St. John’s, Ardamine Graveyard Records, Co. Wexford

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This page features free records for St. John’s, Ardamine Wexford, Co. Laois.

Surname Name
Barnes Esther
Barnes George
Barnes George William
Barnes John
Beresford John
Beresford Sarah
Breen Anne
Breen John
Breen Patrick
Breen Tuilah
Brian Mary
Brien Francis
Brien Margaret
Bryan Anastatia
Bryan John
Builger Kean
Builger Bridget
Butler Catherin
Butler Edward
Butler Henry
Butler James
Butler Pierce
Byrne Allice
Byrne Anne
Byrne Bridget
Byrne Catherine
Byrne Catherine
Byrne James
Byrne James
Byrne John
Byrne Michael
Byrne Peter
Byrne Peter
Byrne Terns
Byrne Thomas
Byrne William
Casey Sarah
Casey William
Chaloner Louisa
Chaloner William
Collins Ethel
Collins Mary Isabella
Collins Philip
Dillon Mary
Dillon Robert
Doran Peter
Doyle Andrew
Doyle James
Doyle John
Doyne Marianne
Eicingham Sean R.
Etchingham Thomas
Evans Harriet
Evans Thomas
Finn James
Fitzgerald Anne
Fitzgerald Denis
Fitzpatrick John
Fitzpatrick Margaret
Fitzpatrick Thomas
Fitzpatrick (nee) Breen Elizabeth
Fortune Garrett
Fortune Moles
Frances Ward Isabella
Goddard Richards Bernard John
Goddard Richards John
Godkin Joseph Henry
Groome Edward
Groome Sarah
Hendrick Edward
Hendrick Mary
Higgins Elizabeth
Higgins Thaddeus
Hogan Margaret
Johnson Marianne
Johnson Samuel
Karney Cathrine
Karney Mary
Karney Mary
Karney Moses
Karney Mathew
Kavanagh Bridget
Kavanagh Denis
Kavanagh Edward
Kavanagh Frank
Kavanagh James
Kavanagh James
Kavanagh John
Kavanagh Mary
Kavanagh Mary
Kavanagh Sarah
Kavanagh Sarah
Kean Mary
Keane Anne
Keane Daniel
Keane Edw
Keane Elizabeth
Keane James
Keane James
Keane Margaret
Keane Peter
Kease John
Keays Jno
Keays Kays
Keays (nee) Cleary Judith
Keegan Fin
Keegn Margt
Keho Dennis
Kehoe Aleishe
Kehoe Cathrine
Kehoe James
Kehoe Miles
Kehoe Moses
Kerwan Anne
Kerwan James
Keyes Family
Keys Frances
Keys Frances
Keys James
Keys James
Keys Jane
Keys Jane
Keys Mary
Keys Mary
Keyse Patrick Richard
Kinney Peter
Kinsley Charles
Kinsley (nee) Halten Elizabeth
Kinsley (nee) Haresson Catherine
Kinsley (nee) Leary Winifred
Kirk Dove William
Lawler (nee) Casey Mary
Lawless Anne
Lawless Bridget
Lawless Catherine
Lawless Edward
Lawless Isaac
Lawless Isaac
Lawless James
Lawless John
Lawless John
Lawless John
Lawless John
Lawless John
Lawless Margret
Lawless Mary
Lawless Mary
Lawless Miles
Lawless Myles
Lawless Nicholas
Lawless Rosanna
Lawless Roseanna
Lawless Thomas
Lawless Ellen
LeHunte Ward Thomas
Maconchy George
Maconchy (nee) Richards Louisa Elizabeth
Magraugh (nee) Kefe Mary
Maguire James
Maguire Sarah
Massey Elizabeth
Maud Richards Katherine
McDonald Anemira
McDonald Bridget
McDonald John
McDonald John Thomas
McDonald Mary
McDonald Michael
McDonald Michl
McDonald Murtha
McDonald Thomas
McDonald (nee) Farrell Agnes
Mordaunt Richards Arthur William
Mordaunt Richards Sophia
Morris Henry
Morris Mary
Mulloy Andrew
Murphy Garret
Murphy Mary
Murphy Thos
Murphy (nee) Lawless
Newman John
Newman Mary
Numan William
Penston George
Penston James
Pickering Richards Walter Hayes
Proctor Thomas
Proctor William
Proctor (nee) Johnson
Qugly Thomas
Redmond Catherin
Redmond Edward
Redmond James
Redmond John
Redmond Mary
Redmond Mary
Redmond Michael
Redmond Moses
Redmond Patrick
Redmond Patrick
Redmond Patrick
Redmond Peter
Redmond Thomas
Redmond William
Redmond John
Reid Bridget
Richards Arthur
Richards Augustus
Richards Frank
Richards Lillie
Richards R. E.
Richards Solomon
Richards Solomon Augustus
Richards William Reynolds
Richards Arthur
Richards Robert Edward
Richards (nee) Ward Catherine
Richards (nee) Wynne Catherine
Ruth Richard
Shuldham Molyneux William
Sinnott Charles
Sinnott Elizabeth
Sinnott James
Sinnott Margaret
Sinnott Margaret
Sinnott Samuel
Sinnott (nee) Casey Margaret
Sophia (nee) Doyne Emily
Stewart J.
Stewart John
Stratford Collins James
Sutherland Richards John
Taylor John
Taylor John
Taylor Mary Sarah
Taylor Peter
Taylor Sarah
Taylor Sarah Mary
Taylor Thomas
Taylor William
Verschoyle G. J. F.
Waddock James
Waddock Margt
Waddock Thos
Wade Thoby
Walsh (nee) Kefe Ann
Walsh (nee) Kefe Ann
Walter Doyne Philip
Welch (nee) Byrne Cecily
Whailon Thomas
Whealin John
Whealin William
Whelan Doughal
Whelan Margaret
Whelan Mary
Whelan Patrick
Whelan Peter
Whelan Sarah
Whelan Thomas
Wilds Edward
Wilds Eleanor
Wynne Catherine

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