1901 Census, Co. Dublin

The household returns and ancillary records for the censuses of Ireland of 1901 and 1911, which are in the custody of the National Archives of Ireland, represent an extremely valuable part of the Irish national heritage. Here are From-Ireland.net’s 1901 Census, Ireland records:

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Essex St. WestDublinByrne EllenView
Upper ExchangeDublinByrne JohnView
West EssexDublinByrne JohnView
Essex St. WestDublinByrne KateView
Anglesea St.DublinByrne KateView
Lr. Exchange St.DublinByrne MaryView
Eustace St.DublinByrne Mary A.View
Crampton CourtDublinByrne Michael J.View
Essex St. WestDublinByrne PatrickView
Fleet St.DublinByrne PatrickView
Dame CourtDublinByrne RichardView
TemplebarDublinByrne ThomasView
Essex St. WestDublinByrne WilliamView
Lr. Exchange St.DublinByrne WilliamView
West EssexDublinCaffrey BridgetView
West EssexDublinCahill CatherineView
Parliament St. 1 to 15 & 27 onDublinCahill ElizabethView
Anglesea St.DublinCahill John S.View
Aston's QuayDublinCahill PatrickView
Trinity St.DublinCahill ThomasView
Lr. Exchange St.DublinCallaghan AndrewView
Fleet St.DublinCallan MichaelView
Foster Pl.DublinCamp WilliamView
Anglesea St.DublinCampbell AlexandraView
Fownes St.DublinCampbell JohnView
West EssexDublinCampbell JosephView
Bedford RowDublinCampbell LaurenceView
Crowe St.DublinCampbell ThomasView
TemplebarDublinCampion SusanView
Crampton BuildingsDublinCannon PeterView
College GreenDublinCarbery MaryView
Lower ExchangeDublinCarolan WilliamView
Essex St. EastDublinCarpenter PatrickView
Essex St. EastDublinCarroll ElizabethView
Andrew St.DublinCarroll GeorgeView
Essex QuayDublinCarroll HughView
Cope St.DublinCarroll IsaacView
Lower ExchangeDublinCarroll MichaelView
Dame CourtDublinCarroll ThomasView
Wellington QuayDublinCarson RobertView
Andrew St.DublinCarthy Jane E.View
Wellington QuayDublinCase JacobView
Essex St. EastDublinCasey MaryView
TemplebarDublinCasey MaryView
Essex St. EastDublinCasey PatrickView
Fownes St.DublinCassell JohnView
College GreenDublinCassidy JamesView
Essex St. WestDublinCAve.y JamesView
Parliament St. 1 to 15 & 27 onDublinChadbolt EdwardView
TemplebarDublinChambers JohnView
Dame St. 23 to 78DublinChapman LucyView
Dame CourtDublinChristy PatrickView
Fishamble St.DublinClarke FrancisView
Crampton BuildingsDublinClarke JamesView
Eustace St.DublinClarke JaneView
West EssexDublinClarke JosephView
Essex St. EastDublinClarke MichaelView
Anglesea St.DublinClarke SusanView
Anglesea St.DublinCleary PatrickView
Grafton St.DublinCleary WilliamView
TemplebarDublinClinton BridgetView
Cope St.DublinClinton MaryView
Bedford RowDublinClohisers? MalachyView
Dame CourtDublinCoburn JamesView
Suffolk St.DublinCogan AugustineView
Suffolk St.DublinColeman MaryView
College GreenDublinCollins Alfred TView
Eustace St.DublinCollins JamesView
Wicklow St.DublinCollins Rose AnnView
West EssexDublinCollins WilliamView
Temple LaneDublinCollins WilliamView
College GreenDublinColvin ThomasView
Lr. Exchange St.DublinConnor CatherineView
Essex St. WestDublinConnor JOhnView
Dame St. (79 to 82)DublinConnor ThomasView
Anglesea St.DublinConnor WilliamView
Fleet St.DublinConway JamesView
TemplebarDublinConway JohnView
Temple LaneDublinConway Mary AView
Crampton BuildingsDublinConway WilliamView
Crampton BuildingsDublinCooke ThomasView
Dame CourtDublinCooney MichaelView
College GreenDublinCooper WilliamView
Eustace St.DublinCorbally EdwardView
Lower ExchangeDublinCordon ElizaView
Upper ExchangeDublinCorrigan PatrickView
Fownes St.DublinCorry John J.View
Wellington QuayDublinCostello JosephView
TemplebarDublinCostello MaryView
West EssexDublinCoughlin EllenView
College GreenDublinCoyle JosephView
Grafton St.DublinCranfield EdithView
Dame St. 23 to 78DublinCranstone WalterView
Crampton BuildingsDublinCrawford JohnView
Foster Pl.DublinCrawford JosephView
Lr. Exchange St.DublinCrichton EdwinView
Westmoreland St. 1 to 21DublinCrocker CharlesView
Essex St. EastDublinCroker MichaelView
Parliament St. 1 to 15 & 27 onDublinCrone Joseph A.View
Cork HillDublinCrosbie KateView
Lr. Exchange St.DublinCrosby JamesView
Wellington QuayDublinCross Mary JView
Crampton BuildingsDublinCruise MichaelView
Lr. Exchange St.DublinCullen MichaelView
Fleet St.DublinCulley EllenView
Parliament St. 1 to 15 & 27 onDublinCully DenisView
Anglesea St.DublinCumberton ThomasView
Dame St. 23 to 78DublinCunningham JamesView
Crampton BuildingsDublinCunningham SarahView
Andrew St.DublinCurtis JohnView
Essex St. EastDublinCuthbert StephenView
Foster Pl.DublinDale SolomonView
Crampton BuildingsDublinDaly NorahView
Upper ExchangeDublinDarby CatherineView
Upper ExchangeDublinDarby PeterView
Wellington QuayDublinDarcy JohnView
Andrew St.DublinDarcy PatrickView
Crampton BuildingsDublinDavis EdwardView
Fishamble St.DublinDavis EdwardView
Crampton BuildingsDublinDawson Harry C.View
Aston's QuayDublinDawson RebeccaView
West EssexDublinDe Courcy CatherineView
Upper ExchangeDublinDe Courcy NicholasView
West EssexDublinDe Vine BridgetView
Fleet St.DublinDeegan TeresaView
Essex St. EastDublinDelah?ryd JosephView
Sycamore St.DublinDelaney JohnView
Fishamble St.DublinDelaney PeterView
Westmoreland St. 1 to 21DublinDempsey JohnView
TemplebarDublinDenning FrederickView
Parliament St. 1 to 15 & 27 onDublinDevin RoseView
Trinity St.DublinDevlin JohnView
Crampton CourtDublinDevlin RebeccaView
Dame CourtDublinDickson MaryView
Crown AlleyDublinDobbs WilliamView
Essex St. WestDublinDoherty JohnView
Eustace St.DublinDolan MaryView
Crampton BuildingsDublinDolan SimonView
Essex QuayDublinDonnelly PatrickView
Crampton BuildingsDublinDonnelly TerenceView
Fleet St.DublinDonohoe MichaelView
Andrew St.DublinDonohoe MichaelView
West EssexDublinDooner JohnView
Fownes St.DublinDoran JAneView
TemplebarDublinDorney or Dovney MaryView
Foster Pl.DublinDorrity JamesView
West EssexDublinDowling AndrewView
Parliament St. 1 to 15 & 27 onDublinDowling JosephView
Essex St. WestDublinDowling LaurenceView
Fownes St.DublinDowling LouisView