1901 Census, Co. Sligo

The household returns and ancillary records for the censuses of Ireland of 1901 and 1911, which are in the custody of the National Archives of Ireland, represent an extremely valuable part of the Irish national heritage. Here are From-Ireland.net’s 1901 Census, Ireland records:

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Castle St.SligoBurrie JamesView
Market St., OldSligoBurrowes JohnView
Chaple St.SligoBurrowes MaryView
Market St., OldSligoByrne HonorView
High St., East sideSligoByrne KateView
Lower Quay St.SligoByrne PatrickView
Mail Coach Rd., East sideSligoCaheny JohnView
RiversideSligoCalder?bank JohnView
Chaple St.SligoCaldwell EllenView
Upper Quay laneSligoCallaghan DominickView
RopewalkSligoCallery PatrickView
Abbeyquarter, NorthSligoCampbell WilliamView
CranmoreSligoCarroll BridgetView
Grattan St., North sideSligoCarroll JohnView
High St., East sideSligoCarroll MarthaView
James St.SligoCasey PatrickView
Distillery laneSligoCassidy KateView
Distillery laneSligoCavanagh JamesView
Distillery laneSligoCawley FrankView
Pound St., East sideSligoCawley PatrickView
Wine St.SligoChambers JamesView
Upper Quay laneSligoChism AndrewView
Wine St.SligoChism JaneView
Bridgefoot St., part ofSligoChism Richard GeorgeView
Upper Quay laneSligoChristopher Henry ?J.View
Market St., OldSligoClancy CatherineView
O'Connell St. (part of)SligoClancy HenryView
James St.SligoClancy JamesView
Castle St.SligoClancy Mary A.View
Grattan St., North sideSligoClancy P. D.View
Grattan St., North sideSligoClarke OwenView
Grattan St., North sideSligoClarke William H.View
RopewalkSligoClarkin BridgetView
RopewalkSligoClarkin ThomasView
RiversideSligoClery BridgetView
Lower Quay laneSligoClinton TerenceView
O'Connell St. (part of)SligoCollins MatthewView
Abbey St.SligoCona?ey MaryView
Abbey St.SligoConboy EdwardView
Mail Coach Rd., East sideSligoConboy JamesView
Mail Coach Rd., East sideSligoConlan EdwardView
Middle Quay laneSligoConlan PattView
Lynns Pl.SligoConlon PattView
Upper Quay laneSligoConnington ThomasView
Corcorans MallSligoConnolly JohnView
CranmoreSligoConnolly MichaelView
Pound St., East sideSligoConnolly WilliamView
Mail Coach Rd., East sideSligoConnor HughView
Upper Quay laneSligoConnoy JohnView
Distillery laneSligoConvey MartinView
Pound St., East sideSligoConway CatherineView
Emmet Pl.SligoConway CatherineView
Abbey St.SligoConway HughView
Mail Coach Rd., East sideSligoConway JohnView
CleAve.ragh Demesne (part of)SligoCorscadden JohnView
RiversideSligoCostello MaryView
Distillery laneSligoCostello PeterView
O'Connell St. (part of)SligoCostello PeterView
Thomas St.SligoCoulter RobertView
Armstrong RowSligoCox JohnView
RopewalkSligoCoyle PatrickView
Armstrong RowSligoCregg JohnView
Chaple St.SligoCreighton MatthewView
Castle St.SligoCu?nlisk JamesView
Castle St.SligoCu?nlisk WinifredView
Mail Coach Rd., East sideSligoCullen MichaelView
Mail Coach Rd., East sideSligoCummins TimothyView
O'Connell St. (part of)SligoCunlisk LizzieView
O'Connell St. (part of)SligoCunlisk ThomasView
Pound St., East sideSligoCurley AnneView
Lower Quay St.SligoCurran Bernard J.View
Pound St., East sideSligoCurran MaggieView
Albert Rd.SligoCurran PatrickView
Union St.SligoCurri?d MaryView
Market St., East sideSligoCurrid MichaelView
Quay St.SligoCurrie Henry J.View
Albert Rd.SligoCurrie WilliamView
Mail Coach Rd., East sideSligoDaly BridgetView
Albert Rd.SligoDaly JohnView
Abbeyquarter, NorthSligoDane JamesView
Teeling St.SligoDavys BessieView
Teeling St.SligoDavys CochraneView
Market St., OldSligoDeignan MichaelView
Lower Quay St.SligoDennison WilliamView
RopewalkSligoDevaney FrankView
Armstrong RowSligoDevaney JohnView
Corcorans MallSligoDevaney MichaelView
RopewalkSligoDevaney RodgerView
RopewalkSligoDevaney WinifredView
Teeling St.SligoDevitt JamesView
Wine St.SligoDillon V. B.View
Abbey St.SligoDockery JohnView
Abbeyquarter SouthSligoDodville JohnView
Castle St.SligoDoherty MaryView
Union St.SligoDoherty PatrickView
Abbey St.SligoDoherty ThomasView
O'Connell St. (part of)SligoDolan JohnView
Teeling St.SligoDonaghy RodgerView
Quay St.SligoDorman SarahView
Upper Quay laneSligoDowd AnneView