1901 Census, Co. Dublin

The household returns and ancillary records for the censuses of Ireland of 1901 and 1911, which are in the custody of the National Archives of Ireland, represent an extremely valuable part of the Irish national heritage. Here are From-Ireland.net’s 1901 Census, Ireland records:

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TemplebarDublinAgnew AnneView
Fishamble St.DublinAlwright ElizabethView
Fishamble St.DublinAlwright FrancisView
West EssexDublinAnderson GeorgeView
Upper ExchangeDublinAnderson MargaretView
Anglesea St.DublinAnderson ThomasView
Dame St. 23 to 78DublinApielinski LeonView
Parliament St. 1 to 15 & 27 onDublinArmstrong CatherineView
TemplebarDublinAsh ThomasView
College GreenDublinAshman ThomasView
Dame CourtDublinAshmore WilliamView
Parliament St. 16 to 26DublinAtkin PaulView
West EssexDublinAtkinson JohnView
Crampton CourtDublinBailey KateView
Sycamore St.DublinBailey Robert DuttonView
Fownes St.DublinBaker PeterView
Wicklow St.DublinBalfe JamesView
Parliament St. 1 to 15 & 27 onDublinBamfield MaryView
Fownes St.DublinBarnes ThomasView
Crampton BuildingsDublinBarrett WilliamView
Lr. Exchange St.DublinBarrett WilliamView
Fownes St.DublinBarrett WilliamView
Fleet St.DublinBarry ThomasView
Wellington QuayDublinBassi JosephView
Crampton BuildingsDublinBe?egan JohnView
Andrew St.DublinBeardwell ThomasView
Trinity St.DublinBehan PatrickView
Eustace St.DublinBell AbrahamView
Andrew St.DublinBell AlexanderView
Upper ExchangeDublinBell AnneView
Eustace St.DublinBell TeresaView
Essex QuayDublinBergin RoseView
Fownes St.DublinBergner OttoView
Fownes St.DublinBillings PatrickView
Essex St. EastDublinBird MathewView
Essex St. WestDublinBirmingham AnneView
Fishamble St.DublinBlake LaurenceView
Essex QuayDublinBlundell WilliamView
Wellington QuayDublinBodie JohnView
Upper ExchangeDublinBolger AndrewView
Dame CourtDublinBolger MaryView
Fleet St.DublinBourke AliceView
Fleet St.DublinBourke JamesView
TemplebarDublinBoushell MaryView
Parliament St. 1 to 15 & 27 onDublinBowe EdmondView
Wellington QuayDublinBowles Kathleen J.View
Wellington QuayDublinBowles Thomas W.View
Wellington QuayDublinBowles Thos. Wm. W.View
Aston's QuayDublinBoyle LucyView
Temple LaneDublinBoyne MichaelView