Baptism Records, Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny, 1847

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I have indexed the names of the baptised children and their parents from the Roman Catholic parish registers of Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny for the year 1847.  The records are in English.  Spellings are as I read them, questionmarks indicate names I had a problem with.  Placenames are given.

Jas=James ; Margt = Margaret; Cath/Catharine = Catherine ; Michl = Michael ; Murty = Martin ;  Onny=Honora

Name Surnam Father Mother M Surname From Date Year
Ellen Gaffney Simon Mary Ryan Classduff 12-Apr 1847
Bridget Bergin John Anty Doran Feroda 13-Apr 1847
Catharine Kennedy Patrick Mary Cahill ?Precawn 22-Apr 1847
Bridget McDarby Michl Mary Ryan Castlecomer 23-Apr 1847
Margaret Brennan John Bridget Holohan Feroda 14-May 1847
Patrick Brennan Jas Margt Kealy Ballycorney 16-May 1847
Margaret Cantwell Richard Margt Fleming Kilkenny Street 17-May 1847
James Garner Joseph Margt Fleming Chatsworth?roe 26-May 1847
Margaret McGrath Jas Johanna McGrath (?rere) of the Chapel 2-Jun 1847
Bridget Murphy John Bridget Kennedy Feroda 3-Jun 1847
Patrick Healy Edwd Catharine Buggy Feroda 4-Jun 1847
Catharine Quinn Patrick Barbara Brennan Smithstown 9-Jun 1847
Margaret Bergan Martin Mary Downey Dunaguile 10-Jun 1847
Murty Coogan Michael Winefred Kelly Feroda 10-Jun 1847
Peter Mop?hell Michl Ellen Hennesy Feroda 13-Jun 1847
William Kelly John Jjudy Kealy Castlecomer 14-Jun 1847
Judy Shortal Michael Cath. Bergin ?Keltown 15-Jun 1847
John Tuite Patrick Mary Doughney Cruttin Clough 17-Jun 1847
Eliza Carroll Patrick MAry Delany Castlecomer 19-Jun 1847
Margaret Peel William Margt Peel Cruttin Clough 19-Jun 1847
Johanna Comerford Michl Mary Rutha ?Mayhona 25-Jun 1847
John Doran Denis Mary Dormer Ahamulley 29-Jun 1847
Alicia Holohan John MAry Brennan Castlecomor 30-Jun 1847
Nicholas Boland John Anne Dunne Castlecomor 1-Jul 1847
John Crennan Edmd Johanna Jackson Ahamulley 7-Jul 1847
Catharine Butler Toby Anne Fogarty Classduff 7-Jul 1847
Ellen Gleeson Michl Cath. Creenan Phee…d 15-Jul 1847
Margaret Brennan Pat Anne Breadly Castlecomer 17-Jul 1847
Owen Lynch John Johanna Barry Cruttin Clough 19-Jul 1847
James Curran William Anne Kealy Ahamulley 20-Jul 1847
Catharine ?Kenny Nicholas MAry n.g. Castlecomer 24-Jul 1847
Anne ?Buggy John Margt Dunne Maghona 27-Jul 1847
Andrew Daly John Mary ?Malloy Ballylinan 29-Jul 1847
Mary Comerford Kyran Catharine Deakan Clashduff 31-Jul 1847
Mary Sexton Michl Anne Foley Castlecomer 31-Jul 1847
John Morrissy ?Fintan Cath. Holohan Pheeroda 7-Aug 1847
Mary Slattery Pat Mary Fitzgerald Dunaguile 13-Aug 1847
Isabel Coughlan Robert Margt ??Jackvill?? Castlecomer 21-Aug 1847
John Dormer Mathew Jane ?Simmons ??? 22-Aug 1847
Mary Stapleton Edmond Caht Shea Cracaw.. 22-Aug 1847
Mary Jane Mulholland John Eliza Browne Banack? 29-Aug 1847
??Onny Drennan Edmd Mary Jacob Castlecomer 29-Aug 1847
Catharine ?Corcoran Michael MAry Quinlan Donaguile 3-Sep 1847
Mary Dpyle Edward Mary Rowley Ba… Street 16-Sep 1847
John Shea ?Robert Bridget Ryan Ardra 21-Sep 1847
Mary Butler Pierce Elizabeth Gorman Castlecomer 26-Sep 1847
John Ga(?c)hney James Mary Deevy Clashduff 27-Sep 1847
Margaret Brennan John Margt Callahan Shie…. 24-Oct 1847
Michl Walsh James Cath ??Forrestal Kiltown 24-Oct 1847
Bridget ?Carlen John Cath Bowden Castlecomer 25-Nov 1847
Michael ?Fanning ?Richard Margt Brophy Castlecomer 26-Nov 1847
Ellen Cantwell Michl Cath ??Miles Ballylinan 26-Nov 1847
John Whelan James Mary Clancy n.g. 27-Nov 1847
Mary Anne McCullagh Pat Catharine Quinne Castlecomer Barracks 8-Dec 1847
Michael Maher Michl Johanna ???? Dunaguile 23-Dec 1847


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