1901 Census, Co. Down

The household returns and ancillary records for the censuses of Ireland of 1901 and 1911, which are in the custody of the National Archives of Ireland, represent an extremely valuable part of the Irish national heritage. Here are From-Ireland.net’s 1901 Census, Ireland records:

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Church St.DownBell TheodoreView
East St.DownBen?nister AnnaView
East St.DownBennett ThomasView
Church St.DownBenste?a Stanley W.View
Church St.DownBond Frances E.View
Newry St.DownBrookman AliceView
Charlotte St.DownBrown AlexanderView
Newry St.DownBuchanan JohnView
Duke St.DownBurns JamesView
Newry St.DownBurns JamesView
Newry St.DownBurns JohnView
Duke St.DownBurns MichaelView
Newry St.DownByrne BernardView
Charlotte St.DownByrne EdwardView
Newry St.DownByrne EdwardView
Charlotte St.DownByrne JohnView
Charlotte St.DownCampbell HughView
East St.DownCampbell WilliamView
Newry St.DownCar?e LukeView
Charlotte St.DownCarr ElizabethView
Church St.DownCarvill BernardView
Duke St.DownCaulfield JamesView
Duke St.DownCaulfield MariaView
Church St.DownCaulfield Mary A.View
Church St.DownCaulfield ThomasView
Newry St.DownClarke PeterView
Newry St.DownConnolly DavidView
Duke St.DownConnolly MargaretView
Church St.DownCouser ElizabethView
East St.DownCox IsabellaView
East St.DownCrawford ElizaView
Charlotte St.DownCrawford PatrickView
Church St.DownCu?vian AnnieView
East St.DownCunningham JamesView
Church St.DownCunningham PatrickView
Charlotte St.DownCurran JohnView
Charlotte St.DownDaly JohnView
Charlotte St.DownDelahunt AliciaView
Duke St.DownDelahunt MaryView
Charlotte St.DownDelahunt MichaelView
Newry St.DownDevlin RoseView
Church St.DownDonaghy HughView
Newry St.DownDonaldson JamesView
East St.DownDonnan JohnView
Duke St.DownDoran SusanView
Charlotte St.DownDowdall MaryView
Church St.DownDuff IsabellaView
Newry St.DownDuffy JohnView
Charlotte St.DownDuffy PatrickView
Charlotte St.DownEakin HughView