Baptism Records, Graignamanagh, Co. Kilkenny, 1838

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The following is indexed according to the surname of the Child. All spellings are as on the parish register. Where a name was difficult to read, there are question marks

Name Abbreviations found in registers:
Wm = William Jas/Js. = James ; Mich/Mick. = Michael ; Margt. = Margaret ; Jn/Jno. = John or Jonathan; Ally = Anastasia (sometimes) ; Anty = Anastasia/Anastatia ; Lau. = Laurence ; pat/patt = patrick ; May = Mary ; Jos. = Joseph ; Matt. = Matthew ; Onny = Winifred ; Cath. = Catherine ; Danl., Dan = Daniel; Hanna = Hanora or Anne ; Jer. = Jeremiah ; Sally = Sarah ; Bess = Elizabeth, Eliza ; Biddy/bridgt. = bridget ; Fanton = Finton. Nics./Nich = Nicholas ; Thos. = Thomas ; Nelly = Eleanor or Ellen ; Fanny = Frances

Name Father Mother Date
Edward Bailey Thomas Catherine Bailey 24-Jun 1838
Pierce Blanch William Bridget Walsh 09-Oct 1838
Mary Brady John Mary Nichol 14-Dec 1838
?Suly Bray Wm Anne Quinn 18-Nov 1838
Catherine Bray Pat Bridget Doyle 20-Jul 1838
Margt Bray Thomas Catherine Canning 14-Nov 1838
James Brien Thos Bridget Corcoran 28-Dec 1838
James Brien Thomas Catherine Murphy 26-Jul 1838
Anty Brophy James Mary Doyle 24-Oct 1838
Thomas Brophy Pat Judith Morrisy 05-May 1838
Thomas Brophy Pat Judy Morrisy 07-May 1838
El?iza Bryan John Catherine Canning 07-Oct 1838
Anne Butler John Mary Ryan 03-Sep 1838
Sally Byrne Pat Bridget Norris 15-Jul 1838
Bridget C?(o)ll?ins John Anty Ryan 04-Dec 1838
Henry C?(o)ll?ins John Anty Ryan 04-Dec 1838
Cath C?ury Martin Cath n.g. 28-Dec 1838
Pat Ca(?g)an John Mary Cannon 13-Oct 1838
Catherine Campion Edward Ellen Flanery 21-Oct 1838
Anne Carroll John Mary Farrell 29-Sep 1838
Margaret Casey Michl Bridget Casey 24-Jun 1838
John Cleere Michael Mary Baker 19-Aug 1838
Mary Cleere James Mary Long 12-Aug 1838
Cath Cody Pat Nancey 18-Dec 1838
John Cody Pat Catherine Cody 24-Jun 1838
Mary Cody Michl Mary Shea 22-Aug 1838
Mary Cody Michl Bridget Whelan 30-Dec 1838
William Cody Pat Ellen Ryan 27-Jul 1838
Anne Cogan Thos Mary Ann Loftus 28-Dec 1838
Ally Collins John Judy n.g. 23-Oct 1838
Eliza Conigan Ned Mary Walsh 31-Dec 1838
Luke Connolly Wm Mary n.g. 30-Sep 1838
Michael Connolly John Bridget Dempsey 26-Nov 1838
Anne Corcoran Maurice Peggy Murphy 11-Nov 1838
Bridget Corcoran Thomas Betty Handrick 07-May 1838
James Corcoran James Honor Dailey 13-Sep 1838
James Corcoran James Mary Grace 25-Jul 1838
William Cotteral Pat Kitty Cotteral 21-May 1838
Catherine Cregg John Mary Lanigan 09-Dec 1838
Peter Cullen Michl Bridget Kavanagh 14-Oct 1838
Thos Culliton Matthew Betty Brennan 23-Dec 1838
Catherine Cunan Jas Catherine Murphy 08-Dec 1838
Mary Cunningham Michl Bridget Shea 20-Aug 1838
Judy Curran Pat Ellen Doyle 19-Dec 1838
Mary Curran John Anty Delany 08-Jun 1838
Catherine Dalton Martin Ann Corcoran 10-Jul 1838
James Dalton Andrew Mary Foley 20-Nov 1838
Edmd Dempsey ?Tim Betty Shea 22-Aug 1838
Thomas Dillon John Anne n.g. 28-Oct 1838
Mary Doogan James Mary Darcy 17-Aug 1838
Ellen Doolan Michael Mary Fenlon 21-Oct 1838
Pat Doran Pat Catherine Murphy 05-Nov 1838
Catherine Doyle Charly Betty Tracy 04-Nov 1838
Edmd Doyle John Bridget Mathias 18-Nov 1838
Margaret Doyle Thomas Mary Doyle 04-Dec 1838
Mary Doyle Charles Mary Blanch 07-Oct 1838
Pat Doyle Pat Mary Brennan 28-Dec 1838
John Doyle? Patrick Bridget Browne 10-Dec 1838
Martin Dulahanty Edward Mary Whelan 28-Oct 1838
Bridget Farrell John Judy Shee 28-Jun 1838
Honor Finlan Patrick Mary Kealy 28-May 1838
Mary Finlan James Judy Ryan 22-May 1838
Mary Fitzhenry Martin Judith Doyle 08-Dec 1838
Anty Fitzpatrick John Ellen Currin 21-Oct 1838
Catherine Foley Pat Catherine Murphy 18-Jul 1838
Michl Freeman Thomas Bridget Murigan 23-Sep 1838
Mary Gahan James Mary Mulligan 27-Oct 1838
Morgan Gahan James Mary Mulligan 28-Oct 1838
John Gardiner Thos Margt Ca?rroll 26-Nov 1838
James Gardner Laurence Margaret Doyle 07-May 1838
Joseph Gishin Joseph Mary Kelly 14-Oct 1838
John Gorey John Judy Murphy 24-Jun 1838
Bridget Grace John Kitty Murphy 21-Oct 1838
Margaret Grace Pierce Bridget Calahan 06-May 1838
Mary Grady Pat Anne Brennan 13-Nov 1838
Michael Gregory Neill Cath n.g. 10-Nov 1838
John Griffin John Cath White 26-Dec 1838
Mary Griffin Pat Anne Ryan 14-Oct 1838
Pat Griffin Larry Sally Summers 22-Jul 1838
Anne Gynell John Bridget Dooley 25-Sep 1838
Mary Ha?don Martin Ann Currin 24-Jul 1838
William Hammond Patt Sally Morrisy 03-May 1838
John Harding John Bridget Kealy 22-Apr 1838
Ally Haydon Thomas Bridget Corcoran 07-May 1838
Martin Haydon ?Thos Mary n.g. 28-Oct 1838
Anne Headen Maurice Mary Walker 02-Nov 1838
Ellen Healy Pat Anne Henesy 30-Oct 1838
Mathew Hickey Michl Mary Long 05-May 1838
Catherine Hunt William Judy Murphy 12-Jun 1838
Elenor Johnson Thomas Bridget Roach 27-Jul 1838
Mary Jordan William Catherine Kenny 06-Nov 1838
John Joyce Luke Mary Bryan 19-Jun 1838
Judy Kavanagh Morgan Judy Sweeney 19-Oct 1838
Patrick Kavanagh Chars Ellen n.g. 29-Nov 1838
Maurice Keating Maurice Margt Lee 29-Aug 1838
Mary Kelly John Bridget Key 02-Oct 1838
Michl Kelly Ned Betty n.g. 11-Oct 1838
Thos Kelly John Margt Dunning? 13-Oct 1838
Pat Kenna Michl Catherine Brien 09-Sep 1838
William Kincella James Mary Currin 30-Nov 1838
Ellen Laffan John Mary Murphy 18-Nov 1838
Joseph Lang?fry Joseph Margt Martin 01-Oct 1838
John Lawlor Laurence Sally Murphy 29-Sep 1838
John Lee Michl Catherine Scullt 02-May 1838
Margt M?ucary James Ellen Corrigan 10-Nov 1838
Judy M?ucary? James Ellen Corrigan 10-Nov 1838
Michael Mahon Michael Bridget Mahon 04-Oct 1838
Ellen Mahoney Jno Cath. n.g. 06-Aug 1838
Martin McEvoy Suly Johannah Doyle 14-Oct 1838
Mary McGee Michl Catherine Byrne 09-Sep 1838
Mary McGrath James Elleanor Cain 08-Sep 1838
Roderick McGuigan James not named n.g. 15-Dec 1838
?Thos McGuire John Catherine Murphy 27-Oct 1838
Mary McNamara John Bridget Murphy 28-May 1838
Catherine Meany William Catherine Ryan 21-Jun 1838
Dan Meany Pat Bridget Navin 26-Nov 1838
James Monahan Thos Bridget Dulahenty 09-Dec 1838
Cath Moran Martin Mary Curran 19-Dec 1838
James Morrisy Ned Judy Fitzgerald 24-Jul 1838
John Moylan Thos Honor Doran 20-Oct 1838
Betty Murphy John Mary Barry 07-Dec 1838
Bridget Murphy James Catherine Doyle 28-Sep 1838
Cath. Murphy James Bridget Kavanagh 05-Oct 1838
Edmd Murphy Larry Bridget Hynes 14-Aug 1838
Ellen Murphy James Bridget Murphy 24-Jun 1838
Honor Murphy Mathew Mary Farrell 01-Jul 1838
John Murphy Pat Mary Byrne 08-Jul 1838
Mary Murphy Michl Mary Doogan 18-Jul 1838
Michael Murphy Patrick Anne Pinder 12-Dec 1838
Michl Murphy Patk Mary (?F)raney 29-Sep 1838
Michl Murphy Michl Ellen Maher 30-May 1838
Pat Murphy Pierce Mary Griffin 11-Nov 1838
Pat Murphy James Betty Neill 19-Sep 1838
Pat Murphy Michael Ally Whealan 01-Nov 1838
Teresa Naddy Pierce Mary Doyle 16-Sep 1838
Arthur Neil William Biddy Murphy 04-Jul 1838
Mary Neile Laurence Judy Aylward 05-Sep 1838
Bridget Neill James Margt Cody 15-Nov 1838
Bridget Nolan William Peggy Grace 08-Jun 1838
James Nolan John Mary Cudihy 01-Nov 1838
Mary Nolan Michael Margt Doyle 17-Dec 1838
Edward Nowlan Thomas Mary Murray 01-Jul 1838
Alexander Patrick Phayer John Cath Murphy 24-Sep 1838
Bridget Pinder Michael Mary Joyce 04-Dec 1838
Judy Prindergast Pierce Mary Mahon 19-Sep 1838
James Quinn Peter Catherine Rogers 03-Aug 1838
Judith Redmonds George Bridget Byrne 15-Nov 1838
William Rourk Matthew Honor Murphy 25-Aug 1838
Mary Ruth Michl Catherine Freeman 25-May 1838
Catherine Ryan Tim Cath n.g. 23-Nov 1838
James Ryan James Mary Griffin 27-Oct 1838
Margaret Ryan Timothy Anne Norris 23-Dec 1838
Mary Ryan Malachy Judy Callahan 06-Sep 1838
Mary Ryan James Judy Joyce 28-Oct 1838
Mary Ryan Thomas Mary Kean 29-Apr 1838
Nessy Ryan Daniel Judith Ryan 20-May 1838
Cath Shea Henry Mary Haydon 11-Oct 1838
Pat Shea John Bridget Tobin 27-Nov 1838
Johanna Shortell Edward Bridget Murphy 07-May 1838
Nicholas Signal David Margaret Hogan 21-Dec 1838
Mary Tobin Joseph Mary Haydon 04-Dec 1838
Ellen True? James Mary n.g. 16-Oct 1838
Matthew Walker Thos Sally Corcoran 19-Sep 1838
Bridget Walsh James Catherine Doyle 23-Sep 1838
Mary Walsh Thos Judy Haydon 26-Dec 1838
Andrew Wilson Patrick Mary Conway 05-Aug 1838
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