1901 Census, Co. Cork

The household returns and ancillary records for the censuses of Ireland of 1901 and 1911, which are in the custody of the National Archives of Ireland, represent an extremely valuable part of the Irish national heritage. Here are From-Ireland.net’s 1901 Census, Ireland records:

Evergreen Rd.CorkO'Shea Ml.View
Anglesea Pl.CorkO'Shea PatrickView
Evergreen Rd.CorkO'Sullivan JOhnView
Evergreen Rd.CorkO'Sullivan JosephView
Evergreen Rd.CorkO'Sullivan Michl.View
AbbeyCorkO'Sullivan TimothyView
Annmount St.CorkO'Sullivan TimothyView
Princes St. 141/50CorkOwen DingavanView
94 (13a)CorkPatk BuckleyView
94 (13b)CorkPatk HorganView
94 (13a)CorkPatk LearyView
94 (13b)CorkPatk MaddenView
94 (13a)CorkPatk. BarrettView
94 (13b)CorkPatk. BarryView
94 (13b)CorkPatk. DelaneyView
94 (13a)CorkPatrick BuckleyView
Pound lane 141/49CorkPatrick BurkeView
94 (13a)CorkPatrick ButlerView
Princes St. 141/50CorkPatrick CollinsView
Patrick St. 141/48CorkPatrick CondonView
Princes St. 141/50CorkPatrick CondonView
Princes St.CorkPatrick CreamerView
94 (13a)CorkPatrick CroninView
Market Range 141/41CorkPatrick DalyView
Patrick St. 141/48CorkPatrick DoneganView
Slate lane 141/53CorkPatrick FlemingView
Patrick St. 141/48CorkPatrick GraceView
Market St. 141/42CorkPatrick GreenView
94 (13b)CorkPatrick LarrymoreView
94 (13b)CorkPatrick McCarthyView
94 (13a)CorkPatrick TwomeyView
Evergreen Rd.CorkPatterson HannaView
Princes St. 141/50CorkPeter CallaghanView
94 (13a)CorkPeter KavanaghView
Elizabeth Ter.CorkPhelan JamesView
Evergreen Rd.CorkPhelan JohnView
94 (13a)CorkPhilip HusseyView
Market Pl. 141/40CorkPhillip AhernView
Patrick St. 141/48CorkPhillip Dunley or Burley??View
Anglesea Villas, Anglesea St.CorkPhilpott Richard D.View
Anglesea Pl.CorkPower JamesView
Albert St.CorkPreston DavidView
East View Ter.CorkPreston Saml. G.View
Evergreen Rd.CorkPrior JnoView
Evergreen Rd.CorkQueens PatrickView
Evergreen Rd.CorkQuinlan PatrickView
East View Ter.CorkRalph WilliamView
Evergreen Rd.CorkReardon Patrk.J.View
Anglesea St.CorkRedden Joseph D.View
Evergreen Rd.CorkRegan JohnView
Evergreen Rd.CorkRegan ThomasView
Evergreen BuildingsCorkRenshaw Mary A.View
William St.CorkRichard CorcoranView
William St. 141/61CorkRichard Deamona??View
Queens square 141/52CorkRichard FitzpatrickView
94 (13a)CorkRichard WoolView
94 (13b)CorkRichd. TannerView
Evergreen Rd.CorkRing JohnView
Evergreen Rd.CorkRiordan EdwardView
Anglesea St.CorkRiordan EllenView
Evergreen Rd.CorkRiordan TimothyView
Evergreen Rd.CorkRiordan Wm.View
Walker's row 141/58CorkRobert BaylorView
94 (13a)CorkRobt BurchellView
94 (13a)CorkRobt ButtimerView
Anglesea Ter.CorkRoche JohnView
Anglesea Ter.CorkRonayne JohnView
Evergreen BuildingsCorkRowe BridgetView
AbbeyCorkRyan CorneliusView
94 (13b)CorkSamuel FosterView
94 (13b)CorkSamuel KellyView
Elizabeth Ter.CorkSandler AbrahamView
94 (13a)CorkSarah FlahertyView
Walker's row 141/58CorkSarah M. GearyView
Evergreen Rd.CorkSaunders Michl.View
Elizabeth Ter.CorkSayers MosesView
AbbeyCorkScannell AbinaView
Anglesea Villas, Anglesea St.CorkScannell MaryView
Anglesea Pl., Copley St.CorkScher DavidView
Albert St.CorkScully LoftusView
Albert St.CorkSexton BridgetView
Evergreen Rd.CorkSheehan EllenView
Evergreen Rd.CorkSheehan JnoView
AbbeyCorkSheehan JohnView
Annmount St.CorkShoten PaulView
East View Ter.CorkSimpson MarieView
Evergreen Rd.CorkSisk NicholasView
Evergreen Rd.CorkSisk RichardView
Evergreen Rd.CorkSmith JohnView
Anglesea St.CorkSouter JaneView
Evergreen Rd.CorkStaunton PatrickView
94 (13a)CorkStephen O'MahonyView
Evergreen Rd.CorkStore?y Chas.View
AbbeyCorkSullivan AugustineView
AbbeyCorkSullivan ElizaView
AbbeyCorkSullivan JaneView
Evergreen Rd.CorkSullivan JeremiahView
AbbeyCorkSullivan JohnView
Evergreen Rd.CorkSullivan John M.View
AbbeyCorkSullivan MaryView
AbbeyCorkSullivan MichaelView
Evergreen Rd.CorkSullivan Michl.View
Evergreen Rd.CorkSullivan TimothyView
Evergreen Rd.CorkSullivan Wm.View
Evergreen Rd.CorkSutton NathanielView
AbbeyCorkSweeney Norah M.View
Anglesea St.CorkTaylor JamesView
Evergreen Rd.CorkTaylor MichaelView
Evergreen Rd.CorkTaylor Michl.View
Evergreen Rd.CorkTaylor PatrickView
Annmount St.CorkTelford Thos.View
Patrick St. 141/48CorkTerence BarrettView
94 (13a)CorkTerry? CarrollView
Pound laneCorkThomas CroanView
Market St.CorkThomas CrottyView
Patrick St. 141/48CorkThomas EgarView
Mill Rd. 141/44CorkThomas EnnisView
Pound lane 141/49CorkThomas GabrielView
Queens square 141/52CorkThomas H. ClarkeView
94 (13a)CorkThomas HegartyView
94 (13a)CorkThomas KellyView
94 (13a)CorkThomas McGrathView
94 (13a)CorkThomas QuinlanView
East View Ter.CorkThorne Wm. J.View
94 (13b)CorkThos. DempseyView
94 (13a)CorkThos. KenefickView
94 (13b)CorkThos. MooreView
94 (13a)CorkTim CashmanView
94 (13a)CorkTim Manning?View
Walker's row 141/58CorkTimothy DilworthView
94 (13b)CorkTimothy O'BrienView
94 (13a)CorkTimothy O'LearyView
94 (13b)CorkTimothy SextonView
Evergreen Rd.CorkToal JamesView
Anglesea St.CorkTwohig U.D.A. or U.P.A.View
Annmount St.CorkTwohig Wm.View
94 (13b)CorkW. J. MeadeView
Elizabeth Ter.CorkWaddy Wm.View
Evergreen Rd.CorkWall PatrickView
Annmount St.CorkWallace MaryView
Evergreen Rd.CorkWalsh BridgetView
Evergreen Rd.CorkWalsh EdwardView
Evergreen BuildingsCorkWeldon JamesView
AbbeyCorkWelstead ThomasView
Evergreen Rd.CorkWhite JohnView
Evergreen Rd.CorkWhite MargaretView
AbbeyCorkWhite MaryView
Evergreen Rd.CorkWhitley MaryView
Walkers hill 141/57CorkWilliam BaylorView
Pound laneCorkWilliam ConroyView
Princes St.CorkWilliam Coug?heanView
Pump lane 141/51CorkWilliam DalyView
Queens square 141/52CorkWilliam EagarView
Patrick St. 141/48CorkWilliam FarrellView
William St. 141/61CorkWilliam FitzgeraldView
Princes St. 141/50CorkWilliam FoleyView
94 (13a)CorkWilliam Frances O'CallaghanView
94 (13a)CorkWilliam TobinView
94 (13a)CorkWilliam WooleyView
Ardfallen Ter.CorkWilson AlexanderView
AbbeyCorkWilton MaryView
Mill Rd. 141/44CorkWinifred DunleaView
94 (13b)CorkWm. Birthistle?View
94 (13a)CorkWm. FitzgeraldView
94 (13b)CorkWm. HoganView
94 (13a)CorkWm. MartinView
94 (13b)CorkWm. RooneyView
Annmount St.CorkYoung AndrewView