1901 Census, Co. Cork

The household returns and ancillary records for the censuses of Ireland of 1901 and 1911, which are in the custody of the National Archives of Ireland, represent an extremely valuable part of the Irish national heritage. Here are From-Ireland.net’s 1901 Census, Ireland records:

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94 (13a)CorkEllen FitzgeraldView
94 (13a)CorkEllen HealyView
94 (13a)CorkEllen HealyView
94 (13b)CorkEllen JeffersView
94 (13a)CorkEllen LinehanView
94 (13a)CorkEllen MurphyView
94 (13a)CorkEllen Murphy (Crossed out)View
94 (13b)CorkEllen O'ConnellView
94 (13a)CorkEllen O'SullivanView
94 (13a)CorkEllen WallView
94 (13b)CorkEllen WalshView
Patrick St. 141/48CorkEllie DowneyView
94 (13b)CorkEmma DooleyView
Evergreen BuildingsCorkFahey EugeneView
Evergreen Rd.CorkFalvey JohnView
St. James Pl. (Carrignagrohan) 141/54CorkFanny CampbellView
Anglesea Pl.CorkFeeney JeremiahView
Evergreen Rd.CorkFennell ThomasView
Anglesea St.CorkFitzgerald EdwardView
Anglesea Pl.CorkFitzgerald JaneView
Evergreen Rd.CorkFitzgerald JohnView
AbbeyCorkFitzgerald MargaretView
Evergreen Rd.CorkFitzgerald MaryView
Anglesea St.CorkFitzgerald MaryanneView
Annmount St.CorkFitzgibbon Thos.View
Anglesea Pl.CorkFitzgibbons CatherineView
AbbeyCorkFitzpatrick JohnView
Evergreen BuildingsCorkFleming OliverView
Annmount St.CorkFlynn EdwardView
Evergreen Rd.CorkFlynn Wm.View
Evergreen Rd.CorkFoley EllenView
Evergreen Rd.CorkFoley Jeh.View
Evergreen Rd.CorkFoley PatrickView
Evergreen Rd.CorkFord JohnView
Evergreen Rd.CorkFord TimothyView
Anglesea St.CorkFraser ThomasView
Ardfallen Ter.CorkFrazer JohnView
Anglesea Pl.CorkGallagher AnneView
Evergreen Rd.CorkGalvin AnneView
AbbeyCorkGalvin RichardView
94 (13a)CorkGarret NagleView
AbbeyCorkGearns? ThomasView
AbbeyCorkGearns? WilliamView
Pound lane 141/49CorkGeorge GallagherView
Evergreen Rd.CorkGoggin Michl.View
Evergreen Rd.CorkGolden HannaView
Elizabeth Ter.CorkGoldsteen WilliamView
AbbeyCorkGood MaryView
Elizabeth Ter.CorkGrant EllenView
East View Ter.CorkHall AlexanderView
AbbeyCorkHamilton KateView
AbbeyCorkHamilton MargaretView
Ardfallen Ter.CorkHammill Wm.View
Anglesea Pl.CorkHanley MichaelView
Evergreen BuildingsCorkHanlon CorneliusView
94 (13a)CorkHanna MurphyView
Princes St. 141/50CorkHannah CarrollView
Princes St. 141/50CorkHannah DugganView
94 (13a)CorkHannah KeefeView
94 (13b)CorkHannah McCarthyView
94 (13b)CorkHannah O'BrienView
94 (13b)CorkHanora HennessyView
Annmount St.CorkHarkness JamesView
Evergreen Rd.CorkHarnett PatrickView
Evergreen BuildingsCorkHarrington TimothyView
Evergreen BuildingsCorkHastings DenisView
Evergreen Rd.CorkHawkins JamesView
Annmount St.CorkHawkins ThomasView
AbbeyCorkHayes Batt.View
Evergreen Rd.CorkHeelan Mary A.View
Evergreen Rd.CorkHefde?? TimothyView
Evergreen Rd.CorkHeffernan Wm.View
Evergreen Rd.CorkHegarty CorneliusView
Evergreen BuildingsCorkHegarty DenisView
94 (13a)CorkHelena CroninView
94 (13b)CorkHenry AtkinsView
94 (13b)CorkHenry DunneView
Evergreen Rd.CorkHickey DanielView
Anglesea Villas, Anglesea St.CorkHiggins DanielView
AbbeyCorkHiggins JohnView
Annmount St.CorkHill AnneView
Evergreen Rd.CorkHodgins RichardView
Evergreen BuildingsCorkHoggart ElizabethView
Evergreen Rd.CorkHolland RichardView
94 (13a)CorkHonra O'LearyView
AbbeyCorkHorgan JosephView
AbbeyCorkHorgan PatrickView
Anglesea Pl.CorkHorgan WilliamView
Evergreen Rd.CorkHosford HoratiaView
Annmount St.CorkHourigan JamesView
Elizabeth Ter.CorkHoward JohnView
Ardfallen Ter.CorkHowell DavidView
Evergreen Rd.CorkHowell EugeneView
Evergreen Rd.CorkHuggins JohnView
AbbeyCorkHyde MaryView
Annmount St.CorkJago Richd.View
Patrick St. 141/48CorkJames AhernView
Messhouse lane 141/43CorkJames BarryView
William St. 141/61CorkJames BarryView
William St. 141/61CorkJames BarryView
William St. 141/61CorkJames Dale?View
94 (13a)CorkJames Edward Werlin or DerlinView
Patrick St. 141/48CorkJames FitzgeraldView
Patrick St. 141/48CorkJames FlanaganView
Princes St. 141/50CorkJames Gornell??View
94 (13a)CorkJames KehoeView
94 (13a)CorkJames MorrisonView
94 (13b)CorkJames WilliamsView
Pound lane 141/49CorkJane CollinsView
94 (13a)CorkJane Crowley (or Mrs. Hayes)View
94 (13a)CorkJane FitzpatrickView
94 (13a)CorkJane RussellView
Evergreen Rd.CorkJaques JnoView
94 (13b)CorkJas. J. WilliamsView
East View Ter.CorkJennett CharlesView
94 (13a)CorkJeremiah AmbroseView
William St.CorkJeremiah CroninView
Patrick St. 141/48CorkJeremiah DoneganView
William St. 141/61CorkJeremiah FlavinView
Walker's row 141/58CorkJeremiah GrantView
94 (13a)CorkJermh MurrayView
Pound laneCorkJohanna Coug?heanView
New Market St. 141/46CorkJohn ????View
Market St. 141/42CorkJohn AhernView
94 (13a)CorkJohn BarrettView
Princes St. 141/50CorkJohn BarryView
Princes St. 141/50CorkJohn BarryView
Patrick St. 141/48CorkJohn BaylorView
Patrick St. 141/48CorkJohn BlackView
New Market St. 141/46CorkJohn BrienView
William St. 141/61CorkJohn BrosnahanView
94 (13a)CorkJohn BrowneView
West Quay 141/60CorkJohn CahillView
94 (13a)CorkJohn CallaghanView
Pound lane 141/49CorkJohn CaseyView
94 (13a)CorkJohn Caulin? Or ConlinView
William St.CorkJohn ConnorView
Pump laneCorkJohn CorkerView
William St.CorkJohn CurtinView
94 (13a)CorkJohn DonovanView
Princes St. 141/50CorkJohn DungivanView
94 (13b)CorkJohn FentonView
Pound lane 141/49CorkJohn GriffinView
94 (13b)CorkJohn HegartyView
94 (13a)CorkJohn LeahyView
94 (13a)CorkJohn McCabeView
94 (13a)CorkJohn MulcahyView
94 (13a)CorkJohn MurphyView
94 (13a)CorkJohn NeailView
94 (13a)CorkJohn O'DonnellView
94 (13b)CorkJohn O'LearyView
94 (13a)CorkJohn O'MahonyView
94 (13a)CorkJohn O'ReganView
94 (13b)CorkJohn O'SullivanView
94 (13b)CorkJohn RahillyView
Walker's row 141/58CorkJohn S. DunneView
94 (13a)CorkJohn ScannellView
94 (13a)CorkJohn SullivanView
94 (13a)CorkJohn T. NoonanView
Evergreen Rd.CorkJones ElizabethView
Patrick St. 141/48CorkJoseph FrizzelleView
Patrick St. 141/48CorkJoseph J. BroderickView
William St. 141/61CorkJulia DouglasView
94 (13b)CorkJulia FieldView
94 (13b)CorkJulia HylandView
94 (13a)CorkJulia MoloneyView
Patrick St. 141/48CorkKate A. BarryView
William St. 141/61CorkKate BrienView
William St. 141/61CorkKate BurnsView
94 (13b)CorkKate CaseyView
Pound laneCorkKate ConnellView
94 (13a)CorkKate FitzgeraldView
William St. 141/61CorkKate FoleyView
94 (13a)CorkKate PowellView
Evergreen Rd.CorkKavanagh DenisView
AbbeyCorkKavanagh EllenView
AbbeyCorkKeeffe HannahView
AbbeyCorkKeeffe NorahView
AbbeyCorkKeegan AndrewView
Evergreen Rd.CorkKeleher MichaelView
Evergreen Rd.CorkKeleher PatrickView
Evergreen Rd.CorkKeleher PeterView
Anglesea Pl.CorkKelleher DenisView
Evergreen BuildingsCorkKeller JohnView
Evergreen Rd.CorkKelly JohnView
Anglesea St.CorkKeminsky LouiseView
AbbeyCorkKenefick PatrickView
AbbeyCorkKenneally JohnView
Annmount St.CorkKenneally MathewView
Evergreen Rd.CorkKenneally Ml.View
Annmount St.CorkKennedy Patk.View
AbbeyCorkKennelly JuliaView
Annmount St.CorkKidney ?Justin or AustinView
Evergreen Rd.CorkKidney PatrickView
Evergreen Rd.CorkKiely JohnView
Annmount St.CorkKikkert or Likkert Jno.View
Evergreen Rd.CorkKingsley PeterView
AbbeyCorkKugan JosephView
AbbeyCorkLane JeremiahView
94 (13a)CorkLaurence CrowleyView
AbbeyCorkLeary JeremiahView
Evergreen Rd.CorkLee FrankView
AbbeyCorkLehane AnnView
AbbeyCorkLehane DanielView
AbbeyCorkLehane NorahView
Anglesea Pl., Copley St.CorkLenton SolomonView
Annmount St.CorkLettell? Wm.View
94 (13b)CorkLizzie O'SullivanView
Evergreen Rd.CorkLombard MaryView
AbbeyCorkLong JohnView
Evergreen Rd.CorkLooney MichaelView
Evergreen BuildingsCorkLowth EdwardView
Evergreen Rd.CorkLynch JuliaView
Evergreen Rd.CorkLyons EllenView
Evergreen Rd.CorkLyster ChristopherView
Evergreen Rd.CorkMack Henery ?GView
Pound lane 141/49CorkMaggie FreestoneView
Anglesea Ter.CorkMagrath JonathanView
Anglesea Pl.CorkMahoney MichaelView
Evergreen Rd.CorkMahony ChristinaView
Evergreen Rd.CorkMahony CorneliusView
Evergreen BuildingsCorkMahony JOhnView
AbbeyCorkMahony MaryView
Anglesea Ter.CorkMahony PatrickView
Evergreen Rd.CorkManning CorneliusView
Evergreen Rd.CorkManning JeremiahView
AbbeyCorkManning JohnView
Elizabeth Ter.CorkManning KateView
Elizabeth Ter.CorkMarens JacobView
Market St. 141/42CorkMargaret AhernView
Waterloo Lane 141/59CorkMargaret BarrettView
Slate lane 141/53CorkMargaret BarryView
William St. 141/61CorkMargaret BrienView
St. James Pl. (Carrignagrohan) 141/54CorkMargaret ClarkView
Patrick St. 141/48CorkMargaret CollinsView
Patrick St. 141/48CorkMargaret ColmanView
Princes St. 141/50CorkMargaret CondonView
94 (13b)CorkMargaret NolanView
94 (13a)CorkMargt. BarryView
94 (13a)CorkMargt. BuckleyView
94 (13a)CorkMargt. JonesView
94 (13b)CorkMargt. KellyView
94 (13a)CorkMargt. RocheView
Evergreen Rd.CorkMarres AbrahamView
94 (13a)CorkMary A. ???View
94 (13b)CorkMary A. BarryView
94 (13b)CorkMary A. Pirell?View
94 (13b)CorkMary AhernView
94 (13a)CorkMary BarrettView
94 (13b)CorkMary BarrettView
New Market St. 141/46CorkMary BarryView
Walker's row 141/58CorkMary BegleyView
Pound lane 141/49CorkMary CareyView
Messhouse lane 141/43CorkMary CaseyView
Princes St. 141/50CorkMary ClancyView
Slate lane 141/53CorkMary CondonView
94 (13b)CorkMary ConwayView
Princes St.CorkMary CoughlanView
William St.CorkMary CrowleyView
94 (13b)CorkMary DalyView
94 (13b)CorkMary DeCourcyView
Princes St. 141/50CorkMary DoyleView
Princes St. 141/50CorkMary DuffeyView
94 (13a)CorkMary E. SullivanView
William St. 141/61CorkMary FitzgeraldView
Princes St. 141/50CorkMary FoleyView
Princes St. 141/50CorkMary GreenView
Patrick St. 141/48CorkMary GriffinView
94 (13b)CorkMary LeahyView
94 (13b)CorkMary LenehanView
94 (13a)CorkMary LooneyView
94 (13a)CorkMary MurphyView
94 (13a)CorkMary MurphyView
94 (13a)CorkMary MurphyView
94 (13b)CorkMary MurphyView
94 (13a)CorkMary NeillView
94 (13a)CorkMary O'ConnorView
94 (13b)CorkMary O'LearyView
94 (13b)CorkMary ReardonView
94 (13b)CorkMary RheasonView
94 (13a)CorkMary S. HennessyView
East View Ter.CorkMatson JohnView
Patrick St. 141/48CorkMatthew BlakeView
Messhouse lane 141/43CorkMatthew FloodView
94 (13a)CorkMaurice FordeView
94 (13b)CorkMaurice MurphyView
Anglesea Pl.CorkMcCarety? DavidView
Evergreen Rd.CorkMcCarthy BridgetView
Evergreen BuildingsCorkMcCarthy EllenView
Evergreen Rd.CorkMcCarthy EugeneView
Ardfallen Ter.CorkMcCarthy WinnyView
Evergreen Rd.CorkMcCloskey Jno G.View
Evergreen Rd.CorkMcDonnell DenisView
Anglesea Pl.CorkMcDonnell PatrickView
Elizabeth Ter.CorkMcDonnell PatrickView
Anglesea St.CorkMcIlraith? Wm.View
Evergreen Rd.CorkMcLoughlin JamesView
Anglesea St.CorkMcMillan or McMullan FrederickView
Evergreen Rd.CorkMcNie SamuelView
Evergreen Rd.CorkMcSweeney JosephView
Evergreen Rd.CorkMcSweeny EugeneView
Anglesea Pl.CorkMcSweeny JeremiahView
Elizabeth Ter.CorkMedali DavidView
Evergreen Rd.CorkMeighan DanlView
94 (13a)CorkMich Cantlen?View
Pound lane 141/49CorkMichael BrackettView
Pound lane 141/49CorkMichael BurkeView
Princes St. 141/50CorkMichael CarewView
Market St. 141/42CorkMichael CliffordView
William St. 141/61CorkMichael CondonView
Pound lane 141/49CorkMichael DoneganView
William St. 141/61CorkMichael DriscollView
Pound lane 141/49CorkMichael FlynnView
94 (13a)CorkMichael MurphyView
94 (13b)CorkMichl. DuffView
94 (13a)CorkMichl. HealyView
94 (13a)CorkMichl. LooneyView
94 (13a)CorkMichl. O'KeefeView
94 (13b)CorkMichl. RyanView
94 (13b)CorkMichl. SpillaneView
94 (13a)CorkMichl. TwomeyView
Anglesea Ter.CorkMilors CatherineView
Evergreen Rd.CorkMoloney Wm.View
AbbeyCorkMonnell or Donnell Mary A.View
Evergreen BuildingsCorkMonson JamesView
AbbeyCorkMorley JohnView
Evergreen BuildingsCorkMorley Michl.View
Annmount St.CorkMorrison Wm.View
Anglesea Pl.CorkMullane DanielView
Anglesea St.CorkMullins MathewView
Evergreen BuildingsCorkMurphy DenisView
AbbeyCorkMurphy DomnickView
Evergreen Rd.CorkMurphy EdwardView
Ardfallen Ter.CorkMurphy EleanorView
East View Ter.CorkMurphy FrancisView
AbbeyCorkMurphy HanorhView
Anglesea Pl.CorkMurphy JamesView
Evergreen Rd.CorkMurphy JamesView
Evergreen Rd.CorkMurphy JnoView
AbbeyCorkMurphy JohnView
Evergreen Rd.CorkMurphy JohnView
Evergreen Rd.CorkMurphy KateView
AbbeyCorkMurphy MartinView
Anglesea St.CorkMurphy MichaelView
Evergreen Rd.CorkMurphy MichaelView
Evergreen Rd.CorkMurphy Michl.View
Annmount St.CorkMurphy Patk. J.View
AbbeyCorkMurphy PatrickView
AbbeyCorkMurphy PatrickView
Evergreen Rd.CorkMurphy PatrickView