Griffith’s Primary Valuation Records: Search

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From the 1820s to the 1840s a complex process of reform attempted to standardise the basis of local taxation in Ireland. The first steps were to map and fix administrative boundaries through the Ordnance Survey and the associated Boundary Commission. The next step was to assess the productive capacity of all property in the country in a thoroughly uniform way. Richard Griffith, a geologist based in Dublin, became Boundary Commissioner in 1825 and Commissioner of Valuation in 1827. The results of his great survey, the Primary Valuation of Ireland, were published between 1847 and 1864. The valuation is arranged by county, barony, Poor Law Union, civil parish and townland, and it lists every landholder and every householder in Ireland.

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Anderson GeorgeViscount De VesciClonkeenLaois
Healy WilliamAgnew & BarklieTownparksAntrim
Broderick JohnAgnew JamesCurran & DrumalissAntrim
Carson WilliamAgnew JamesCurran & DrumalissAntrim
Crooke SamuelAgnew JamesCurran & DrumalissAntrim
Dale WilliamAgnew JamesCurran & DrumalissAntrim
Dixon Thomas x 2Agnew JamesCurran & DrumalissAntrim
Fleming AlexanderAgnew JamesCurran & DrumalissAntrim
Hamilton JohnAgnew JamesCurran & DrumalissAntrim
Hood JohnAgnew JamesCurran & DrumalissAntrim
Mallon JamesAgnew JamesCurran & DrumalissAntrim
Maninch RobertAgnew JamesBallyboleyAntrim
M'Auley NealAgnew JamesGreenlandAntrim
Maxwell JohnAgnew JamesBallyboleyAntrim
M'Cairey WilliamAgnew JamesGreenlandAntrim
M'Cauley JohnAgnew JamesCurran & DrumalissAntrim
M'Claverty NealAgnew JamesCurran & DrumalissAntrim
M'Clements PatrickAgnew JamesCurran & DrumalissAntrim
M'Elvenna FelixAgnew JamesCurran & DrumalissAntrim
M'Garvock JohnAgnew JamesCurran & DrumalissAntrim
M'Gill PatrickAgnew JamesCurran & DrumalissAntrim
M'Laverty NealAgnew JamesCurran & DrumalissAntrim
M'Neill CatherineAgnew JamesCurran & DrumalissAntrim
M'Neill MalcolmAgnew JamesCurran & DrumalissAntrim
Moore GeorgeAgnew JamesGreenlandAntrim
M'Quillan CharlesAgnew JamesCurran & DrumalissAntrim
Nelson JamesAgnew JamesBallyboleyAntrim
O'Hammill MargaretAgnew JamesCurran & DrumalissAntrim
Robinson MargaretAgnew JamesBallyboleyAntrim
Sheeran JohnAgnew JamesCurran & DrumalissAntrim
Stevenson AndrewAgnew JamesCurran & DrumalissAntrim
Stewart RoseAgnew JamesCurran & DrumalissAntrim
Crooks SamuelAgnew James Curran & DrumalissAntrim
Gillies RobertAgnew James BallyboleyAntrim
M'Coy WilliamAgnew James Curran & DrumalissAntrim
Cuddy ThomasArmstrong, JohnMain streetAntrim
Looney JohnArmstrong, JohnBallydonaghyAntrim
Richman WilliamArmstrong, JohnBallydonaghyAntrim
Clooney JohnArmstrong, John, sen.BallydonaghyAntrim
Fanning JamesArmstrong, John, sen.BallydonaghyAntrim
Gray AlexanderArmstrong, John, sen.BallydonaghyAntrim
Johnston EllenArmstrong, John, sen.BallydonaghyAntrim
Mallon JohnArmstrong, John, sen.BallydonaghyAntrim
Toal JohnArmstrong, John, sen.BallydonaghyAntrim
Whiteside DavidArmstrong, John, sen.BallydonaghyAntrim
Coey JamesBarklie Archibald SirBallyloranAntrim
Unoccupied Barklie Thomas AntivilleAntrim
Hume George A.Bell, Robert (in Chancery)BallygortgarveAntrim
Bell RachelBell, WilliamAghnadarraghAntrim
M'Veigh WilliamBell, WilliamAghnadarraghAntrim
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