1901 Census, Co. Sligo

The household returns and ancillary records for the censuses of Ireland of 1901 and 1911, which are in the custody of the National Archives of Ireland, represent an extremely valuable part of the Irish national heritage. Here are From-Ireland.net’s 1901 Census, Ireland records:

Quay St.SligoScanlon JohnView
Abbey St.SligoScanlon MaryView
RopewalkSligoScanlon MaryView
RiversideSligoScanlon PatrickView
RopewalkSligoScanlon TerenceView
Upper Quay laneSligoScanlon ThomasView
Thomas St.SligoScanlon Winifred M.View
CranmoreSligoShannon BridgetView
Wine St.SligoShannon RobertView
James St.SligoShannon SimonView
Teeling St.SligoSharkey PatrickView
Union Pl.SligoShea JohnView
Mail Coach Rd., East sideSligoSheridan PatrickView
Abbeyquarter SouthSligoSheridan ThomasView
Cornageeha (part of)SligoSherlock JamesView
O'Connell St. (part of)SligoSinclair HughView
Chaple St.SligoSleater SamuelView
Wine St.SligoSmith ElizabethView
Chaple St.SligoSmith JamesView
Union Pl.SligoSmylie RobertView
Upper Quay laneSligoSmylie WilliamView
Abbey St.SligoSomers MylesView
RiversideSligoSomers ThomasView
O'Connell St. (part of)SligoStanford JohnView
Grattan St., North sideSligoStephenson ThomasView
Quay St.SligoStewart MargaretView
Distillery laneSligoSweeney AnneView
James St.SligoSweeney BryanView
CranmoreSligoSweeney EllenView
Thomas St.SligoSweeney HughView
Abbey St.SligoSweeney JamesView
Pound St., East sideSligoSweeney JamesView
Market St., OldSligoTaylor JamesView
O'Connell St. (part of)SligoTaylor Robert V.View
High St., East sideSligoTeele JamesView
Rathedmond (part of)SligoThornton MarkView
Market St., East sideSligoTiernan Peter JosephView
Emmet Pl.SligoTighe PeterView
Mail Coach Rd., East sideSligoTighe ThomasView
Mail Coach Rd., East sideSligoTighe ThomasView
RiversideSligoTimoney MaryView
Armstrong RowSligoTogher MartinView
O'Connell St. (part of)SligoToner Francis J.View
Thomas St.SligoToner JohnView
Mail Coach Rd., East sideSligoTonry MichaelView
Market St., OldSligoTooey MargaretView
CranmoreSligoToohey NannyView
Castle St.SligoTowers J. H.View
Knocknaganny (part of)SligoTowey JohnView
Water Lane, HacketstownSligoTowley PatrickView
Knocknaganny (part of)SligoTully JosephView
CranmoreSligoVarclay FannyView
Lower Quay St.SligoVerdon AndrewView
Armstrong RowSligoVerdon PatrickView
High St., East sideSligoWallace PeterView
Market St., OldSligoWallace William J.View
RiversideSligoWalsh MartinView
Corcorans MallSligoWalsh Martin P.View
Abbeyquarter, NorthSligoWalsh MichaelView
Armstrong RowSligoWalsh ThomasView
Mail Coach Rd., East sideSligoWalsh ThomasView
James St.SligoWard BridgetView
Union St.SligoWard JohnView
Armstrong RowSligoWard PatrickView
Lyons Ter.SligoWarner JamesView
Mail Coach Rd., East sideSligoWaters ThomasView
Abbeyquarter, NorthSligoWeldon Patrick N.View
Market St., OldSligoWhelan JohnView
Castle St.SligoWilson Mary J.View
CleAve.ragh Demesne (part of)SligoWoodmartin W. Gre.View
Mail Coach Rd., East sideSligoWyne JamesView
Market St., OldSligoWynne MaryView
High St., East sideSligoYoung ElizaView