1901 Census, Co. Monaghan

The household returns and ancillary records for the censuses of Ireland of 1901 and 1911, which are in the custody of the National Archives of Ireland, represent an extremely valuable part of the Irish national heritage. Here are From-Ireland.net’s 1901 Census, Ireland records:

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Henry St.MonaghanMulligan PatrickView
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanMurphy BernardView
West St.MonaghanMurphy JamesView
Henry St.MonaghanMurphy OwenView
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanMurphy PatrickView
Henry St.MonaghanMurray FrancisView
Castle SquareMonaghanNorley JohnView
West St.MonaghanO'Brien JohnView
Castle SquareMonaghanO'Donnell CharlesView
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanO'Neill TeresaView
West St.MonaghanO'Reilly JohnView
West St.MonaghanO'Rorke PatrickView
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanParke AlexanderView
Market SquareMonaghanParke Wm. Jno.View
West St.MonaghanPedlow Thos. G.View
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanPersse John ?GroneView
West St.MonaghanPringle RobertView
West St.MonaghanQuigley? MaryView
West St.MonaghanQuinn EmilyView
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanQuinn JaneView
West St.MonaghanQuinn KateView
West St.MonaghanReid John G.View
Brewery or New St.MonaghanRoche ChristpoherView
West St.MonaghanRooney ElizabethView
West St.MonaghanRooney JamesView
West St.MonaghanRooney PatrickView
Brewery or New St.MonaghanRoss RobertView
West St.MonaghanRudden JosephView
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanRuddy JamesView
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanRuoney JohnView
Castle SquareMonaghanSavage Jas. Wm.View
Market SquareMonaghanShannon PhebeView
West St.MonaghanSheridan Thos.View
Henry St.MonaghanSherry ThomasView
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanShort PeterView
West St.MonaghanSloan JohnView
Henry St.MonaghanSmith JohnView
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanSmyth JamesView
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanSmyth Robert HastingsView
West St.MonaghanSpence RobertView
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanStephenson Wm. Jno.View
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanStewart Jas. Wm.View
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanStewart WilliamView
Church St.MonaghanStockdale? RobertView
Church St.MonaghanStoker Henry (Sextons House)View
Church St.MonaghanStopher? ElizabethView
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanStraghan? SamuelView
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanSummerville JohnView
Henry St.MonaghanTaggart? Margaret M.View
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanTate JohnView
Brewery or New St.MonaghanTaylor James A.View
Church St.MonaghanTophom? Frances HelenView
Brewery or New St.MonaghanTosh or Sosh WilliamView
Castle SquareMonaghanTotterkon? Herbert P. L.View
West St.MonaghanTumilty BernardView
Henry St.MonaghanValley? ElizabethView
West St.MonaghanWade? Samuel MooreView
West St.MonaghanWalsh JaneView
Henry St.MonaghanWard JamesView
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanWatson RobertView
Brewery or New St.MonaghanWatters PatrickView
Church St.MonaghanWatters PatrickView
Castle SquareMonaghanWells EmilyView
Henry St.MonaghanWhite JohnView
Noble St., MucknoMonaghanWhite WilliamView
Market SquareMonaghanWhitley William ?Jas.View
Castle SquareMonaghanWilson JohnView
Church St.MonaghanWinters OwenView
Castle SquareMonaghanWood WalterView
Henry St.MonaghanWoods JamesView