1901 Census, Co. Louth

The household returns and ancillary records for the censuses of Ireland of 1901 and 1911, which are in the custody of the National Archives of Ireland, represent an extremely valuable part of the Irish national heritage. Here are From-Ireland.net’s 1901 Census, Ireland records:

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Churchyard St.LouthAllen AnneView
The AlleysLouthArmstrong MaryView
Sunday's GateLouthAyres Mary A.View
Sunday's GateLouthAyres ThomasView
Sunday's GateLouthBannon AnneView
Sunday's GateLouthBreen MaryView
Sunday's GateLouthBrodigan PeterView
Paradise RowLouthBrown BessieView
The AlleysLouthBrown John S.View
Scarlet St.LouthBurke MaryView
Hardman's gardenLouthByrne CatherineView
Magdalene St.LouthByrne EdwardView
Hardman's gardenLouthByrne FrancisView
Hardman's gardenLouthC?alborne HenryView
Hardman's gardenLouthCallan AnneView
Scarlet St.LouthCampbell JaneView
Yellowbatler UrbanLouthCampbell JohnView
Magdalene St.LouthCampbell PatrickView
Churchyard St.LouthCarney ElizaView
The AlleysLouthCarpendale ElizaView
Hardman's gardenLouthCarr JohnView
Scarlet St.LouthCarr JohnView
Scarlet St.LouthCarr RobertView
King St.LouthCarr TeresaView
Scarlet St.LouthCarr ThomasView
William St.LouthCarr WilliamView
King St.LouthCarrol MaryView
Hardman's gardenLouthCarroll PeterView
Sunday's GateLouthCarty PatrickView
Scarlet St.LouthCasey PeterView
Magdalene St.LouthClarke MaryView
Sunday's GateLouthClarke PatrickView
Magdalene St.LouthClinton AnneView
Scarlet St.LouthColgan AnneView
Magdalene St.LouthCollins JohnView
Hardman's gardenLouthConaghy JamesView
Sunday's GateLouthCorbally MichaelView
Scarlet St.LouthCorcoran MargaretView
Scarlet St.LouthCra?nley AnneView
Magdalene St.LouthCregan CatherineView
The AlleysLouthCripples HenryView
Sunday's GateLouthCunningham AnneView
Scarlet St.LouthCunningham BridgetView
Scarlet St.LouthCurran CatherineView
William St.LouthDavis RobertView
Yellowbatler UrbanLouthDawe PatrickView
Newtownstalaben urbanLouthDeary PeterView
William St.LouthDeery JohnView
Sunday's GateLouthDolan JohnView
Yellowbatler UrbanLouthDowd PatrickView