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Baptism Records, Killian and Kilronan (Cilleronan), Ballygar, Co. Galway, 1804

This is one of those ‘interesting’ Roman Catholic parish records in that the actual name on the microfilm of records is different to the one in the reference book I have.

The name on the microfilm of parish records says ‘Killian & Kilronan Ballygar’, the name on the reference book says ‘Killian & Cilleronan’.

The register at this point of time (1804) is in Latin. That means that the first names, the Christian names are written in Latin and the surnames are in English.  The spellings as you see them here are exactly as I read them, except for one letter.  For some names or place names you will see the letter É I have only just noticed this.  I did not write that letter and I can only assume that the computer converted whatever I typed in to that letter. Question marks indicate letters or words that I had a problem with, the more question marks  at any word, the bigger the problem I had reading the letters.  Place names are given in most instances, dates were missing from some entries as they had been on the side of the page.  All entries are in the order I read them. I have not included the names of ‘witnesses’ or ‘sponsors’

For information on the translation of these Latin first names, see my article on Latin names in English

The first names are abbreviated: Hona=Honor ; Mathw=Matthew ; Jonnes=an error and should be Joannes ; Thos/Thoms=Thomas ;

One final note. I only got to 11th Dec 1804 with this register, I may have missed a few entries before the end of Dec.

Natinonal Library of Ireland, Dublin.  Microfilm Ref: 4613 for the early registers.

LDS ref: 0989748, items 1-3

NameSurnameFatherMotherM Surnamefromdateyear
MariaBlakeChristr.SabinaTullyCurnana?nthcan't read1804
MathwGavinPatriusBridgaCr?eevanGinadecan't read1804
Sabina?FyanJacobusMariaLohanCcurahduffcan't read1804
PetrusGoldenChristr.HonoraDonehoe?Fryolcan't read1804
MarcusFallonJoannesElizaFordeKilliancan't read1804
JoannesDalyJacobusWinifdaCusickBallinlasscan't read1804
CeciliaFeeneyBartholus (Feeny)RosaKellyM?acken28-May1804
ThomsMannionMartinusHelenaMannionn.g.can't read1804
JacobusMulryGulielmusCathrina?AdleyB. Lasscan't read1804
RosaMullaghanPatrickRosa??Conner?Turanecan't read1804
TimotheusDonohoeJoannesRosaMorisseyB. Lass17-Nov1804

Athleague Roman Catholic Baptismal Index, Co. Roscommon, 1808

Athleague & Fuerty Roman Catholic Parish Records,
Co. Roscommon,

This set of parish records are listed in the book I have as being Athleague & Fuerty.  However, on the microfilm of the parish records there is no mention of Fuerty in the title.  The Athleague parish records are listed as beginning in 1808, January 4th 1808 and it is from this date that I indexed the names of the children and parents.  I do not include the names of the witnesses (sponsors).  Place name is not given in this section of the parish records, the records themselves are in Latin.  Please do not misunderstand this, the Christian names are given in Latin, the surnames are written as spelled in English.

All names are written as I read them.  Question marks indicate places where I had a problem with a letter or a number of letters

If you want to or need to ‘translate’ any of the names here to English and are unfamiliar with Latin names please see my article on Latin names :

MichaelDrudy or DreedyMichaelAnna17-Mar1808
HonoraKiene or KieueThoms.Maria27-Sep1808

Baptism and Marriage Extracts, Church of Ireland, Carlow Town, 1747-1855

A few baptismal and marriage extracts from the Church of Ireland parish registers of Carlow town, Co. Carlow.
Spellings are exactly as I read them with no changes. Question marks show where I had difficulty reading a word or a name

Carlow Church of Ireland Parish Register Extracts
Baptisms : 1836-1852
Marriages : 1836-1845
Burials : 1836-1865
R.C.B. Library Ref.: P. 317.1.3

Baptised : Nov. 11th, 1838.
Born : Oct. 12th, 1838
Name : Henry
Parents : Wm. & Elizabeth Black?burne
Abode: Carlow
Profession/Occupation father: ?Saddler

Baptised : July 31st, 1842.
Born : July 10th, 1842
Name : James Edward
Parents : James & Dorcas Porter
Abode: Carlow
Profession/Occupation father: Physician
Curate: William Brandon

Baptised : Dec 27th, 1843
Born : Sept 27th, 1843
Name : Edward Albert
Parents : Thos. James & Jane Margaret Rawson
Abode: Carlow
Profession/Occupation father: Surgeon & M.D.
Rector: J. Jameson

Baptised : July 11th, 1846.
Born : Not given
Name : Robert Nicholas
Parents : Thomas & Jane Rawson
Abode: Carlow
Profession/Occupation father: Doctor
Wm. Brandon – Private baptism, child (?very) ill

Groom: Mansergh Lugworth Flood of Carlow Parish
Bride : Anne Catherine Moore of Carlow Parish
By Banns. 2nd May 1837
Signed : Lugworth Flood & Catherine Moore
Witnesses: Jane Emerson & Patrick Devereux

# 379. John Blackburne, Carlow. Aug 22nd, 1855. 2 years. Thos. Shelland Curate.
#461. Un-named Blackburne. Carlow. 28th Jan 1860. No age given
Baptisms 1852-1864
P. 317.2.1
No Blackburne, Flood or Rawson listed.

Carlow Church of Ireland Parish Register Extracts
R.C.B. Library Ref.: P. 317.1.2

Month?? 31st Baptised. Joseph son of John and Ann Bowles. Killeshin

Aug 27th Married. Robert Carr and Ann Bowles, being called in Church July the 31st, Aug 7th & 14th

Oct. 17th Married: Will’m Bowles to Mary Harborne. Rich’d Mills

July 24th Baptised : James Bowles son to Will’m & Mary Bowles

July 9th Married: Jno Bowles to Eliz. McGrath with Lycence

April 12th Marr’d: Joseph Bowels and Ann Tunstead with Lycence

June 20th Bapt’d : Robt. Son to Wm. And Sarah Bowles

Mary 21st Bapt’d: Jane Daughter to Jno and Mary Bowls (sic)

Feb 27th Married / By Mr. D. / Joseph Bowles to Jane Feltus, both of this parish, by Licence
May. Omitted, about 7th. Bapt : Eliza Daughter of Joseph and Jane Bowles

June 16th. Marr’d: James Bale and Mary Budds
Sept 9th. Bapt’d: John son of Joseph and Elizabeth Bowles

Jan 26th Bapt’d: Margt. Daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Bowles
Aug 31st. Mar’d: John Graham and Lucinda Bowles

p. 122
May 17th Bapt’d: Eliza. Daughter of Joseph and (Blank) Bowles.

Next page of register (p. 123) = blank note re 10 pages on – did not go ten pages to see if it continued at that point

Page 124 – 1822
Page 125 – 1825
Page 127 – 1824

No mention of Bowles or Feltus surnames on these pages.

Dec 12th. Married by ?C. Francis Flood of the parish of Carrick, Co. Kilkenny to Dorcas Burchaell of (??this parish)



Baptism Records, Slieverue, Co. Kilkenny, 1805

Notes on film and about film: Slieverue Parochial Register 1801-1836. St. Kieran’s College, Kilkenny. First page has following: “A Continuation of the Baptisms of the year 1801 by the Revd. John Fitzpatrick Coadjutor to Revd. Doctor Kelly, Parish of Slieve. Commencing October.” Not great condition! Error made by priest with first few entries of Jan 1805, has the section labelled as 1804 – 2 or three entries then next page says 1805. Writing is very difficult to read. Placename given first . Then date. November 1805, a note written in the book. The Death of Dr. Mallay. Could be Malley and could be Molloy!! Nov. 25th. No baptisms noted for November. Goes from October to December.

Some Name Abbreviations found in registers:
Wm = William Jas/Js. = James ; Mich/Mick/Ml = Michael ; Margt. = Margaret ; Jn/Jno. = John or Jonathan; Ally = Anastasia (sometimes) ; Anty = Anastasia/Anastatia ; Lau. = Laurence ; Pat/patt = Patrick ; May = Mary ; Jos. = Joseph ; Matt. = Matthew ; Onny = Winifred ; Cath. = Catherine ; Danl., Dan = Daniel; Hanna = Hanora or Anne ; Jer. = Jeremiah ; Sally = Sarah ; Bess = Elizabeth, Eliza ; Biddy/bridgt. = bridget ; Fanton = Finton. Nics./Nich = Nicholas ; Thos./Ths = Thomas ; Nelly = Eleanor or Ellen ; Fanny = Frances Batt = Bartholmew ; Ned = Edward

Patrick Bannon Ths Mary Grace 16-Mar 1805
Margt Barden?? Edmond Nelly Bowes 12-Sep 1805
?Jas Boe ?? Margt Forestal 06-Nov 1805
An?stse Br?yan ?Martin Mary Walsh 14-Apr 1805
Ally Bryan Dennis n.g 23-May 1805
Jno Burges Ml Kitty Knox?? 27-Jan 1805
Willm Burges Ml Kitty Knox?? 27-Jan 1805
Ellen Butler Jno Mary Irish 05-May 1805
Nancy Can….?? Larry Anty Nevil 25-Dec 1805
Patrick Cavanah Joseph Margt Roach 11-Feb 1805
Jno Clancy Wm Margt Sinott 11-Oct 1805
Ned Cody William Ellenor Bryan 18-Mar 1805
Patrick Cody?? ?Richd Margt Walsh 20-Mar 1805
Danl Connel Maurice Mary Hoye?? 21-Feb 1805
??Patk Connelly Patrick J?aney Reed 25-Mar 1805
Mary Conners Ned Elizabeth Kain?? 09-May 1805
Ellioner Conners John Margt Walsh 16-Oct 1805
Wm Conway ?Peter Mary Brenan 19-Jul 1805
Thos Cook Jno Kitty Power 16-Dec 1805
Honor Culleton Jno Mary Commorford 09-May 1805
Margt Dalton Jno Mary Halligan 02-Sep 1805
Mary Divins?? Ned Anty Lahy 23-Jan 1805
Andrew Don?ahoe James Margt Brophy 11-Apr 1805
Michl Donnevan Ned Betty Kenna?? 03-Mar 1805
Margt Dowling Peter Catherine Tracy 19-Jul 1805
James Dunphy Danl Cathy Shehan 18-Jan 1805
Martin Fannan?? Jno n.g Murphy 06-Aug 1805
Janey Fleming?? Jno Cathy Phelan 22-Apr 1805
Johanna Fling Simon Bridgt Knox 13-Jul 1805
Bridgt Fling?? Jno Nancy Hynes 28-Jan 1805
Jno Foley?? Patrick Nancy Aylworth 20-Feb 1805
Catherine Forestal?? Ths Janey Sullivan 30-Jun 1805
Margt Gafney n.g Biddy Gafney 16-Dec 1805
Catherine Galvan L?arry Anty Walsh 03-Mar 1805
Ellen Gorman Ned Mary Dullehanty 16-Apr 1805
Bridgt Grant Ned Mary Mara 17-Jan 1805
Ellen Grant Patrick Anstes Whelan 19-Feb 1805
Martin Grant Jno ?Sibbie Whelan 12-Jul 1805
Nelly Grant Ned Mary ?? 14-Apr 1805
Patrick Grant Jno Ally Keef 15-Mar 1805
Robt Hallala Wm Bridgt Kehoe?? 27-May 1805
Js Halligan Ned Bridgt Nowlan 21-Jul 1805
Ellen Halligan?? ?Jno Betty Hogan 11-Apr 1805
Ellen Hallran?? ?Stephen Cathy Bryan 02-Jun 1805
Ths Hanghlon?? Ths Catherine Whitty 23-Apr 1805
Margt Harmon?? Jno Kitty Commons 06-Oct 1805
Thos Hartly?? ?Js Anstis Green 19-Dec 1805
Edmond Henebry?? Patt Else Grant 19-Jun 1805
Thos Hennebry Michl Mary Walsh 09-Aug 1805
Jno Hickey?? Andrew Betty Cavanah 27-Jan 1805
Henry Hill Christopher Anty Lewis 24-May 1805
Ellen Ho?lohan?? ?Andw? Margt Co?rcran 11-Apr 1805
Mary Jush?? Batt Margt Butler 19-Jan 1805
No name given Kearney Francis Mary ?? 28-Jan 1805
Jno Keef?? Wm Mary Grant 05-Jun 1805
Jno Kelly Ned ?Sise Mackey?? 04-May 1805
Catherine Kerivan?? ?Richd Ellenora Connor?? 10-Feb 1805
Mary King?? ?Mr. Mary Grant 17-Jul 1805
Bridgt Kinna Wm Nancy Norris 28-Jan 1805
Bridgt Kinna Wm Nancy Norris 28-Jan 1805
Mary Laffin Ned Bridgt McNamara 16-Mar 1805
Ml Lawless Stephen Cathy ?:annan 15-Aug 1805
Danl Magrath Richd Mary Casey 13-Oct 1805
Catherine Mara Larry Nelly Cullinan 19-Jun 1805
Margt Mara Jno Betty Dalton 14-Mar 1805
Henry Mathes?? Barry Nancy Linnigan 08-Sep 1805
Jno McNamara Wm Anstes Kinney?? 06-Mar 1805
Margt Merry Stephen Bridget Whelan 30-Aug 1805
Mary Mulcahy Js Mary Neal 19-Mar 1805
Js Murphy ?Batt or Patt Cathy Ivory 18-Aug 1805
Morgan Murphy ?Batt or Patt Cathy Ivory 18-Aug 1805
Richs N?ief Jno Margt Lyster 11-Aug 1805
Henry Power Wm Cathy Roach 27-Jan 1805
Willm Power Ned Mary Moore 27-Jan 1805
Mary Quinn Cornelius ?Anty Pendergt? 16-Jul 1805
Ellen Quirk Js Anne Shanahan 16-Oct 1805
John Roach Jno Nelly Corcoran 24-Dec 1805
Margt Roach Js Nelly Shanahan?? 16-Oct 1805
Mary Roach Robert Mary Walsh 08-Dec 1805
Maurice Roach ?Richd n.g Roach 24-Oct 1805
Mary Rou?ey?? ?? ?? Harnet 04-Apr 1805
Willm Shihen? Ml Cathy Reed 13-Jan 1805
Jno Slugn?? David Elizabetha 10-Nov 1805
Philip Stanton?? Garret Catherine Butler 07-Nov 1805
Jno Sullivan Patrick Anty Ryan 03-Feb 1805
?Thos Sutton?? Philip Letitia Powel 16-Dec 1805
Ths Thusby?? Jno Nel Bryan 10-May 1805
Ellen Tobin Patrick Mary Cody 22-Oct 1805
Jno Tobin Walt Cathy Bowe 30-Oct 1805
?Bernard Travers Patt Mary ??? 14-Aug 1805
Ellen Travers Richd Biddy Fanning?? 22-Apr 1805
Margt Travers Andrew Joney Tobin 27-Oct 1805
Mary Tyrl?? Jno Margt Hannan?? 12-Feb 1805
William Wall Marks Margt Forestal?? 15-Jun 1805
Dennis Walsh not given Mary Whelan 18-Mar 1805
James Walsh Darby ?Bridget Fannan?? 16-Sep 1805
Larence Walsh Thos Catherine Neal 11-Aug 1805
Mary Walsh Patt Mary Bry?th 08-Mar 1805
Mary Walsh ?? Mary Halligan 24-Aug 1805
Mary Walsh Jno Catherine Power 11-Jan 1805
Thos Walsh Jno Catherine Whitty 10-Sep 1805
Wm Walsh Edmond Mary Knox 17-Mar 1805
Mary Anne Waring Jno Else Fling 10-Aug 1805
James White James n.g Ryan 03-Sep 1805

Irish Marriages, Portapatrick, Wigtownshire, Scotland

This page features free transcribed records relating to Irish people to emigrated to and married in Portapatrick, Wigtownshire, Scotland in the late 1700s and early 1800s.

1763 July 3rd Wilkinson William, a gent from Cachorelly ,Co. Limerick married mrs. Jacoba Susanna Bowchier from Killcullane, Co. Limerick

1764 March 25th Holmes Cornelious from Shennagh, Co. Cork married Miss Margret Wilkison from Calreleigh, Co. Limerick

1780 Jan 19th Cox Richard, Sir, Bart from Dunmanway, Co. Cork married Miss Mary O’Bryan from Limerick now residing Portapatrick

1784 May 17th Fitzgibbon Thomas, Esq Co. Limerick married Miss Mary Fitzgibbon from Ballyseeda, Liberties of Limerick City Witnesses: Quin, Elizabeth & Quinn, William

1784 June 3rd Vincent Thomas, Esq from Limerick City married Miss Mary Ann Cowney from Limerick City

1785 Feb 1st Fitton Terence, Esq from Cork City married Miss Lucinda Browne Lucinda, from Rathcahill, Co. Limerick

1786 Jan 22nd Royce Nicholas Ford, Esq from Nantinan, Co. Limerick married Miss Mary Catherine Croker from Rawleighstown, Co. Limerick

1786 May 12th Grady Standish, Esq Grange, Co. Limerick married Mrs. Margaret Foord from Limerick City widow of Abraham Foord, Esq. late of City of Limerick Witness: Grady, William jun

1786 Oct 9th Fitzgerald John, Esq. from Rathkeal, Co. Limerick married Elizabeth Dartnell from Rathkeal, Co. Limerick she the 3rd dau of Edward Dartnell. Witness: Dartnell, Edward

1788 Nov 8th Goggin Michael, Esq from City of Limerick married Miss Eliza Harrison from Limerick City

1791 Dec 29th Massy George, Hon. from Stagdale Lodge, ?Co. Limerick (he was from Co. Limerick) married Miss Elizabeth Scanlan from Balynaha, Co. Limerick Witness: Scanlan, Michael jun

1792 March 12th Massy Hugh,Rt. Hon. Lord, Baron from Co. Limerick married Miss Margaret Everine Barton from The Grove, Co. Tipperary Witnesses: Barton, Thomas & Barton, Charles & Cody, Judith

1793 Sept 19th Hunt Edmund, Esq. from Inchirourke, Co. Limerick married Miss Teresa Butler from ss Millbrooke, Co. Clare dau of James Butler Esq.

1794 May 13th Forbes Frederic, The Hon. from Co. Longford ; Lieut of 80th & 5th regt of foot married Mary Butler from Limerick City Spinster

1794 June 21st Whyte Charles, Esq. Lieut. 80th & 5th Regt of Foot married Anna Ross Lewin from Fortfergus, Co. Clare spinster Witnesses: Collis, henry: Limerick City & Williams, Joseph, servant to C. Whyte & Fyfe, Andrew: from Portpatrick

1795 Aug 28th Horan Ringrose Drew Esq. from Co. Limerick married Miss Jane Buchanan from King’s Co/Offaly Witness: Murray, Alexander: Commander Hillsborough Packet

1797 April 27th Hunt Thomas Edward, Esq Captain in His majesty’s 64th Regt of Foot married Miss Mary Mahony from Limerick City dau of Pierce Mahony, Esq Witrnesses: Mainsell, Jno & Mack, James & Mahony, Pierce & Fyfe, Andrew – Portpatrick

1797 Dec 4th Blennerhassett Arthur, Esq from Elmgrove near Tralee, Co. Kerry married Miss Dorcas Anna Twiss from Co. Kerry Witnesses: Harte, William Johnston Esq. of Coolruss, Co. Limerick & Sullivan, James – servant to Mr. Blennerhasset

1798 Jan 9th Gordon John, Sir Baronet of Park, Co. Banff married Miss Pyne Crosbie from Limerick dau to Hon. & Rev. Maurice Crosbie of Limerick Witnesses: Crosbie, Mrs. – mother to Miss Pyne & Morgell, Robert Hickson, Esq of Rathkeale, Co. Limerick & Wade, Mickel servant to Sir John Gordon

1799 Sept 22nd Meade, Christopher Henry Barry from Limerick married Miss Ann Fulton from Lisburn, Co. Antrim Witnesses: Fulton, Ann, Mrs & Major, John Esq. Cornet 22nd Dragoons & Murray, Alexander Commander of hilsborough Packet

1799 Sept 30th Hunt Henry Esq. from Golden Garden, Co. Tipperary married Miss Mary Bradshaw Limerick City Witnesses: Bradshaw, Mary of Limerick & Bradshaw, Benjamin Bennet, Esq, Mount William, Co. Tipperary & Buchanan, John: Ensign Perthshire Militia

1799 Oct 7th Naish Carroll Patrick, Esq from Ballyann, Co. Limericj married Miss Ann Johnson from Bettyville, Co. Limerick Witnesses: Johnson, William, jun. Esq – Bettyville & MacKenzie, James: Vintner & Ker, John Portapatick

1800 May 7th Creaghe Martin Connell, M.D. Limerick City married Miss Mary Lacy from Limerick City

1802 Dec 18th Sherlock Thomas, Esq from Rock Abbey, Co. Cork married Miss Mary Bevan from Miltown, Co. Limerick Witnesses: Bennett, James: Newbridge, Co. Limerick & O’Callahan, Daniel, Co. Limerick

1803 April 14th Copley John, Esq from Ballyclough, Co. Limerick married Miss Dorothea Stack from Ballyconry, Co. kerry Witnesses: Stack, John sq. Ballyconry, Co. Limerick & Monsell, Samuel, Mallow Co. Cork

1805 Jan 7th Johnston Nicholas George, Lieutenant 2nd Batt 61st Rgt of foot married Miss Mary Ann Keating from Limerick City dau of George Keating Esq. Doctor of Medicine

1805 May 20th Frewen Thomas, Esq from Castle connel, co. Limerick married Miss Margaret Dundun from Castleconnel, Co Limerick

1806 Aug 3rd Kingston Robert, Esq from London City Miss Charlotte Burdett from Limerick City

1807 May 7th Hogg Edmond William, Esq from Limerick City married Miss Mary Sargent from Limerick City dau of James Sargent, Esq of Limerick City Witness: Bell, James Belfast

1817 Aug 5th Head Michael Prattle, Esq from Derry castle, Co. Tipperary married Miss Mary Butler from Limerick

1822 April 24th Evans John, Esq from Limerick City married Miss Jemima Sexton Jemima, from Limerick City Witness: Sexton, William

1824 Oct 15th Lloyd Eyre, Esq from Limerick maried Miss Anne Hutchinson Masey from Limerick Witness: Wallace, Patrick servant to Eyre Lloyd

1826 Feb 6th Holmes Robert of Glennanore Esq from Castletown Roache, Co.Cork married Catherine Wilkinson Catherine, spinster from Mallow, Co. Cork Witness: Wilkinson, Francis of Limerick

Baptism Records, Owning and Piltown, Co. Kilkenny, 1803-04

Oning (Owning) &Templeorum (Piltown), Ossory. Baptismal Index 1803-1804

NAI Film ref. Pos #5019: Baptisms Oct 7th 1803 – June 21st 1815.

1803 only a few entries. 1804 indexed completely. Late 1805 some entries in Latin & writing gets more difficult to read. Entries numbered.

The following is indexed according to the surname of the Child. All spellings are as on the parish register. Where a name was difficult to read, there are question marks.

Piltown is given as above in brackets in the title for this set of parish registers on the microfilm. There is no official listing as such indicating that there are parish registers in existance for the parish of Piltown.

Name Abbreviations found in registers:
Wm = William Jas/Js. = James ; Mich/Mick. = Michael ; Margt. = Margaret ; Jn/Jno. = John or Jonathan; Ally = Anastasia (sometimes) ; Anty = Anastasia/Anastatia ; Lau. = Laurence ; pat/patt = patrick ; May = Mary ; Jos. = Joseph ; Matt. = Matthew ; Onny = Winifred ; Cath. = Catherine ; Danl., Dan = Daniel; Hanna = Hanora or Anne ; Jer. = Jeremiah ; Sally = Sarah ; Bess = Elizabeth, Eliza ; Biddy/bridgt. = bridget ; Fanton = Finton. Nics./Nich = Nicholas ; Thos. = Thomas ; Nelly = Eleanor or Ellen ; Fanny = Frances

Note: Symon Conelly has been incorrectly placed in this index with Symon as surname.

Name Father Mother Date
Edmd Aylward Willi Margt Knox 17-Oct 1803
John Aylward Edmd Anstice Connelly 02-Sep 1804
Aloysius Barry Michl Mary Walsh 02-Jul 1804
Mary Barry Richd Ellen Dumphy 15-Aug 1804
Margaret Barry?? Michl Margaret Walsh 16-May 1804
Eliza Blackmore Symon Biddy Connel 07-May 1804
Eliza Blackmore Symon Biddy Connor 01-May 1804
James Blackmore Henery Margt Lanagan 02-Jun 1804
Allever Brenen Edmd Judy McDaniel 18-May 1804
Edmd Brenen Michl Mary Meighen 14-Jan 1804
Elizabeth Brenen Nichs Mary Walsh 06-Jul 1804
Mary Brenen Richd Biddy Meigher 05-May 1804
Michl Brenen John Ellen Kenely 07-Oct 1804
Judy Broderick Maurce Honor Mull?n 04-Jun 1804
John Brophy James Cathy Phelan 20-Sep 1804
Mary Brown ?Harry Biddy Doherty 10-Oct 1803
Nancy Brown John Margaret Morris 21-Oct 1804
Jas Butler Jas Ellen Lynch 11-Oct 1803
Johana Butler James Mary Brenen 06-Jul 1804
John Butler Willi Nelly Shea 05-Aug 1804
Mary Butler Thos Betty Lewis or Lowes?? 10-Apr 1804
Richd Byrn Michl Mary Walsh 07-Jan 1804
John Carey John Biddy Walsh 18-Jun 1804
Philip Carey Michl Margaret n.g. 28-May 1804
Margt Carragan James Ellen Walsh 19-Nov 1804
Else Carrol James Cathy Walsh 14-Mar 1804
Mary Carrol Nicholas Cathorine Lee 21-Oct 1804
Elizabeth Casey Maurce Biddy McGrath 07-Oct 1804
John Casey Willi Alley Dooley 19-May 1804
Mary Cashin John Mary Coany 23-Jul 1804
Biddy Clancy John mAry Keefe 22-Oct 1803
Thomas Clancy James Elizabeth Forastal 16-Mar 1804
Cathy Clynn or Lynn?? John Anstice Kenny 26-Dec 1804
Mary Coady Patrick Cathy Londergan 01-Jun 1804
Richd Coady Thos Ellen Aylward 02-Mar 1804
Michl Coany Willi Cathy Brisco?? 03-May 1804
Joseph Commins James Mary Gawle 25-Mar 1804
Mary Commins Michl Nancy Mangan 03-Nov 1804
Elizabeth Connelly Michl Elizabeth Kiervan 29-Jan 1804
John Connelly Michl Anstice Flynn 25-Jan 1804
Johana Conway James Margaret Henebry 18-Nov 1804
John Conway John Cathy Kelly 14-May 1804
Ellen Corcoran Michl Judy Lonergan 24-Dec 1803
Ellen Corcoran Philip Mary Power 12-Oct 1804
James Cormick James Ellen Commins 18-Dec 1804
Richd Cormick James Salley Walsh 28-Nov 1804
Cathy Coughlan Jas Honor Cos?tily 12-Jul 1804
Johana Dalton Walter Mary Reade 04-Jul 1804
John Dalton William Cathy Commins 11-Feb 1804
Margt Dalton William Honor Ryan 05-Jul 1804
Patrick Dalton John Biddy Clancy 21-Oct 1804
Richd Dalton Patt Mary Killon?? 19-May 1804
?Tidileming Daniel John Mary Aylwort 05-Mar 1804
Ellen Daniel Thos Cathy Byrne 16-Jul 1804
Honor Daniel John Mary Phelan 25-Mar 1804
Jas Daniel Edmd Cathorine Moor 26-May 1804
John Daniel Jas Mary Foley 31-Jan 1804
Mary Daniel Laur Nelly Dowling 19-Mar 1804
Michl Daniel John Betty Shea 18-Dec 1803
n.g. Daniel Patrick Mary Conway 22-Jul 1804
Michl Deleany James Mary Dalton 13-Feb 1804
Mary Dempsy Joseph Else Walsh 20-Mar 1804
Michl Doherty Thos Mary Madden 09-Feb 1804
Mary Dolenty Patrick Cathy Carol 16-Aug 1804
Mary Dolenty Pat Margt Grace 24-Jun 1804
Johana Dolert James Margt Prendergast 13-Dec 1803
Anstui Dollert John Margaret Walsh ? 1803
John Dollert Willi Cathy Hogan 19-Dec 1803
Edmd Doogan ?Thos Cathy Dollert 07-Jun 1804
Honor Doogan Edmd Ellen Corcoran 03-Dec 1804
Thos Doogan James Mary Coady 04-May 1804
John Dooling Martin Cathy Butler 29-May 1804
Mary Dooling Jas Else Scallon?? 14-Jan 1804
Thos Downes James Margt Purcil 25-Sep 1804
Mary Dumphy James n.g. n.g. 11-Mar 1804
Honor Dunn Patrick Mary Deady 02-Dec 1804
Margt Dunn Richd Johanna Hearn 10-Apr 1804
Cathy Dwyre Thos Margt McGrath 16-May 1804
Ellen Dwyre John Mary Mooney 26-Mar 1804
Richd Ederson?? Thos Betty Fitzpatrick 17-Mar 1804
Martin Eoens Hugh Ellen Dalton 18-Nov 1804
Thos Evens Hugh Ellen Dillon ? 1803
Patrick Fahy John Mary Dalton 15-Jan 1804
Thos Farrol or Carrol?? Edmd Ann Phelan 03-Jul 1804
Mary Fitzeralg Michl Mary Knox 10-Aug 1804
Ellen Fitzgerd Jas Biddy Lewis?? 06-Jul 1804
Margt Fitzgerd John Abbey Moore 25-Mar 1804
Mary Fitzpatrick Denis Margt Durney 29-Jan 1804
Susan Fitzpatrick Timothy Cathy Kirk 13-Feb 1804
Alley Flaherty John Mary Coany 15-Apr 1804
Honora Flood?? ?Harid n.g. n.g. 23-Feb 1804
Anstui Foley Michl Anstice Dwyer 10-Oct 1804
Biddy Foley Jas Ellen Dunphy 10-Jun 1804
Mary Foley Edmd Anty Keef 16-Oct 1804
Ann Furnis or Turnis?? Michl Mary Bohen?? 16-Dec 1804
Patrick Gorman Cornelig Cathy Malay 11-Mar 1804
Ellen Grace Thos Mary Grace 07-Oct 1804
John Grace Thos Margaret Maleny?? 19-Nov 1804
Patrick Grady James Pol Daniel 07-Nov 1804
Anstice Grant Thos Cathy Kiervan 30-Dec 1804
Laurce Grant John Cathy Brenen 14-Dec 1804
Pat Green Jas Peggy Ryan 15-May 1804
Patt Griffin Joseph Ellen Kenedy 27-Dec 1803

Baptism Records, Freshford, Co. Kilkenny, 1805-06

I seem to only have some placenames added in for this set of records and I’m afraid at this stage I don’t know if it was a case of me deciding it was too much work or if placenames were only given for some children!  I’m sorry about that.  I’d assume, knowing myself that if I had decided to only take some then I would have written a note on my document and I didn’t do that.

These are all the records for 1805 and 1806 according to the set of records I was working with. The last date for 1806 was 24th August, 1806 and the next entry in the books was dated March 15th, 1807.

Name Surname Father  Mother name M Surname Date Year Place
Bridget Brennan John Anne Walsh 24-Sep 1805
Wm Cahill Patt Eleanor Hickey 12-Jun 1805
Judith Campion Jno Cath Hely 14-Jan 1805 Monabrague
Joane Carey Pierse Eleanor Cleary 13-Aug 1805 Freshford
Honor Clohissy Luke Anne Fitzgerald 27-Mar 1805
Eleanor Coady James Margt Delany 10-Nov 1805
Edmd Cody Robert Anne Walsh 21-Jan 1805 Crow?seele
Thos Connell Michl Joan Phelan 05-Jan 1805 ?Kilaree ot Tularee
Richd Connell James Mary Walsh 14-Feb 1805 Sart?
Richd Conway Edmd Eleanor Walsh 19-Nov 1805
Richd Cuddy Michl Anne McDonnell 03-May 1805
Timothy Dowling Wm Mary McGrath 12-Feb 1805
James Dowling Michl Annst Dermody 25-Aug 1805 Freshford
Elinnor Dowling John Anne Burke 26-Sep 1805
James Dwyer Willm Joan Grace 23-Feb 1805
Bridget Dwyer Wm Joan Grace 23-Feb 1805
Bridget Fanning Michl Rose ?Kelly 10-Feb 1805 Ballydonll
James Fitzpatrick Wm Cath Brenan 06-May 1805
Bridget Glendon Thos Mary Sexton 23-Sep 1805
John Glennan Patt Anastaee ?Keohan 22-Sep 1805
Edmd Hickey James Bridget Brenan 05-May 1805
Robert Holden Patt Anne Grace 17-Feb 1805 Three Castles
Philip Horohan Martin Cathe Butler 24-Sep 1805 Freshford
Philip Horohan Martin Cath Butler 24-Sep 1805
Mary Houghney John Mary Dowling 14-Jun 1805
Margt Hoyne Francis Honor Fitzpatrick 04-Jan 1805 Freshford
Mary Hoyne Wm Eleanor San?dford 18-Jan 1805 Rathmoyle
Thos Hoyne Martin Bridget Fitzpatrick 30-Apr 1805
Elizabeth Hoyne John Mary Maher 04-Nov 1805 Moonibrougue
Cath Jourdan John Bridget ?Dinison 13-Jan 1805 Clashacrow
John Kelly Malachy Mary Downey 20-Jun 1805
Margaret Kelly? Danl Joane Younge 27-May 1805
Patrick Kirby? James Mary ?Dawly 23-Feb 1805
James Lalor Michl Mary Clohissy 22-Jan 1805 Rathmoyle
James Larkin John Anne Corrigan 01-May 1805
Adalaide Maher John Alicia Murray 16-Jul 1805 Freshford
Adalaide Maher John Alicia Murray 16-Jul 1805 Freshford
Thos McAvoy Edmd Bridget Corrigan 03-Nov 1805
Patrick O’Hara Nichs Cath Phelan 31-Mar 1805
Mary Phelan Patt Mary Grace 03-Feb 1805 ??
Michl Phelan Patt Sara Lodge 08-Feb 1805 Freshford
Joane Phelan Thos Anast Cliare 05-May 1805
Margaret Phelan Edmd Mary ?Dunne 19-May 1805
James Purtell Roger Mary Darcy 10-Nov 1805
Nichs Quigley Pierse Cath Nowlan 28-Jan 1805 ….town
Cathe Quigley? Mark Judith Cunningham 10-Mar 1805 Freshford
Cath Quigley? Mark Judith Cunningham 10-Mar 1805
Jno Tuohan? Wm Mary Fitzpatrick 26-May 1805
Thos Tynan Patt Eleanor Meany 06-Feb 1805 Ballydoole
Nichs Walsh Thos Mary ?Feelan 07-Jan 1805 Freshford
Margt Walsh Thos Mary Mallone 11-Aug 1805 ?Trencherstown
Patrick Younge Patrick Mary Dowling 05-May 1805
James Brenan Nichs Honor Brady 25-Sep 1806
Catharine Butler Edmd Cath Duggan 07-Apr 1806
Eleanor Cleere James Juliana Duggan 07-Apr 1806
Richd Clifford James Catharine Hoyne 15-Jan 1806
Mary Delany Jno Joane Fogarty 22-Sep 1806
Mary Dermody Denis Elizabeth Phelan 01-Apr 1806
Michl Doran Danl Catharine Phelan 01-Jan 1806 Freshford
Mary Duggan Patt Joane Durney 11-Jan 1806
Mathew Duggan Philip Mary Cormuck 11-Dec 1806
Darby Fogarty James Elenor Dargan 02-Aug 1806
Joana Guiltinan James Anne Holohan 22-Jun 1806
Bridget Heany Patk Mary Grace 10-Aug 1806
John Henesy Edmd Joane Cleere 01-Apr 1806 Kilaree
Sarah Henesy Edmd Cath Dowling 17-May 1806
Mary Howlahan Philip Judith Bray 07-Aug 1806
Eleanor Howlahan James Cath Loughman 11-Aug 1806
Mary Kealy Patk Mary Mulhall 10-Aug 1806
Mary Lalor James Mary ?Dunne 01-Jan 1806
James Lalor Richd Mary Carroll 20-Feb 1806
Honor Maher Richd Bridget ?Marnell 17-May 1806 Ballydonnell
Thos Nowlan Nichs Mary Ryan 02-Aug 1806 Ballagh
Mary Phelan Wm Catherine Walsh 02-Feb 1806
Cath Purcel Martin Mary Casey 14-Dec 1806
Michl Rielley Pat Mary Delany 30-Aug 1806
John Ryan John Margaret Phelan 19-Jan 1806
Mary Ryan Thomas Honor Hely 17-Mar 1806
Patt Wall Thomas Cath McAvoy 30-Mar 1806
Michl Walsh Jno Judith Clohessy 24-Aug 1806

Baptism Records, Freshford, Co. Kilkenny, 1800-01

These records are from my older transcription of Freshford Roman Catholic Baptisms.

These records are in English and a placename is given.  I have transcribed all of the names for 1800 and then I was looking for surnames Blanchfield, Shee/Shea, Trihy/Treahy and Maher or Meagher.  I have not yet seen another copy of these records

Name Surname Father Mother M Surname date Year Place
Margaret ?? Patt Sally Price 06-Apr 1800 ?Brabs?town?
Ba?rtolomew ?? Patt Bridget Walsh 06-Apr 1800 New England
Mary Bartly Willm Cathne Kilfoile 14-Sep 1800 Garanamana
Edmond Beetston? James Nancy Finilly 11-May 1800 Tullarone
Patt Bond Patrick Mary Tynan 20-Dec 1800
Mary Brady James Margaret Fitzgerald 20-Sep 1800 Rathhealy
Robert Brazill James Mary Shee 22-Sep 1800 Foile
Mary Brenan James Mary Walsh 06-Jun 1800 Saart
Martin Brenan James Margt Kennedy 17-Nov 1800 Freshford
Mary Brouder James Honora D?… 09-Apr 1800
John Buggy Willm Mary Currin 05-Jun 1800 Rathmoile
Mary Bulger Patt Bridget Brouder 29-Mar 1800 Freshford
Timothy Burch John Mary H?? 24-May 1800 ??Freshford
Edmond Burke Edmond Mary Purcell 24-May 1800 Three Castles
John Cahill Richd Cathne Horohan 05-Dec 1800 Ballylarkin
Thomas Cahill Thomas Elizabeth Grace 15-Dec 1800
Eleanor Cahill Patrick Margt Doyle 21-Dec 1800
Judith Cain Michl Honora ?Staplton 17-May 1800 Freshford
Margaret Cantfill Wm. Cathrine ?? 12-14 April 1800 ?Freshford
Elizabeth Carty? John Mary ?Hilan 12-14 April 1800 ?Freshford
John Clear Patt Honora 11-Apr 1800 Brown??
Michael Clohosy John Mary Dargan 20-Sep 1800 ?Earlsbog
Catharine Closesy John Mary Brenan 14-Apr 1800 Balli?soer
Philip Comoford John Margt Mulowney 05-Nov 1800 Courtstown Hill
Cathne Comoford Garret n.g. 27-Nov 1800 Clomanto
Mary Coyne Francis Honor Fitzpatrick 05-Dec 1800
John Croak John Cathrine Carroll 15-May 1800 Bally?larken
Margt Dalton Michl Mary Dooley 09-Jun 1800 Ballydooley
Edmd Dalton James Honor Clear 26-Dec 1800
Michl Darby Dunn Bridget Ry… 30-Apr 1800 Freshford
Ellen Delany Michl ?Nancy Henesy 12-14 April 1800 Leaugh
Anne Delany John Margt ?Flinn 18-Jul 1800 Freshford
Cathre Dillancey? Martin Cathne Dunne 20-Jun 1800 Clssnagreen or Clapsnagreen!
Cathne Dillon Michl n.g. 25-Nov 1800 Cla?snagawne
Timothy Doheny John Betty Joyce 03-Nov 1800 Liss
James Dooley Michael Eleanor Glinden 02-Aug 1800 n.g.
Michael Doran John Cathr Horohan 03-May 1800 Freshford
James Dowling John Mary Murphy 27-Apr 1800 Wallstown
John Duggan James Mary Heffernan 20-Sep 1800 Ballyroe
Cathne Dunne Kyran Cathne Cormick 26-Dec 1800
Cathrine Fannen? Michl Judith Cahil 26-Apr 1800 Ballydoole
Sarah Fannin Michl Roce Kelly 08-Sep 1800 Ballydonnel Hill
Edmond Fitzpatrick Wm. Cathrine Brenan 27/4? 1800 Sart?
Margt Fitzpatrick Edmond Ellis Corrogan 03-Aug 1800 Rathmican
Edmond Fitzpatrick Patrick Eleanor Henessy 19-Aug 1800 Balliroe
Cathne Fleming Thomas Mary Fleming 30-Oct 1800 n.g.
Mary Fogarty Philip Eliza Eagan 06-May 1800 Rathmi..an
Mary Fox Thomas Betty Cashin 20-Sep 1800 Ballydoole
Mary Glinden Thos Mary Sexton 10-Aug 1800 Ballylarken
James Glinden Kyran Bridget Carty 12-Oct 1800 n.g.
James Glindon Thos Cathne Kealy 10-Jul 1800 Freshford
Mary Gorman Dennis Elizabeth Philips 28-Oct 1800 Brittas
John Gorman? Michl ?? Delany 06-Apr 1800 ?Archerstown
Judith Grace John Margaret Butler 21-May 1800 Ballinamara
John Grace Pierce Mary Butler 17-Jun 1800 Garanamanagh
James Grace James Eleanor Ke….? 26-Jun 1800 Freshford
Timothy Grace Richd Mary Doheny 20-Jul 1800 Liss
Mary Grace Mark Margt Dunne 31-Aug 1800 Freshford
Patrick Grace James Mary Conway 05-Nov 1800 n.g.
Cathne Grace James Judith Doheny 06-Nov 1800 Liss
Ellen Harden Wm. Cathrine Kelly 02-May 1800 Tullon
?Martin Healy Patrick Ellen Bowden 10-May 1800 Garnamana
Matthew Henecy Michl William (sic) Morris 09-Nov 1800 Liss
Dennis Hickey John Margt Ryan 08-Jul 1800 Nocknamuck
James Holoen Nicholas Judith Kohoe 11-Aug 1800 Ballinamara
Catharine Horahan Michl ?nelly Hoalahan 27-Dec 1800
James Houlahan James Cathne Loughman 28-Aug 1800 Garanamanagh
Ann Hoyne ?Lacton ?Ann ?Kohan 06-Apr 1800 ??
Patrick Jackman John Maty Fitzpatrick 17-Apr 1800 Freshford
?Darby Jourdan? ?Patt Honora Walsh 21-Apr 1800 Garinamana?
Mary Jurdan John ?Anty Kilfoil 20-Apr 1800 Tullarone
Michl Kealy Richd Honor Quigly 13-Jun 1800 Freshford
Mary Kelly Peter Mary Kelly 20-Apr 1800 ?Tullarone
John Kelly Richard Margaret Delany 24-Aug 1800 Oldtown
Jeremiah Kelly Jno Margaret Grace 15-Aug 1800 Brillas
Cathne Kennedy John Judith Campion 12-Nov 1800 Lisnelea
Mary Kief Patt Ellen Houlding 17-May 1800 ??
Elizabeth Kohan William Mary Fitzpatrick 02-Jun 1800 Cooleshill
John Laffan Kyran Cathne Bearde 14-Sep 1800 Three Castles
Mary Lanagan Andrew Margt Clohosy 11-Aug 1800 Barnaglissawn
Nicholas Lawlor Nicholas Mary Shea 15-Apr 1800 Newtown
Edmond Malone Morgan Mary Doherty 04-Aug 1800 Lisnelea
Walter Mansfield James Cathrine Codehy 29-Mar 1800 Crophill
Lawrence Martin Lawrence Ellen ?Donnolly 27-Mar 1800 ?Thillarce or Killarce?
Cathne Martin John Catharine Fannin 07-Nov 1800 Freshford
William Maurice Patt Mary Henecy 07-Jun 1800 Liss
Mary Maurice ?Edmd Cathne Walsh 24-Jun 1800 n.g.
Margt McEvoy John Bridget Hogan 28-Sep 1800 n.g.
Bridget McEvoy Daniel Judith Murphy 11-Nov 1800 Freshford
John Meagher Denis Mary Connors 16-May 1800 ?Ropeen
Edmond Meaher Thomas Cathne Brenan 06-Dec 1800 Huntstown
Cornelius Michael Meagher Cathne Feehan 06-Aug 1800 Rathmican
Thomas Morris James Cathne Walsh 28-Dec 1800
Elizabeth Neile Daniel Mary Fling 24-Aug 1800 Lisnelea
Richd Nowlan Nicholas Mary Ryan 28-Oct 1800 Ballagh Cloneen
Catharine O’Hara Daniel Mary Walsh 14-Sep 1800 Ballylarken
James Phelan Patrick Mary Phelan 27-Oct 1800 n.g.
Willm Quealy Michl Alice Horohan 29-Aug 1800 Garanamana
James Rafter Hen Judith 10-Apr 1800 Rath?liss
Anne Reade John n.g. 15-Aug 1800 Freshford
John Reade John Mary Curren 05-Nov 1800 Garranamana
Edmond Roberts James Eleanor Fogarty 31-Oct 1800 Ballybeagh
Darby Roth John Eleanor Dargan 03-Oct 1800 Rathmican
Timothy Shea ?Michl Mary Dunn 26-Apr 1800 Freshford
John Slattery John Mary Coogan 22-Sep 1800 n.g.
Michael Stapleton Thomas Mary Costigan 24-Jul 1800 Garanamanagh
Margaret Tynan Wm. Ellen Lawlor 20-May 1800 Freshford
Elizabeth Tynan Willm Cathne Woods 07-Nov 1800 Freshford
Bridgt Wallace James Winifred Ryan 14-Dec 1800
Philip Walsh John Judith Close?hey 22-May 1800 Rath?eola
Margt Walsh John Mary ?Lerman 09-Jun 1800 n.g.
John Walsh James Margt Darmody 07-Jul 1800 Three Castles
Mary Walsh Thomas Eleanor Neile 24-Aug 1800 Tullaroan
Judith White Thos Cathrine Fitzpatrick 14-Apr 1800 ?Foil
Timothy Young James Cathne Cashin 21-Dec 1800
John Akins Thomas Judith Trihy 25-Jan 1801
John Akins Thomas Judith Trihy 12-Sep 1801 Ballybeagh
Bridget Banaan Michl Mary Darcey 18-Jan 1801
Laurence Brenan Nicholas Margt Tobin 14-May 1801 ?Sart
William Browne Patt Mary Shee 10-May 1801 Balli?tarson
Willm Cashin James Mary McDaniel 21-Jan 1801
John Coggy Patt Eleanor Maher 06-May 1801 3 Castles
George Comerford Philip Mary Maher 07-Nov 1801 Gurtnagap
John Conners Michl Eleanor Maher 01-Aug 1801 Ballybeag
Thomas Conway Edmond Neley Walsh 17-Jul 1801 La?tes
Thomas Delany Martin Bridget Corcoran 15-Jan 1801
Mary Glenan Patrick Anastatia Keoghan 18-Jan 1801 Three Castles
James Hoyne John Mary Meagher 15-Aug 1801 Moonamrogee.?
Cathrne Kelly William Anne Kelly 15-Dec 1801 Tullaroan
Anty Lanagan Patrick Judith Keefe 14-Jan 1801
John Maher Willm Eleanor Grace 03-May 1801 Moonavodrue
Mary Maher Michl Mary Holohan 15-Aug 1801 Courtstown
Catharine Maher Mathias Judy Buckley 10-Sep 1801 Wallstown
Mary Maher Mathias Margt Cashin 20-Sep 1801 Rathmiean
Honor Maurice Richd Mary ?Lahut 02-Jun 1801 Gurnaga?pny
Peter Mehan Pierce Bridget Shee 17-Jul 1801 Tullaroan
Margaret Rooney Peter Anty Maher 15-Jan 1801 Rathmican
Patrick Sheahan Martin Biddy Clohosey 22-Jan 1801 Ballyroe
James Shee Richard Margt Burke 15-Oct 1801 Ballybeagh
Edmond Thomas Meaher Cathrne Brenan 06-Jan 1801 Huntstown
John Traverse John Margt Cashin 19-Jan 1801
Michl Trihy John Cathne Darmody 19-Jan 1801
Eleanor Trihy Joseph Mary Lynch 11-Jun 1801 Bally?beagh
Richd William Kelly Elizabeth Young 15-Mar 1801 Brittas

The Farmer: Irish Folk Custom and Belief

Irish Folk Custom and Belief (Nósanna agus Piseoga na nGael) by Seán Ó Súilleabháin.

The Farmer

In olden days in Ireland, hunting must have contributed substantially to the support of the people. It is now such a long time since the population became settled, rather than nomadic, however, that relatively little custom and belief concerning hunting has survived.

The land has for a long time been the man source of Irish food supplies. In early times, grain crops came to be extensively cultivated, to be followed by the potato a few hundred years ago. The fertility of the land, as well as the preservation of that fertility, were all important in the eyes of our ancient ancestors. It is not to be wondered at, therefore, that a large body of folk custom and belief came to be associated with these two aspects of agriculture.

It was a general belief that the presence of a “fairy fort” or of a “fairy well” on a farm meant that the land would be fertile. To preserve this necessary quality, certain steps had to be taken : salt was sprinkled on a field before a crop was sown in it; so too was water in which a plough “sock” or coulter had been immersed (perhaps due to the belief that iron had special magical qualities). The christianisation of such customs as these can be seen in the later sprinkling on the land of holy water (blessed on Rogation Days, on Ascension Thursday or on Whit Sunday). When bonfires were lighted on May Eve or on St. John’s Eve (June 23), the farm would either be encircled with fire by taking burning reed/sheaves around it to ward off evil influences, or else some burning bushes or sticks from the fires were thrown over the fence into the fields where crops were growing; similarly, in the areas where the May-bush custom prevailed, branches from the bush were thrown among the crops. It was even believed that the fertility of a neighbour’s holding could be stolen from him by secreting eggs or raw meat (or the dead body of some animal) on his land – as these decayed, so did his prosperity by a process of sympathetic magic.

There is ample evidence from Ireland and Europe that dead bodies were not allowed to be taken for burial through the land of others; special laws were passed against this in several countries. The basic reason seems to have been the belief that the passage of a corpse brought ill-luck to land and crops.

There is not space in this booklet to enumerate the many customs and beliefs associated with the planting and care of crops. Let one suffice : it was deemed very unlucky to miss a line in a ridge when planting seed-potatoes, the whole crop and even the general prosperity of the farm might be threatened.

The securing of the harvest, no matter what the crops were was a crucial period of the agricultural year. It will not surprise us, therefore, that when this operation was completed, great celebrations took place. The spade was ceremonially placed in the fire to signify that it was no longer needed, once the potato crop had been dug. Even at the end of a long period of spinning, part of the spinning-wheel was similarly put into the fire. They would, however, be quickly rescued from the flames by the woman of the house, who was then expected to prepare a feast for the workers.
This celebration was known as the ’féil searra’ or ‘clabhsúr’ (closure), and included drinking as well as feasting, singing, dancing and storytelling. It was purely a happy social occasion and not at all based on any folk belief. So too was the cutting of the last sheaf of the grain-crop, which was known by such various names as the “church”, the “granny”, ‘an chaileach’ (the old woman) and ‘an luchtar’ (the bunch of sheaf. Sometimes the last sheaf was sent mischievously, to some neighbour who was slower at reaping his crop ; in most cases, however, it was taken home in triumph and placed on the beams of the kitchen during the feast, and harvest knots were woven from it later and worn by boys and girls.

Farm animals and their products helped also to balance the economy of rural communities in Ireland. These consisted mainly of cows and their produce, horses, donkeys, sheep, goats, pigs, as well as poultry and bees. The many customs and beliefs connected with all of these cannot be dealt with in a booklet of the present size. I have, therefore, decided to confine my remarks to the main type of farm animal, the cow and her produce of milk and butter.

Almost all of the customs and beliefs in this field were concerned with the physical welfare of the cows and the warding off of diseases and other evils which might affect them harmfully. The cow-house or byre was built on a site which would not prevent the passage of fairies or encroach on their territory (mainly, the “fairy fort”). Crosses made of straw and other materials on St. Brigid’s Eve were hung in the cow-house or fixed to the doors and windows. It was hoped to protect the cows themselves by tying red ribbons to their tails or around their necks ; rings made of rowan were similarly applied for the same purpose. Cattle were driven across the dying flames of bonfires on May Eve and St. John’s Eve, or between two of these fires. So too they were forced to swim in a lake or river at certain times to avert illness and bad luck.

A goat was generally kept with herds of cows “to bring them luck”. I have heard this custom explained by saying that goats had the capacity for eating poisonous herbs without being fatally affected, which was not the case with cattle. Another animal which was regarded as lucky in a herd was a ‘maighdean bhuaile’ (a cow which had never borne a calf). Holy water was, of course, often sprinkled on livestock and scores of charms (apocryphal folk-prayers) were recited to avert or cure the many diseases from which they might suffer whether through natural causes or, as the folk often suspected through the evil eye of an unfriendly neighbour. The fairies too were blamed for causing animals to be “elf-shot”. This was due to the fact that ailing cows, with pierced hides might be found grazing near a place where small stone arrow-heads from ancient times were ofen found lying about ; the fairies were immediately blamed for having cast these weapons at the cows in an attempt to take them off into fairyland. One of the many remedies for “elf-shot” was to give the stricken animal a drink of water in which the “fairy arrows ” had been boiled.

As soon as a cow had calved, she was ceremoniously blessed with holy water and are, while the following prayer was recited three times :

Go mbeannaí Dia dhuit, a bhó!
Go mbeannaíthear faoi dhó do do laogh!
Go mbeannaí an triúr atá i bhflaitheas Dé,
Mar atá : An t-Athair agus an Mac agus an Spiorad Naomh!
Tar, a Mhuire, agus suidh ; tar, a Bhríd, agus bligh ;
Tar, a Naomh Mícheál Ard-aingeal, agus beannaigh an mart.
In ainm an Athar ages an Mhic ague an Spiorad Naofa,
Agus Amen, a Dhia.”

(God’s blessing on thee, O cow!
twice blest be thee, O calf!
May the Three who are in Heaven bless you :
the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit!
Come, Mary, and sit down ; come, Brigid, and start milking;
come, Blessed Michael, the Archangel, and bless the beef
In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. Amen, O God.)

Although it was commonly accepted that the fairies who lived in the forts might need milk and take it from cows on the farm, this was not resented, as people wished to live in amity with their otherworld neighbours. Precautionary measures were directed more against evil-minded neighbours, who were liable to endeavour to steal one’s milk or butter “profit” (‘sochar an bhainne’) by magic means. Newly-calved cows stood in need of special protection, as their supply of milk was assured. Crushed flowers, such as marsh marigold, were rubbed to their udders, which were also singed with the flame of a blessed candle. The first steam of milk drawn from such a cow was allowed to fall on the ground ”for those who might need it” (the fairies, presumably), and then a cross was marked on the cow shank with some of her milk.

A charred sod of turf from the Midsummer bonfire was placed in the milk-house as protection. The greatest care was taken not to lose one’s milk-luck through negligence, as witness the following traditional taboos : don’t give away any milk on New Year’s Day, on May Day, on any Monday or on a Friday; don’t lend a milk-vessel; don’t take to fetch water from the well a vessel which is milk-stained; when such a vessel has been washed, do not throw the cleansing water into a river or stream ; don’t give milk to a neighbour unless salt has been put into it; don’t allow milk out of the house, if anybody is ill there.

It was a traditional custom never to drink milk on Good Friday; even the baby in the cradle, it is said had to cry three times on that day before milk was fed to it. Another old time custom, when goats were very numerous was to drink their milk in the belief that it cured tuberculosis. Ballykinlar in Co. Down and Goatstown in Co. Dublin were famous over a century ago in this regard and thousands of patients came there, even from Scotland to drink goats milk.

Farmers were constantly afraid in days gone by that their milk and butter “profit” could be stolen from them by evil minded hags, who either bailed a neighbour’s well or dragged a cloth over the dew of his fields on May Morn saying “Come all to me!” People sat up all night on May Eve to guard their wells and fields against such spells. It was believed in Ireland, as well as in many other countries that such human hags had the power of changing themselves into hares and sucking the milk from the udders of cows. These hares could be shot, so it was thought, only with a “silver bullet” (a pellet made from a florin which had a cross-device on one face).

Just as at calving-time, precautions had to be taken at churning-time against the evil intentions and wiles of others. In the old days, there were no creameries in rural areas and farmers churned their milk at home. The churn was deemed to be especially vulnerable to those who were thought to be disposed to steal the butter “profit”. Every effort was therefore made to guard it against such enemies : a live cinder was placed under the churn (many churns had charred bottoms in olden times), as well as an ass or horseshoe ; in other districts, nails of iron would be driven into the timber of the churn to protect it, or else a withy of rowan-tree was bound around it. The tongs were kept in the fire during the period of churning, and water or fire-ashes were not allowed out of the house until the operation had ended. So too, the fire was guarded : if anybody came to a house while churning was in progress and tried (by “reddening” his pipe or other, wise) to take live fire out of the house, he was prevented from doing so, and forced to take a “brash” (hand) at the churning before leaving-thus the churn and its butter were kept intact from harm. There were many other precautions which were normally taken on this important domestic occasion, but space does not allow of their mention here.

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St. Michan’s Church, Dublin Photographs

I went there with Cassie and Liz and the idea was that we were going to pay a visit to the vault but unfortunately, it was a Saturday afternoon when we got there and the church is not open on that afternoon.

The Church has it’s own web page St. Michan’s Church also you might want to look at the St. Michan’s on Wikipedia, as we did not get into the church but it has some photographs of the ‘mummies’.