Tullowmoy 1901 Census Records, Co. Laois

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This page features 1901 Census Records for the civil parish of Tullowmoy in Co. Laois and includes the name of the head of household and the townland (and district electoral division) in which the head of household resides. A searchable index of all available 1901 census records present on From-Ireland.net is available here.

Head of Household Townland District Electoral Division
William Baker Brennan’s Hill Luggacurran
Daniel Bolger Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Patrick Bracken Raheenahown Luggacurran
Kerin Brennan Coolglass Luggacurran
Michael Brennan Clopook Luggacurran
Patrick Brennan Coolglass Luggacurran
William Brennan Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Andrew Byrne Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Martin Byrne Fallowbeg, Lower Luggacurran
Michael Byrne Luggacurrin Luggacurran
John Cahill Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Thomas Cahill Raheenahown Luggacurran
Andrew Carter Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Samuel Carter Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Bryan Coffey Luggacurrin Luggacurran
John Conroy Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Anne Corcoran Coolglass Luggacurran
Robert Corcoran Coolglass Luggacurran
Thomas Dooley Coolglass Luggacurran
Catherine Dowling Clopook Luggacurran
Kate Dunne Guileen Luggacurran
James Dwyer Ferneyhill Luggacurran
John Elliott Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Margaret Evans Luggacurrin Luggacurran
William Ewans Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Michael Flanagan Guileen Luggacurran
Frederick Gillespie Tullomoy Luggacurran
Jane Glancey Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Henry Graham Luggacurrin Luggacurran
William Greene Luggacurrin Luggacurran
James Hayns(Haynes) Fallowbeg, Upper Luggacurran
Susanna Hinds Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Martin Johnson Ferneyhill Luggacurran
Abraham Kavanagh Monamanry Luggacurran
Edward Kavanagh Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Edward Kavanagh Luggacurrin Luggacurran
James Kavanagh Luggacurrin Luggacurran
John Kavanagh Gorreelagh Luggacurran
Anne Kelly Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Thomas Kelly Tomaclavin Luggacurran
James Kerrigan Knockahonagh Luggacurran
James Kilbride Tomaclavin Luggacurran
Daniel Lacey Tomaclavin Luggacurran
Denis Lacey Tomaclavin Luggacurran
Honoria Lacey Tomaclavin Luggacurran
John Lacey Tomaclavin Luggacurran
Kate Lacey Tomaclavin Luggacurran
Thomas Lacey Tomaclavin Luggacurran
James Langton Tullomoy Luggacurran
Margret Larken(Larkin) Luggacurrin Luggacurran
William Larkin Brennan’s Hill Luggacurran
Mary Lawlor Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Eliza Lawlor(Lalor) Fallowbeg, Upper Luggacurran
Kathleen Leslie Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Samuel Linton Raheenahown Luggacurran
Denis Maher Luggacurrin Luggacurran
John, Rev., C.C. Maher Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Harriet Mahon Clopook Luggacurran
Joseph Malcomson Raheenahown Luggacurran
Sarah McDonnell Luggacurrin Luggacurran
John McGrath Coolglass Luggacurran
Henry Melbourne Luggacurrin Luggacurran
John Merrins Guileen Luggacurran
Michael Moore Fallowbeg, Lower Luggacurran
John Morrissey Guileen Luggacurran
Thomas Mullins Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Andrew Murphy Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Bridget Murphy Manger Luggacurran
Patrick O’Connell Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Felix O’Neill Luggacurrin Luggacurran
James Parkinson Tullomoy Luggacurran
Charles Phelan Clopook Luggacurran
Joseph Porter Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Thomas Quinn Tullomoy Luggacurran
Margaret Ryan Coolglass Luggacurran
Denis Shaloon Fallowbeg, Middle Luggacurran
Henry Stanley Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Henry John Stanley Fallowbeg, Middle Luggacurran
William Stanley Ferneyhill Luggacurran
George Stone Luggacurrin Luggacurran
Philip Stone Coolglass Luggacurran
Thomas Stone Coolglass Luggacurran
Henry Wm. Sythes Fallowbeg, Middle Luggacurran
John Tarleton Tullomoy Luggacurran
John Watchorn Brennan’s Hill Luggacurran

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