1901 Census, Co. Cork

The household returns and ancillary records for the censuses of Ireland of 1901 and 1911, which are in the custody of the National Archives of Ireland, represent an extremely valuable part of the Irish national heritage. Here are From-Ireland.net’s 1901 Census, Ireland records:

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TrooperscloseCorkAustin John H, Col.View
Newman's MallCorkAustin MaryView
Newman's MallCorkAustin MichaelView
Hogan's rowCorkBagge RichardView
Higher St.CorkBaldwin JohnView
Church St.CorkBanstead WilliamView
TrooperscloseCorkBarnes C. T.View
The GlenCorkBarrett DavidView
Market St.CorkBarrett JohnView
Higher St.CorkBarrett MaryView
Fisher St.CorkBarrett PatrickView
Higher St.CorkBarrett PatrickView
Fisher St.CorkBarrett WilliamView
East View Ter.CorkBarry AbigailView
Cramer St.CorkBarry Eliza M.View
Fisher St.CorkBarry ElizabethView
Fisher St.CorkBarry JamesView
Market laneCorkBarry JamesView
Evergreen Rd.CorkBarry JnoView
Butcher's rowCorkBarry JohnView
Church laneCorkBarry JohnView
Long quay - part ofCorkBarry JosephView
Guard WellCorkBarry MargaretView
AbbeyCorkBarry MaryView
Evergreen Rd.CorkBarry MaryView
Higher St.CorkBarry MichaelView
Evergreen BuildingsCorkBarry ThomasView
MallCorkBarry WilliamView
Annmount St.CorkBarter JosephView
Princes St. 141/50CorkBartholomew AhernView
Main St.CorkBateman E. EmilyView
Anglesea St.CorkBateman GeoorgeView
TroopershillCorkBateman Mary J.View
Anglesea St.CorkBateman WilliamView
Friar St.CorkBatten Herbert ?Cary GeorgeView
TroopershillCorkBeale Samuel M.View
Main St.CorkBeamish KateView
Anglesea Pl., Copley St.CorkBennett John P.View
Market Pl.CorkBennett Mary AnneView
TroopershillCorkBentley HenryView
Elizabeth Ter.CorkBerman IsaacView
Evergreen Rd.CorkBermingham WalterView
Annmount St.CorkBerrell JaneView
Guard WellCorkBithery JaneView
Denis quayCorkBolster Richard Mc. M.View
Church St.CorkBonded WarehouseView
Evergreen Rd.CorkBovenizer GeorgeView
Abbeylane St.CorkBowen CorneliusView
Butcher's rowCorkBowen JohnView
Evergreen Rd.CorkBowman JohnView
Evergreen BuildingsCorkBowmen RobtView
Market laneCorkBowse MaryView
TrooperscloseCorkBoyd GeorgeView
World's EndCorkBrady EllenView
Evergreen Rd.CorkBrennan DavidView
Barrack St.CorkBrennan EdwardView
Barrack St.CorkBrennan MargaretView
Evergreen Rd.CorkBrennan Michl.View
Pound lane 141/49CorkBridget ByrneView
William St. 141/61CorkBridget ColemanView
William St. 141/61CorkBridget FoxView
94 (13b)CorkBridget MartinView
Cork St.CorkBrien JohannaView
Higher St.CorkBrien JohnView
Glen laneCorkBrien MichaelView
Bandon New Rd.CorkBrien PatrickView
Barrack St.CorkBrigdell PatrickView
Evergreen Rd.CorkBrosnan ElizaView
Albert St.CorkBrosnan JeremiahView
Higher St.CorkBrown CorneliusView
Main St.CorkBrown EmilyView
Fisher St.CorkBrown HannahView
Newman's MallCorkBrown Mary KateView
AbbeyCorkBrown RichardView
Anglesea Ter.CorkBuchanan JamesView
AbbeyCorkBuckley AnneView
Evergreen Rd.CorkBuckley DanlView
Evergreen Rd.CorkBuckley EdmondView
Fisher St.CorkBuckley ElizaView
Fisher St.CorkBuckley EllenView
Barrack St.CorkBuckley JamesView
Barrack St.CorkBuckley JohnView
Friar St.CorkBuckley JohnView
Evergreen Rd.CorkBuckley MaryView
Barrack St.CorkBuckley PatrickView
Higher St.CorkBuckley TimothyView
AbbeyCorkBurke EdmondView
RoseabbeyCorkBurke EllenView
Higher St.CorkBurke JohnView
Anglesea Ter.CorkBurke PatrickView
Higher St.CorkBurke WilliamView
Evergreen Rd.CorkBurns JamesView
Annmount St.CorkBurrowes Wm.View
TrooperscloseCorkButcher JamesView
Hogan's rowCorkButler KateView
Hogan's rowCorkButler WilliamView
Queens square 141/52CorkC. W. DennehyView
AbbeyCorkCallaghan DanielView
Evergreen Rd.CorkCallaghan JnoView
Evergreen Rd.CorkCallaghan JohnView