1901 Census, Heads of Household, Aghaboe, Co. Laois

This page features the heads of household of those living in Aghaboe, Co. Laois during the recording of the 1901 Census of Ireland.

Head of Household Others in House Relationship to Head
White Robert Broderick, Mary Anne Servant
Connor, James Servant
Gorman, Margaret Servant
O’Connor, Annie Mary Servant
Stanley, Sarah Servant
White, Robert F. H. Son
Dunne Anna Delany Thomas Servant
Dunne Annie Daughter
Phelan Kathleen Granddaughter
Molony John Davy Mary Servant
Meehan Martin Nephew
Molony Mary Niece
Molony Johana Wife
Hyland John Franey John Bro in Law
Hyland Mary Daughter
Hyland Norah Daughter
Hyland James Son
Hyland John Son
Hyland Thomas Son
Hyland Michael Son
Hyland Joseph Son
Hyland Mariae Wife
Walpole William R. McEvoy Anne Not noted
Walpole Thomas H. Brother
Walpole Margaret F. Sister
Whelan Patrick Whelan James Brother
Whelan James Laree (Laurence) Nephew
Whelan John Joseph Nephew
Whelan Mary Kate Niece
Whelan Anne Eliza Niece
Whelan Sarah Niece
Whelan Margaret Niece
Whelan Mary Anne Sister in Law
Nolan James Cormack John Nephew
Nolan Eliza Daughter
Nolan John Son
Nolan Eliza Wife
Burne John Burne Robert Son
Burne Margaret Wife
Fitzpatrick Richard Fitzpatrick Annie Daughter
Fitzpatrick John Son
Phelan Mary Phelan Mary Daughter
Phelan Patrick Son
King William N/A N/A
Bolger/Bulger Joseph Bolger/Bulger Mary Sister
Davidson Jeannie V. Davidson Isabella V. No note taken
Delaney Michael Delaney John Son
Delaney Lizzie Wife
Cavanagh /Kavanagh Abraham Cavanagh /Kavanagh Violet Daughter
Cavanagh /Kavanagh Francis Daughter
Cavanagh /Kavanagh Jane Daughter
Cavanagh /Kavanagh Stephen Son
Cavanagh /Kavanagh Albert Son
Cavanagh /Kavanagh James Son
Cavanagh /Kavanagh Martha Wife
Coss Denis Cassion William Servant
Coss John Brother
Coss Eliza Sister
Coss William Son
Coss Katie Wife
Flynn Joseph Servant
Cassin John Cassin Johanna Sister
Dullard Michael Dullard Eliza Daughter
Dullard Nicholas Son
Dullard Patrick Son
Dullard Bridget Wife
Coss Patrick Coss Mary Not noted
Coony Patrick Coony Thomas Son
Coony Margaret Wife
Cassin Michael Cassin Margaret Wife
Kennedy John Servant (Note)
Nolan William Nolan Mary Daughter
Nolan John Son
Nolan William Son
Nolan Mary Wife
Proud Edward Proud Mary Daughter
Proud Alicia F. Daughter
Proud William Son
Proud Frances Wife
Richardson John Richardson Lara Jane Daughter
Richardson Eliza. F. Daughter
Richardson Edward Father
Richardson Thos. Joe Son
Richardson Edward T. Son
Richardson Mary Jane Wife
Clancy Letty Clancy Joseph Nephew
Fitzpatrick Nannie Not Noted
Coss Martin Coss Kate Daughter
Coss Julia Daughter
Coss Ellen Daughter
Coss Lizzie Daughter
Coss John Son
Coss Martin Son
Coss Daniel Son
Coss Mary Wife
Fitzpatrick James Fitzpatrick Cathrin Daughter
Fitzpatrick Anne Wife
Heston James Heston Mary Daughter
Heston James Son
Whelan Cornelius Whelan Kyran Brother
Whelan James Brother
Whelan Mary Niece
Whelan Sarah Sister
Bergin Thomas Delany Denis Servant
Fitzpatrick Julia Fitzpatrick Hanora Daughter
Fitzpatrick John Son
Delaney James Delaney Joseph Brother
Delaney Maggie Daughter
Delaney Denis Son
Delaney Margaret Wife
Hayden William Hayden Mary Wife
Stanley Richard Stanley Susan Daugher
Stanley Emily Daughter
Stanley William Son
Stanley George Son
Stanley Frank Son
Stanley Mary Jane Wife
Hodgins James Hodgins Alice Daughter
Hodgins Christian Daughter
Abraham Sarah Abraham Susan Niece
Bannon William Bannon Rebecca Wife
Meagher Catherine Fitzpatrick Anne Daughter
Fitzpatrick Timothy Son
Fitzpatrick Daniel Son
Fitzpatrick Timothy Son in Law
Bannon Susan Crague John Servant
Phelan Kieran Boarder
Phelan John Phelan Mary A. Daughter
Phelan Lizzie Daughter
Phelan Bridget Daughter
Phelan Michael Son
Phelan Mary Wife
Dunne Mary Anne Dunne Mary Daughter
Dunne ?Katie Daughter
Dunne James Son
Dunne Stephen Son
Dunne Lawrence Son
Dunne Bernard Son
Dunne Patrick Son
Dillon Peter Dillon Maryanne Wife
Bergin Denis Bergin Mary Daughter
Bergin Hanora Daughter
Bergin ?Katie Daughter
Bergin Bridie Daughter
Bergin Margaret Daughter
Bergin Mary Anne Wife
Bowe Elizabeth Bowe Kate Daughter
Bowe Denis Son
Keenan Margaret Servant
Comerford John Comerford Katie Daughter
Comerford William Son
Comerford Michael Son
Comerford Patrick Son
Comerford Water (sic) Son
Comerford Margaret Wife
Fitzpatrick Thomas Fitzpatrick Kate Daughter
Fitzpatrick Lizzie Daughter
Fitzpatrick Sarah Daughter
Fitzpatrick Mary Daughter
Fitzpatrick John Son
Fitzpatrick Thomas Son
Fitzpatrick Christopher Son
Fitzpatrick William Son
Fitzpatrick James Son
Fitzpatrick Anastasia Wife
Kirwan Patrick Kirwan Sarah Daughter
Kirwan Norah Daughter
Kirwan Patrick Son
Kirwan John Son
Kirwan Edward Son
Kirwan Thomas Son
Kirwan Mary Wife
Coss Margaret Coss Mary Daughter in Law
Coss John Grandson
Coss Michael Son
Byrne Michael Byrne Mary E. Daughter
Byrne Anne Wife
Delaney Michael Delaney Mary Daughter
Delaney Patrick Son
Delaney Catherine Wife
Thompson Mary Thompson Anna Maria Daughter
Thompson Saran Ann Daughter
Thompson Joshua Son
Hogan Margaret Hogan Kate Daughter in Law
Hogan Thomas Son
Duncan John Duncan Mary (Manny) Daughter
Duncan Ellen Daughter
Duncan Joseph Son
Duncan Mark Son
Duncan William Son
Duncan Kate Wife