Moyanna 1901 Census Records, Co. Laois

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This page features 1901 Census Records for the civil parish of Moyanna in Co. Laois and includes the name of the head of household and the townland (and district electoral division) in which the head of household resides. A searchable index of all available 1901 census records present on is available here.

Head of Household Townland District Electoral Division
Catherine Allen Rathcrea Moyanna
John Allen Killeen Kilmurry
Peter Allen Kilrory Moyanna
Michael Bailey Killeen Kilmurry
john Barry Ballyduff Kilmurry
Thomas Behan Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
Kate Bennett Vicarstown (Dodd) Vicarstown
James Bergin Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
Denis Boland Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
Jane Bond Kilrory Moyanna
Richard Bond Garrymaddock Moyanna
Christopher Booth Ballyduff Kilmurry
Anne Bradshaw Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
Anne Brady Derrybrock Vicarstown
Joseph Brophy Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
Elizabeth Browne Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
Bernard Buggy Ballyrider Moyanna
Margaret Buggy Rosnamullane Moyanna
John Burke Ballyduff Kilmurry
Mary Byrne Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
Patrick Byrne Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
James Carey Raheennahown, North Moyanna
William Carr Ballyduff Kilmurry
Daniel Carroll Ballyrider Moyanna
John Carroll Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
John Carroll Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
Samuel Clegg Kilrory Moyanna
daniel Connell Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
James Connell Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
Mary Connell Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
Mary Connell Vicarstown (Dodd) Vicarstown
Michael Connell Killeen Kilmurry
Patrick Connell Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
Patrick Connell Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
Patrick Connell Vicarstown (Dodd) Vicarstown
Terence Connell Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
William Connell Vicarstown (Dodd) Vicarstown
John Connolly Vicarstown (Dodd) Vicarstown
Anne Connor Rosnamullane Moyanna
Jane Connor Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
John Connor Tonafarna Moyanna
Thomas Connor Tonafarna Moyanna
Daniel Conroy Tonafarna Moyanna
James Conroy Tonafarna Moyanna
Michael Conroy Tonafarna Moyanna
Michael Conroy Raheennahown, North Moyanna
Thomas Conroy Tonafarna Moyanna
Thomas Conroy Vicarstown (Dodd) Vicarstown
Denis Corless Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
Patrick Corrigan Rosnamullane Moyanna
William Cranny Vicarstown (Dodd) Vicarstown
Catherine Cummins Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
John Curran Derrybrock Vicarstown
Michael Cushin Kilrory Moyanna
John Davis Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
Daniel Deegan Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
John Deegan Rosnamullane Moyanna
Margaret Deegan Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
Patrick Deegan Moyanna Moyanna
Edward Dempsey Tonafarna Moyanna
Margaret Dempsey Moyanna Moyanna
William Dempsey Moyanna Moyanna
Norah Devoy Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
Edward Dignan Rossmore Moyanna
Sarah Dodd Tonafarna Moyanna
John Donegan Rosnamullane Moyanna
Patrick Donohoe Vicarstown (Dodd) Vicarstown
Anne Dooley Ballynowlan Moyanna
Hugh Dowling Kylespidogue Moyanna
Peter Dowling Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
John Doyle Ballynowlan Moyanna
Daniel Dunne Raheenaniska Moyanna
John Dunne Moyanna Moyanna
Julia Dunne Tonafarna Moyanna
Sarah Dunne Kilrory Moyanna
Thomas Dunne Ballynowlan Moyanna
Thomas Dunne Raheenaniska Moyanna
Thomas Dunne Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
William Dunne Derrybrock Vicarstown
Michael Egan Derrybrock Vicarstown
Francis Farrell Ballyduff Kilmurry
Charles Feeney Rosnamullane Moyanna
Patrick Feeney Rosnamullane Moyanna
Daniel Fenlon Ballyrider Moyanna
Anne Fennelly Raheenaniska Moyanna
Catherine Fennelly Raheenaniska Moyanna
Daniel Fennelly Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
Owen Fennelly Tonafarna Moyanna
Michael Fingleton Killeen Kilmurry
Peter Fitzgerald Killeen Kilmurry
Marian Fitzsimons Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
Francis Foley Moyanna Moyanna
James Gatley Raheennahown, North Moyanna
Richard Gleeson Killeen Kilmurry
Anne Glynn Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
Eliza Heraghty Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
Catherine Higgins Killeen Kilmurry
Martin Holland Ballynowlan Moyanna
John Holmes Vicarstown (Dodd) Vicarstown
Nicholas Hovenden Ballyrider Moyanna
Martin Hyland Vicarstown (Dodd) Vicarstown
John Kane Rosnamullane Moyanna
Michael Kavanagh Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
Mary Keeffe Killeen Kilmurry
Edward Kelly Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
Johanna Kelly Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
John Kelly Rathcrea Moyanna
John Kelly Rathcrea Moyanna
John Kelly Ballyrider Moyanna
John Kelly Raheenaniska Moyanna
joseph Kelly Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
Kate Kelly Ballyrider Moyanna
Michael Kelly Ballyduff Kilmurry
Peter Kelly Garrymaddock Moyanna
William Kelly Garrymaddock Moyanna
William Kelly Kylespidogue Moyanna
John Kennedy Vicarstown (Dodd) Vicarstown
Patrick Kilfoyle Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
Fenton Lalor Tonafarna Moyanna
John Lamb Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
Mary Ann Lamb Rosnamullane Moyanna
Elizabeth Luttrell Garrymaddock Moyanna
John Luttrell Rossmore Moyanna
Catherine Maher Rosnamullane Moyanna
James Maloney Rosnamullane Moyanna
Catherine McCabe Moyanna Moyanna
Martin McCarthy Garrymaddock Moyanna
Peter McDonald Killeen Kilmurry
William McDonald Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
Edward McEvoy Raheenaniska Moyanna
James McEvoy Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
Julia McEvoy Moyanna Moyanna
Michael McEvoy Rathcrea Moyanna
Michael McEvoy Raheenaniska Moyanna
Patrick McEvoy Rosnamullane Moyanna
Patrick McEvoy Vicarstown (Dodd) Vicarstown
Thomas McEvoy Rosnamullane Moyanna
Thomas McEvoy Raheenaniska Moyanna
Thomas Meredith Ballyduff Kilmurry
Edward Merrins Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
Robert Millar Vicarstown (Dodd) Vicarstown
Christopher Miller Vicarstown (Dodd) Vicarstown
John Miller Raheenaniska Moyanna
James Moloney Tonafarna Moyanna
Bridget Monahan Garrymaddock Moyanna
John Moore Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
Anne Mulhall Vicarstown (Dodd) Vicarstown
Patrick Murphy Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
John Nerney Tonafarna Moyanna
Christopher Nolan Rathcrea Moyanna
Martin Nolan Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
Joseph Power Kilrory Moyanna
Delia Quinn Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
Thomas Redmond Moyanna Moyanna
Ellen Roberts Killeen Kilmurry
Patrick Rowe Garrymaddock Moyanna
Matthew Russall Rathcrea Moyanna
Peter Ryan Ballyduff Kilmurry
Thomas Ryan Ballyrider Moyanna
William Ryan Killeen Kilmurry
William Ryan Killeen Kilmurry
Ellen Scully Garrymaddock Moyanna
James Scully Ballyrider Moyanna
James Scully Garrymaddock Moyanna
James Scully Raheenaniska Moyanna
Margaret Scully Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
Mary Scully Tonafarna Moyanna
Peter Scully Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
Joseph Shaw Rosnamullane Moyanna
Margaret Shaw Ballyrider Moyanna
Ellen Sherlock Killeen Kilmurry
Maria Shiel Kilrory Moyanna
Catherine Shortall Rathcrea Moyanna
Peter Shortall Kilrory Moyanna
Thomas Shortall Kilrory Moyanna
Catherine Stapleton Moyanna Moyanna
Lewis Stapleton Tonafarna Moyanna
Thomas Troy Ballyrider Moyanna
James Tynan Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
John Walsh Vicarstown (Cosby) Vicarstown
Martin Walsh Kilrory Moyanna
Catherine Whelan Vicarstown (Dodd) Vicarstown
Daniel Whelan Kilrory Moyanna
James Whelan Rossmore Moyanna
Rose Whelan Moyanna Moyanna
Agnes Wilson Vicarstown (Dodd) Vicarstown

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