St. Manna’s, Taghmon Graveyard Records, Co. Wexford

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This page features free records for St. Manna’s, Taghmon Graveyard, Co. Wexford.

Surname Name
Breen Egan
Breen Eves
Breen Fitzpatrick
Breen John
Breen Nicholas
Breen Stafford
Breen Walter
Breen William
Breen (nee) Egan Elizabeth
Breen (nee) Eves Margaret
Breen (nee) Fitzpatrick Mary
Breen (nee) Stafford Mary
Brown Michael
Browne Mary
Browne Michael
Byrne Alice
Byrne James
Byrne John
Byrne Mark
Byrne Mary
Byrne Patrick
Cassidy Patrick
Cassidy Patt
Cleary Murphy
Cleary Thomas
Cleary (nee) Murphy Mary
Connor Anne
Devereux John
Doyle Alex.
Doyle Bridget
Doyle Catherine
Doyle Dennis
Doyle Dunne
Doyle Elizabeth
Doyle Halloran
Doyle James
Doyle John
Doyle Jones
Doyle Laurence
Doyle M.
Doyle Maggie
Doyle Mary
Doyle Patrick
Doyle Peter
Doyle Peter
Doyle Stephen
Doyle Turlaugh
Doyle (nee) Dunne Mary
Dunne John
Dunne (nee) Halloran Bridget
Ferns Henry
Ferns John
Fortune Edmond
Fortune Eliza
Fortune Howlett
Fortune J. J.
Fortune James
Fortune Joanna
Fortune John
Fortune Kate
Fortune Margaret
Fortune Margaret M.
Fortune Thomas P.
Fortune (nee) Howlett Johanna
Furlong Anne
Furlong Colliton
Furlong Francis
Furlong Hugh
Furlong John
Furlong Mary
Furlong (nee) Coliton Ann
Gill (nee) Murphy Mary
Hayes Elizabeth
Hayes John
Irwin Denis
Irwin James
Irwin John
Irwin Margaret
Irwin Mary
Irwin Rennick
Jones Bridget
Kehoe Judith
Kehoe Myles
Kehoe Patk
Kehoe Simon
Kehoe Sylvester
Kelly Ryan
Kelly William
Lacey Kehoe
Lacey Martin
Lacey Thomas
Lacey (nee) Kehoe Catherine
McCarey Denise
McCarey Devereux
McLoughlin Annie
McLoughlin Ellen
McLoughlin John
McLoughlin Murphy
McLoughlin Nicholas
McLoughlin (nee) Murphy Mary
Mullett M.
Mullett Margt
Murphy Adam
Murphy Andrew
Murphy Catherine
Murphy Doyle
Murphy Gill
Murphy Hayes
Murphy James
Murphy Jams
Murphy John
Murphy Kennedy
Murphy Margaret
Murphy Mary
Murphy Michael
Murphy Michael
Murphy Moloney
Murphy Moses
Murphy Nicholas
Murphy Patrick
Murphy Pendergast
Murphy Peter
Murphy Roche
Murphy Sinnott
Murphy Stephen
Murphy William
Murphy (nee) Hayes
Murphy (nee) Kennedy Margaret
Murphy (nee) Moloney Catherine
Murphy (nee) Pendergast Mary
Murphy (nee) Roche Sarah
Murphy (nee) Sinnott Ally
Neagle Anne
Neagle Bridget
Neagle Devereux
Neagle Francis
Neagle John
Neagle (nee) Devereux Mary
Parle Anne
Parle Byrne
Parle Elenor
Parle ELizabeth
Parle James
Parle John
Parle Kehoe
Parle Mary
Parle Matthew
Parle Patrick
Parle Redmond
Parle Thomas
Parle William
Parle (nee) Byrne Bridget
Parle (nee) Kehoe Esther
Prendergast Catherine
Prendergast Redmond
Prendergast Stephen
Prendergast (nee) Redmond Eliza
Redmond (nee) Parle Catherine
Rennick Catherine
Rennick Margaret
Rennick Thomas
Revill Catherine
Revill John
Revill Richard
Reville Ellen
Reville John
Reville Murphy
Reville Peter
Reville Revill
Reville Richard
Reville Rossiter
Reville (nee) Murphy Elizabeth
Roche Alice
Roche Francis
Roche Patk
Roche Silvester
Roche Thos
Rossiter Pierce
Rossiter (nee) Reville Mary
Ryan Alice
Ryan Jeremiah
Ryan John
Ryan Mary
Taylor John
Taylor Toole
Taylor (nee) Toole Margaret
Walsh Gregory
Walsh James
Walsh Johanah
Walsh John
Walsh Kate
Walsh Luke
Walsh Mary
Walsh Patrick
Walsh Thomas
Walsh Wickham
Walsh William
Wickham Luke
Willan William

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