1901 Census, Co. Dublin

The household returns and ancillary records for the censuses of Ireland of 1901 and 1911, which are in the custody of the National Archives of Ireland, represent an extremely valuable part of the Irish national heritage. Here are From-Ireland.net’s 1901 Census, Ireland records:

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Lr. Exchange St.DublinCrosby JamesView
Wellington QuayDublinCross Mary JView
Crampton BuildingsDublinCruise MichaelView
Lr. Exchange St.DublinCullen MichaelView
Fleet St.DublinCulley EllenView
Parliament St. 1 to 15 & 27 onDublinCully DenisView
Anglesea St.DublinCumberton ThomasView
Dame St. 23 to 78DublinCunningham JamesView
Crampton BuildingsDublinCunningham SarahView
Andrew St.DublinCurtis JohnView
Essex St. EastDublinCuthbert StephenView
Foster Pl.DublinDale SolomonView
Crampton BuildingsDublinDaly NorahView
Upper ExchangeDublinDarby CatherineView
Upper ExchangeDublinDarby PeterView
Wellington QuayDublinDarcy JohnView
Andrew St.DublinDarcy PatrickView
Crampton BuildingsDublinDavis EdwardView
Fishamble St.DublinDavis EdwardView
Crampton BuildingsDublinDawson Harry C.View
Aston's QuayDublinDawson RebeccaView
West EssexDublinDe Courcy CatherineView
Upper ExchangeDublinDe Courcy NicholasView
West EssexDublinDe Vine BridgetView
Fleet St.DublinDeegan TeresaView
Essex St. EastDublinDelah?ryd JosephView
Sycamore St.DublinDelaney JohnView
Fishamble St.DublinDelaney PeterView
Westmoreland St. 1 to 21DublinDempsey JohnView
TemplebarDublinDenning FrederickView
Parliament St. 1 to 15 & 27 onDublinDevin RoseView
Trinity St.DublinDevlin JohnView
Crampton CourtDublinDevlin RebeccaView
Dame CourtDublinDickson MaryView
Crown AlleyDublinDobbs WilliamView
Essex St. WestDublinDoherty JohnView
Eustace St.DublinDolan MaryView
Crampton BuildingsDublinDolan SimonView
Essex QuayDublinDonnelly PatrickView
Crampton BuildingsDublinDonnelly TerenceView
Fleet St.DublinDonohoe MichaelView
Andrew St.DublinDonohoe MichaelView
West EssexDublinDooner JohnView
Fownes St.DublinDoran JAneView
TemplebarDublinDorney or Dovney MaryView
Foster Pl.DublinDorrity JamesView
West EssexDublinDowling AndrewView
Parliament St. 1 to 15 & 27 onDublinDowling JosephView
Essex St. WestDublinDowling LaurenceView
Fownes St.DublinDowling LouisView
Essex QuayDublinDowling RichardView
Fownes St.DublinDowling WilliamView
College GreenDublinDowman JamesView
Fleet St.DublinDownes PatrickView
Wellington QuayDublinDoyle BridgetView
Suffolk St.DublinDoyle CharlesView
Essex QuayDublinDoyle ElizaView
Crown AlleyDublinDoyle HenryView
Crowe St.DublinDoyle JohnView
Essex St. EastDublinDoyle MaryView
TemplebarDublinDoyle MaryView
Fleet St.DublinDoyle MichaelView
Cope St.DublinDoyle MichaelView
Fownes St.DublinDoyle SarahView
Parliament St. 1 to 15 & 27 onDublinDoyle Stephen P.View
West EssexDublinDuggan JamesView
West EssexDublinDuggan MaryView
Crane LaneDublinDuggan TeresaView
Fleet St.DublinDunne CatherineView
College GreenDublinDunne DenisView
Dame St. 23 to 78DublinDunne JohnView
Essex St. WestDublinDunne JohnView
TemplebarDublinDunne JohnView
Crowe St.DublinDunne JosephView
West EssexDublinDunne MargaretView
Fishamble St.DublinDunne MariaView
TemplebarDublinDunne MaryView
TemplebarDublinDunne MosesView
Westmoreland St. 1 to 21DublinDwyer EllenView
Fleet St.DublinDwyer MaryView
Dame St. 23 to 78DublinEarly KateView
Essex St. EastDublinEgan JohnView
Parliament St. 16 to 26DublinEgan JosephView
Essex St. EastDublinEgan MargaretView
Fownes St.DublinEgan ThomasView
Fownes St.DublinEllis ElizabethView
Essex QuayDublinEnnis JamesView
Cork HillDublinEnnis WilliamView
Essex GateDublinEustace ChristopherView
Foster Pl.DublinEvans HenryView
Upper ExchangeDublinEvans JohnView
TemplebarDublinFarrell EdwardView
Parliament St. 1 to 15 & 27 onDublinFarrell HenryView
Wicklow St.DublinFarrell JulianView
Essex St. EastDublinFarrell MaryView
Anglesea St.DublinFarrell Mary A.View
Essex St. WestDublinFarrell PeterView
Cork HillDublinFarrell RobertView
Fishamble St.DublinFarrelly KateView
Foster Pl.DublinFawcett George F.View
Anglesea St.DublinFegan ElizaView
Fownes St.DublinFegan PatrickView
Crampton BuildingsDublinFeighery HeneryView
TemplebarDublinFinegan PAtrickView
Fishamble St.DublinFinlay MichaelView
TemplebarDublinFitzgerald EdwardView
TemplebarDublinFitzgerald FrancisView
Grafton St.DublinFitzgerald MargaretView
TemplebarDublinFitzsimons ThomasView
Dame St. 23 to 78DublinFlanagan CharlesView
Lr. Exchange St.DublinFleming JosephView
College GreenDublinFleming JosephView
Aston's QuayDublinFleming LucindaView
Essex St. WestDublinFleming MaryView
Essex QuayDublinFlood JamesView
Westmoreland St. 1 to 21DublinFlood JuliaView
Crampton BuildingsDublinFlynn EdmondView
Eustace St.DublinFlynn KateView
Fownes St.DublinFogarty JamesView
Crampton CourtDublinFogarty JohnView
Wicklow St.DublinFogarty LaurenceView
Cork HillDublinFoley JohnView
Dame St. 23 to 78DublinForrest EmmaView
Fleet St.DublinForrest HamiltonView
Fleet St.DublinFortune AnneView
Crampton CourtDublinFoster ThomasView
Cork HillDublinFottrell WilliamView
Crowe St.DublinFowler MaryView
Dame CourtDublinFrazer WilliamView
Wicklow St.DublinFuller JamesView
Wellington QuayDublinGaffney JamesView
Dame St. 23 to 78DublinGaffney WilliamView
Aston's QuayDublinGallagher EllenView
Crowe St.DublinGallagher MaryView
West EssexDublinGallaher ChristopherView
Dame CourtDublinGalvin AnneView
Fownes St.DublinGannon WilliamView
Crampton CourtDublinGarnett MarthaView
Essex QuayDublinGartland MaryView
TemplebarDublinGaskin ElizabethView
Parliament St. 16 to 26DublinGaynor ElizaView
West EssexDublinGeraty PatrickView
Parliament St. 16 to 26DublinGerety GeorginaView
Dame St. 23 to 78DublinGethings ThomasView
Dame St. 23 to 78DublinGethings WilliamView
Westmoreland St. 1 to 21DublinGibson JuliaView
Crampton BuildingsDublinGifford EdwardView
Essex St. EastDublinGill Albert J.View
Wellington QuayDublinGill AndrewView
TemplebarDublinGilmore GeorgeView
Suffolk St.DublinGing MichaelView
Wicklow St.DublinGlasgow HenryView
Exchequer St.DublinGoodwin RobertView
Lr. Exchange St.DublinGorman Canon (Parochial House)View
Fleet St.DublinGorman PatrickView
College GreenDublinGorst HenryView
West EssexDublinGourley ElizabethView
Wellington QuayDublinGoye?n MaryView
Fleet St.DublinGrace JosephView
Sycamore St.DublinGraham ElizabethView
Suffolk St.DublinGraham MaryView
Essex St. WestDublinGraham ThomasView
Crampton BuildingsDublinGrant JamesView
Upper ExchangeDublinGrAve.s GilbertView
Lower ExchangeDublinGray ElizabethView
Essex St. EastDublinGray ThomasinaView
West EssexDublinGreen PatrickView
Suffolk St.DublinGreen RobertView
Fishamble St.DublinGreene Arthur W.View
Parliament St. 1 to 15 & 27 onDublinGreene JosephView
TemplebarDublinGregory ThomasView
Parliament St. 1 to 15 & 27 onDublinGreig AlexandraView
Essex GateDublinGrennan CatherineView
Parliament St. 16 to 26DublinGriffith Thomas RobertView
South George's St.DublinGunn JaneView
Fownes St.DublinHackett EllenView
Essex QuayDublinHall Francis S.View
Exchequer St.DublinHalloran AnneView
Crampton BuildingsDublinHalpin RichardView
Crampton BuildingsDublinHamilton JohnView
Essex St. EastDublinHamilton JosephView
Essex QuayDublinHanvey AnneView
College GreenDublinHardy Ann H.View
Fleet St.DublinHarney CharlesView
West EssexDublinHarrington SarahView
Foster Pl.DublinHarris StandishView
Crampton BuildingsDublinHarrison JosephView
Temple LaneDublinHarrison WalterView
Fownes St.DublinHarte JaneView
TemplebarDublinHarte ThomasView
Upper ExchangeDublinHawkins EllenView
Temple LaneDublinHaybyrne BernardView
West EssexDublinHayden RoseView
Essex St. WestDublinHealy MichaelView
Essex St. WestDublinHearney WilliamView
Essex St. EastDublinHeffernan DenisView
Essex St. EastDublinHenderson MichaelView
Crowe St.DublinHenecy John J or T.View
Fleet St.DublinHennessy JosephView
Parliament St. 1 to 15 & 27 onDublinHewitt JamesView
Foster Pl.DublinHickey JosephView
Grafton St.DublinHigginbothom John C.View
Essex QuayDublinHiggins WilliamView
Wellington QuayDublinHill WilliamView
Essex St. WestDublinHinch KateView
Parliament St. 1 to 15 & 27 onDublinHoban PatrickView
Essex QuayDublinHoey JohnView
Dame St. 23 to 78DublinHoey MaryView
Wellington QuayDublinHoey MichaelView
Wicklow St.DublinHogan JohnView
Suffolk St.DublinHogan PaulView
Dame St. 23 to 78DublinHogan ThomasView
TemplebarDublinHolland Mary A.View
Crampton BuildingsDublinHolmes PatrickView
TemplebarDublinHolohan BridgetView
Anglesea St.DublinHolohan MaryView
Parliament St. 16 to 26DublinHonan MichaelView
Essex QuayDublinHoolahan JohnView
Westmoreland St. 1 to 21DublinHopkins JamesView
TemplebarDublinHoran PatrickView
Lower ExchangeDublinHoward PeterView
Fleet St.DublinHudson KelbourneView
Lr. Exchange St.DublinHughes HenryView
Cork HillDublinHyland ChristopherView
Fownes St.DublinHyland JohnView
Essex St. WestDublinHyland ThomasView
South George's St.DublinIrwan JamesView
Westmoreland St. 1 to 21DublinJackson MaryView
Upper ExchangeDublinJackson WilliamView
Fownes St.DublinJames NolanView
Crowe St.DublinJameson RobertView
Andrew St.DublinJammet FrancisView
Andrew St.DublinJammet MichaelView
Crampton BuildingsDublinJenner GeorgeView
Eustace St.DublinJennings WalterView
Fishamble St.DublinJesson ClAve.lView
Essex St. WestDublinJohnson MaryView
Trinity St.DublinJohnson MichaelView
TemplebarDublinJohnson PatrickView
Lr. Exchange St.DublinJohnstone MylesView
Parliament St. 1 to 15 & 27 onDublinJoliffe HenryView
Parliament St. 1 to 15 & 27 onDublinJones HenryView
Fownes St.DublinJones JamesView
Crampton BuildingsDublinJones JaneView
Aston's QuayDublinJones John J.View
Cope St.DublinJones WilliamView
Fownes St.DublinJordan JohnView
Grafton St.DublinJordan ThomasView
Crown AlleyDublinJoyce ThomasView
Andrew St.DublinKavanagh EstherView