Baptism Records, Borris, Co. Laois, 1855-56

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The names of all children baptised during 1855 and 1856 have been taken.  All spellings are as on original record, nothing changed.  The place name was given in these records.

S with mother = surname mother.  In the date structure the month is the first column.  Questionmarks indicate that I was unsure but thought that was the surname listed

Name Surname Father Mother S Mother From Date Year Note
Stephen (Condet) Bergin Stephen Bridget Coleman Borris Bird 11/16 1855
Michael Fannan James Honoria Brophy Borris 11/24 1855
James Neil Thomas Sarah ?hanb?ius Borris 12/1 1855
anne Fitzpatrick William Mary Maher Borris 12/2 1855
Mary (Condet?0 Monohan John Ellen Phelan Borris 12/7 1855
Patrick Broderick Thaddeus anne Mara Shamboe 12/9 1855
John Maher Andrew Catherine Butler Borris 12/12 1855
Mary (Condit) Drennan Michael Sarah Lawlor Borris 12/16 1855
Judith Quinlan Daniel Judith Bergin Kilebeg 12/17 1855
Daniel Delany Daniel Mary Kavana Doon 1/1 1856
Daniel (Condit) Cu?ssin? William Julia Delany Borris 1/4 1856
Teresa Mary Mullins Joseph Frances Walsh Borris 2/1 1856
Mary Phelan William Mary Abraham B 2/3 1856
Mary (Condit) Carroll Timothy Sarah Horan cappagh 2/3 1856
John (Condit) adult Fletcher Andrew Mary Bergin Borris 2/3 1856
Michael Brennan Matthew Margaret Fennell Borr 2/19 1856
Joseph Phelan John Serah Ashley ?Grange 3/2 1856
Joseph Breen ?jos. Frances Phelan Ballybrophy Birch ?2/3 1856
Joseph Loughnman Patrick Bridget Treacey ?? 3/12 1856
Mary Shelly Patrick Mary Kilfoyle B 3/22 1856
Mary ?Price Joseph Elizabeth Ryan Kilcotton 3/28 1856
Patrick Huphy Richard Catherine ?Tracy 4/3 1856 Illig
Joseph Fitzpatrick Patrick Judith Bergin Grange money 4/7 1856
Joseph Horahan Richard Mary Horahan Borris 4/17 1856
Anne Byrne Pat Mary Byrne Vage or bage 4/25 1856
Mary (Condit) Ilig Cuddy Ellen Cuddy vaor bage 5/8 1856
Joseph (illig) ?Joseph Michael Mary Brennan Vage?? 6/3 1856
Joseph Bergin Peter Mary Delaney Grange 6/3 1856
Anne Bergin Peter Mary Delaney Grange 6/3 1856
catherine Keys John Catherine Tynan Grange 6/4 1856
Mary Maher Timothy Margaret Butler Shanboe 6/14 1856
Mary Quany John Catherine Brophy Grange 7/6 1856
Catherine Keenan Joseph Judith Fitzpatrick Bally?brophy 7/6 1856
Mary Macennis 7/13 1856 PRotestant baptised
Mary Kavana James ?Honora Short Borris Bird 7/17 1856
Bridget condit) Honan Thomas Mary Johnson B 7/17 1856
Joseph Butler William ?anne cantwell B 8/10 1856
Francis Kirwan John Anne Delaney B 8/12 1856
Mary Hogan Timothy Elizabeth Branagan Vagi 8/13 1856
Anne Maher Stephen Mary Phelan Vagi 8/19 1856
John Hogan Andrew Mary Delany Giberly 8/28 1856
Patrick Dunphy William Mary campion Giberly or Tiberly 9/19 1856
Joseph John Carroll Anthony Margaret Corrigan Vagi 10/1 1856
Joseph bergin Kyran Margaret Quaney Moandfad 10/4 1856
John Conahy Patrick Mary Ryan Grange 10/6 1856
Joseph (Condit) Chambers William Mary Short B 11/20 1856
(condit) illig Melbourne Henry Mary Cannon Vagi 11/22 1856 No name given
Anne Kirivan Patrick Honoria Phelan Killcotton 11/23 1856
Bridget Sheean Daniel Bridget Dargan B 11/23 1856
Anne Fanning James Honoria Brophy Borris Bird 12/7 1856
Elizabeth Hogan B 12/13 1856 Adult
Joseph (candid) Delaney John Mary Moylan B 12/14 1856
Joseph (candit) Short John Mary Quirk b 12/16 1856
Elizabeth (candid) Guideras Timothy Bridgt Kerevan B 12/23 1856
Joseph Butler Thomas Bridget Henna Shamboe 12/25 1856
Margaret McLouglin Patrick Ellen Clooney Baungerra 12/28 1856
Mary (condit illig) Reilly Michael Catherine Buckley Vagi 12/31 1856
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