Kilrush District Birth Records, Co. Clare

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This page features civil Birth Records for the district of Kilrush in Co. Clare and includes full names (where possible), the year of birth, and the quarter in which the birth occurred. A searchable index of all available birth records is available here.

Name Year Quarter District
Ann C. Mescal 1937 2nd Kilrush
Anna Mescall 1930 3rd Kilrush
Anne Anglim 1866 Kilrush
Anne Hastings 1864 Kilrush
Bernadette A. Mescall 1938 3rd Kilrush
Bernadette C. Mescall 1937 2nd Kilrush
Biddy Griffin 1865 Kilrush
Biddy Vance 1864 Kilrush
Bridget Chambers 1877 Kilrush
Bridget Galvin 1892 1st Kilrush
Bridget Griffin 1865 Kilrush
Bridget Griffin 1865 Kilrush
Bridget Griffin 1865 Kilrush
Bridget Griffin 1865 Kilrush
Bridget Keane 1921 1st Kilrush
Bridget Linnane 1872 Kilrush
Bridget M. Mescall 1929 2nd Kilrush
Bridget Maria Chambers 1877 Kilrush
Bridget McKnight 1872 Kilrush
Bridget Mescall 1930 4th Kilrush
Bridget Meschall 1870 Kilrush
Bridget Nash 1867 Kilrush
Bridget Shannon 1868 Kilrush
Bridget Shannon 1870 Kilrush
Bridget Spellicy 1867 Kilrush
Bridget Theresa Keane 1921 1st Kilrush
Catherine Galvin 1892 1st Kilrush
Catherine Mescall 1870 Kilrush
Catherine Nagle 1874 Kilrush
Catherine Nash 1866 Kilrush
Daniel Nash 1905 1st Kilrush
Eliza Ryan 1869 Kilrush
Ellen B. Mescal 1937 3rd Kilrush
Ellen Brown 1865 Kilrush
Ellen Davine 1884 3rd Kilrush
Ellen Howe 1864 Kilrush
Ellen Kelly 1884 1st Kilrush
Ellen Lynch 1884 3rd Kilrush
Ellen McKnight 1869 Kilrush
Ellen Mescall 1870 Kilrush
Ellen Meskall 1870 Kilrush
Francis Harris 1883 Kilrush
Francis Joseph Devine 1884 3rd Kilrush
Helena Chambers 1878 2nd Kilrush
Honor Kelly 1884 1st Kilrush
Honora Mescall 1870 Kilrush
Honora Shannon 1869 Kilrush
James Chambers 1879 2nd Kilrush
James McKnight 1864 Kilrush
James McKnight 1864 Kilrush
James S. Mescall 1939 3rd Kilrush
James Shannon 1868 Kilrush
James Shannon 1869 Kilrush
James Shannon 1870 Kilrush
James Walsh 1890 2nd Kilrush
James Walsh 1888 3rd Kilrush
Jane Calnan 1864 Kilrush
Johana Galvin 1864 Kilrush
John B. Mescall 1929 2nd Kilrush
John Bourke 1867 Kilrush
John Brown 1865 Kilrush
John Callinan 1864 Kilrush
JOhn Galvan 1880 2nd Kilrush
John Griffin 1865 Kilrush
John Griffy 1865 Kilrush
John Linnane 1872 Kilrush
John Martin Walsh 1891 4th Kilrush
John McCarthy 1882 2nd Kilrush
John McCarthy 1882 2nd Kilrush
John McCarthy 1884 2nd Kilrush
John McCarthy 1885 2nd Kilrush
John McCarthy 1885 4th Kilrush
John McKnight 1888 3rd Kilrush
John Mescall 1870 Kilrush
John Meskill 1870 Kilrush
John Vance 1868 Kilrush
John Walsh 1890 3rd Kilrush
John Wynn 1866 Kilrush
Joseph Lucas 1887 3rd Kilrush
Joseph Shannon 1870 Kilrush
Kate McKnight 1889 1st Kilrush
Kate Shannon 1873 Kilrush
Margaret Canny 1865 Kilrush
Margaret Devine 1892 1st Kilrush
Margaret Eleanor Mitchell 1879 1st Kilrush
Margaret Griffin 1865 Kilrush
Margaret McCarthy 1882 1st Kilrush
Margaret McCarthy 1881 3rd Kilrush
Margaret McCarthy 1882 4th Kilrush
Margaret Mescall 1870 Kilrush
Margaret Mescall 1939 1st Kilrush
Margaret Shannon 1872 Kilrush
Martin Anglim 1866 Kilrush
Martin Galvin 1864 Kilrush
Martin Griffin 1865 Kilrush
Mary Ann Chambers 1877 Kilrush
Mary C. Mescall 1939 1st Kilrush
Mary Callinan 1864 Kilrush
Mary Chambers 1879 2nd Kilrush
Mary Chambers 1878 4th Kilrush
Mary Duggan 1874 Kilrush
Mary Galvin 1892 2nd Kilrush
Mary Griffin 1865 Kilrush
Mary Hanrahan 1930 2nd Kilrush
Mary Lucas 1887 4th Kilrush
Mary McKee 1869 Kilrush
Mary Mescall 1870 Kilrush
Mary Mescall 1929 3rd Kilrush
Mary Nash 1910 4th Kilrush
Mary Roberts 1865 Kilrush
Mary Shannon 1870 Kilrush
Mary Shannon 1873 Kilrush
Mary Spellecy 1865 Kilrush
Mary Spellicy 1869 Kilrush
Mary V. (1926) Mescal 1929 4th Kilrush
Mary Vance 1866 Kilrush
Mathew Queally 1864 Kilrush
Mathias Chambers 1878 4th Kilrush
Maurice Wilson 1873 Kilrush
Michael Callinan 1864 Kilrush
Michael Galvin 1864 Kilrush
Michael Hastings 1864 Kilrush
Michael Hoey 1888 3rd Kilrush
Michael L. Mescal 1938 3rd Kilrush
Michael McCarthy 1881 3rd Kilrush
Michael McKnight 1888 3rd Kilrush
Michael Mescall 1929 2nd Kilrush
Michael Nash 1908 3rd Kilrush
Michael Shannon 1872 Kilrush
Micheal Nash 1866 Kilrush
Noel H. Mescall 1931 1st Kilrush
Pat Galvin 1892 2nd Kilrush
Pat Griffin 1865 Kilrush
Patrick Grogan 1865 Kilrush
Patrick Joseph Devine 1886 1st Kilrush
Patrick Meschall 1870 Kilrush
Patrick Sheedy 1881 3rd Kilrush
Patrick Tuberty 1867 Kilrush
Patt Chambers 1877 Kilrush
Philomena M. Mescall 1937 2nd Kilrush
Richard McKnight 1869 Kilrush
Richard Nash 1866 Kilrush
Sinon (sic) Brown 1865 Kilrush
Sinon (sic) Griffin 1865 Kilrush
Sinon Shannon 1875 Kilrush
Stephen Rochford 1864 Kilrush
Susan Daffy 1868 Kilrush
Susan Daly 1889 1st Kilrush
Thady McKnight 1869 Kilrush
Thomas McKnight 1868 Kilrush
Thomas McKnight 1870 Kilrush
Thomas McKnight 1873 Kilrush
Thomas Mescall 1870 Kilrush
Thomas Shannon 1872 Kilrush
Timothy Griffin 1865 Kilrush
Winifred McKnight 1888 3rd Kilrush

Civil Registration Records

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