Delgany Old Graveyard Records, Co. Wicklow

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This page features free records for Delgany Old Graveyard, Co. Wicklow.

Surname Name
Armstrong John
Ball Charles
Ball George
Ball John
Ball William
Bath Dorothy
Bath William
Bell Joshua
Bell Mary
Boyle Anne
Bradshaw Catherine
Bradstreet John
Bradstreet Joseph
Bradstreet Simon
Bradstreet William
Bunn John
Bunn Mary
Byrne Charles
Byrne Easter
Carefoot John
Carefoot Mary
Carney William
Carrigg (nee) Evans Eliza
Chapman Samuel
Chapman Sarah
Clarke David
Daniel Charles
Daniel Daniel
Daniel Margaret
Davis Saml
Dickeson Francis
Doyle Charles
Doyle Joseph
Edwards Joseph
Edwards Mary
Evans James
Evans John
Evans Mary
Evans Thomasina
Eves Jonathan
Eves Zechariah
Fairbrother William
Farel James
Farel Nora
Farrell Catherine
Farrell John
Farrell William
Fearigh David
Ferrall Thadee
Forbes Lord
Fox Catherine
Fox Martha Frances
Fox Mary Ann
Fox Richard
Fox Susana
Fox William
Green John
Grundy Joseph
Heard Mary
Heard Michael
Hedley John
Holmes Ann
Holmes John
Hore Dority
Hore Eaden
Hore Shusanna
Hore Willm
Hudson Richard
Johnston Edward
Johnston Edward Cary
Johnston Martha Jane
Johnston William Henry
K. Bryan
K. Sarah
Keegan Edward
Keegan John
Keegan Margaret
Keegan William
Keighley Anne
Keighley Augustus
Keighley Elizabeth
Keighley George
Keighley George
Keighley Margaret
Keighley William
Latouche Peter
Lawless James
Lawless Margaret
Lawless Patrick
Lawless Sarah
Lawless William
Lawrence Anne
Lawrence Daniel
Lawrence Elizabeth
Lawrence Maria
Lawrence Samuel
Lawrence Samuel
Learey, (nee) Massey Alice
Marisey Richard
Martin Adam
Martin Isaac
Martin John
Martin Mary
Massey Jean
Massey William
Mayne James
Mayne Jane Eliza
Mayne Margaret Catherine
McDaniel James
McDonald Anne Frost
McDonald Francis
McLaughlin Thomas
Murphey John
Murphey Margaret
Murphy Delia
Murphy Patrick
Mury John
Nailer Elizabeth
Nailer John
Nailer Margaret
Neale Joan
Neale Richard
O’Mara Richard
Pender Martha
Pursil David
Quinn Anne
Quinn D. J.
Quinn Matthew
Quinn Patrick
Quinn Susan
Richardson Richard
Richardson Samuel
Rowan Elizabeth
Rylands Thos
Sammon Martha
Scott Elizabeth
Scott James
Scott John
Stanley John
Stanley Thadee
Stevenson John
Sutton Anthony
Sutton Ealenor
Sutton Samuel
Tyer Laughlin
Tyer Mary
Valentine Benjamin
Valentine Elizabeth
Valentine William
Vicars George
Vicars Richard
Vicars Richard John
Vicars, (nee) Hedley Deborah
Williamson George
Williamson Henry
Williamson Mary Anne

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