobin MariaCranemore1839
Redmond MaryJoeRedmond PeggyBallinshancarra1833
Redmond PatrickJamesRedmond NessyBallykeenan1833
Redmond JohnMilesRedmond MaryBallypierce1833
Redmond MarksTomRedmond KittyCrowsgrove1833
Redmond PatrickPatrickRedmond BiddyKilbride1833
Redmond GeorgeJAsTownsend MaryBallypierce1838
Redmond JohnPattKehoe MaryKilbride1838
Rice RoseMichlDoyle MaryMonaughrim1836
Roach MichaelAndrewRoach MaryCoolroe1833
Roache CatherineAndyKeogh MaryOrchard1839
Roice ??AnneMichlDoyle MaryMonaughrim1838
Ronan MaryMichlRonan MaryBallinakeenan1833
Ronan ThomasThosRonan MaryBallyshonogue1833
Ronan MichaelJasBrennan AnneBallinastraw1838
Ronan WilliamGregKehoe AnneBallinastraw1838
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