St. Michael’s (Convent of Mercy), Athy Gravestone Transcriptions, Co. Kildare

The following St. Michael’s (Convent of Mercy), Athy gravestone transcriptions were compiled by the Athy Cemeteries Committee and given to From-Ireland, with permission to publish, by Michael Donovan, secretary of the Athy Cemeteries Committee.

Sr. Mary Philomena O Hara 21/3/1989

Sr. Pascal Caffrey 29/11/1988

Sr. Patricia Rice 07/3/1928

Sr. Mary Rafael Phelan 25/1/1996

Sr. Mary Josephine Ryan 20/3/1928

Sr. Mary Gonzaga Lyons 3/3/1870

Sr. Mary Martha Nevin 3/4/1876

Sr. Marion McLoughlin 6/3/1992

Sr. Mary Rose Kavanagh 16/4/1896

Sr. Mary Aidan Bourke 9/9/1994

Sr. Mary Gabriel Ryan 27/11/1867

Sr. Mary Xavier Kelly 9/9/1994

Sr. Mary Ryan (Postulant) 29/4/1866

Sr. Mary Bridget Ryan 5/8/1906

Sr. Mary Francis Crumpe 17/4/1868

Sr. Mary De Salles Crumpe 26/7/1898

Sr. Mary Stanislaus Phelan 11/8/1953

Sr. Mary Paul Healy 21/9/1872

Sr. Mary Alphonsus Kelleher 6/3/1925

Sr. Mary Dympna Dunne 3/6/1925

Sr. Mary Columba Lyons 19/1/1925

Sr. Mary Evangelist Bourke 30/10/1877

Sr. Rose Kavanagh 16/4/1896

Sr. Margaret Mary Hayden 5/2/1900

Sr. Mary Theresa Clarke 21/2/1869

Sr. Mary Ignatius O Brien 6/1/1919

Sr. Mary Patrick O Brien 13/7/1872

Sr. Mary Catherine Ryan 21/03/1928

Sr. Mary Gertrude Comerford 8/2/1833

Sr. Mary Cecilia Cullen 9/9/1936

Sr. Mary Joseph Cullen 10/11/1947

Sr. Mary Regis Ryan 12/11/1930

Sr. Mary Bernard Griffiths 6/5/1926

Sr. Mary De Pazzie Morrin 31/1/1906

Sr. Mary Xavier King 22/6/1916

Sr. Mary Ita Rochford 17/3/1940

Sr. Mary Lelia Sheridan 27/9/1930

Sr. Mary Ann Bourke 9/8/1925

Sr. Mary Agnes McDonald 31/3/1923

Sr. Mary Theresa Maher 9/4/1897

Sr. Mary Paul Slevin 30/10/1916

Sr. Mary Alocoque Merry 27/9/1909

Sr. Mary Vincent Berminham 10/8/1913

Sr. Mary Joseph Maguire 22/3/1914

Sr. Mary Aquin Bermingham 24/9/1946

Sr. Mary Gertrude Griffith 16/3/1953

Sr. Mary Agnes Doyle 18/12/1932

Sr. Mary Agtha Kelly 2/1/1933

Sr. Mary Gonzaga Ramsbottom 20/1/1949

Sr. Mary De Sales Carbery 31/3/1938

Sr. Mary Veronica Ryan 9/10/1935

Sr. Mary Patrick Kennedy 12/4/1934

Sr. Mary Scholartica Blake 29/3/1929

Sr. Mary Magdalen Kavanagh 20/12/1925

Sr. Mary Catherine Morton 27/1/1932

Sr. Mary Gabriel Blackwell 27/3/1954

Sr. Mary Bechmans Hayden 22/10/1930

Sr. Mary Theresa Kelly 29/1/1941

Sr. Mary Clare Farrell 11/7/1942

Sr. Mary Monica Fitzpatrick 17/11/1933

Sr. Mary Michael Greene 28/1/1943

Sr. Mary Angelo Devereux 31/3/1943

Sr. Mary Peter Gavin 6/4/1948

Sr. Mary Francis Gavin 1/6/1952

Sr. Mary Alberto Hogan 18/6/1956

Sr. Mary Zita Roonan 2/8/1954

Sr. Mary Vincent Lalor 15/9/1957

Sr. Mary O Riordan 15/9/1957

Sr. Mary Anthony Bolger 11/12/1968

Sr. Mary Rose Cosgrove 11/1/1969

Sr. Mary Claude Therese Hall 26/5/1970

Sr. Mary Gerrard Ennis 19/1/1971

Sr. Mary Bridget Appleby 18/6/1971

Sr. Mary Ursela Malone 10/7/1971

Sr. Mary Ignatius Fingleton 12/5/1973

Sr. Mary Laurence Malone 27/6/1974

Sr. Mary Ciaran White 14/8/1975

Sr. Mary S. H. Blanchfield 16/12/1986

Sr. Mary Martha Quirke 7/4/1976

Sr. Theresa Fingleton 22/4/1978

Sr. Mary John O Donnell 14/8/1978

Sr. Mary Imelda Dunne 7/3/1980

Sr. Mary Michael Hickey 2/2/1981

Sr. Mary Benisus McDonnell 2/11/1981

Sr. Mary Margaret Healy 6/4/1983

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