1821 Census, Ardee and Dundalk Town, Co. Louth

The following list of names and information as to occupation and their addresses were transcribed by Denis Carolan Rushe, 1852-1928 a county Monaghan historian.

Ardee Parish

Town of Ardee (Fair Green).
Brown, Thomas, aged 36, farmer and yarn bleacher.
Brown, Anne, wife, aged 30.
Brown, Stephen, son, aged 6.
Brown, Mary, daughter, aged 13.
Brown, Pat, son, aged 4.
Brown, Rose, daughter, aged 11/2.
McKenny, Richard, aged 20, servant.

Rogan’s Lane?
Ward, Honora, aged 45, widow.
Ward, Patrick, son, aged 16.
Judith, no surname, pauper, aged 28.
Alice, do. do. , aged 2.
Ann, do. do., no age given.

Market St.
Dolan, Thomas, aged 73, yarn bleacher.
Dolan, James, son, aged 40.
Dolan, Pat, son, aged 38. ..
Dolan, Bridget, daughter, aged 28.
Dolan, Andrew, son, aged 26.

Ward, Patrick, aged 36, shopkeeper ,
Ward, Anne, wife, aged 23.
Ward, Pat, son, aged 10.
Ward, Laurence, son, under 1.
Carolan, Laurence, nephew, aged 10.
Carrollan, Patrick, aged 36, clerk.
Garvey, John, aged 18, apprentice.
Farrelly, Alice, aged 26, servant.
Keelan, Ellen, aged 25, servant.
Hoey, Nicholas, aged 28, servant.

Dundalk town and parish


Rush, Laurence, aged 40, dealer.
Rush, Anne, wife, aged 34.

Hoey, Cashel, aged 28, gent.
Hoey, Ben, no further details given.


O Rourke, Patrick, aged 24, publican.
O Rourke, Mary, wife, aged 40.
O Rourke, Pat, son, aged 27.
O Rourke, Anne, daughter, aged 24.
O Rourke, Mary, daughter, aged 18.

Blakely, Robert, aged 25, clerk of church.wife and 2 daughters noted but no details given.

Magrath, William, aged 25, dealer.
Magrath, Anne, wife, aged 26,
Magrath, Anne, daughter, aged 3.
Magrath, Henry, soil, aged 2.
Magrath, Eliza, daughter, under 1.
Collins, Catherine, aged 19, servant maid.

Dransfield, J. Ashley, aged 38, innkeeper, 7 servants and 11 travellers noted but no details given.

Magrath, Peter, aged 33, woollen draper.
Magrath, Margaret, wife, aged 33.
Magrath, Catherine, daughter, aged 4.
Magrath, Bernard, son, aged 1.
Magrath, Edward, aged 17, apprentice.

Keenan, Rev. John, aged 34, clergyman and teacher.
Cullan, Pat, aged 16, pupil.
Callan, Philip, aged 14, pupil.
30 day scholars are noted attending his school.
Noble, Brabazon, aged 40, surgeon.

Callan, Michael, aged 34, tanner and currier .
Callan, Frances, wife, aged 32.
Callan, Michael, son, aged 10.
Callan, John, son, aged 7.
Callan, Denis, son, aged 5.
Callan, Mary, daughter, aged 3.
Callan, Anne, daughter, aged 1.
Callan, Pat, aged 18, apprentice.
Cunningham, Mary, aged 16, house servant.
Cunningham, Margaret, aged 19, house servant.
Byrne, Edward, aged 12, house servant.
Callan, John, aged 32, surgeon, lodger.