Baptism Records, Camross, Co. Laois, 1820-21

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I have indexed the names of the children and their parents from the Roman Catholic parish records of Camross, Co. Laois (Queen’s Co) for the years 1820-21. The names are spelled as I read them.  Place names are given in these records.  Betty = Elizabeth ; Cathr = Catherine ; Dan/Danl = Daniel ; Edwd = Edward ; Jno = John ; Margt = Margaret ; Mat = Matthew ; Michl = Michael ; Sophy = Sophie/ Sophia ; Thoms/Thos = Thomas ; Chas = Charles ; Fantan/ Fantin = Fintin ; Jer = Jermiah ; Ned = Edward ; wm = William

May 12th, 1816 _ Sept 1st, 1829
March 12th, 1821 – Dec 27th, 1829
May 1818 – Oct 6th, 1820
July 12th, 1823 – March 18th, 1830
Oct 14th, 1838 – Sept 11th, 1865
(many pages missing 1838-1850)
Oct 8th, 1865 – Dec 26th 1880
Jan 21st, 1820 – March 1830
Aug 18th, 1839 – Feb 8th, 1842
Aug 30th, 1846 – 1851
Aug 9th, 1855 – Sept 17th, 1865
Oct 26th, 1865 – Nov 25th, 1880

NLI Pos. 5014
According to my notes the LDS do NOT have a copy of this film


Name Surname Father Name Baptised Year Name Mother S From
John ? Michl 08-Mar 1820 Cathr Burke Cloonmin?
Mathew Acton? James 16-Dec 1821 Betty Delany Campclone
Mary Baldwin Wm 07-May 1820 Cathr Brenan Old Borris
Dorothy Bannan Jno 19-Jan 1821 Biddy Maguire Tintore
Mary Bannan Andrew 15-Aug 1821 Ann Delany Castletown
Margt Beaghan Michl 12-Feb 1821 Betty Delany Rushin
Thos Bennet Jno 09-Jul 1821 Mary Delany ?Roundwood
Tom Bennet Tom 25-Sep 1821 Betty Drenan Carrowleigh
Elizabeth Bergin Michl 06-Feb 1820 Sarah Cahill Coole
Mary Bergin Mat 19-Aug 1821 Ann Hanan? Ballycleary
Cathr Bergin? Dan 29-Jul 1821 Cathr Lalor Coole
Ellen Brenan John 25-Oct 1820 Anty Lynch Drim
Patrick Brennan Pat 23-Nov 1820 Mary Conroy Rushall
Sarah Brooks John 08-Oct 1820 Dorothea Redmond Clonmin
Cathr Brophy Joseph 17-Nov 1821 n.g. Burn or Brien? Rushin
Cathr Brophy Rodger 20-Aug 1820 Biddy Clear Castletown
Cathr Burke Ned 02-Jul 1820 Honnora ?? Castletown
Edwd Butler Jno 16-Apr 1820 Mary Mac Coole
Elloisa Butler Robt 28-Jan 1820 Ann B?rien Dangi…
Judith Ca?rvin Pat 17-Jun 1820 Betty Phelan? Kilbricken
Catherine Cahill Patrick 16-Nov 1820 Judith Phelan Deerpark
Denis Cahill Tom 26-Dec 1820 Margt Bowes Deerpark
Pat Cahill Wm 24-Jun 1821 Cathr Tik? Deerpark
Honner Campian Denis 04-Jun 1820 Cathr Hegarty? Clonmin
Judith Campian James 02-May 1820 Nelly Doyle Campwell
Timothy Campian Jeremiah 05-Apr 1821 Margt Phelan Clonin
Thoms Campion James 24-Dec 1821 MArgt Bennet? PAddock
James Carol John 30-Dec 1821 Ellen Savage? Aughafan
John Cassin Anthony 11-Jan 1821 Cathr Delany West?feelor
Margaret Cassin Brian 05-Nov 1820 Margaret Brophy Castletown
Mary Collier Joe 29-Dec 1821 Mary Bocop? Anatrim
Thom Condon Thom 16-Sep 1821 Mary Phelan Coole
Judith Condren Dick 16-Jul 1820 Mary Delany Derryduff
n.g Conly Michl 16-Dec 1821 Sally Neale Coole
Dennis Conrahy Dennis 19-Nov 1820 Mary Fitzpatrick Derry?cantin
Ann Coogan James 08-Oct 1820 Shusan Ban… Castletown
Denis Corkeran Edwd 22-Jul 1820 Ann Ryan Castletown
James Corkeran James 22-Oct 1820 Margaret Alderly Gash
Margt Costigan Joseph 14-May 1821 Jude? Condren? Cranna
Patrick Cuddy Pat 13-Mar 1821 Margt Fitzpatrick Knockacollar
Eleanor Darcy or Daney? Jno 22-Jul 1821 Ann Savage Ragh
Ellen Darcy or Daney? Jno 06-Mar 1820 Ann Savage Coole
John Day Pat 19-Apr 1821 Mary Meagher Mannin
Mary Day John 06-Feb 1820 Ann Dooly Knockalollan
John Delaney Pat 05-Jun 1820 Mary Ryan? Ballyhoraghan
Bridget Delany Michl** 03-Feb 1820 Margt Whelan Ballinrally
Cathr Delany Thomas 20-Jul 1820 Betty Breen Danginrow
Edwd Delany Wm 11-Feb 1821 Ann Delany Old Borris
Honner Delany John 08-Oct 1820 Catherine Walsh Clonmin
John Delany Pat 23-Dec 1821 Mary Gash
Mary Delany Jno 18-Feb 1821 Margt Shelly? Kilbricken
Mary Delany Michl* 08-May 1821 n.g. n.g Castle..?
Ann Dermody Mal 04-Mar 1821 Ann Rigney Carrigeen
Jer Dermody ?Pierce 20-Apr 1821 Mary Delany Cumber
Anthony Sharp Dillon Dan 02-Mar 1821 Frances White Castletown
Jahiels? Don(?cey) or Downey? William 29-Oct 1820 Catherine Neale Coole
Michl Dooly Patk 12-Sep 1821 Mary Phelan Shrahana
Pat Dooly Jno 25-May 1821 Ann Cahill Co?mmeragh
Thomas Dowly Denis 11-Apr 1821 Honner Carrol Buttersland
Ellen Doyle Bill 24-Jun 1820 Mary Dunn Danginrow
Patrick Doyle John 18-Mar 1821 Ann Danginrow
Elizabeth Duffy Richd 20-May 1821 Betty Dolan? Castletown
Ann Dunn Richd 14-May 1820 Mary Fitzpatrick Rushin
George Dunn Jo 17-Dec 1821 Cathr Phelan Rushin
John Dunphy Edwd 23-Aug 1820 Biddy Rigny ?Rah
Henrietta Eagan Mich 09-Mar 1821 Cathr Dunn Derrynaseera
Cathr Farrel Thomas 03-Nov 1820 Ann Bowes Derrylahen
Edwd Finly Jno 04-Mar 1821 Margt Malone Carrigeen
Margt Finly Ned 31-Jan 1820 Margt Delany Knockimullir?
Patrick Fitzgerald Pat 20-May 1821 Mary Phelan Glenbour?
Ann Fitzpatrick Danl 07-Oct 1821 Mary Savage Gash
Ann Fitzpatrick Jno 08-Aug 1821 Biddy Duff Castletown
Ann Fitzpatrick Pat 04-Aug 1820 Betty Cuddy Lackey
John Fitzpatrick Martin 27-Nov 1820 Mary Cahill Danginrow
Marg Fitzpatrick Wm 23-Mar 1820 Mary ?? Deerpark
Pat? Flinn Jno 22-May 1820 Nelly Delaney Ballyhoraghan
Wm Despard Flood Wm 24-Jan 1821 Mary Despard Francislane
Mary Gleeson Peter 17-May 1821 Ann Quily Cudda
Thos Glenny T. 05-Apr 1821 Cathr Whelan Crabhill
Dennis Gorman Dennis 19-Nov 1820 Catherine Lalor Derry?cantin
Aley Higgins Pat 02-Dec 1821 Betty Bradly Dangin?loc
Elizabeth Holland Edwd 14-Mar 1821 Betty Walsh Clonin
Michl Horan James 24-Apr 1821 Ann Brophy Castlehinch
Murty Horan Murty 06-Dec 1821 Alicia? Quigly Gash
Cathr Kelly Edwd 16-Aug 1820 Cathr Rourke Rushin
Dan Kelly ?? 24-Apr 1821 Mary Tennakilly
Edwd Kennedy Jno 13-Aug 1821 Mary Phelan Castletown
Mary Kevona Denis 28-Mar 1820 Biddy Condren Coole
Wm Lahy Thomas 15-Apr 1821 Judith Phelan Woodenbridge
Margt Lalor Hugh 22-Aug 1821 Betty Mulhall Carrigeen
Margaret Lawlor Lalor Patk 19-Dec 1820 Mary Hopkins? Rushin
Martin Leaghy Jno 18-Nov 1821 Mary Quigly Cudda
Joseph Loughlin Wm 17-Jul 1821 Dolly Bannin Glebe
Elizabeth Lyons Ned 28-Mar 1820 Mary Brophy Gash
Margt Lyons? Pat 22-Jul 1821 Mary S…. Carrigeen
Judith Magee Fanton 07-Nov 1821 Mary Dooley Deerpark
Peter Magee Thos 17-May 1821 Margt Bergin Deerpark
Edwd Marnell Rodger 03-Aug 1821 Aley Delany Cranna
Margt McLoughlin Tim 03-Sep 1821 Mary Flinn ?Alana or Asana
Catherine McQui?n Joseph 08-Dec 1820 Ann Byrne Holycross
Wm Meagher Wm 14-Oct 1821 Fanny Cunningham Castletown
Cathr Moore Richard 28-Jan 1820 Mary Dun Castletown
John Moore Pat 12-Oct 1821 Mary Collier Whitesfields
Mary Ann Moore Richd 04-Aug 1821 Mary Dunn Castletown
Judith Mullony Danl 28-Oct 1821 Mary Dunn n.g.
Esther Murphy Denis 28-May 1821 Annabel Cal(?weck) Coale
Sarah Murphy Tom 03-May 1820 Honney Peters Cudda
Hugh Nowlan F?liney 03-Jun 1821 Sarah Casey? ?Meadow town?lawn
Martin Perkinson William 06-Nov 1820 Mary Doncey or Dorcey Campclone
Jno Peters Danl 03-Apr 1821 Mary Ann Kevina Donore
Biddy Phelan Denis 01-Feb 1821 Cathr Bergin Clonmin
Bridget Phelan Alexander 11-Feb 1821 Cathr Kivena Cudda
Edwd Phelan James 28-Jul 1821 Mary ?? Cudda
James Phelan Pat 22-Nov 1821 Mary Malrony or Mulrony Ballycleary
Jno Phelan John 29-Jul 1821 Ann Baldwin? Kilbricken
John Phelan Thoms 30-Sep 1821 Mary Larkin n.g.
Pat Phelan Thos 03-Sep 1820 Ann Lar?kin Clash
Wm Phelan William* 31-Dec 1820 Cathr Dowling Ba?wnshill
Wm Phelan Wm** 16-Sep 1820 Hony Delany Danginrow
James Pound Patrick 25-Mar 1821 Margt Farrel Gash
Jno Quigly Mat 19-Apr 1821 Mary Horan Gash
Mary Quigly Thoms 17-Jun 1820 Ann May Kilbricken
Alice Redmond Jno 18-Jul 1821 Peggy Lalor Badgerhill
Elizabeth Redmond Thos 11-Jun 1821 Judith Go?rman Clomin
Jno Redmond Rodger 30-Apr 1820 Ann Forrestal? Curragh
Margaret Redmond John 05-Nov 1820 Margaret Dougherty Clonmin
Robert Redmond Roger 20-Nov 1821 Ann Forestal? Curagh or Cunagh
Elizabeth Redmond? James 27-Aug 1820 Mary Dowling Castletown
Eliza Scully Wm 28-Jun 1821 Jane Watson Derrynaseera
Martin Shra William 10-Nov 1820 Mary Dunphy Clonneglass?
Fintan Thompson Jno 28-Feb 1821 Margt Delany Rushin
Elizabeth Tisdell James ?24 April 1821 Judith Campian Glenbour?
Jno Wallace ?Fantin 11-Jun 1821 Margt Perkinson Derrycantin
Cathr Walsh James 18-Sep 1821 Cathr Kennedy Ballatarsna
Mary Whelan Sylvester 16-Jan 1820 Judith Breen Cormpioille
Mary Wo?rko Pat 06-Oct 1821 Jude Mooney Crana




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