1931 Trade Directory, Co. Mayo

Directories set out to record the ‘principal inhabitants’ of a community, particularly those in trade or the professions. Directories were put together by individuals and publishers for commercial purposes at intervals during the late 18th and 19th centuries. Here is the 1931 Trade Directory, exclusive to From-Ireland.net:

Hopkins D.King streetMotor EngineersBallina
Hopkins DanielUpper Main streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Hopkins J. J.Hill HousePhysicians & SurgeonsCastlebar
Hopkins MichaelKnox streetMotor EngineersBallina
Horan J.Rock squareTailorsCastlebar
Horkan P. A., & SonsCastle streetPlumbersCastlebar
Hosty MartinAbbey streetBuilding ContractorBallinrobe
Howley M.Lower Chapel streetGrocersCastlebar
Howley M.Lower Chapel streetVintnersCastlebar
Huggard W. S.Knox streetSolicitorsBallina
Hughes BrothersMain streetDrapersBallinrobe
Hughes J.New Antrim streetVictuallersCastlebar
Hughes JohnBridge streetButter & Egg ExportersBallina
Hughes JohnBridge streetGrocersBallina
Hughes L.Thomas streetCar & CoachbuildersCastlebar
Hughes M.Abbey streetVintners or PublicansBallinrobe
Hughes WilliamGarden streetGrocersBallina
Hurst's Hotel N., MissFrancis streetHotelsBallina
Igoc (sic) PeterSpencer streetBootmakersCastlebar
Imperial HotelFrancis streetHotelsBallina
Imperial Hotel (F. Pelly)The GreenHotelsCastlebar
Irish National ForrestersDillon terraceClubsBallina
Irwin John T.King streetDrapersBallina
Irwin WilliamEllison streetTailorsCastlebar
Jennings M.Main streetPoultry DealersBallinrobe
Jennings M.Main streetVictuallers (Butchers)Ballinrobe
Jennings M., Mrs.Main streetVintnersCastlebar
Jennings MartinBowgate streetVintners or PublicansBallinrobe
Jennings MartinMain streetWool MerchantsBallinrobe
Johnston W.Rush streetVintnersCastlebar
Johnstone T.Knox streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Johnstone ThomasKnox streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Jordan AustinUpper Main streetGlass & China MerchantsBallyhaunis
Jordan AustinUpper Main streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Jordan AustinUpper Main streetProvision DealersBallyhaunis
Jordan P.King streetTailorsBallina
Jordan P.RaheenroeButter & Egg ExportersBallina
Joyce B.Main streetDrapersBallinrobe
Joyce J.Castle streetVintnersCastlebar
Joyce MichaelBowgate streetGrocersBallinrobe
Joyce Mrs.Bridge streetVintners or PublicansBallinrobe
Joyce P. M., R.D.P.S.I.Main streetChemistsBallyhaunis
Joynt G. L.Knox streetCivil EngineersBallina
Kane N.Bridge streetDrapersBallina
Keane PatrickArdnareeCattle & Pig DealersBallina
Keane TimothyUpper Main streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Keaney (no name)Bridge streetVintners or PublicansBallinrobe
Kearney T.King streetGrocersBallina
Kearney T.King streetPublicansBallina
Keegan JamesBowgate streetVintners or PublicansBallinrobe
Kelly A.New lanePublicansBallina
Kelly J. P.Ellison streetGrocersCastlebar
Kelly JohnGlebe streetGrocersBallinrobe
Kelly JohnMain streetDrapersCastlebar
Kelly JohnMain streetMillinersCastlebar
Kelly K. M., Mrs.The BridgeDrapersCastlebar
Kelly M.Main streetHardware & IronmongersCastlebar
Kelly M.Main streetLeather MerchantCastlebar
Kelly M. A., Mrs.The BridgeVintnersCastlebar
Kelly RichardArran streetPublicansBallina
Kelly V.Mental HospitalPhysicians & SurgeonsCastlebar
Kelly W.Bridge streetGrocersBallina
Kennedy D.ArdnareePublicansBallina
Kennedy E., MissEllison streetDentistsCastlebar
Kennedy MissBallinrobeDentistsBallinrobe
Kenny A.Main streetVintnersCastlebar
Kenny JohnMain streetDrapersBallyhaunis
Kenny JohnMain streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Kenny M. K., MissClare streetDrapersBallyhaunis
Kilgallon J.ArdnareePublicansBallina
Kilkelly R.Main streetHardware & IronmongersCastlebar
King P. J.Spencer streetVintnersCastlebar
Lally J.Main streetVintnersCastlebar
Langan P.Ellison streetDrapersCastlebar
Langan P.Ellison streetMillinersCastlebar
Lavelle Anne, Mrs.Riverside BakeryBakersCastlebar
Lavelle Thomas & Co.Main streetGrocersCastlebar
Lavelle Thomas & Co., Ltd.Main streetHardware & IronmongersCastlebar
Lawless T.New Antrim streetGrocersCastlebar
Leamy M., Mrs.Main streetVintnersCastlebar
Leetch John DillonMain streetSolicitorsBallyhaunis
Leetch William DillonMain streetSolicitorsBallyhaunis
Lennox A.Lower Knox st.TailorsBallina
Lipton Ltd.Knox st. & Arran st.GrocersBallina
Loftus A., MissBridge streetStationersBallina
Loftus Bourke &Bury streetSolicitorsBallina
Loftus MichaelKnox streetTailorsBallyhaunis
Loftus T.Linenhall streetVintnersCastlebar
Loftus T. J.Linenhall streetAuctioneersCastlebar
Loftus ThomasBridge streetVictuallers (Butchers)Ballina
Lough Mask HotelTournakeadyHotelsBallinrobe
Loughrey JosephHigh streetMotor GaragesBallinrobe
Loughrey WalterHigh streetDrapersBallinrobe
Loughrey WalterHigh streetGrocersBallinrobe
Lowry DavidKnox streetBakersBallina
Lowry DavidKnox streetGrocersBallina
Lydon DenisAbbey streetPoultry DealersBallinrobe
Lynagh JohnCornmarketWine & Spirit MerchantsBallinrobe
Lynagh JohnMain streetWool MerchantsBallinrobe
Lynch B. T.Main streetMotor & Cycle EngineersBallyhaunis
Lynch B. T.Main streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Lynch BernardMain streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Lyons JamesMain streetGlass & China MerchantsBallyhaunis
Lyons JamesMain streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Lyons JamesMain streetHardware & Ironmongery MerchantsBallyhaunis
Lyons JamesMain streetProvision DealersBallyhaunis
Lyons JamesMain streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Lyons M. J.Upper Main streetProvision DealersBallyhaunis
Lyons M., Mrs.Bridge streetProvision DealersBallyhaunis
Lyons M., Mrs.Bridge streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Lyons MichaelUpper Main streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Lyons Mrs.Bridge streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Lyons ThomasBridge streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Lyons ThomasBridge streetMotor & Cycle EngineersBallyhaunis
Lyons ThomasBridge streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Lyons ThomasBridge streetWine MerchantsBallyhaunis
MacHale J.Knox streetSolicitorsBallina
Maguire GeraldBallinrobeSolicitorsBallinrobe
Malley John J.Abbey streetPlumbersBallinrobe
Malone P. J.Bridge st. & Hill st.Glass & China MerchantsBallina
Maloney E., Mrs.Main streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Maloney Ellen, Mrs.Main streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Marsh T.Killala roadHorseshoersBallina
May Patrick F.Main streetGrocersBallinrobe
Mayo Drug StoresMain streetChemistsCastlebar
McAvock P.Bridge streetGeneral MerchantsBallina
McAvock P.Bridge streetGrocersBallina
McBride A.The County HospitalPhysicians & SurgeonsCastlebar
McCann PatrickShamble streetCattle & Pig DealersBallina
McCarthy M.Main streetBootmakersCastlebar
McCarthy M.Main streetDrapersCastlebar
McCawley P.Arran streetBoot WarehousesBallina
McCawley P.Arran streetButter & Egg ExportersBallina
McCawley P.Arran streetGrocersBallina
McConn J.Arran streetHardware MerchantsBallina
McCormack John P.Ellison streetBuildersCastlebar
McCormack P. M.Main streetDrapersBallinrobe
McDermott G.Castle streetVintnersCastlebar
McDermott Julia, Mrs.Glebe streetVintners or PublicansBallinrobe
McDermott LukeBridge streetVictuallers (Butchers)Ballinrobe
McDonagh Thomas J.Bridge streetCivil EngineerBallinrobe
McDonnell Mrs.Bridge streetGrocersBallina
McDonnell T.Linenhall streetVintnersCastlebar
McGarry P. J.Main streetDrapersBallyhaunis
McGing ThomasAbbey streetGrocersBallinrobe
McGowan J. J.New Antrim streetBuildersCastlebar
McGowan MartinLinenhall streetVintnersCastlebar
McGowan MichaelLinenhall streetVintnersCastlebar
McGreal P. J.Clare streetBoot & Shoe makersBallyhaunis
McGuire BrothersArran streetHardware MerchantsBallina
McHale MissProp. Nephin HotelHotelsBallina
McHale Mrs.Prop. Private HotelHotelsBallina
McHale ThomasArran streetDrapersBallina
McHugh T.Spencer streetVintnersCastlebar
McKane W. I., L.P.S.I.King streetChemists & PharmacistsBallina
McLoughlin CharlesSt. Patrick's terracePlumbersBallina
McLynskey A. W.The BridgeVintnersCastlebar
McLynskey P. J.Main streetEgg MerchantsCastlebar
McLynskey W.Main streetAuctioneersCastlebar
McMonagle J., Mr.Prop. Imperial HotelHotelsBallina
McMullan M.ArdnareePublicansBallina
McNamara P.Bridge streetPublicansBallina
McNeela M.Thomas streetTailorsCastlebar
McNulty J.Arran streetPublicansBallina
McNulty JohnArran streetGrocersBallina
McNulty MartinKnox streetGrocersBallina
McPhibbin C.Main streetGrocersCastlebar
McTigue & Co.Main streetGrocersBallinrobe
McTigue & Co.Main streetHardware & IronmongeryBallinrobe
McTigue E.Linenhall streetVintnersCastlebar
McTigue E.The GreenBakersCastlebar
Meehan PatrickClare streetHairdresserBallyhaunis
Melody P. J.ArdnareeUndertakersBallina
Mitchell J.King streetCoal MerchantsBallina
Mitchell JamesKing streetGrocersBallina
Mitchell JamesKing streetWine & Spirit MerchantsBallina
Molloy DominickBridge streetGrocersBallina
Molloy DominickBridge streetPublicansBallina
Mongey E.The GreenPhysicians & SurgeonsCastlebar
MorahanCastle streetGrocersCastlebar
Morahan M.Castle streetGrocersCastlebar
Morahan M.Castle streetVintnersCastlebar
Moran Bridget A., Mrs.Abbey streetVintners or PublicansBallinrobe
Moran FrankMain streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Moran FrankUpper Main streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Moran J. B.Main streetGrocersCastlebar
Moran J. B.Main streetVintnersCastlebar
Moran JohnCornmarketVictuallers (Butchers)Ballinrobe
Moran JohnCornmarket streetGrocersBallinrobe
Moran John H.Near Railway StationHotelsBallinrobe
Moran M.Ellison streetPhysicians & SurgeonsCastlebar
Moran M.Hill streetPublicansBallina
Moran ThomasMain streetVeterinary SurgeonBallyhaunis
Moran Thomas P.Linenhall streetGrocersCastlebar
Moran Thomas P.Linenhall streetHardware & IronmongersCastlebar
Moran'sRoss WestEgg MerchantsCastlebar
Morley A. T.Knox streetGlass & China MerchantsBallyhaunis
Morley A. T.Knox streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Morley A. T.Knox streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Morley B.Knox streetVictuallersBallyhaunis
Morley DarbyMain streetDrapersBallyhaunis
Morley PatrickKnox streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Morley PatrickKnox streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Morley PatrickKnox streetWine MerchantsBallyhaunis
Morley PatrickMain streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Morley PatrickMain streetHardware & Ironmongery MerchantsBallyhaunis
Morley PatrickMain streetProvision DealersBallyhaunis
Moy Fishery Company-Licensed Salmon & Trout DealersBallina
Moy HotelKnox streetHotelsBallina
Moylett Moylett's StoresKing st. & Hill st.BakersBallina
Moylett StoresKing streetConfectionersBallina
Moylett's CaféKing streetRestaurantsBallina
Mugan T.Main streetVintnersCastlebar
Mulderrig J., Mrs.Arran streetGrocersBallina
Mulderrig Mrs.Arran streetConfectionersBallina
Mulderrig Mrs.Arran streetPublicansBallina
Mulderrig Mrs.Arran streetRestaurantsBallina
Muldoon ThomasLinenhall streetGrocersCastlebar
Muldoon ThomasLinenhall streetVintnersCastlebar
Mullahy ThomasMain streetGrocersCastlebar
Mullan JamesGlebe streetVintners or PublicansBallinrobe
Mullen J., Mrs.Prop. Commercial HotelHotelsBallina
Mullen JohnArdnareePublicansBallina
Mulligan P. J.Knox streetSolicitorsBallina
Munster & Leinster BankKnox streetBanksBallina
Munster & Leinster Bank Ltd.-BankBallinrobe
Munster & Leinster Bank, Ltd.Main streetBanksCastlebar
Murphy BrothersKing st. & Bridge st.ConfectionersBallina
Murphy BrothersKing st. & Bridge st.General MerchantsBallina
Murphy BrothersKing st. & Knox st.Corn MerchantsBallina
Murphy E. J.Main streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Murphy Edward J.Main streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Murphy J. H.CornmarketGrocersBallinrobe
Murphy J. J.Bridge streetDrapersBallina
Murphy Kitty, MissCornmarketWine & Spirit MerchantsBallinrobe
Murphy Michael J.Main streetGrocersBallinrobe
Murphy P.Main streetDrapersBallinrobe
Murphy ThomasEllison streetBuildersCastlebar
Murray JohnArran streetPublicansBallina
Murray MartinMain streetDrapersCastlebar
Murray MartinMain streetMillinersCastlebar
Murray PatrickDevlisEgg MerchantsBallyhaunis
Murray T. & J.Railway roadMotor & Cycle EngineersBallyhaunis
Murray ThomasHill streetVictuallers (Butchers)Ballina
Myles Mrs.Bridge streetGrocersBallinrobe
National Bank Ltd.Ellison streetBanksCastlebar
National Bank Ltd.Knox streetBanksBallyhaunis
National Bank Ltd.,Knox streetBanksBallina
Naughton T.ArdnareePublicansBallina
Neary Mrs.Knox streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Neary Mrs.Knox streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Nephin HotelArthur streetHotelsBallina
Newton C. H., M.P.S.I.Bridge streetChemistBallinrobe
O'Boyle M.Knox streetCoal MerchantsBallina
O'Boyle StephenWoodbineTailorsBallina
O'Brien & Co.Arran streetGrocersBallina
O'Brien J.BallinrobeDentistsBallinrobe
O'Brien J. P.Ellison streetDentistsCastlebar
O'Brien Katie, Mrs.Knox streetGrocersBallyhaunis
O'Brien Katie, Mrs.Knox streetProvision DealersBallyhaunis
O'Brien PatrickMain streetAuctioneerBallyhaunis
O'Brien PatrickMain streetGrocersBallyhaunis
O'Brien PatrickMain streetHardware & Ironmongery MerchtsBallyhaunis
O'Brien PatrickMain streetProvision DealersBallyhaunis
O'Brien PatrickMain streetPublicansBallyhaunis
O'Brien WilliamGlebe streetVintners or PublicansBallinrobe
O'Connell L., Mrs.Bridge streetDrapersBallyhaunis
O'Connell T.Knox streetDrapersBallina
O'Connell T.Knox streetPublicansBallina
O'Hora P.Bridge streetGrocersBallina
O'Hora PatrickMill streetHorseshoersBallina
O'Malley A.Main streetVintnersCastlebar
O'Malley AustinClare streetSaddlers & Harness makersBallyhaunis
O'Malley AustinMain streetGrocersCastlebar
O'Malley J., Mrs.Main streetVintnersCastlebar
O'Malley Mrs.High streetGrocersBallinrobe
O'Malley PatrickMain streetDrapersBallinrobe
O'Reilly Patrick J.Main streetGrocersBallyhaunis
O'Shea J.Main streetGrocersCastlebar
O'Shea J.Main streetVintnersCastlebar
O'Sullivan Edward J.Main streetWatchmakers & JewellersBallinrobe
Padden W.Main streetAuctioneersCastlebar
Padden W.Main streetDrapersCastlebar
Padden W.Main streetMillinersCastlebar
Padden W. J.Main streetVintnersCastlebar
Padden WilliamMain streetGrocersCastlebar
Parsons & Co.The BridgeDrapersCastlebar
Pearson RobertHill streetPlumbersBallina
Phillips JohnMain streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Phillips JohnMain streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Phillips PatrickUpper Main streetVictuallersBallyhaunis
Potter G. G.Bridge streetMillerBallinrobe
Prendergast R.Main streetMillinersCastlebar
Prendergast RichardMain streetDrapersCastlebar
Private HotelFrancis streetHotelsBallina
Provincial Bank Ltd.Knox streetBanksBallina
Quinn A., MissEllison streetVictuallersCastlebar
Rabbett J.Main streetVintnersCastlebar
Raftery Sarah, MissAbbey streetDrapersBallyhaunis
Rattigan J.Castle streetGrocersCastlebar
Rattigan J.Castle streetVintnersCastlebar
Rattigan M. J.Bridge streetAuctioneerBallyhaunis
Rattigan Michael J.Bridge streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Rattigan Michael J.Bridge streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Reape MichaelBridge streetConfectionersBallina
Regan & Co.The BridgeDrapersCastlebar
Regan WilliamMain streetDrapersBallinrobe
Reid T. J.The Gas WorksCoal MerchantsBallina
Reilly & Bolands, Messrs.Victoria terraceSaw MillsBallina
Rileys & BolandJames streetBuilder's ProvidersBallina
Rochford MichaelCornmarketWine & Spirit MerchantsBallinrobe
Rowland M.Main streetVintnersCastlebar
Rowland Mrs.CornmarketGrocersBallinrobe
Ruane M., Mrs.Bridge streetDrapersBallina
Ruane Mary, Mrs.Knox streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Ruane Mary, Mrs.Knox streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Ruane WilliamLower Chapel streetBootmakersCastlebar
Ruddy HughKing st. & Knox st.GrocersBallina
Ruddy Hugh & Co.King st. & Knox st.Wine & Spirit MerchantsBallina
Ruddy Hugh & Co.Knox streetMotor EngineersBallina
Ruddy M. J.Dillon terraceElectrical EngineersBallina
Ruddy M. J.Dillon terraceMotor EngineersBallina
Ruddy Mineral Water WorksKnox streetMineral Water ManufacturersBallina
Ruttledge & CorrKnox streetSolicitorsBallina
Ruttledge J.Hill streetPublicansBallina
Ryan ThomasArran streetStationersBallina
Ryder G.Clare streetPublicansBallina
Scott & CarlosPrimrose HillAuctioneersBallina
Sheridan A.Mental HospitalPhysicians & SurgeonsCastlebar
Sheridan M., Mrs.Linenhall streetVintnersCastlebar
Sheridan MichaelLinenhall streetGrocersCastlebar
Short M.Main streetGrocersCastlebar
Short M.Main streetVintnersCastlebar
Slater's StudioGarden streetPhotographersBallina
Sloyan DenisDevlisBuilderBallyhaunis
Smith Garvey &BallinrobeSolicitorsBallinrobe
Smith J. J.Garvey & SmithSolicitorsCastlebar
Smyth JamesAbbey streetVictuallersBallyhaunis
Smyth John T.Knox streetSaddlers & Harness makersBallyhaunis
Smyth Nora, Mrs.Main streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Smyth PatrickMain streetVictuallersBallyhaunis
Smyth ThomasAbbey streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Stanners FrederickParkviewHotelsBallinrobe
Staunton John B.Bridge streetMotor GaragesBallinrobe
Staunton W.Spencer streetCar & CoachbuildersCastlebar
Stephens D.Arran streetHardware MerchantsBallina
Strong W.Arran streetBoot WarehousesBallina
Strong W.Arran streetDrapersBallina
Sullivan M., MissGarden streetGrocersBallina
Sullivan P. JBridge streetBoot WarehousesBallina
Sweeney D., Mrs.Newantrim streetVictuallersCastlebar
Sweeney ThomasThomas streetPlumbersCastlebar
Tansey E.Ellison streetVintnersCastlebar
Tarpey P. J.Knox streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Tarpey PatrickKnox streetDrapersBallyhaunis
Tarpey PatrickKnox streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Tarpey PatrickKnox streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Tarpey PatrickKnox streetTailorsBallyhaunis
Taylor J., MissSpencer streetGrocersCastlebar
The Cinema-CinemaBallinrobe
The SalonKing streetDrapersBallina
The Western PeopleArran st. & Francis st.Motor EngineersBallina
Thornton A. V. G.Ellison streetSolicitorsCastlebar
Thornton J. G.Mental HospitalPhysicians & SurgeonsCastlebar
Tierney T.Castle streetGrocersCastlebar
Tierney T.Castle streetVintnersCastlebar
Tighe PatrickMain streetBoot & Shoe makersBallyhaunis
Timlin P., Mrs.Bridge streetGrocersBallina
Tobin see Glynn &James streetBuilding ContractorsBallina
Treacy GeorgeGarden streetMotor EngineersBallina
Tuffy A.Spencer streetGrocersCastlebar
Tuohy P. F.BallintubberAuctioneersCastlebar
Twiggs ThomasTucker streetGrocersCastlebar
Tyler John & SonsKnox streetBoot WarehousesBallina
Ulster Bank Ltd.Bridge streetBanksBallyhaunis
Ulster Bank Ltd.-BankBallinrobe
Ulster Bank Ltd.,Knox streetBanksBallina
Valkenburg JosephMain streetHotelsBallinrobe
Veldon P. E.Main streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Veldon PatrickMain streetGlass & China MerchantsBallyhaunis
Veldon Patrick E.Main streetPublicansBallyhaunis
Wade MartinRiversideCoach BuildersBallina
Waldron A., M.B.-Physicians & SurgeonsBallyhaunis
Waldron BrothersKnox streetCar & CoachbuildersBallyhaunis
Waldron JamesKnox streetHardware & Ironmongery MerchtsBallyhaunis
Waldron JamesMain streetBakersBallyhaunis
Waldron JamesMain streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Waldron JohnKnox streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Waldron K., MissKnox streetGlass & China MerchantsBallyhaunis
Waldron K., MissKnox streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Waldron M. A., Miss-HotelsBallyhaunis
Waldron P.P., M.P.S.I.Bridge streetChemistsBallyhaunis
Waldron WalterKnox streetGrocersBallyhaunis
Walker M.The GreenWatchmakers & JewellersCastlebar
Walsh B., Mrs.Linenhall streetGrocersCastlebar
Walsh E., Mrs.Knox streetStationersBallina
Walsh F.Bridge streetSaddlers & Harness ManufacturersBallina
Walsh J.The BridgeDrapersCastlebar

In Ireland, many of the towns had a square, and around the square were houses (homes) with one or two shops or business’s. The streets of the town all went from that square. Most towns had a ‘Main street’ – some called it a High street, and it was usually on that main street that the majority of shops and businesses were located. Shops had one or two large windows depending on the size of the shop. Many Public houses had a grocery section. You walked in the door and the grocery section was at the front of the shop with the pub at the back – usually a wooden division separating both. The Grocer or Publican may have had a field or more behind the building, cows were milked and the milk was sold to those who would bring in their ‘Jimmy’ cans. Most business men/people had more than one occupation. The Publican as described above was also the Grocer and if he sold milk then he could also be described as a Dairy man. As you go through this list of names you will see that many.

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