Templeshanbo Graveyard Records, Co. Wexford

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This page features free records for Templeshanbo Graveyard, Co. Wexford.

Surname Name Death Age
Barrett Bryan
Barrett James
Barrett John
Barrett Mary
Binon Alice
Breen Catharin
Breen Margaret
Breen Patrick
Brooks Thomas
Brown Patrick
Byrne Honer
Byrne Timothy
Byrne (nee) Long Margaret
Byrne (nee) O’Conor Joan
Carty Maggie
Carty Mary
Carty (nee) Redmond Alice
Ceary (nee) Cabe Mary
Clinch Catherine
Comerford Edmond
Comerford John
Comerford Michael
Comerford Richard
Comerford Thomas
Comwman (nee) Jordan Mary
Conner JOhn
Conner Murtah
Connor Patrick
Connor Terence
Corcoran Michael
Corcoran (nee) Nolan Ellen
Corror (nee) Doyle Elizabeth
Courtney Richard
Cowman John
Cowman Mary
Cowman Patrick
Cowman Walter
Cowman (nee) Jordan Mary
Devereux Bridget
Devereux Moses
Dolan Daniel 04/02/1884 66
Dolan Daniel 06/11/1872 19
Dolan Mary 11/08/1875 20
Donaho (nee) O’Brien Anne
Donohoe Edward
Doran Cornelius
Doran Edmd
Doran Margaret
Doran Patrick
Doran Thomas
Dowling Daniel 17/07/1849 46
Dowling James
Doyle Anne
Doyle Bridget
Doyle Bridget
Doyle Bridget
Doyle Catherine
Doyle Hugh
Doyle James
Doyle John
Doyle John
Doyle Maggie
Doyle Margt
Doyle Martin
Doyle Mary
Doyle Mary
Doyle Matt
Doyle Michael
Doyle Owen
Doyle Patrick
Doyle Philip
Doyle Robert
Doyle Sylvester
Doyle Thos.
Doyle George
Doyle George
Doyle Jeremiah
Doyle (nee) Fenlin Mary
Doyle (nee) Gihan Elizabeth
Doyle (nee) Hatton Anne
Doyle (nee) Leary Margaret
Farrell Charles
Farrell Margaret
Farrell (nee) Kavanagh Mary
Finn James
Finn Patrick
Fitzhenry Elenora
Fitzhenry John
Fitzhenry Mark
Fitzhenry Michael
Fitzhenry Mary
Fitzhenry Mary
Fitzhenry (nee) Delaney Anne
Granell Robert 17/12/1741 61
Harris Mathew
Hayes Anne
Hayes Bartholomew
Hayes Batty
Hayes John
Hayes William
Hogan Ann
Hogan Mary
Hogan Peter
Hughes Thos.
Hughes (nee) Doyle Mary
Hughes (nee) Murphy Elinor
James Mark,
Jordan Anastasia
Jordan Daniel
Jordan James
Jordan James
Jordan John
Jordan John
Jordan John
Jordan Marcella
Jordan Mary
Jordan Moses
Jordan Patrick
Jordan Peter
Jordan Sarah
Jordan (nee) Byrne Mary
Jordan (nee) Mahan Marcella
Kavanagh John
Kavanagh Patrick
Kavanaugh Arthur
Kavanaugh Dennis
Kavanaugh Edmond
Kavanaugh John
Keating John
Kelly Bryan 17/08/1808 21
Kelly (nee) Doyle Mary 02/03/1774 70
Kenny Henery
Kenny John
Kenny Laurence
Leary Anne
Leary Darby
Leary Martin
Leary (nee) Lacy Mary
Long James
Long John
Long John
Long (nee) Carty Margret
Long (nee) Murphy Margaret
McCarthy Catherine
McCarthy John
McCarthy Kate
McCarthy Maggie
McCarthy Thomas
McCarthy Thomas
McCarthy Thomas James
McCarthy Maryann
Mowlan James
Mowlan Martin 06/01/1842 67
Murphy Michael
Murphy Patrick
Murphy Patrick
Murphy Peter
Murphy (nee) Byrne Maryann
Neaill Patrick
Nevile Arthur
Nevile John
Nevile Margaret
Nevile Mathew
Nevile (nee) Kavanagh Johana
Nevile (nee) Kavanagh Margaret
Neville Catherine
Neville John
Nolan Anastacia
Nolan James
Nolan James
Nolan James
Nolan John
Nolan John
Nolan Margaret
Nolan Mary
Nolan Moses
Nolan Patrick
Nolan Anne
Nolan Peter
Nolan Sarah
Nolan (nee) Jordan Mary
Nowlan Dennis
Nowlan Martin
Nowlan Mary
Nowlan (nee) Doyle Anastatia
O’Connor Cath.
O’Farrell Morgan
O’Farrell Patrick
O’Neale (nee) Comerford Margaret
O’Neill Catherine
Prandy Bridget 24/06/1827 22
Prandy Bridget Mary 26/04/1909 37
Prandy James 07/10/1870 71
Prandy Joan
Prandy Johanna 01/12/1933
Prandy Mary 05/02/1913 82
Prandy Mary 19/01/1830 79
Prandy Michael 18/10/1841 24
Prandy Susan 08/07/1930
Prandy Thomas 1870 53
Prandy William 13/07/1848 82
Prandy William 1870 65
Redmond Margaret
Redmond Michael
Redmond James
Redmond James
Rice (nee) O’Farrell Mary
Roark Margaret
Roche John
Roche Mary
Rossiter John
Rossiter Michael
Rossiter Moses
Sheridan Dennis
Summers Katherine
Summers Laurence
Summers Patrick
Summers Patrick
Sutton Richard
Tobin Miles
Tobin (nee) Cowan Bridget
Wallace William 14/01/1844 17
Walsh Edward
Watkins (nee) Kenny Anastasia
Weekham Katherine

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