1901 Census, Co. Cork

The household returns and ancillary records for the censuses of Ireland of 1901 and 1911, which are in the custody of the National Archives of Ireland, represent an extremely valuable part of the Irish national heritage. Here are From-Ireland.net’s 1901 Census, Ireland records:

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St. James Pl. (Carrignagrohan) 141/54CorkCampbell BurkeView
Evergreen BuildingsCorkCampbell JamesView
Evergreen Rd.CorkCanehief? PatrickView
AbbeyCorkCarey CorneliusView
East View Ter.CorkCarmody ThomasView
Evergreen Rd.CorkCarroll CorneliusView
Anglesea St.CorkCarroll William ?L.View
Evergreen Rd.CorkCasey JamesView
Evergreen BuildingsCorkCasey JOhnView
AbbeyCorkCashman DanielView
Anglesea Ter.CorkCatchpole John F.View
William St. 141/61CorkCatherine FlanaganView
94 (13a)CorkCatherine FlynnView
94 (13a)CorkCatherine KellyView
94 (13a)CorkCatherine McCarthyView
Ardfallen Ter.CorkCaulfield JohnView
Walkers hill 141/57CorkCharles FurlongView
94 (13a)CorkCharles PhillipsView
94 (13a)CorkCharles VaughanView
94 (13a)CorkChrist NasonView
Anglesea Pl., Copley St.CorkClein IsaacView
Evergreen Rd.CorkCoady NoraView
Evergreen Rd.CorkCoady RichardView
AbbeyCorkCoakley JermiahView
Evergreen Rd.CorkCoakley PaulView
Evergreen Rd.CorkCody RichardView
AbbeyCorkCoffey HannahView
Evergreen BuildingsCorkCogan RichardView
Evergreen Rd.CorkCoghlan HonoriaView
Evergreen Rd.CorkCoghlan JohnView
Evergreen Rd.CorkCoghlan ThomasView
Evergreen Rd.CorkColeman JuliaView
Ardfallen Ter.CorkCollins AnneView
Evergreen Rd.CorkCollins ThomasView
Evergreen Rd.CorkCollins Timy?View
Evergreen Rd.CorkConnell CatherineView
AbbeyCorkConnell DanielView
Evergreen Rd.CorkConnell HannaView
East View Ter.CorkConnell ThomasView
AbbeyCorkConnelly Mary A.View
AbbeyCorkConnor AnneView
Anglesea Pl.CorkConway MaryView
AbbeyCorkConway ThomasView
Anglesea Ter.CorkCooper FlorenceView
Ardfallen Ter.CorkCorcoran Cors.View
Ardfallen Ter.CorkCorcoran Joh?View
94 (13a)CorkCorns HarringtonView
AbbeyCorkCosgrAve. AnnView
AbbeyCorkCotter AndrewView
Evergreen Rd.CorkCotter Wm.View
Evergreen Rd.CorkCottrell FrancisView
AbbeyCorkCouch HenryView
Evergreen BuildingsCorkCoughlan Wm.View
Anglesea Ter.CorkCourtenay LizzieView
AbbeyCorkCree? MichaelView
Evergreen Rd.CorkCreedon MaryView
Evergreen BuildingsCorkCreighton Wm.View
AbbeyCorkCronin BridgetView
Evergreen BuildingsCorkCronin DanielView
Evergreen Rd.CorkCrowley AnneView
Evergreen Rd.CorkCrowley EugeneView
Evergreen Rd.CorkCrowley JeremiahView
Evergreen BuildingsCorkCrowley JohnView
Anglesea Villas, Anglesea St.CorkCrowley JuliaView
Evergreen Rd.CorkCullen JamesView
AbbeyCorkCurtin DanielView
AbbeyCorkDaley JohnView
AbbeyCorkDaly DanielView
Evergreen Rd.CorkDaly OwenView
Evergreen Rd.CorkDaly PatrickView
Evergreen Rd.CorkDaly SimonView
AbbeyCorkDaly TomView
Anglesea St.CorkDaly WilliamView
94 (13a)CorkDan DunleaView
94 (13a)CorkDan LynchView
William St. 141/61CorkDaniel CollinsView
William St. 141/61CorkDaniel CollinsView
Market St. 141/42CorkDaniel CondonView
Princes St. 141/50CorkDaniel DowneyView
Princes St. 141/50CorkDaniel FlynnView
94 (13a)CorkDaniel J. O'ConnellView
94 (13b)CorkDaniel O'KeefeView
94 (13a)CorkDanl NoonanView
94 (13a)CorkDavid HennessyView
Evergreen Rd.CorkDavis RobertView
Evergreen Rd.CorkDelanty EllenView
94 (13b)CorkDenis CashmanView
94 (13b)CorkDenis CollinsView
94 (13a)CorkDenis CrowleyView
94 (13b)CorkDenis LongView
94 (13a)CorkDenis MurphyView
94 (13b)CorkDenis MurphyView
94 (13a)CorkDenis Murphy (2nd in this house)View
94 (13a)CorkDenis O'BrienView
94 (13b)CorkDenis SantryView
94 (13a)CorkDenis SullivanView
94 (13a)CorkDennis ManningView
East View Ter.CorkDerby JohnView
East View Ter.CorkDevine JamesView
Elizabeth Ter.CorkDickson Luceenda A.View
Evergreen Rd.CorkDinan Wm.View
East View Ter.CorkDonohoe JohnView
Evergreen Rd.CorkDonohue RichardView
Evergreen Rd.CorkDonovan DanielView
Evergreen BuildingsCorkDonovan JamesView
AbbeyCorkDonovan MichaelView
AbbeyCorkDonovan ThomasView
Evergreen BuildingsCorkDonovan Wm.View
Evergreen Rd.CorkDonovan Wm.View
Anglesea Pl.CorkDooley BridgetView
94 (13a)CorkDora MoynihanView
Evergreen Rd.CorkDorgan CatherineView
AbbeyCorkDorgan JohnView
Evergreen BuildingsCorkDornon StephenView
Annmount St.CorkDouan ElizaView
East View Ter.CorkDoyle JamesView
AbbeyCorkDriscoll AndrewView
AbbeyCorkDriscoll Con.View
Evergreen Rd.CorkDriscoll Tom?View
Annmount St.CorkDruniniy? JohnView
Evergreen Rd.CorkDuffy MaryView
Elizabeth Ter.CorkDuggan JohnView
AbbeyCorkDwyer EdwardView
Patrick St. 141/48CorkE. J. FizzelleView
Patrick St. 141/48CorkEdmond DonnellyView
Princes St. 141/50CorkEdward CarrollView
94 (13a)CorkEdward DelaneyView
94 (13a)CorkEdward MasseyView
Evergreen Rd.CorkEdwards JamesView
94 (13b)CorkEdwd. CallananView
94 (13a)CorkEdwd. Cantlen?View
94 (13b)CorkEdwd. CurtinView
94 (13a)CorkEdwd. GalvinView
94 (13a)CorkEdwd. HarringtonView
94 (13b)CorkEdwd. LynchView
94 (13a)CorkEdwd. WalshView
Pound lane 141/49CorkEliza BradshawView
94 (13a)CorkEliza CoffeeView
William St.CorkEliza CotterView
Queens squareCorkEliza CottorView
94 (13a)CorkEliza DonovanView
94 (13b)CorkEliza DunleaView
94 (13b)CorkEliza DunneView
94 (13b)CorkEliza McCarthyView
94 (13a)CorkEliza QuinnView
Patrick St.CorkElizabeth N. CruiseView
94 (13a)CorkElizabeth SaundersView
94 (13a)CorkEllen AhernView
William St. 141/61CorkEllen BrienView
94 (13a)CorkEllen DimondView
94 (13a)CorkEllen FitzgeraldView
94 (13a)CorkEllen HealyView
94 (13a)CorkEllen HealyView
94 (13b)CorkEllen JeffersView
94 (13a)CorkEllen LinehanView
94 (13a)CorkEllen MurphyView
94 (13a)CorkEllen Murphy (Crossed out)View
94 (13b)CorkEllen O'ConnellView
94 (13a)CorkEllen O'SullivanView
94 (13a)CorkEllen WallView
94 (13b)CorkEllen WalshView
Patrick St. 141/48CorkEllie DowneyView
94 (13b)CorkEmma DooleyView
Evergreen BuildingsCorkFahey EugeneView
Evergreen Rd.CorkFalvey JohnView
St. James Pl. (Carrignagrohan) 141/54CorkFanny CampbellView
Anglesea Pl.CorkFeeney JeremiahView
Evergreen Rd.CorkFennell ThomasView
Anglesea St.CorkFitzgerald EdwardView
Anglesea Pl.CorkFitzgerald JaneView
Evergreen Rd.CorkFitzgerald JohnView
AbbeyCorkFitzgerald MargaretView
Evergreen Rd.CorkFitzgerald MaryView
Anglesea St.CorkFitzgerald MaryanneView
Annmount St.CorkFitzgibbon Thos.View
Anglesea Pl.CorkFitzgibbons CatherineView
AbbeyCorkFitzpatrick JohnView
Evergreen BuildingsCorkFleming OliverView
Annmount St.CorkFlynn EdwardView
Evergreen Rd.CorkFlynn Wm.View
Evergreen Rd.CorkFoley EllenView
Evergreen Rd.CorkFoley Jeh.View
Evergreen Rd.CorkFoley PatrickView
Evergreen Rd.CorkFord JohnView
Evergreen Rd.CorkFord TimothyView
Anglesea St.CorkFraser ThomasView
Ardfallen Ter.CorkFrazer JohnView
Anglesea Pl.CorkGallagher AnneView
Evergreen Rd.CorkGalvin AnneView
AbbeyCorkGalvin RichardView
94 (13a)CorkGarret NagleView
AbbeyCorkGearns? ThomasView
AbbeyCorkGearns? WilliamView
Pound lane 141/49CorkGeorge GallagherView
Evergreen Rd.CorkGoggin Michl.View
Evergreen Rd.CorkGolden HannaView
Elizabeth Ter.CorkGoldsteen WilliamView
AbbeyCorkGood MaryView
Elizabeth Ter.CorkGrant EllenView
East View Ter.CorkHall AlexanderView