Donagh Graveyard Records, Co. Fermanagh

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This page features free records for Donagh Graveyard, Co. Fermanagh, transcribed by P.O’M and P. O’G and exclusive to

Surname Name
Beggan Michael
Beggan Thomas
Beggan (nee) McBryan Margery
Bigan Cathrine
Bigan Hugh
Boyle James
Boyle John
Boyle Margaret
Boyle Margaret
Breen Bernard
Breen James
Breen John
Breslin Margaret
Breslin Margret
Bullfinch (nee) Smyth Jean
Burns Peter
Carey Alexander
Carey John
Carey Patrick
Carey Philip
Carey Rose
Cassidy James
Cassidy (nee) Lochan Margaret
Clarke (nee) Cadden Bridget
Collins Hugh
Collins John
Collins Matilda
Collins Patrick
Collins Peter
Collins Rose
Collins Sarah
Collon Patrick
Conlon Margaret
Coreken Edward
Corgan Patrick
Cosgrave Andrew
Cosgrave John
Cosgrave Mary
Crodden James
Crodden Phelim
Crudden Mary
Crudden Sarah
Crudden Patrick
Donan Tarlaugh
Donegan Catherine
Donegan John
Donegan Rev. James
Donegan Thomas
Donegan Thomas
Donegan William
Dorcy Ann
Dunnagan Catharin
Dunnagan Elizabeth
Dunnagan John
Dunnagan Terence
Faux William
Fitzpatrick Patrick
Fodaghan Mary
Fodahan Patrick
Fodahan Thomas
Gillees Philip
Gilroy Bernard
Gleason Catherine
Goodwin Michiel
Goodwin Private R. A. C.
Graydon Anne
Gudden Cathrin
Gudden Denis
Gudden Hugh
Gudden Margret
Gudden (nee) Rea Cathrine
Gudden (nee) Shae Mary
Gun Bridget
Gun Edmund
Gun Hugh
Gun Hugh
Gun Hugh
Gun John
Gun Joseph
Gun Mary
Gun (nee) Morris Bridget
Gunn James
Gunn Terence
Halpin William
Handlen William
Heany Bernadette
Heany Shaun
Heany William
Hicks Robert
Hunt James
Hunt Laurence
Hunt Margaret
Hunt Patt
Kearns Matthew
Keary John
Keary Michael
Keary Patrick
Keenan John
Keenan Patrick
Keiran James
Keiran John
Keiran Thomas
Keiran (nee) Donocho Elinor
Kelly Alexander
Kelly Hugh
Kelly Matilda
Kelly Terence
Keran Mary
Kerry Eleanor
Kerry Thomas
Kery Hugh
Kieran Hugh
Kieran Mary
Kieran Patrick Sen.
Kieran Peter
Kiran Rev. Patrick
Leonard Anna
Leonard Eleanor
Leonard John
Leonard (nee) Maguire Meary
Lynch John
Lynch Mary Ann
Lynch Peter
Lynch Thomas
Magowan Terence
Maguire Art.
Maguire Cormac
Maguire Cormick
Maguire Cornelius
Maguire Edward
Maguire Felix
Maguire Francis
Maguire James
Maguire James
Maguire James
Maguire John
Maguire Michael
Maguire Pat
Maguire Patrick
Maguire Patrick
Maguire Patt
Maguire Paul
Maguire Philip
Maguire Roger
Maguire Rose
Maguire Simon
Maguire Thomas
Maguire Thomas
Maguire (nee) Cosgrove Catharine
Makgian Ann
Martin Alley
Martin Owen
McAllees Elinor
McAnn/Halpin Margaret
McAtegart Bryan
McAtegart Mary
McAtegart Patrick
McCaffrey Denis
McCaffrey Jane
McCaffrey Philip
McCaffrey Rose
McCaffry Mary
McClean Philip
McConnell Bessie
McConnell Terence
McCormick Alice
McCormick Alice
McCormick Elizabeth
McCormick Elizabeth
McCormick Francis
McCormick Jane
McCormick John
McDermod Bryan
McDermot Bryan
McDermot Charles
McDermot Henry
McDermott James
McDermott Simon
McDonagh Thomas
McDonaghy Francis
McDonald Alexander
McDonald Hugh
McDonald Myles
McDonnell Ann
McDonnell Edward
McDonnell James
McDonnell Mary
McGovern Anthony
McGowan Sarah
McGrory Catherine
McGrory Margaret
McGrory Patrick
McGrory Patrick
McGun John
McGun Mary
McGun Mary
McGun (nee) McGillgun Catherine
McIgun Bridget
McLGunn Owen
McMahon Cormick
McMahon Patrick
McMahon Philip
McMahon Rose
McMahon Thomas
McMurry Charles
McMurry Patrick
McSweney Myles
McVinne (nee) McDonaghy Hanna
Micelgunn Daniel
Moan Ann
Moan Ann
Moan Anne
Moan Arthur
Moan Edward
Moan Francis
Moan James
Moan James
Moan James
Moan James
Moan John
Moan Rose
Mohan John
Mohan martin
Monaghan Peter
Money Patrick
Morris Conner
Morris Juggy
Morris Katren
Mowen James
Mowen Judith
Mowen Margaret
Mowen Mary
Mowen Michael
Mowen Philip
Mowen Sarah
Muldoon Daniel
Mullan James
Mullan & James
Mulledoon Daniel
Mulligan John
Mulligan Rev. Felix
Murphy Patrick
Murphy Thomas
Naan Elizabeth
Naan James
Naan John
Naan Joseph
Naan Maggie Ann
Neason Anne
Neason Bridget
Neason James
Neason Margaret
Neason Thomas
Noble Francis
Noble Jane
Noble Judith
Noble Mary
Noble Watson
O’Breen Margaret
O’Bryan Terence
O’Reilly Anne
O’Reilly Thomas
Prunty Catherine
Reilly Elenor
Reilly Hanna
Reilly Mary
Reilly Owen
Reily Patrick
Rorke Ann
Scallon Danaghy
Scollan James
Scollen Margaret
Sharkey Dinis
Sharkey Edmund
Sharkey Peter
Skallan Bryan
Smyth Bridget
Smyth Elizabeth
Smyth Mary
Smyth Patrick
Smyth Patrick
Sweeney James
Sweeney Mary
Tearney James
Threasy Phelimy
Tierney Iuggy
Tracy Philip
Tracy Thomas
Wallace Catherine
Winney Hugh

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