1901 Census, Co. Monaghan

The household returns and ancillary records for the censuses of Ireland of 1901 and 1911, which are in the custody of the National Archives of Ireland, represent an extremely valuable part of the Irish national heritage. Here are From-Ireland.net’s 1901 Census, Ireland records:

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Church St.MonaghanCorberry? AnnView
West St.MonaghanCorrigan PeterView
West St.MonaghanCoyle Mary FrancisView
West St.MonaghanCraig CharlesView
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanCrozier ThomasView
Brewery or New St.MonaghanCunningham HughView
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanCunningham JamesView
Brewery or New St.MonaghanCunningham MichaelView
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanCunningham PatrickView
West St.MonaghanDaly JohnView
West St.MonaghanDaly PeterView
Castle SquareMonaghanDavis HughView
Church St.MonaghanDonnelly Thos. CranstonView
Church St.MonaghanDrum JamesView
Church St.MonaghanDrum RuddyView
Henry St.MonaghanDuffy AnnView
West St.MonaghanDuffy CatherineView
West St.MonaghanDuffy CormacView
West St.MonaghanDuffy JohnView
Church St.MonaghanDuffy MargaretView
Brewery or New St.MonaghanDuffy PatrickView
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanDuffy PatrickView
West St.MonaghanDuffy PatrickView
Henry St.MonaghanDuffy RoseannaView
West St.MonaghanDuffy SusanView
West St.MonaghanDunwoody ?Thos.View
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanEvans MaryView
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanFarley MaryView
West St.MonaghanFarnan or Fannan BernardView
Church St.MonaghanFinnegan JamesView
West St.MonaghanFinnegan MaryView
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanFitzgerald PatrickView
West St.MonaghanFlanagan CatherineView
West St.MonaghanFlanagan JamesView
Brewery or New St.MonaghanFlanagan Patrick J.View
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanFleming HughView
Market SquareMonaghanFleming MaryView
West St.MonaghanFleming William J.View
West St.MonaghanFleming? RobertView
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanFrean? Or Trean Mary AnnView
Castle SquareMonaghanGardener EdwardView
Church St.MonaghanGarland EllenView
Church St.MonaghanGarland PatrickView
West St.MonaghanGarland Thos.View
Brewery or New St.MonaghanGilmore ?Jennie CoulterView
West St.MonaghanGody? JohnView
Brewery or New St.MonaghanGormely RobertView
West St.MonaghanGroy? JamesView
Market SquareMonaghanHamilton GeorgeView
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanHamilton William C.View
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanHanratty MichaelView
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanHanratty PatrickView
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanHauratty? EdwardView
Market SquareMonaghanHenderson Marie EugeneView
Henry St.MonaghanHenderson ThomasView
Henry St.MonaghanHenry MargaretView
Market SquareMonaghanHiggins GeorgeView
Henry St.MonaghanHughes BridgetView
Church St.MonaghanHughes MargaretView
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanHughes PatrickView
Henry St.MonaghanHughes ThomasView
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanHughes Wm. Jno.View
Brewery or New St.MonaghanHunter EdwardView
Market SquareMonaghanIrwin Edwin HenryView
Church St.MonaghanIrwin SimonView
Henry St.MonaghanIrwin WilliamView
Market SquareMonaghanIwiner? ThomasView
West St.MonaghanKelly ArthurView
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanKelly BridgetView
West St.MonaghanKelly FrancisView
West St.MonaghanKelly John Jas.View
Church St.MonaghanKelly MaryView
West St.MonaghanKelly PatrickView
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanKelly RoseView
Church St.MonaghanKennedy WilliamView
Church St.MonaghanKeorns? JamesView
West St.MonaghanKerr FrancisView
West St.MonaghanLamb MinnieView
Market SquareMonaghanLamie? AnnieView
Church St.MonaghanLaughlin JamesView
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanLAve.rty AnneView
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanLeatham JamesView
Market SquareMonaghanLeavy? JamesView
Henry St.MonaghanLeenan? Or Lennon? ArthurView
West St.MonaghanLennon EdwardView
Church St.MonaghanLennon KateView
Henry St.MonaghanLeonard JohnView
Church St.MonaghanLivingston RichardView
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanLivingston WilliamView
West St.MonaghanLowey? WilliamView
Church St.MonaghanLynch BernardView
Market SquareMonaghanMaley CharlesView
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanMallie ThomasView
West St.MonaghanMalone PatrickView
West St.MonaghanMaturin HenryView
West St.MonaghanMaxwell WilliamView
Brewery or New St.MonaghanMcArdle Arthur (Station Master)View
Market SquareMonaghanMcArdle BernardView
Henry St.MonaghanMcArdle JamesView
West St.MonaghanMcArdle JamesView