1901 Census, Co. Louth

The household returns and ancillary records for the censuses of Ireland of 1901 and 1911, which are in the custody of the National Archives of Ireland, represent an extremely valuable part of the Irish national heritage. Here are From-Ireland.net’s 1901 Census, Ireland records:

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William St.LouthDowd RichardView
Sunday's GateLouthDuffy AnneView
Scarlet St.LouthDuffy FrancisView
Scarlet St.LouthDuffy JohnView
Sunday's GateLouthDuffy Margaret A.View
Scarlet St.LouthDuffy PatrickView
Scarlet St.LouthDuffy PatrickView
William St.LouthDuggan JamesView
Hardman's gardenLouthDurnin EdwardView
Hardman's gardenLouthFarrell JohnView
Magdalene St.LouthFarrell ThomasView
Churchyard St.LouthFarrelly AnneView
Scarlet St.LouthFarrelly CatherineView
William St.LouthFarrelly CharlesView
The AlleysLouthFawcett? MargaretView
Hardman's gardenLouthFinglas AndrewView
King St.LouthFinnegan MaryView
Hardman's gardenLouthFinnigan CatherineView
Scarlet St.LouthFitzpatrick MaryView
Kelly laneLouthFlanagan MaryView
Magdalene St.LouthFlanagan MathewView
Churchyard St.LouthFlood AliceView
Scarlet St.LouthFlood BernardView
Magdalene St.LouthFlood LawrenceView
Scarlet St.LouthFlood PatrickView
Scarlet St.LouthFoster ChristopherView
Scarlet St.LouthFulham MargaretView
King St.LouthGallagher SamuelView
Scarlet St.LouthGibney JohnView
Scarlet St.LouthGibney MichaelView
Hardman's gardenLouthGibney Rose A.View
Kelly laneLouthGilmor AnneView
Magdalene St.LouthGilmore HughView
Scarlet St.LouthGreen PeterView
Sunday's GateLouthGreene AnneView
The AlleysLouthGreene ChristinaView
Sunday's GateLouthHall EdwardView
Churchyard St.LouthHalpin HenryView
Magdalene St.LouthHalpin MaryView
Church laneLouthHamilton John (Drogheda Blue School)View
Scarlet St.LouthHand MichaelView
Magdalene St.LouthHanna ThomasView
Paradise RowLouthHannah A. PullorView
Scarlet St.LouthHanrathy LawrenceView
Hardman's gardenLouthHanratty LawrenceView
The AlleysLouthHarcourt CatherineView
Scarlet St.LouthHarris NicholasView
Yellowbatler UrbanLouthHarty PeterView
Magdalene St.LouthHeaney MaryView
Scarlet St.LouthHeaney MathewView
Kelly laneLouthHeaney NicholasView
Scarlet St.LouthHeaney ThomasView
Churchyard St.LouthHeffernan CatherineView
Magdalene St.LouthHillard ThomasView
The AlleysLouthHolmes ElizaView
Hardman's gardenLouthHuey PatrickView
Churchyard St.LouthJennette PatrickView
Scarlet St.LouthJohnston EdwardView
Scarlet St.LouthJohnston MaryView
Scarlet St.LouthKane MaryView
Magdalene St.LouthKavanagh MichaelView
Scarlet St.LouthKeegan PatrickView
Hardman's gardenLouthKeegan ThomasView
Scarlet St.LouthKeirns JamesView
Scarlet St.LouthKelly AndrewView
Scarlet St.LouthKelly PatrickView
Scarlet St.LouthKelly Peter P.View
Magdalene St.LouthKelly ThomasView
Hardman's gardenLouthKennedy JamesView
William St.LouthKenny JohnView
Hardman's gardenLouthKevitt BernardView
William St.LouthKillen MarcellaView
Sunday's GateLouthKimmins MaryView
Scarlet St.LouthKnowles ThomasView
Kelly laneLouthLamb PatrickView
Churchyard St.LouthLaney JaneView
Churchyard St.LouthLedoux P. I., Rev.View
Yellowbatler UrbanLouthLeech WilliamView
Scarlet St.LouthLegrAve. MichaelView
Magdalene St.LouthLynch JohnView
Scarlet St.LouthLyons CatherineView
Kelly laneLouthMacken MichaelView
William St.LouthMackey ThomasView
Scarlet St.LouthMadden CatherineView
William St.LouthMagann AliceView
Scarlet St.LouthMagee JohnView
William St.LouthMagowan MaryView
King St.LouthMaguire ChristopherView
Scarlet St.LouthMaguire ThomasView
Scarlet St.LouthMalloy Mary E.View
Scarlet St.LouthMarmion AnneView
William St.LouthMartin AndrewView
Magdalene St.LouthMartin RichardView
Yellowbatler UrbanLouthMathers PeterView
Magdalene St.LouthMathews JohnView
Hardman's gardenLouthMathews PeterView
Magdalene St.LouthMcArdle PeterView
Magdalene St.LouthMcArdle ThomasView
Churchyard St.LouthMcAuley AnneView
The AlleysLouthMcClinchie CharlotteView