St. David’s, Naas Graveyard Records, Co. Kildare

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This page features free records for St. David’s, Naas Graveyard, Co. Kildare, transcribed by Brian McCabe and Dr. Jane Lyons and exclusive to

Surname Name Address Death Age
Alcock Jane
Aloysius John 21/02/1883 4
Archbold Gerald
Berverhoudt Lt. Adam
Beverhoudt Helena 13/02/1929 22
Beverhoudt (nee) Jackson Helena
Bourke Anne Charlotte
Bourke Charles Fowler
Bourke John
Bourke John
Bourke Joseph 17/08/1794 63
Bourke Joseph
Brannan James
Brannan Jane Naas 04/02/1764 72
Brannan Mary 07/06/1752 40
Brannan Mary
Brannan Patrick 11/05/1797 77
Brannan Patrick
Brennan Michael Naas 23/06/1824 19
Brennen Michael
Brennen Thos
Brereton Elizabeth
Brereton Elizabeth 23/10/1694
Brereton Rev. John
Brophy Christiana
Brophy Christina 13/05/1815 28
Brophy Daniel
Brophy Lucinda
Brophy Lucindia Infant
Brophy Mary Naas 18/08/1812 30
Brophy Mary
Brophy Patrick
Brophy Patrick
Brophy Thomas Infant
Brophy Thomas
Brugh Florinda 15/04/1830 70
Burgh Thomas Oldtown 28/11/1832 78
Burgh Thomas
Cale John 25/03/1840 47
Cale John
Cale William Naas 22/10/1831 37
Cale William
Callaghan Edward 07/07/1849 40
Callaghan Edward
Callaghan Jane 7
Callaghan Jane
Callaghan Judith 30/01/1827 45
Callaghan Judith
Callaghan Julia
Callaghan Julian 12
Callaghan Lucy
Callaghan Mary
Callaghan Mary
Callaghan Patrick 10/03/1852 45
Callaghan Patrick
Callaghan Richard 04/06/1833 61
Callaghan Richard 02/09/1821 33
Callaghan Richard
Callaghan Richard O. 09/03/1859 25
Callaghan William 16/12/1858 56
Callaghan William
Carden Derrick
Carpenter Arabella
Carpenter Cissila Ann
Carpenter John
Carpenter Joshua
Carpenter Joshua
Carpenter Mary
Carpenter Phillipp
Carpenter Thomas
Carpenter Ursula
Carpenter Urusla
Chapman Brig. Gen. Archibald John
Chapman John 06/06/1950
Clover E. W. 26/11/1954
Clover Rev., E. W.
Cooper Cecil Charles Arthur 12/08/1908 25
Cooper Lt. Cecil Charles
Coughlan Mary 02/08/1748 34
Coughlan Mary
Coughlan Mr.
Coughlan Mr.
Coughlan Patrick
Currin Catherine
Currin John Naas 29/04/1840 52
Currin John
De Burgh Anna Louisa 29/12/1857 71
De Burgh Anna Louisa
De Burgh Capt. Hubert
De Burgh Charlotte Josephine
De Burgh Charlotte Josephine 04/08/1913
De Burgh Col. Ulick George Campbell
De Burgh Elizabeth Ann
De Burgh Emily
De Burgh Emily 20/05/1913
De Burgh George 1922
De Burgh Henrietta
De Burgh Henrietta 01/07/1889
De Burgh Hubert 06/10/1960 81
De Burgh Hugo Henry Patrick
De Burgh Hugo Henry Patrick Ballinapierce, Co. Wexford 11/04/1900
De Burgh Lt. Col. Thomas John
De Burgh Lt. Thomas
De Burgh Marjory 23/04/1978 88
De Burgh Maurice
De Burgh Rev. Thomas John
De Burgh Rev. William Edward
De Burgh Thomas
De Burgh Thomas Oldtown 17/09/1914
De Burgh Thomas
De Burgh Thomas John Cloyne 05/09/1845 59
De Burgh Thomas John 07/09/1931
De Burgh William 15/10/1866 66
De Burgh William, D. D.
De Burgh
De Burgh (nee) Paget Blanche 1915
Donnelly Bartholomew
Donnelly Batholemew Naas 12/11/1811 56
Donnelly Lucy 14/04/1825 80
Donnelly Lucy
Donohoe John
Donohoe John M.
Donohoe Mary 25/01/1878 68
Donohoe Mary 29/12/1873 40
Donohoe Mary
Donohoe Mary
Dooling Edwd
Dooling Edwd 27/05/1808
Dooling (nee) Dunn Judith
Dooling (nee) Dunn Judtih 02/11/1807
Dunbavin Anne 27/07/1805 10
Dunbavin Anne
Dunbavin John Dublin 14/11/1802 9
Dunbavin John
Dunbavin Mary 21/07/1810 13
Dunbavin Mary
Dunbavin Sarah 12/02/1814 16
Dunbavin Sarah
Dunbavin Wi…
Eagleton Anne
Eagleton Anne 27/08/1866
Eagleton Catherine Infant
Eagleton Catherine
Eagleton Edward Joseph 21/02/1833 10
Eagleton Edward Joseph
Eagleton Eliza
Eagleton Hugh Infant
Eagleton Hugh Naas 22/12/1817 74
Eagleton Hugh
Eagleton Hugh 10/08/1836
Eagleton John 22/06/1851 21
Eagleton John
Eagleton John Aloysius
Eagleton Julia Infant
Eagleton Julia Infant
Eagleton Julia
Eagleton Julia 15/06/1869
Eagleton Julia Anne
Eustace Alice
Eustace Alice 03/12/1924
Eustace Charles Dublin City 10/06/1801 65
Eustace Charles
Eustace Charles Robertstown 10/06/1801
Eustace Charles 1732
Eustace Lt. Gen. Charles
Eustace (nee) McCausland Alicia
Eustace (nee) McCausland Alicia Strabane 03/12/1824
Fisher Capt. Edward
Fisher Edward 09/12/1659
Fisher Elizabeth
Fisher Elizabeth
Fisher Katharine
Fisher Katharine
Fisher Mawdle
Forster Andrew
Forster Andrew Naas 1718
Forster Robart
Forster Robart 28/04/1723
Forster William
Forster William 1707
Forster (nee) Sherlock Catrine
Forster (nee) Sherlock Catrine 1682
Fowler Bourke Charles 04/04/1899
Gardiner Florinda
Geoghegan Bryan
Geoghegan Bryan
Geoghegan Charles 15/05/1776 80
Geoghegan Charles
Geoghegan Honour
Geoghegan Honour 1749
Geoghegan Ioe 28/02/1769 93
Geoghegan Joe
Gill Robert
Gillett Mary Naas 14/07/1824 63
Gillett Mary
Goodau Stephen
Gray Elizabeth Frances 22/04/1922 25
Gray Elizabeth Frances
Guthrie W. D.
Hanbury Arthur Lamprier
Hanbury Mary Florinda
Hanbury Mary Florinda 23/12/1914
Heale Anthony
Heale Susanna
Heale Susanna 168?
Hollegan Hefter 17/12/1781 78
Hollegan Hefter
Hollegan Wm Naas 08/02/1777 84
Hollegan Wm
Horne John
Horne William
Hughs Thomas
Hughs Thomas Naas
Hutchinson Richard Hely
Hyland Anne
Hyland Francess
Hyland John 63
Hyland John
Hyland Joseph
Hyland Joseph
Hyland Judith
Hyland Judith
Hyland Mary 49
Hyland Mary
Hyland Mary Anne
Hyland Mary Anne
Hyland Thomas Naas 05/08/1892 71
Hyland Thomas 26/11/1892 3
Hyland Thomas
Hyland Thomas
Hyland Infant
Hyland Infant
Jackson Thomas
Latton Anna
Latton George 08/07/1773 59
Latton George
Latton Guilelmus
Latton Guilielmus
Latton Jane 1719
Latton John 1731 21
Latton Patrick Morristown 19/06/1732 64
Latton Patrick
Latton Patrick
Latton (nee) O’Ferrall Catherine Ballyna 12/11/1800 66
Lawler James 21/09/1791 52
Lawler James
Lawler Rose
Lee Christopher Knight 26/03/1835 25
Lee Lt. Christopher Knight
Leverton Anne
Leverton Anne
Leverton Henry Naas
Leverton James
Leverton Margaret 10/03/1894 90
Leverton Margaret
Loveland Arthur
Lowery Capt.
Lowery Susanna Naas 03/04/1806 28
Lowery Susanna
Lutterel Anna
MacDonald Alexander 23/07/1823 52
MacDonald Alexander
MacDonald John 14/12/1875 62
MacDonald John
MacDonald Terence Jigginstown 31/12/1817 68
MacDonald Terence 05/11/1874 64
MacDonald Terence
Mallan Catherine 12/08/1817 25
Mallan Catherine
Mallan Elizabeth 10/01/1817 61
Mallan Elizabeth
Mallan Judith
Mallan Judtih 07/08/1816 20
Mallan Thomas 20/06/1814 74
Mallan Thomas
McCausland Olliver
McGreger (nee) Wilkinson Elizabeth
McGregor (nee) Wilkinson Elizabeth 27/08/1834 26
Mercer Mawdlen
Mitchel James Borahard House, Kildare 14/02/1847 96
Mitchel James
Mitchel John 01/06/1846 48
Mitchel John
Moore Alice Geraldine
Moore Alice Geraldine Cheltenham 21/11/1931
Moore Florence Henrietta Fanny
Moore Florence Henrietta Fanny Killashee 29/09/1887
Moore George 10/9/1799 26
Moore Leger Killashee 13/10/1921 74
Moore Lt. Colr. St. leger
Moore Maj. Stephen Blyth
Moore Sgt. George
Moore Stephen Blyth Wynberg, South Africa 04/06/1901 51
Moore Thom 16/09/1699
Moore Thomas
Moorehead Bridget 24/10/1820 24
Moorehead Bridget
Moorehead George 24/04/1827 36
Moorehead George
Mosely Oswald
Murphy Elizabeth 08/03/1883 78
Murphy Elizabeth
Murphy James Naas 21/03/1871 62
Murphy James
Murphy James
O’Callaghan Richard
O’Ferrall Catherin
O’Reilly Garrett 09/06/1778 58
O’Reilly Garrett
Owens James 14/07/1741 52
Owens James 09/04/1762 47
Owens James
Owens James Naas 1756
Owens John 1762 16
Owens John
Owens 14/06/1744
Paget Blanche
Pearce Edward Lovett
Plunkett Jane 18/04/1782 40
Plunkett Jane
Plunkett John 22/04/1808 72
Plunkett John
Read Martha
Read (nee) Gillett Martha 63
Spencer Albreda Mary 09/10/1933 78
Spencer Albreda Mary
Spencer William Thomas
Stewart Frances Naas 29/11/1804 28
Stewart Frances
Stewart Sophea
Thomas Lewis
Thomas Lewis 03/05/1824
Thomas Maj. Gen. Lewis
Uttrell Anne Morristown 1600
Vinegor Richard
Wailsh Petrvs
Warren Geraldine F. L.
Warren Geraldine F. L. London 04/06/1928
Weldon Arthur
Weldon Capt. George Anthony
Weldon George Anthony 20/10/1899 33
Weldon Rachel Louisa
Weldon Thomas, Col
Wilkinson Thomas 08/08/1862 79
Wilkinson Thomas
Wilkinson Thos
Wilson Cathrine
Wilson Edward 30/12/1816 84
Wilson Edwd
Wilson Julia
Wilson Julia
Wilson Margaret
Wilson Margaret 22/11/1874
Wilson Mary Naas 21/12/1800 52
Wilson Mary
Wilson William 18/02/1819 71
Wilson William 25/12/1833 27
Wilson William
Wilson Infant
Wilson Infant
Wolfe Charlotte Sophia 19/01/1870 71
Wolfe Rev. Richard
Wolfe (nee) Hutchinson Charlotte Sophia

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