1901 Census, Co. Dublin

The household returns and ancillary records for the censuses of Ireland of 1901 and 1911, which are in the custody of the National Archives of Ireland, represent an extremely valuable part of the Irish national heritage. Here are From-Ireland.net’s 1901 Census, Ireland records:

Crampton BuildingsDublinWalker JosephView
Wicklow St.DublinWalker ThomasView
Essex St. EastDublinWall PatrickView
Dame St. 23 to 78DublinWallace FrancisView
Crampton CourtDublinWalsh AnneView
TemplebarDublinWalsh AnneView
Eustace St.DublinWalsh JohnView
Anglesea St.DublinWalsh MarkView
Crampton BuildingsDublinWalsh PatrickView
Crampton BuildingsDublinWalsh PatrickView
Dame St. 23 to 78DublinWarburton HenryView
Crampton BuildingsDublinWard EdwardView
Temple LaneDublinWard SabinaView
Grafton St.DublinWaterhouse William M.View
South George's St.DublinWaters Mary J.View
Dame St. 23 to 78DublinWatkins Louisa J.View
Crampton CourtDublinWatson ElizabethView
Aston's QuayDublinWebb KateView
Wicklow St.DublinWeldon JohnView
Anglesea St.DublinWhelan AnneView
West EssexDublinWhelan EdwardView
Wicklow St.DublinWhelan JamesView
Aston's QuayDublinWhelan Malachy J.View
Cork HillDublinWhelan NicholasView
Fleet St.DublinWhiston JuliaView
Parliament St. 16 to 26DublinWhite JohnView
Crown AlleyDublinWhite MargaretView
Essex St. EastDublinWhite MichaelView
TemplebarDublinWhite PeterView
Anglesea St.DublinWhite WilliamView
Upper ExchangeDublinWilley JamesView
Dame St. 23 to 78DublinWilliams MarthaView
TemplebarDublinWilliamson TeresaView
Grafton St.DublinWilson JamesView
Wellington QuayDublinWine BernardView
Wellington QuayDublinWine HenryView
Foster Pl.DublinWolfe GeorgeView
Anglesea St.DublinWoods JaneView
Parliament St. 1 to 15 & 27 onDublinWoods Timothy G.View
Crampton BuildingsDublinWoodward AlfredView
Suffolk St.DublinWright JohnView
Eustace St.DublinWynne NicholasView
Dame St. 23 to 78DublinYeates Olive EustaceView
Dame St. 23 to 78DublinYoung SusanView