Kilmyshal Graveyard Records, Co. Wexford

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This page features free records for Kilmyshal Graveyard, Co. Wexford.

Surname Name
Abraham Bridget
Abraham John
Abraham Mary
Abraham Moses
Abraham Myles
Breen Bridget
Breen Hon.
Breen Laurence
Breen Matthew
Breen Patrick
Breen Thomas
Brennan James
Byrne Andrew
Byrne Dillon
Byrne Eliza
Byrne Ellen
Byrne Mary
Byrne Michael
Byrne Miles
Carty Denis
Carty Edward
Carty Henrietta
Carty Laurence
Carty Margaret
Carty Martin
Carty Maryanne
Carty William
Commerford Nolan
Commerford (nee) Nolan Esther
Connors Ellis
Connors Kavanagh
Connors Nolan
Connors Thorpe
Connors (nee) Thorpe Mary
Crane David
Crane Hugh
Crane John
Crane Margaret
Crane Mary
Crane Patrick
Curran Ellen
Curran Mary
Curran Michael
Curran Roche
Curran Michl
Devereux Bridget
Devereux Nicholas
Devereux Philip
Dillon Anne
Dillon Edward
Dillon Lizzie
Dillon Martin
Donohoe Bridget
Donohoe Kelly
Donohoe Martin
Donohoe Patrick
Donohoe (nee) Kelly Mary
Doyle Andrew
Doyle Anne
Doyle Bridget
Doyle Catherine
Doyle Daniel
Doyle David
Doyle Elizabeth
Doyle Henry
Doyle Hillary
Doyle James
Doyle John
Doyle Kearns
Doyle Margret
Doyle Martin
Doyle Mary
Doyle Michael
Doyle Morrissy
Doyle Owen
Doyle Patrick
Doyle Wallace
Doyle William
Doyle Willm
Doyle Ellen
Doyle (nee) Dunne Catherine
Doyle (nee) Dunne Mary
Doyle (nee) Kehoe Margaret
Doyle (nee) Morrissey Anne
Doyle (nee) Morrissey Mary
Doyle (nee) Wallace Anne
Dunne Bridget
Dunne Denis
Dunne Doyle
Dunne James
Dunne Margaret
Dunne Michael
Dunne Patrick
Dunne Thomas
Ellis Elizabeth
Ellis John
Foley Denis
Foley Martin
Foley Mary
Foley (nee) Kehoe Elizabeth
Frances Breen Ellen
Gahan Bridget
Gahan Hugh
Gahan James
Gahan Michael
Gahan Patrick
Gahan William
Handrick Bridget
Handrick James
Handrick Johanna
Handrick John
Handrick Martin
Handrick Moses
Handrick Patrick
Handrick Thomas
Kavanagh Anne
Kavanagh Daniel
Kavanagh Ellen
Kavanagh James
Kavanagh John
Kavanagh Margaret
Kavanagh Mary
Kavanagh Murphy
Kavanagh Thomas
Kavanagh (nee) Fitzgerald Mary
Kearns Michael
Kearns (nee) Doyle Mary
Kehoe Anastasia
Kehoe Anne
Kehoe Catherine
Kehoe Doyle
Kehoe Foley
Kehoe Mary
Kehoe Michael
Kehoe Patrick
Kelly Catherine
Kelly Peter
Kennedy Mary
Kennedy Michl
Kennedy Moses
Leary Edward
Leary Ellen
Leary James
Leary John
Leary Mary
Lennon Denis
Lennon Hugh
Lennon Margaret
Lennon Mary
Lennon Patrick
Lennon Richard
Lennon John
McDonnell James
McDonnell John
McDonnell Margaret
McDonnell Mary
McDonnell Thomas
McDonnell William
Morrissey David
Morrissey Doyle
Morrissey Elizabeth
Morrissey Joseph
Morrissey Kelly
Murphy Elizabeth
Murphy Janes
Murphy John
Murphy Joseph
Murphy Martin
Murphy Patrick
Nolan Denis
Nolan James
Nolan Johanna
Nolan John
Nolan Margaret
Nolan Michael
O’Brien Bridget
O’Brien Christopher
O’Brien Moses
O’Brien Owen
Roche Catherine
Roche Ellen
Roche James
Roche John
Roche Martin
Roche Peter
Roche William
Skelton Anne
Skelton Henry
Skelton Margaret
Skelton Mathew
Somers Anne
Somers Maurice
Somers Peter
Story Sarah
Summers Elizabeth
Summers Ellenor
Summers James
Summers John
Summers Pater
Summers Patrick
Summers Peter
Summers Sinnett
Summers Somers
Summers Thomas
Summers (nee) Sinnett Anne

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