Kilmacanogue Old Graveyard Records, Co. Wicklow

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This page features free records for Kilmacanogue Old Graveyard, Co. Wicklow.

Surname Name
Aspell Celily
Aspell Thomas
Bailey (nee) Cooney Mary
Beahan Mary
Beahan Thos
Beal Terence
Behon John
Behon Mary
Bennett Esther
Bierton James
Bourke Ellen
Bourke Julia
Bourke Margaret
Bourke Mary
Bourke Tobias
Brady Mary
Breslin Elizabeth
Breslin Stephen
Briarson Margaret
Brierton Bridget
Brierton Ellen
Brierton James
Brierton Jane
Brierton John
Brierton Margaret
Brierton Mary
Brierton Thomas
Bryan Margaret
Bryan Phillip
Bryarton Margaret
Bryarton Patk
Bryarton Thomas
Butler James
Butler Moira
Butler (nee) Keenan Catherine
Byrn Sylvester
Byrne Agness
Byrne Alec
Byrne Anne
Byrne Catherine
Byrne Charles
Byrne Daniel
Byrne Dennis
Byrne Edward
Byrne Eliza
Byrne Elizabeth
Byrne Ester
Byrne Hugh
Byrne James
Byrne John
Byrne Katey
Byrne Kathleen
Byrne Luke
Byrne Margaret
Byrne Mary
Byrne Michael
Byrne Norah
Byrne Patrick
Byrne Peter
Byrne Rosanna
Byrne Thomas
Byrne Timothy
Byrne William
Carroll Anne
Carroll Daniel
Carroll Margaret
Coleman Roger
Collins Elenor
Conaly Christopher
Conaly Thomas
Conley Adam
Conley Frances
Connelly Christopher
Connelly Elizabeth
Connelly Patrick
Connelly Peter
Conner(nee)Connor Catherine
Conner(nee)Connor John
Connolly Catherine
Connolly William
Cooney Catherine
Cooney John
Cooney Laurence
Cooney Mary Frances
Cullen Alice
Cullen Elizabeth
Cullen George
Cullen James
Cullen Mary
Cullen Mathew
Cullen Michael
Cullen Owen
Cullin Garrett
Darby John
Darby Martha
Delany Denis
Dolan John
Dolan Patk
Downey Bernard
Downey Bryan
Downey Rose
Doyle Alice
Doyle Charles
Doyle Christopher
Doyle Darby
Doyle David
Doyle Denis
Doyle Dennis
Doyle Dens
Doyle Eleanor
Doyle Ellen
Doyle Esther
Doyle Hugh
Doyle James
Doyle Joseph
Doyle Julia
Doyle Margaret
Doyle Margret
Doyle Mary
Doyle Michael
Doyle Nicholas
Doyle Patrick
Doyle Sarah
Doyle Simon
Doyle Simon Thomas
Doyle Thadee
Doyle Thomas
Farrell John
Fegan Michael
Fegan Tearance
Fisher Eliza
Fisher Joseph
Fisher Margaret
Fisher Mary
Fisher Owen
Fisher Peter
Fisher Rebecca
Fitzpatrick Anne
Flynn Annie
Flynn Mary
Flynn Peter
Flynn Thomas
Gormley Laurence
Gormley Thomas
Hanlon Denis
Hogan Mary
Hughes Jane
Hughes John
Hughes Peter
Hughes Thomas
Hughes William
Keenan, (nee) Ledwidge Anne
Kennedy Alice
Kennedy Richard
Kennedy Thomas
Keogh Esther
Kerwan Anne
Kerwan Denis
Kerwan Mary
Kerwan Michael
Kerwan Patrick
Kerwan Sarah
Keyran Daniel
Keyran James
Keyran Mary
Kilbride John
Kilbride Mary
Kinsella John
Kinsella Mary
Kinsella Michael
Kinsella Thomas
Kinsella Timothy
Kirwan Mary Angela
Lawler Jas
Lawler William
Ledwidge Andrew
Ledwidge Anne
Ledwidge Denis
Ledwidge Margaret
Ledwidge Mary
Ledwidge Nicholas
Ledwidge Peter
Ledwidge Sarah
Ledwidge William
Lowe Elizabeth
Lowe Mary
Lowe Rev. Christopher
Lowe William
Martin Mary
McDermott Anne
McDermott Ellen
McDermott Thomas
Misstear Henery
Misstear Mary
Misstear Mortamur
Moore Anne
Moore James
Moore John
Moore Mary
Mulligan Anthony
Mulligan Catherine
Mulligan Maria
Mulligan Thomas
Murphy Catherine
Murray Mary
Noctor Mary
Noctor Peter
Nowlan Andrew
Nowlan Andy
Nowlan Patrick
O’Hanlon Anne
O’Hanlon George
O’Hanlon James
Pidgeon Joseph
Pidgeon Mary
Pluck Elener
Pluck Ellen
Pluck James
Pluck Jas
Pluck Mathew
Pluck William
Price Ann
Quin Elizabeth
Quin John
Quin Wm
Reilly James
Roche Anne
Roche Rev. Alexander
Roche Rev. James
Ryan Alice
Ryan Elizabeth
Ryan Joseph
Ryan Laurence
Ryan Margaret
Ryan Mary
Ryan Peter
Ryan William
Ryder Augustin
Ryder Bernard
Ryder John
Ryder Julia
Ryder Margaret Josephine
Ryder Sarah
Savage Elizabeth
Thomas Teresa
Tool John
Tool Stephen
Toole Anne
Toole Anne
Toole Charles
Toole Edward
Toole Eliza
Toole Elizabeth
Toole John
Toole Mary
Toole Michael
Toole Owen
Toole Patrick
Walsh M.
Walsh Richard
Ward Eleanor
White Denis
White Edward
White John
White Margaret
White Mary
White Sylvester D.
Whyte Anne
Whyte Denis
Whyte Elizabeth
Whyte Patrick
Whyte Sarah
Woods Ann
Woods George
Woods Jane
Woods John
Woods Mary
Woods Mary
Woods Owen
Woods Patrick
Woods Peter
Woods Sarah

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