Mallow District Birth Records, Co. Cork

This page features civil Birth Records for the district of Mallow in Co. Cork and includes full names (where possible), the year of birth, and the quarter in which the birth occurred. A searchable index of all available birth records is available here.

Name Year Quarter
Alice Mullane 1864
Catherine Atkinson 1867
Catherine Drohan 1881 1st
Charles Tuckey Campion 1865
Cornelious Lyons 1867
David Carey 1867
Eileen H. Nash 1906 4th
Eliza Ryan 1867
Eliza Ryan 1868
Ellen Carey 1867
Ellen Daly 1911 2nd
Ellen Lynch 1881 1st
Francis Flynn 1887 3rd
Frank Flynn 1884 2nd
Hanorah Boles 1884 1st
Helen Ryan 1866
Henry Arthur Wynne 1867
James Greeney 1867
James Walsh 1891 2nd
James Walsh 1888 3rd
James Walsh 1888 4th
John Brown 1867
John McCarthy 1885 1st
John McCarthy 1885 3rd
John McCarthy 1885 4th
john Regan 1888 1st
John Walsh 1888 1st
John Walsh 1891 4th
Margaret Fehin 1888 1st
Margaret McCarthy 1883 3rd
Margaret Teresa Sadlier 1901 4th
Mary Duggan 1866
Mary Duggan 1869
Mary Ellen Sadleir 1897 4th
Mary Foley 1867
Mary Foley 1868
Mary Linnane 1872
Meary Anne Duggan 1869
Michael Ahearn 1866
Michael Nash 1908 1st
Michael Petre (sic) Ahern 1868
Patrick Canty 1867
Patrick James Sadlier 1899 4th
Peter Mescall? 1930 1st
Rebecca Sarah Campion 1866
Susana Emily Campion 1866
Thomas Paul Donovan 1891 2nd

Civil Registration Records

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