Castletown District Birth Records, Co. Cork

This page features civil Birth Records for the district of Castletown in Co. Cork and includes full names (where possible), the year of birth, and the quarter in which the birth occurred. A searchable index of all available birth records is available here.

Name Year Quarter
Bridget Abbott 1872
Bridget Kelly 1884 1st
Catherine Duffy 1868
Charlotte Louisa Watkins 1883 1st
Denis Florence McCarthy 1873
Denis McCarthy 1873
Denis Rohane 1866
Ellen Abbott 1867
Ellen Rohane 1865
Fanny Mullins 1865
Florence Abbott 1867
Frances Kelly 1884 1st
James Rohane 1864
James Rohane 1866
James Rohane 1868
Jeremiah Sullivan 1884 1st
John Kelly 1884 1st
John McCarthy 1886 1st
John McCarthy 1883 2nd
John McCarthy 1885 2nd
John McCarthy 1886 2nd
John McCarthy 1883 3rd
John McCarthy 1884 3rd
John McCarthy 1882 4th
John Rohane 1866
Margaret McCarthy 1883 2nd
Margaret McCarthy 1885 2nd
Mary Ann Baker 1872
Mary Donegan 1868
Mary Duggan 1867
Mary Foley 1867
Mary Rohane 1865
Mary Rohane 1865
Mary Rohane 1866
Mary Rohane 1866
Matilda Margaret Watkins 1881 2nd
Michael Ahern 1869
Michael Rohane 1866
Michael Rohane 1868
Patrick Rohane 1867
Philip Rohane 1864
William Henry Hoskin 1869
William Herbert Watkin 1884 3rd

Civil Registration Records

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