1901 Census, Co. Down

The household returns and ancillary records for the censuses of Ireland of 1901 and 1911, which are in the custody of the National Archives of Ireland, represent an extremely valuable part of the Irish national heritage. Here are From-Ireland.net’s 1901 Census, Ireland records:

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Newry St.DownMagee PatrickView
Newry St.DownMagill EdwardView
Charlotte St.DownMaginess HughView
Charlotte St.DownMarshall JamesView
Newry St.DownMcAllister GeorgeView
Church St.DownMcAnulty BernardView
Charlotte St.DownMcAnulty BridgetView
Newry St.DownMcAnulty MichaelView
Church St.DownMcAnulty RoseView
Newry St.DownMcAnulty TerenceView
Duke St.DownMcArdle PatrickView
Duke St.DownMcAteer EdwardView
Duke St.DownMcAteer JohnView
Duke St.DownMcAteer MaryView
Charlotte St.DownMcAteer Mary AnneView
East St.DownMcCabe JosephView
Newry St.DownMcCabney MaryView
Charlotte St.DownMcCarney JohnView
Charlotte St.DownMcCarthy PeterView
Charlotte St.DownMcCaughey JamesView
Church St.DownMcClelland JaneView
Newry St.DownMcClelland John T.View
Newry St.DownMcCormick HenryView
Charlotte St.DownMcCourt MaggieView
Charlotte St.DownMcCourt MargaretView
Charlotte St.DownMcEvoy JamesView
Charlotte St.DownMcEvoy MargaretView
Newry St.DownMcEvoy PeterView
Charlotte St.DownMcGivern OwenView
Newry St.DownMcGivern PatrickView
Newry St.DownMcGivern PeterView
East St.DownMcGreer AnnaView
East St.DownMcGuffi?n RichardView
Charlotte St.DownMcGuffin DavidView
East St.DownMcGuffin LetitiaView
Church St.DownMcGuffin WilliamView
Duke St.DownMcKee MargaretView
Church St.DownMcKnight JamesView
Duke St.DownMcLoaghlin JaneView
Duke St.DownMcMahon SarahView
Church St.DownMcMurray JamesView
Duke St.DownMcNamee BernardView
Newry St.DownMcNeill Edward J.View
Duke St.DownMcNeilly HenryView
Duke St.DownMcVeigh EdwardView
East St.DownMcWhirter JohnView
East St.DownMee FrancisView
Charlotte St.DownMenary EllenView
Duke St.DownMichell HughView
Charlotte St.DownMillar CarlView
Duke St.DownMoore SusanView
Duke St.DownMoreland SarahView
Church St.DownMullen JamesView
Newry St.DownMullin EllenView
Duke St.DownMunro Robert H.View
Charlotte St.DownMurdoch MatildaView
Newry St.DownMurphy HughView
Newry St.DownMurphy JohnView
Church St.DownMurphy TerenceView
Duke St.DownO'Brien DanielView
Duke St.DownO'Brien PatrickView
Duke St.DownO'Brien RoseView
Charlotte St.DownO'Donnell AnneView
East St.DownO'Hagan BridgetView
Charlotte St.DownO'Hagan MichaelView
Church St.DownO'Hagan PatrickView
Charlotte St.DownO'Hare SusanView
Church St.DownO'Neill PatrickView
East St.DownPentland JamesView
Church St.DownPill LatitiaView
East St.DownPurdy JohnView
Newry St.DownRea ThomasView
Church St.DownReed AnneView
Church St.DownRobb JohnView
Church St.DownRobinson SarahView
Church St.DownS?loann Meary ?DView
Church St.DownSavage JamesView
Newry St.DownSheddin LouisaView
Church St.DownShiels ElizabethView
Church St.DownSims Robert A.View
Charlotte St.DownSloan MargaretView
Church St.DownSmyth ElizaView
Charlotte St.DownSmyth FrancisView
East St.DownStanford ThomasView
Church St.DownSteanson ThomasView
Church St.DownSturgeon William ?J.View
Church St.DownTaylor Frederick G.View
East St.DownThompson ChristianView
Church St.DownThompson ElizaView
Newry St.DownToal GeorgeView
Church St.DownToombs GeorgeView
Duke St.DownTrainor StephenView
Charlotte St.DownTumilty MargaretView
Charlotte St.DownTumilty MaryView
Church St.DownTurley PeterView
Duke St.DownWard MaryView
Newry St.DownWard PatrickView
Charlotte St.DownWaters MichaelView
Newry St.DownWhite JohnView
East St.DownWilson AliceView
Duke St.DownWilson GeorgeView
Church St.DownWilson JohnView
Newry St.DownWilson RobertView