Kilcavan Graveyard Records, Co. Wexford

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This page features free records for Kilcavan Graveyard, Co. Wexford.

Surname Name
Berney Jacob
Brein Michael
Byrne Bridget
Byrne Charles
Canavan Catharine
Canavan John
Carthy Bridget
Condren Alexander
Condren Daniel
Condren Elanor
Condren Fanny M.
Condren Michael
Condren Michl
Condren Morgan
Condren Sarah
Cullen James
Cullin James
Cullin Mary
Cullon Christopher
Cullon John
Cullon Margery
Darcy Bridget
Darcy Bridget A. J.
Darcy James
Darcy James Joseph
Darcy Mary
Darcy Michael
Darcy Miles
Darcy Peter
Darcy Terence
Darcy Winifred
Dong James
Dornen / Doornen Edward
Doyle Edward
Doyle Elenor
Doyle Marey
Doyle Michl
Doyle Patrick
Doyle William
Enger Siscely
Finn James
Finn Patrick
Finn Serah
Graham John
Graham Mary
Harley Judeth
Hickey John
Jordan Andrew
Kavanagh Anne
Kavanagh Denis
Kavanagh James
Kavanagh Miles
Kavanagh Sarah
Kelley John
Kelly Catherine
Kelly John
Kelly Michael
Keohoe Patk
Kinch Edward
Kinch Elizth
Kinch Peter
Kinsley Elizabeth
Kinsley Garrett
Kinsley Murtagh
Kinsly Peter
Kirevan Hugh
Kirevan Judith
Kirevan Mathew
Laughlin Ann
Laughlin Michael
Lawless Catharine
Lawless James
Lawless Maria
Leonard John
Leonard Patrick
Loughlin Bridget
Loughlin Catharine
Loughlin Daniel
Loughlin John
Loughlin Patrick
Masterson Catherine
Masterson Elizabeth
Masterson John
Masterson Lizzie
Masterson Mary
Masterson Nicholas
Masterson Thomas
McDonald Alexander
McDonald Bridget
McDonald Bryan
McDonald James
McDonald Joseph
McDonald Patrick
McDonald Thomas
McGrath Mary
McGrath Thomas
Mernagh James
Mulhall Mary
Mulhall Thomas
Mullagan Margt
Murphy Arthur
Murphy Charles
Murphy Denis
Murphy James
Murphy John
Murphy Margt
Murphy Mary
Murphy Miles
Murphy Myles
Murphy Rosy
Murphy Secely
Murphy Thomas
Murphy William
Murphy Wim
Murray Catherine
Murray Eileen
Murray Eleanor
Murray Elizabeth
Murray James
Murray Marcella
Murray Margaret
Murray Oliver
Murray Patrick
Naughter Andrew
Naughter Brian
Naughter Bridget
Naughter Catherine
Naughter Eliza
Naughter Elizabeth
Naughter James
Naughter Jams
Naughter John
Naughter Mary
Naughter Mathew
Naughter Michael
Naughter William
Nolan Bridget
Nolan Catherine
Nolan Denis
Nolan Elizabeth
Nolan Johanna
Nolan Margaret
Nolan Michael
Nolan Thomas
O’Brien Anastasia
O’Brien Edward
O’Brien Patrick
O’Brien Raymond
O’Brien William
Penston Andrew
Penston George
Penston Honora
Penston James
Penston John
Penston Judeth
Penston Julia
Penston Kate
Penston Mary Margaret
Penston Michael
Penston Patrick Gerard
Pidgeon Mary
Quin John
Quin Patrick
Quin Sarah
Redin Elner
Redin Mary
Redmond James
Redmond Mary
Redmond Maryanne
Redmond Patk
Reilly Bartholomew
Reilly Ellenor
Reilly John
Reilly Margaret
Reilly Margaret
Reilly Mary
Reilly Michael
Reilly Owen
Reilly Sarah
Reily Batty
Reily Batty
Rowan Ellen
Rowan James
Rowan Margaret
Rowan William
Spencer Frances
Spencer John
Spencer John
Spencer Michael
Spencer Rose
Sullivan Eloner
Sullivan John
Summers Ann
Summers John
Summers Michael
Ward Hugh
Waters Celia
Waters Cicily
Waters Joseph

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