1901 Census, Ireland

The household returns and ancillary records for the censuses of Ireland of 1901 and 1911, which are in the custody of the National Archives of Ireland, represent an extremely valuable part of the Irish national heritage. Here are From-Ireland.net’s 1901 Census, Ireland records:

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DisraeliAntrimAgnes BurneyView
Cross St., SouthAntrimAgnes BurnsView
Moira St.AntrimAgnes CanningView
SugarfieldAntrimAgnes CathcartView
Carlisle St.AntrimAgnes ChambersView
Bentnick St.AntrimAgnes ChristieView
PernauAntrimAgnes CoatsView
CosgrAve. St.AntrimAgnes CochraneView
Catherine St.AntrimAgnes ConnorView
SnugvilleAntrimAgnes CoulterView
Bridge End St.AntrimAgnes DonelanView
Nelson squareAntrimAgnes DuncanView
RigaAntrimAgnes DunlopView
SnugvilleAntrimAgnes DyreView
Woodvale Ave.AntrimAgnes EatonView
RigaAntrimAgnes FaulknerView
BeresfordAntrimAgnes ForsytheView
SilvisAntrimAgnes GardnerView
ConistonAntrimAgnes GawView
Back St.AntrimAgnes HallidayView
Chamber St.AntrimAgnes HatchView
Mount Pottinger Rd.AntrimAgnes Mary GreerView
AnnamultKilkennyAgnes McDonaldView
TemplebarDublinAgnew AnneView
Madrid St.Belfast CityAgnew JaneView
Memel St.Belfast CityAgnew ThomasView
Baskin St.Belfast CityAgnew ThomasView
Baskin St.Belfast CityAgnew ThomasView
Wall St.AntrimAgnus DavisonView
Sydney St.AntrimAgnus GrahamView
SugarfieldAntrimAgustus EddgarView
Quarry Rd.LimerickAhearn PatrickView
Cashes laneLimerickAhearn ThomasView
Tulligoline SouthLimerickAhearne MauriceView
Manderville Ter.CorkAhern BridgetView
GarryowenLimerickAhern CatherineView
Cork St.CorkAhern EllenView
Brosna, WestKerryAhern EllenView
Chairman's laneCorkAhern HannahView
Evergreen Rd.CorkAhern JamesView
Evergreen Rd.CorkAhern JeremiahView
Evergreen Rd.CorkAhern JnoView
Evergreen Rd.CorkAhern JohnView
Francis St.LimerickAhern JohnView
Long quay - part ofCorkAhern MargaretView
Clare St.LimerickAhern MartinView
Market quayCorkAhern MaryView
Evergreen Rd.CorkAhern MaryView
Meenyline NorthLimerickAhern MathewView
Evergreen Rd.CorkAhern MichaelView
Brosna, WestKerryAhern MichaelView
Cock-hillCorkAhern SusanView
Main St.CorkAhern WilliamView
St. Mary's Pl.LimerickAhern WilliamView
Queen St., BackLimerickAherne BridgetView
PortLimerickAherne DanielView
Castle laneLimerickAherne LizzieView
Gaol Lane BowLimerickAherne MaryView
Templeglantan WestLimerickAherne MichaelView
Tulligoline SouthLimerickAherne WilliamView
Bright St.Belfast CityAicken EllenView
Bright St.Belfast CityAicken EllenView
Madrid St.Belfast CityAickin JohnView
Bright St.Belfast CityAiken JaneView
Bright St.Belfast CityAiken JaneView
Clare St.LimerickAirey MaryView
TrooperscloseCorkAisher EmilyView
Alexander Park Ave.AntrimAlan GoodwellView
BelgrAve. St.AntrimAlbert CampbellView
CrimeaAntrimAlbert CampbellView
GalbolieCavanAlbert Edward BakerView
Carmel St.AntrimAlbert FairView
SnugvilleAntrimAlbert FoyeView
Christopher St.AntrimAlbert GillispieView
Shankill Rd.AntrimAlbert HamiltonView
New Rd.LimerickAlcock CharlesView
Cork St.CorkAlcock JosephView
Fisher St.CorkAlcock JosephView
Fisher St.CorkAlcock RichardView
Bridge End St.AntrimAlex ConwayView
Clifton St.AntrimAlex DavidsonView
Arkwright St.AntrimAlex GillenView
CavourAntrimAlex. BellView
Memel St.AntrimAlex. CameronView
SnugvilleAntrimAlexander AdairView
WestlandAntrimAlexander AdairView
Carnalea St.AntrimAlexander AlexanderView
Austin St.AntrimAlexander AllenView
Baltic Ave.AntrimAlexander AndersonView
CosgrAve. St.AntrimAlexander AndersonView
Abercorn Pl.Derry, LondonderryAlexander AnnieView
GlenalpinAntrimAlexander ArmourView
Francis St.AntrimAlexander AsheView
Catherine St., NorthAntrimAlexander BarrView
Blenheim St.AntrimAlexander BellView
Arlington St.AntrimAlexander BlackView
Canning St., UpperAntrimAlexander BlairView
Milford St.AntrimAlexander Borr?View
Canning St., UpperAntrimAlexander BoydView
CarrickhillAntrimAlexander BoydView