Kilmyshall Old Graveyard Records, Co. Wexford

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This page features free records for Kilmyshall Old Graveyard, Co. Wexford.

Surname Name
Arornsto Willm
Becker James
Bermingham Hallarean
Bermingham (nee) Hallarean Honorah
Boothe Kavanagh
Boothe (nee) Kavanagh Elenor
Branin James
Breen Laurence
Breen Mary
Brenan John
Brenan Laughlin
Brenan Patrick
Brenan Peter
Brenan Richard
Brenan (nee) Murphy Mary
Brennan Crane
Brennan Murphy
Brien John
Brien Mary
Bryan Mary
Byrne Anastasia
Byrne Ann
Byrne Doyle
Byrne Hugh
Byrne Laurnc
Byrne Martin
Byrne Mary
Byrne Michael
Byrne Patrick
Cain Anne
Cain John
Cain William
Cartan (nee) Doyle Hester
Carty Garret
Carty James
Carty Michael
Carty Thomas
Clark Clarke
Clark John
Clark Michael
Clark Richard
Clarke Elenor
Clear Andrew
Clear Doyle
Clear Laurence
Clear Maryanne
Clear Patrick
Clear William
Clear (nee) Doyle Hon.
Cleney Elizabeth
Cleney Thomas
Clinch Margaret
Coady James
Comerford Ellis
Comerford Michl
Connor Moses
Corcoran James
Corry Byrn
Corry Edward
Corry James
Corry (nee) Byrn Anne
Crane (nee) Brenan Bridget
Dempsey Margaret
Dempsey Miles
Dillon John
Donohoe Anne
Donohoe Catherine
Donohoe George
Donohoe James
Donohoe Kate
Donohoe Lizzie
Donohoe Martin
Donohoe Thomas
Doyle Abraham
Doyle Ann
Doyle Bridget
Doyle Bryan
Doyle Cartan
Doyle Catherine
Doyle Clinch
Doyle Cullin
Doyle Darby
Doyle James
Doyle Jeremiah
Doyle John
Doyle Laurence
Doyle Margaret
Doyle Martin
Doyle Mary
Doyle Mathew
Doyle Maurice
Doyle Mogue
Doyle Nowland
Doyle Owens
Doyle Patrick
Doyle Peter
Doyle Roark
Doyle Robert
Doyle Thomas
Doyle Thomas
Doyle Margt
Doyle (nee) Byrne Margaret
Doyle (nee) Cullin Maryann
Doyle (nee) Nowland Sarah
Doyle (nee) Roark Anne
Doyle (nee) Whitty Mary
Dunn Catherine
Dunn Dunne
Dunn Farrell
Dunn John
Dunn Michael
Dunn Patrick
Dunn Thomas
Dunn (nee) Farrell Honora
Dunne Bridget
Dunne Elizabeth
Dunne James
Dunne Jane
Dunne John
Dunne Mary
Dunne Patrick
Dunne Ryan
Dunne Thomas
Ellis Connor
Ellis James
Ellis John
Ellis (nee) Connor Mary
Finn (nee) Redmond Margaret
Fitzpatrick James
Fitzpatrick Redmond
Foley Mary
Folie Vass
Folie (nee) Vass Mary
Forlong Doyle
Forlong Martin
Forlong Michael
Forlong Simon
Forlong William
Forlong (nee) Doyle Mary
Fox Gregory
Fox Martin
Freeman Danile
Hanick Myles
Harris John
Harris Martin
Harris Patrick
Hart Michl
Hughes Andrew
Hughes Catherine
Hughes Daniel
Hughes Michael
Humphreys Thomas
Jacob John
Jordan Catherine
Jordan Michael
Kavanagh Ann
Kavanagh Hugh
Kavanagh James
Kavanagh John
Kavanagh Math…
Kavanagh (nee) O’Brien Joan
Kavanaugh Carty
Kavanaugh Michael
Kavanaugh O’Brien
Kavanaugh Patrick
Kavanaugh (nee) Carty Mary
Kealin Daniel
Kelley Patrick
Kelley Thomas
Kelly Alice
Kelly Bernard
Kelly Byrne
Kelly James
Kelly John
Kelly Mathew
Kelly Pat
Kelly Patrick
Kelly Ronan
Kelly Thomas
Kelly William
Kelly (nee) Ronan Bridget
Kenedy James
Kenedy John
Kenedy Martin
Kenedy Thomas
Kennedy Aidan
Kennedy Bridget
Kennedy Mary
Kennedy Mary
Kennedy Michael
Kennedy Rev. Michael
Kennedy Stephen
Kennedy Thomas
Kennedy Daniel
Kenny Elis
Lawles Edward
Leary James
Leary Stokes
Leary (nee) Stokes Elizabeth
Lennon John
Malone Redmond
Malone (nee) Redmond Cathern
McDaniel (nee) MickDaniel Michl
McMahon Mary
Monaughen Hugh
Moore Lewis
Moore Long
Moore Miles
Moore Murrough
Moore (nee) Long Mary
Morrissey Hughes
Morrisy (nee) Hughes Elenor
Murphy Anne
Murphy Brenan
Murphy Doyle
Murphy Farel
Murphy John
Murphy Mary
Murphy Moore
Murphy Patrick
Murphy Peter
Murphy Thomas
Murphy (nee) Farel Judith
Murphy (nee) Moore Catherine
Murry Joseph
Murry Patrick
Murry Ryan
Murry Whitty
Neal Anne
Neal Jem
Neal Mick
Neal Pat
Noulan Bryand
Noulan Nowlan
Noulan Thadee
Nowlan Bryan
Nowlan Bryand
Nowlan Collons
Nowlan Darby
Nowlan Miles
Nowlan Patrick
Nowlan Eleanor
Nowlan (nee) Bryand Mary
Nowlan (nee) Collons Catherine
O’Brien Anthony
O’Brien Carthy
O’Brien Dennis
O’Brien Henry
O’Brien Josoph
O’Brien Mary
O’Brien (nee) Carthy Elanor
O’Neile Ann
O’Neile James
O’Neile Joseph
O’Neile Mary
O’Neile Michl
O’Neile Patrick
Owen Frances
Owen Kavanagh
Owen Mary
Owen Silvester
Owens Elizabeth
Owens Michael
Owens Thomas
Quigley Elenor
Quigley Moses
Ralph John
Redmond Denis
Redmond Margaret
Redmond Tessy
Reice John
Roark Doran
Roark Edward
Roark (nee) Doran Mary
Rolph Garland
Rolph John
Rolph Ralph
Rolph (nee) Garland Margaret
Ryan (nee) Dunne
Ryan (nee) Whitty Catharne
Shanahan Anastasia
Shanahan Joseph
Sherlock Brien
Sherlock Denis
Sherlock Mary
Synnott Mary
Toole Abraham
Toole Brenen
Toole Darby
Toole Patrick
Toole Tobin
Toole William
Toole (nee) Brennan Mary
Waddick Finn
Waddick Mary
Waddick Redmond
Wallis James
Wallis McDonnal
Wallis (nee) Mcdonnal Elenor
Web Tommity
Welsh Edward
Whitty Anne
Whitty Doyle
Whitty Moses
Williams Ann
Williams Bouris
Williams Geo…
Williams George
Williams Henry
Williams Takaberry
Williams William
Williams (nee) Bouris Jane
Williams (nee) Takaberry Eliza
Woolselley Hetty
Woolselley John
Woolselley Owens
Woolselley Matthew

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