Baptism Records, Kilkeel, Co. Down, 1845-61

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Kilkeel , Roman Catholic parish records: Baptismal extracts

County Down, Ulster, Ireland

Name Abbreviations found in registers:
Wm = William Jas. Js. = James Michl, Mick. = Michael, Margt. = Margaret, Jno. = John or Jonathan, Ally = Anastasia (sometimes), Lau. = Laurence, Pat = Patrick, May =Mary, Jos. = Joseph, Matt. = Matthew, Onny = Winifred, Cath. = Catherine, Danl., Dan = Daniel, Hanna = Hanora or Anne, Jer. = Jeremiah, Sally = Sarah, Bess = Elizabeth, Eliza, Biddy, Bridgt. = Bridget, Fanton = Finton.

Name Father Mother Sponsor 1 Sponsor 2 Year Date
Bryce Ann Michael Moore Ann Caulfield Richard Crilly Ann 1845 07-Sep
Callaghan John Pat Byrne Anne Cunningham Nicholas ??? Ellen 1845 15-Jun
Campbell Eliza James Rogers Biddy Cunningham Felix Higgins Catherine 1845 27-Jul
Campbell Margaret Pat Doran Sally Quin Mary Baily James 1845 22-Jun
Carvill Edward Terence Clarke Mary Clarke James Sloan Mary Ann 1845 16-Jul
Carvill James Patk Rorke Kitty Doran Patk Killen Rose 1845 27-Aug
Corr William James Smyth Ann Cunningham Matthew Clarke Eliza 1845 27-Sep
Cunningham Bridget John Murphy Mary McEvoy Patrick Murphy Mary 1845 03-Jul
Cunningham Cath John Quinn Mary Doran Hugh Quinn Mary 1845 02-Sep
Cunningham Catherine Wm. Morgan Mary Cunningham Joan Quinn Mary 1845 09-Jul
Cunningham James James Cunningham Rose Quinn Owen Cunningham Mary 1845 18-Jun
Cunningham Margret Owen Cunningham Rose Cunningham PAtk Cunningham Ellen 1845 26-Sep
Cunningham Michael John Cunningham Ellen Cunningham John Cunningham Mary 1845 Sept 23rd
Cunningham Susan Attey Byres Ellen Flanagan James Cunningham Biddy 1845 Sept 22nd
Cunningham William John Thompson Betty McVeigh Patrick Byrne Cath 1845 Aug 22nd
Currin Warren Warren Cunningham Mgt Small Ellen Cunningham Michael 1845 June 5th
Doran Catherine Dan Molloy Mary Cull Catherine Marmion George 1845 May 26th
Doran Catherine Dan Molloy Mary Cull Catherine Marmion George 1845 June 26th
Flanagan James Wm. not given (?D2) Mary Flanagan John McKeown Peggy 1845 July 23rd
Flanagan Jane Murty Moore Nelly McCullogh John Flanagan Ann 1845 June 20th
George Charles Matthew McAver Rose Sloan Edward Fearon Ellen 1845 July 26th
Haughian John Wm. Rogers Mary Sloan James Sloan Mary 1845 June 23rd
Henatty Sarah Luke Murphy Mary Bradley Fras None 1845 July 4th
Higgins Rose Peter White Margaret Sloan Owen Larkin Nancy 1845 July 15th
Hog Neal John Cunningham Margt. Chesnut John Cull Ann 1845 June 19th
Huston Cath James Foy MAry Clery John Foy Cath 1845 Sept 3rd
Kilpatrick James James ??? Mary Sloan Mary Bradley Pat 1845 June 17th
Lally John Pat McEvitt Rose Doran Dan Kennedy Mary 1845 Sept 28th
Laverty John Hugh Cull Mary Sloan Jemmey Cunningham Cath 1845 July 5th
Lennan Ann & Margaret ?? ?? ?? Sloan Sally Rooney Mary 1845 July 22nd
Magin Edward Edward Trainor Mary Trainor Wm Morgan Ellen 1845 June 4th
Marmion Pat John Richard Curtis Kitty McCartin Arthur Curtis Kitty 1845 Aug 10th
Mc?Dourt Hugh Hugh Farrell Mgt Doran Edward ??? Mary 1845 Aug 15th
McCann Margret Hugh Cunningham Sally Cunningham Susan None 1845 Sept 14th
McCullough Margret Dan Boden Cath Boden Ann None 1845 July 3rd
McElroy John James Crany? Margret Mc??? Mary None 1845 Sept 17th
McGivern Patk Patk Clarke Ann George John Mc?? Mary 1845 Sept 28th
MORGAN Edward Edward Trainor Mary Trainor Wm MAGIN Mary 1845 June 4th
O’Here Edward Pat Cunningham Rose Morgan Charles Levins Cath 1845 June 6th
Quinn James Matthew Quinn Mary Flanagan Tom Cunningham Nancy 1845 Aug 9th
Quinn James James Clarke Ellen Quinn John Foy Mary 1845 Aug 13th
Rogers John Pat King Hanah Rogers Matthew Colgan Ann 1845 Sept 19th
Rorke Betty Ann John ?McDonal Kitty Rorke Torney Cunningham Margret 1845 Aug 19th
Savage Patk Bernard Quinn Ellen Sloan Patk Savage Margret 1845 Sept 25th
Sloan Arthur John Sloan Cicily O’Here Hugh Sloan Mary 1845 Sept 24th
Sloan Hugh Bernard Quinn Mary Cassidy Thomas Sloan Mary 1845 July 13th
Sloan Hugh Pat Mullen Mary Flanagan Edward Sloan Alice 1845 Aug 10th
Sloan John Pat Rogers Cherry George James Sloan ?? 1845 July 8th
Sloan Mary Edward Murnian Peggy Sloan James Sloan Catherine 1845 July 2nd
Trainor John Edward Cunningham Mary Rooney Pat Sloan Ann 1845 Aug 4th
Trainor Thos. Hugh Sloan Mary Cunningham Henry Sloan Sally 1845 July 31st
Vaughan William Wm. Rice Nancy Marmion Mary Atkinson James 1845 June 18th
Ward Betty John Not given Shibby McCan Ann McCourt Patk 1845 Sept 23rd
Colgan Hugh Hugh Cunningham Mary Sloan John Bartley Ann 1860 July 24th
Cull Francis Henry Clarke Catherine Sloan Peter Cunningham Ann 1860 April 8th
Cunningham Margaret William Doran Ann Sloan Michael Doran Cath 1860 Jan 22nd
Curran Bernard Thomas Sloan Ann Sloan Bernard Cunningham Mary Ann 1860 April 24th
Divine Maria John Higgins Mary George Hugh Divine Mary 1860 April 13th
Doran Francis James James Colgan Sarah Sloan Peter George Mary Ann 1860 Aug 11th
Dougherty Elizabeth Pat Doherty Jane O’Neill Bridget Sloan James 1860 Sept 14th
Doyle John Pat Sloan Ann McGivern John Colgan Mary 1860 May 17th
Kennedy James James Campbell Rose Sloan John Campbell Mary 1860 Nov 1st
Killen John John Flanagan Margaret Sloan William Doran Mary Ann 1860 March 25th
Kinney Elizabeth David Davison Jane Sloan James Colgan Peggy 1860 April 27th
Kinney George Patrick Cunningham Sarah Rourke James Sloan Ann 1860 Aug 5th
Kinney John Henry Sloan Mary Brennan Peter Hughs Rose 1860 May 7th
Kinney Margaret Henry Sloan Mary Hughs Peter Hughs Margaret 1860 May 7th
Magivirn Thomas Daniel Sloan Biddy Magivern Thomas Brennan Ellen 1860 Feb 24th
Marmion George Hugh George Mary Ann Flanigan James Divine Rosey 1860 April 15th
McAvoy Sarah Peter Sloan Mary Murphy Peter Rogers Cath 1860 May 25th
McCulla John John Sloan Mary Doyle Thomas White Rose 1860 April 29th
Molloy John Patrick McCrink Ellen Haughian John Sloan Bridget 1860 July 18th
Mooney Margaret John Sloan Margaret Cunningham James Cunningham Rose 1860 Oct 17th
O’Hagan Thomas Hugh Rodgers Mary Sloan Bernard O’Hagan Catherine 1860 June 18th
Rice Margaret Pat McAvoy Ann Cunningham James Sloan Mary 1860 May 2nd
Robins Elizabeth John Sloane Mary Sloane Patrick Killen Bess 1860 Sept 25th
Rodgers Patrick Patrick Sloan Biddy Kinney Joseph Sloan Ellen 1860 Feb 19th
Sloan Catherine Henry Sloan Rose Trainor Hugh Sloan Mary 1860 Nov 19th
Sloan Ellen John Quinn Sarah Hennity Richard Colgan Rose 1860 June 1st
Sloan Henry John Dawson Mary Sloan Henry Cunningham Betty 1860 Feb 2nd
Sloan James William Sloan Betty Maguire Phillip Sloan Ann 1860 Aug 19th
Sloan James James Trainor MAry Sloan James Doran Biddy 1860 Jan 6th
Sloan James Nicholas Sloan Sarah Cull Christopher Burns Margaret 1860 July 6th
Sloan James John Trainor Mary Sloan William Colgan Catherine 1860 Oct 28th
Sloan John Stephen Feron Eliza Cunningham Thomas Sloan Mary 1860 Nov 18th
Sloan John Daniel Sloan Sally Sloan Eliza Sloan Patrick 1860 March 4th
Sloan Mary Patrick Sloan Ann Byrne James Quinn Ellen 1860 March 25th
Sloan Mary John Trainor Sally Sloan “Pounce” Colgan Mary 1860 May 17th
Sloan Patrick Arthur Sloan Margaret Sloan Bernard Bradley Catherine 1860 Sept 14th
Sloan Peter Michael Magee Ellen Magee James Colgan Bridget 1860 June 19th
?Sloan George? James Biddy Cunningham James Cunningham Not given 1861 Dec 9th
Cunningham Arthur Arthur ?M. Devine Peter Devine Cath Cunningham 1861 Jan 9th
Cunningham Mary Ann Bernard Mary Fitzpatrick Henry Fitzpatrick Rose Divine 1861 June 30th
Doran Catherine John Ellen Sloan James Burns Margt White 1861 Oct 18th
Doran Edward Edward Ann Doyle Patrick Sloan Margt West 1861 Oct 26th
Doran Mary Hugh Ellen Byrne Henry Cole Mary Sloan 1861 June 29th
Fegan Mary Margaret Pat Peggy Winters Owen Fegan Abby Kearney 1861 April 20th
Floods Fanny Arthur Susan Quinn H. Cunningham Biddy Floods 1861 May 9th
Foy Francis James Rose Sloan William Cunningham Rose ?Hamy 1861 May 30th
Killen Joseph Joseph Anne Rogers James Rogers Mary Sloan 1861 April 7th
Macartan Hugh Hugh Catherine Collins James Sloan Mary Morgan 1861 Feb 24th
Macartan Hugh Hugh Catherine Columns James Sloan Mary Morgan 1861 March 21st
Mackeral John Bernard Rose Bradley Richard Sloan Margt Mackarel 1861 Jan 3rd
Maguire John John Margaret Flanagan William Sloan Jane Flanagan 1861 Feb 8th
Marmion Alice John Elizabeth Sloan Henry Magee Ellen Macken 1861 June 12th
McAvoy Patt Peter Mary Sloan John Sloan Mary Murphy 1861 Jan 1st
McCulla Bernard John Eliza Sloan John Sloan Catherine McCulla 1861 Jan 1st
McGivern John John Mary Sloan Pat Magee Ann Magivern 1861 Feb 24th
McGivern Margaret John Sarah Murphy Hugh Morgan Ann Sloan 1861 April 21st
Quinn Catherine Terence Mary Sloan William Huit Margaret West 1861 March 19th
Quinn Henry Patrick Catherine Sloan Michael Quinn Margaret Sloan 1861 April 5th
Quinn Patrick Henry Sally Rourke Thomas Magivern Eliza Sloan 1861 July 20th
Rice Catherine James Bridget Trainor Nicholas Dawson Dan Sloan 1861 Feb 8th
Rodgers Margaret Francis Mary Kelly or Kielty Own Cunningham Rose Sloane 1861 Oct 13th
Rooney Martha James Mary Sloan John Colgan Mary Rooney 1861 Dec 22nd
Sloan Ellen Nicholas Sarah Fitzpatrick Hannah Burns Pat Morgan 1861 Feb 27th
Sloan Henry James Maria Ross Henry Ross Mary Sloan 1861 July 26th
Sloan Hugh Pat Biddy McGivern Michael Farrel Sally McGivern 1861 Oct 25th
Sloan James John Eliza MacKarell Peter MacKerell Bridget Colgan 1861 Dec 15th
Sloan John James Mary Foy John Sloan Ellen Foy 1861 Jan 30th
Sloan John James Mary Magivern Francis Sloan Jane Finigan 1861 Aug 25th
Sloan Mary Bernard Moolly Quinn John Sloan Catherine Sloan 1861 Sept 29th
Sloan Patrick Thomas Cecily Dowdall Henry Magee Bess McGivern 1861 Jan 13th
Sloan Patrick Bernard Mary Hagan John Hagan Bridget Rourke 1861 March 24th
Sloan Rose James Ann Sloan John Colgan Catherine McKaenor?? 1861 May 9th
Sloan Sarah Daniel Sally Sloan Wm Sloan Sarah Doran 1861 Dec 25th
Sloan Susan James Catherine Morgan Patt Quinn Peggy Doran 1861 Feb 27th
Sloan Wm JOhn Sally McElroy Wm. McElroy Mary Doran 1861 Dec 26th
Wherrity Ann Own Ellen Doyle Patt Cunningham Mary Sloan 1861 Dec 6th
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