Trinity Old Graveyard Records, Co. Wicklow

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This page features free records for Trinity Old Graveyard, Co. Wicklow.

Surname Name
Barnawell Elizabeth
Barnawell James
Barnawell Judith
Barnawell Robert
Barnawell Sarah
Barnwell Mary
Barnwell Michael
Byrne Alexander
Byrne Alicia
Byrne Ann
Byrne Anna
Byrne Anne
Byrne Bryan
Byrne Catherine
Byrne Charles
Byrne Eleanor
Byrne Garet
Byrne Garret
Byrne Garrett
Byrne Garrot
Byrne George
Byrne Hanna
Byrne James
Byrne Laurence
Byrne Luke
Byrne Margaret
Byrne Mary
Byrne Michael
Byrne Patrick
Byrne Peter
Byrne Rosana
Byrne Sarah
Byrne Timothy
Byrne William
Cafery Mary
Carroll William
Carty Alexander
Carty Catherine
Collins Edward
Collins Joseph
Collins Rosana
Collins Rosanna
Conran Edward
Conran John
Conran Patrick
Conren Thady
Cooney John
Culli(n) Simon
Deegan Anne
Deegan James
Deegan John
Doud Laurence
Doud Margaret
Doud Peter
Doyle Anne
Doyle Edward
Doyle Hannah
Doyle James
Doyle Jas
Doyle John
Doyle Martha
Doyle Mary
Doyle Michael
Doyle Miles
Doyle Sarah
Doyle Timothy
Dun Daniel
Ellis Catherine
Ellis John
Fitzsimons Catherine
Fitzsimons Farrel
Fitzsimons George
Fitzsimons Henry
Fitzsimons James
Fitzsimons John
Fitzsimons Margaret
Fitzsimons Mary
Fitzsimons Michael John
Fitzsimons Patrick
Gashin Anne
Gashin Bridget
Gashin Christopher
Gashin Esther
Gashin John
Gashin Mary
Gashin Patk
Gashin Simon
Gaskin Cathrn
Gaskin Christypher
Gaskin Frances
Gaskin James
Gaskin John
Gaskin Margaret
Gaskin Michael
Gaskin Patrick
Gaskin Thomas
Goramly Andrew
Goramly Margaret
Gormly Patrick
Gormly Rowland
Grumley Susanna
Grumly Patrick
Higgins Bryan
Higgins Elizabeth
Higgins Francis
Hipper Elizabeth
Kennedy Daniel
Kennedy David
Kennedy John
Kennedy Mary
Laress Hugh
Lawless Anne
Lawless Eleanor
Lawless Ellen
Lawless James
Lawless Margaret
Lawless Mary
Lawless Patrick
Lawless Thomas
Lawless Thomas H.
Maguire Arthur
Maguire Esther
Maguire Francis
Maguire Luke
Maguire Margaret
Maguire Margret
Maguire Patt
Mallon Edward
Mallon John
Mallon Margaret
Mallon Mooney
McCarthy Cain
McTrener Art
Moran Denis
Moran Ellen
Morris Anne
Morris Felix
Murphey Beniamen
Murphey James
Murphey Martha
Murphey Patrick
Owens Sarah
Robberts Bridget
Roberts Peter
Rony Michael
Rooney Denis
Rooney Eliza
Rooney Ellen
Rooney Michael
Rooney Patrick
Rooney Sarah
Scully Henry
Smith Hannah
Smith Honory
Smith James
Smith Nicholas
Smith Peter
Somers (nee) Rooney Mary
Somers (nee) Rooney
Stafford Martin
Staford Anne
Truell Robert H.
Turner John
Turner Judy
Wilson Bridget
Wilson Elizabeth
Wilson Esther
Wilson John
Wilson Peter
Wilson William

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